New T-Rex Vs Indoraptor Terra Battat Acrocanthosaurus Jungle Expedition Playset Unbox Jurassic World
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New T-Rex Vs Indoraptor Terra Battat Acrocanthosaurus Jungle Expedition Playset Unbox Jurassic World

we’re also gonna unbox this awesome
Acrocanthosaurus jungle expedition set by tear up attack okay man every Dino we
capture here we aren’t selling free profit we’re gonna retire rich guys
cream with me I agree boss I like money chop them up New T-Rex Vs Indoraptor Terra Battat Acrocanthosaurus Jungle Expedition Playset Unbox Jurassic World don’t care come something it’s a baby in
director oh we’re gonna make a fortune off of this she’s at the gage Kwik shop
how are we got her waist up to gauge okay man our fortune is made with this
Dyna we could retire as rich as king okay postcards around the perimeter as
night falls I don’t want there’s parents coming back to get him here’s something down there does not sound good oh he’s tracing baby-free quick man take
him down okay boss no sign of her everything’s clear around here what boss there’s something weird going
on around here hey Big Jim go down there and see what’s
going on y’all love it takes my mates down the price nobody Big Jim without a fight and pause
is using some kind of camouflage no way that guy’s gonna sneak up on me she’s got me see you today today I have an awesome
Tara what a set I bought this one at Target I’m sure you can find it on
Amazon it is awesome these Dino lures and lights up really cool playset
helicopter action figure egg cage couple smaller dinosaurs and I love the
packaging and then they give you some really cool data the Acrocanthosaurus here’s what it looks like in the package a very affordable set to guys good
quality and it’s about $30 and here to join the Acrocanthosaurus is
our custom Jurassic world Pollack Kingdom okay so this is a complete good quality
set ah it’s similar to the Animal Planet sets
but I think but tad actually makes a better quality set for the most part I
mean this here is pretty good quality like the helicopter is a little bit
cheap but let’s go ahead and take a look at this so you got like a three-level
almost like a treehouse Clubhouse type deal this here the winch actually lowers
so you could put the cage onto here and raise up the cage there so you got your
Dino trap oops you can put the cage and you got your
Dino trapped in the cage which is cool you could pull it up you got a second
level there in the third level here with like skeleton bones that like open and
close there got a really cool spiderweb here you could go over the entrance if
you remove it you can see you got like a dinosaur skeleton here tar pits maybe
you got a little bridge here for the humans to cross and then you got like a
little Stone Hill over there and then it comes with this tiny little helicopter I
mean it’s it’s a little bit generic but you know it’s fun because it has a hook
so here you could hook the cage on and have the helicopter fly the cage out the
human figure fits right into the helicopter there let’s go ahead
and take a look at this set from other side so even from other sides it’s cool
it comes with this rope ladder here which you could hook on a lot of
different areas of this set they’re all around it has like books some big holes
over here even looking at it from the back it’s got good quality there I mean
I I am really pleased with the quality of the actual place set like I said the
helicopter you know what the helicopter looks cheap but this is strong plastic
so it’s not it’s not gonna be easy to break so I take that back
even the helicopter is pretty good quality there and then the cage here
it’s got a door that opens and closes you got a medium-sized Dino into the
cage there and it also comes with an egg that actually opens up and they include
a tiny little Dino to put into the egg so that is awesome and then let’s go
ahead and check out the Acrocanthosaurus and the Acrocanthosaurus was actually a
really big dinosaur similar in size to the Spinosaurus but this one you get an
action feature you have a trigger here if you cool a
his head and he roars his mouth does light up here it’s really bright it’s
just a little hard to see actually really good detail for less expensive
bigger the arms move the legs you could move in two different positions so to
get this dinosaur to stand on its own but when you turn it it’s like oh no
dude Hasbro start making dinos again bullet holes everywhere for the screws
so but you know I the whole set was $30 so for that I mean you are getting a lot
of value oh we didn’t and then it comes with like a little generic human figure
with some type of bow I don’t have no idea how he’s supposed to hold that weapon I’ve seen on a human figure so
anyways guys this is an awesome set that is very important Wow guys that was awesome if you enjoyed
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