New T-REX VS 4,000 Guests!! JURASSIC WORLD EVOLUTION  EP6 T-Rex Vs Velociraptor Jurassic World 2
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New T-REX VS 4,000 Guests!! JURASSIC WORLD EVOLUTION EP6 T-Rex Vs Velociraptor Jurassic World 2

Oh guys watch what happens when I let
the t-rex loose in Jurassic will the people survive okay guys so for the
first 20 minutes of this video I’m gonna let you enjoy this
I let the t-rex go rampaging through the park and then I transport him to the
herbivore paddock and you could watch him fight a bunch of herbivores
including the Triceratops and after the New T-REX VS 4,000 Guests!! JURASSIC WORLD EVOLUTION EP6 T-Rex Vs Velociraptor Jurassic World 2 Tyrannosaurus Rex favorite of early
century fiction writers and adolescent children everywhere and why because it
represents everything that we fear about the past it’s what we believe that we’ve
conquered even though it ceased to exist before humanity had reached the proto
ape stage and that was true until now until you the Science Division a Fed requiring collection asset in transit transportation complete delivery complete I cut a velociraptor like threatening a
growl and he escaped to my cage running sorry guys I think I’m doing what I can
to help you do what you can to help the Security Division sorry guys I’ve been I
took some time off from recording because this island is a mess you want a
very good suggestion guys when you start on this island soon as you could
increase the size of the enclosures for the herbivores and carnivores because
they get angry and they escape all the time so that is it’s obtained in the but
let me tell you collecting acid yeah I’m just uh what relaxes and it’s
it’s actually easier image and asset collection of the class if you do stop
from a distance see my rating went down because guests do not like to be
attacked by dinosaurs I agree with them I wouldn’t want to be attacked by a
dinosaur either so periodically I take my ranger team there is a fly request
acknowledged acknowledged this way you don’t have to
drive you could just take your ranger team and do stuff from a distance I mean
that’s the easiest way it’s not as cool not as nice but so I have by stratus sources seek to
fight me by blossom Raptors and I do good Dilophosaurus knob but every time I
let him out he gets killed so the Dilophosaurus does not get along
with anybody okay jeeps in their resupply ok so let’s
see another Dino so cash levels are good by star rating
is increasing so that is good it’s just this island is such a pain you guys I
mean so long I was at like almost nothing so first things when you could
increase here for the herbivores greatly increased the area they need room to
roam and carnivores greatly increase the area and then go from there
so here you can see I do got a bunch of velociraptors the velociraptors seem to
like biting the Ceratosaurus also why I don’t know see like that shraddha soros
is hunting what the raptors here at the live shows everywhere they are being
ignored another Velociraptor up looks like one
of my dinos oh he just got to go check that out
oh that Raptor just took the GUP down oh he’s jumping that thing strattice oh
he got a goat to leave my boss alone had plenty of meters my dinosaurs were
not hungry velociraptors still incubating okay mr.
athough we’ve seen ok so right now just working on island ratings and also guys
keep doing contracts you go up here click on the control there go to
contracts and do contracts with the different groups because if you don’t
they get mad at you and they sabotage a pleasure to work with you so increase
your dinosaur rating – three stars okay I’m not sure what my dinosaur
ratings at right now but oh I need to unearth a carnivore fossil my team so I
will have to wait a little bit okay so my dinosaur rating is 2.4 of 3
gosh it that might give my herbivores and check their our satisfaction rating
here you see areas and under kitchen because I increased the size of their
cage so that made a few so I will keep
incubating dinosaurs here we have a corythosaurus oh I didn’t get what is
this Chun kinga Soros Wow no idea what that is so if you haven’t seen the wrapper yet standing that’s job done but they just
keep finding I don’t know why I mean they don’t like rafters for some reason
well uh Dilophosaurus they hate the most I mean
they absolutely hate every time I release a Dilophosaurus he gets killed
so and also a research guys research seems to help your ratings I’ve
researched pretty much every chance I get there’s lots of different research you
could do okay so right now my dinos seem happy my island rating is going up
all right here I got three Ranger teams what I do is I just add tasks and
resupply feeder supply feeders so I’ll just do like a bunch of teams at once at
the beginning you could drive out to eat one after a while it’s like there’s
absolutely no way I mean there’s just so much you got to do proceeding could be
feeder now leaders saw my dinos are happy and they’re not breaking out of
their cages so you want them well-fed and you want to give them plenty of room
okay so it looks like I could go get a contract too I seem to have okay what is
this dino stars dinosaur raiding 23.0 island raiding – two stars okay so I’m
going to go with entertainment this contract can really help our bottom line
festival expeditions okay so that one’s easy because I am always say we got
expeditions so let’s see what their latest one phoned okay so this one I
could sell this one I will okay so that one I could release him in
a minute I just want to make sure my expeditions
are always out in the field gathering stuff so here I am releasing a brand new
dinosaur chunk shun King dis horas a chunk kingís or zoo in the world king
disorders is nuts another thing this island really dead Wow
I know this one an herbivore called chunking asaurus can you guess where it
was first found don’t tell me scientists don’t have a
sense of humor yeah they sure do okay so that one well I’m gonna go ahead and
make another one so we could have a pair so they are not no they okay
dinosaur rating is going up and island rating is going up so that is good okay
this one’s almost done let’s just wait we’ll release him and then get another
100 away oh that was the UH that must have been the herbivore then keep this up in disguise another
velociraptor okay so it looks like this one failed so you discard it and you
incubate a new dinosaur he probably failed because he’s at only 56 percent
of the genome so let me see okay Chum kinga Soros I will extract the DNA
they’re my team they still out in the field okay
so seems like you get any new contracts request a new contract remember makes that possible
that’s just hatching the dinosaur I’m gonna bring out a Dilophosaurus for you
guys but you’re gonna see they fail I mean they attack all the time they don’t
seem to get along with anyone okay third law thesaurus okay so I could extract go
ahead send my team right back I don’t think there’s anything new is
their choice their truth of my mess corythosaurus Inc Lea Soros looks like
the rest our lock expedition centers hmm so that stinks looks like I’m stuck at
this part ah I’ll go ahead and work on my go-to
officers okay let me see let’s get ready yeah
ready yeah Dilophosaurus is there cool like I said they’re super aggressive I
mean they don’t get along with anyone it’s just then you also want to go round
make sure you’re not selling stuff or too expensive because if you are selling
for $4 okay so I got a dinosaur successfully there we go you got two of these uber
cool dinos anyways want to keep incubating dinos I
think I need another quarry thesaurus let me see here let’s see if the
Dilophosaurus he’s not done yet so complete expeditions my expedition team
is still doing their job okay so they are almost done Center you want to keep
his extracting DNA in fact when you first come on this island one of the
first things you want to build is the expedition Center so you can send it out
and get new fossils that way you could sell stuff too because I didn’t do that
at the beginning and I mean it hurt me really bad so okay well anyways make
sure you keep checking the dinosaur satisfaction they are really happy
before they were breaking out all the time it’s because there’s a pager it’s
not big enough the silica particles I mean they were breaking out all the time
here you can see their health is doing their cunt watching you work now that’s
what I call entertainment okay so definitely want to
okay reputation reward oh wait this was I’ve done lot before us okay so
I will show you I’m working that contract is closed
great job this guy is probably going through the tap almost instantly and the
he’s not very go Velociraptor does not like him bring it out something is it you do not
like the lockers for us all okay well anyways another velociraptor they seem
to get along good with each other then I’m gonna release this corythosaurus so
my island reading is finally going good like I said I mean this one I was
chasing dinosaurs what we’ve got to do is I don’t have a lot of these small
ones expedition team keep them busy let’s see what they brought okay oh
contracts entertainment I’ve looked this gig over
you should sue 350 thousand profit per minute okay I will do that it’s not kind
of I am almost there you see there so I am I mean that is
Nikki you look you should always remove dead bodies – because they could spread
disease I usually got you could fly in the
helicopter but I do not anymore because it takes way too long so here I’m very
lengthy at make sure both the creation labs are busy this guy you see many time
this use on this that this guy’s been that’s what probably the first time you
could create so here gonna make another long good research I’m going to go back to
research looks like I could research some stuff here a co helicopter
scheduling okay so the more you research the more efficient stuff become and is
easier and then check ratings to I want to make sure okay so my park is not it’s
overcrowded you got to build a new hotel I’m gonna go back here and send out my
ranger team make sure my food my feeders are full acknowledging requests for
feeder resupply so they’re two of them and I will send out this second team on
route to forest it and then I will send my third team and fill up two more also
feeder supplies inbound okay so let’s go send the expedition team back out with it brought back yeah I will sell
Dilophosaurus you know and then I want to give back to contracts get some more
contrast you gotta keep getting contracts not only do they get you money
but the health agency New York is available this 2,704 to continuous
minutes okay in our business numbers matter more visitors mean more chances
to win people over let’s not argue over the small stuff looking at the big
picture this is I’m declining that because my
power stations are doing fine right now to fix something that’s not broken
okay make sure a dinosaur satisfaction is still good the Velociraptor likely
fight into Ceratosaurus your seat he’s probably gonna come right up like okay
maybe maybe he’s cheap chasing a go he’s protecting its food well anyways
I’m gonna make another Cerreta Soros over here okay so this
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