New T-Rex Vs Paw Patrol Ultimate Fire Truck Jurassic World Surprise Eggs Unboxing Father & Son
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New T-Rex Vs Paw Patrol Ultimate Fire Truck Jurassic World Surprise Eggs Unboxing Father & Son

watch what happens when Marshall his
friends come face-to-face with the terrible t-rex’s kid Marshall save his
friends and lodging okay buddy which one of these is your favorite toy okay
awesome video today I’m gonna get my youngest son to help me open up this 50
gallon box full of paw patrol toys including the new ultimate firetruck he
is three years old New T-Rex Vs Paw Patrol Ultimate Fire Truck Jurassic World Surprise Eggs Unboxing Father & Son okay let’s start over there what is this
one buddy huh tell us why yes it’s the paw patrol boss
this is Ryder’s boss Wow and it does pop open and you have cars that race out of
it it’s a lot of fun okay and the next one we have is oh cool it’s Ryder’s
jungle truck look at this this thing makes noise the top comes off it does
have a rider and some creatures that he saves also all of these ones does
besides the fire truck I did three unboxings and reviews in awesome battles
with it’s riders airplane and also transforms
into a helicopter yes sound if you put it forward and you push it you get
airplane sound if you turn it up and push it you get helicopter sounds it
opens up inside there yes this is riders zipline so this is place that where
rider does different activities is cool it’s Marshalls firetruck did transforms
into his dog house check this out so if you go ahead and close it it’s his dog
house if you open it it’s his fire truck with sour whoa cool what is bad what
goes yes its robos post office rest Wow whose is that
yes its Everest snow rescue car great job buddy
whoa cool what is there yes it’s rubbles bulldozer check this out
Wow so rubble sits here and it has lights in sound whoa another cool on
what is that it’s chases police vehicle yes and look
we have another one here – Wow we have two of them and what is the jungle one
awesome ok cool what is that buddy oh it’s a jungle vehicle yes awesome
cool oh cool you got another cool one whose is this
yes it’s rubbles bulldozer Wow with the claw ok cool what do you got
there buddy a bunker yes it’s the paw patrol bakery
he told me that himself whoa cool what is there yes it’s their hardware store
awesome oh cool what is that yes it’s the paw patrol it’s the mayor’s
house awesome whoa cool buddy what is that house
yes it’s guys transforming dog house you put in sky and she turns into a
superhero oh cool yes it’s sky wow this is her racing vehicle yes it’s the paw
patrol train deeper cool yes it’s the paw patrol train Oh
there buddy yes it’s Rocky’s recycle truck and there was one more down there
which one is there yes it’s rubbles jungle vehicle with the clock oh okay so
I’m not helping him here he’s got a bag of the characters let us see okay who is
that first one awesome he and next amazing okay and who is that one yes hi
sky okay let’s check out the rest of them who they are who is that
it’s superhero Rocky’s next okay who’s next
Oh another rocky cool in next yay another Skye who’s that yes
Marshall okay just the characters just two guys who’s that oh but that’s not a guy let’s
go with the guys okay who’s that Robo dog yes that another
chase mother Marshall yep with other Marshall cracker wow you’re doing a good job
buddy another ruble yes guy hopeful take them
all out tell them to tell us who they are Wow yeah writer it will show us before
you drop them an annotation yep chase okay okay but who are those other guys in
there come on okay but take them out show us monkey it’s le elephant yes Jaguar and I think
we have one more animal called too far what’s that yep yeah we’ve got one more
in there what is it a monkey from the jungle sad cool we got one more what is
there yes it’s the paw patrol monkey jungle set wow that is awesome okay
buddy which one of these is your favorite toy go ahead and sure viewers
how this works look I’ll give you a hand we’re gonna go
ahead and take off the fire truck here and let’s go ahead and let Marshall out
and all these extra pieces okay let’s take the rest of that stuff out whoa
cool water Keenan let’s see what else was in here who is this fired fired me
and Marshall and he’s got his little fire truck vehicle Oh what are these
buddy yes it’s for the water cannon cool we
have four of them okay let’s show everybody how these were okay let’s show
our viewers how this thing works Wow okay so first of all it goes in the
air does it open up ah show us show us here open it yeah okay we’re gonna put
in Marshall and who’s the other ones in rubble awesome so Marshall and rubble
are gonna go into the cap okay and then you could also put it down into fire
truck okay buddy let’s do these later look show them how do you make the sound Oh okay then the other button makes backup
sounds and engine sounds let’s show them how
the ladder comes up Wow that ladder extends to over 2 feet
let’s show them okay I’ll hold it get pulley okay pull it oh let me give you a
hand Wow look at that it goes way up look how
high it is ain’t that awesome cool ok and let’s put
it back down and check out the rest of the truck so it clicks and locks into
different positions so let’s go ahead put the fire truck back in here and
let’s show everybody else what else is done Wow look at this this thing has a
firing water cannon under there okay now we’re gonna put the fire truck back down
let’s see what else this thing does oh look at this in the back we have another
firing water cannon over here and let’s go ahead and load that put put one of
your characters in there okay now we have enough marshal let’s put Zuma in
there okay and we’re gonna put rocky in the back there and there is this little
removable cannon here and rocky could actually fire it lock
look we’re gonna we’re gonna fire it off okay look we have storage here show them
how it works buddy cool what is that oh it’s Marshalls fire vehicle close it
yeah okay let’s see well look at this you have a hose here for the pups so
they could put the fire out let’s show everybody what it looks like
oh that is cool the firetruck opens to show them buddy and who are we gonna put
in who is that guy and another Marshall awesome then we can
close the door and they could be in the fire truck cool oh cool look it has a
working cloth – oh cool oh are you gonna grab Marshall oh no
like close Marshall cool what do we got on the back there a ladder awesome so
look the pups can climb buildings and rescue characters whoa cool look you
have two things here to pull off – maybe we could put a pup on there awesome and
then let’s show them how many pups fit in this truck how many you think we
could fit oh wow okay let’s turn it like this so you have slots here for the
different pups let’s start all the way up front so one two three
or five and six awesome so we can fit six pups
on the ladder you got room for a pup over here you have space for another pup
on this side over here and then if you turn it you have space for two more pups
on this side so we could get the whole team to go with them to fight fires and
then we have space for Duke characters up front and we have okay well what do
you think buddy is this your favorite one yes I think it’s mine oh all of
skies and Rocky’s friends are hidden in these eggs you have to help us to open
them and find them because there’s a terrible dinosaur roaming the valley and
he’s heating all the eggs oh no check them out okay sky would you do you pick
first the pink one who’s inside yeah it’s tracker your turn rocky Wow
who’s in here yeah Everett okay Skye who’s next
oh she picked another pink one who’s in here
wow it’s Ellie okay rocky your turn good choice
who’s inside rubble the devil okay sky your choice cool who’s inside
it’s Mandy monkey although they have to hurry the
dinosaurs a getting closer hurry guys hurry quick Rocky which one
Curt choice who’s inside yeah it’s Marshall okay sky pick great choice who’s inside
wow it’s chase chase is all the kids one more egg quick open it who’s inside
Zuma oh but we still have the big eggs to
open who’s inside it’s racer rubble and racer Marshall and
the other egg has racer rocky and racers oh ma well what’s in the big egg wow
it’s PAC checkers vehicle rumbles excavator Everest vehicle chases vehicle
Zuma’s hovercraft and Rocky’s recycling truck wha we got it unpacked oh no here
comes the Dino Skye’s friends are in terrible danger time for super sky tide
super sky and she’s off oh no another one
what can mild-mannered rocky do click into the dark out get super Rocky is he
in time it’s gonna be a close one yeah the super pup saved the day was
totally awesome if you enjoyed that video you want to
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