New Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Out Of The Shadows Giant Leonardo  Figure TMNT Movie 2 Unboxing
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New Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Out Of The Shadows Giant Leonardo Figure TMNT Movie 2 Unboxing

Wow guys great to see you again i’m so
glad you came back we’re gonna have another also totally opening today New Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Out Of The Shadows Giant Leonardo Figure TMNT Movie 2 Unboxing hi I’m WD and welcome to my toys Channel
let’s see what we have today wow this is giant Leonardo from the new
movie Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles out of the
shadows we’re going to have an awesome story
with this guy today and guys later we’ll have a secret work and an awesome card
with a lot more fun videos wow let’s go ahead and open this guy out dude crank the Technodrome will seem down
town carrying everything up we gotta get their quick step on and
Mikey do there they are haha i praying they feel
for trap click the missiles oh no they’re fired good guys time to kick some shredder but let’s bring the brook is yeah it to it off I you on the head wrap down like to your
step I got it we got it – Dino boy dolls hi yeah you’re right rock the kittens
cats need to run an analysis what these guys are and I why is this white oh
they’re all down fully up take the kraang fire this land gun to capture
left turn alive hey what is this I feel disgusting i
feel kind of yeah you can that’s growth war huge taking UK
down all right yeah do you are cranking the
idea had nothing to do with you I always wanted to try this let’s see
shredder what kind of a weapon you may hit rock
steady shred is still better – where’s the
little toy doll take why would you do that in my power for
the shredder here’s good riddance to you yeah shredder is not better and here’s what I think of your puny
little technical drone read it is not dead real dude you saved our lives man you
are shoes time to get back to regular sides they’re like I think I’ll stay at this
side you’re not going to pick on me anymore I
did save your butts next time you pick on me I’m coming
after you oh boy I’m in trouble now okay guys here we have a look at the
giant Leonardo always guys cool here’s a look at a regular sized
Leonardo I believe this one’s about three and a half inches so you can see
the other one is way bigger means probably but it ate into so figure and
then here’s a look at the back of it I believe these are all the bigger figures
that you have fun Wow guys giant leo is awesome check out how huge years and the cool
thing is i mean his hands are so big he could actually wrap them around the leg
of one of the smaller figures and use the other guy has a club haha here he is holding his smaller
version upside down ok let’s go ahead and check them out
okay not only is this guy’s super detailed he is super flexible and you
could our it means a great toy to play with first of all he’s got both his swords
there in the sheet so he could just pull the sheets right the swords right out of their sheep and
he’s got two huge swords which is totally awesome dude check that out I love the that you could put them in
the sheet and a lot of these bigger figures I mean they’re they’re more for like
posing I mean this guy has great playability I mean if you check it out his entire
arm moves at the wrist 360 degrees he’s got 360 degree movement at the
elbow and his elbow also does bent inward so you could put them into cool
poses and he’s got 360 degree movement on his arm so both arms are pretty much the same
here so that is cool I’ve got a lot of these bigger figures
from the Star Wars line series and I mean they are not close to his awesome
flexible as this guy and then his head also will turn 360 degrees he’s got a
cool like God band here and looks like it’s holding his shell off but his shell
is attached he’s got a blue Crotty belt here with
another looks like a piece this this is probably part of our
harness over here and then continuing on the great movement continues on to his
legs I’m here his leg will turn 360 degrees it’s got good movement at the good
bending at the knee and the knee will turn 360 degrees ok his foot does not move the but it doesn’t really need to so let’s
take a look at this guy from the top to bottom so like I said for the bigger figures i
mean this guy’s probably what by eight to ten inches for the bigger figures i
mean the detail and the playability they put into these guys it’s really
astounding I mean this guy’s not it does not feel
cheap either I mean I’ve got like i said i got a lot
of the bigger figures on the Star Wars line and I mean they feel totally cheap I mean this guy is really good quality
off and they do have I believe six of them there are five for these big ones who
got the four Ninja Turtles and Rocksteady and let me know what you guys think I think
they are also wow guys that was at all so bad at all and guys if you enjoyed the story make
sure you click thumbs up which is the like button under the video
and today secret word is the word Leo spout they’ll eat oh ok and put that
in the comments section down below the video I know you enjoyed the video and you
remember my club to it to the video answers all cement card with a lot more
fun videos addressing Corey old and minions and star wars peppa pig why we’ll have so much fun together i
hope to see you soon


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