New Tonic Cardmaking Magazine Kit with Over $60 of Supplies for Under $20 + Tools Discount
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New Tonic Cardmaking Magazine Kit with Over $60 of Supplies for Under $20 + Tools Discount

hi everyone welcome it’s a hedgehog
hollow I hope you’re having a great Wednesday I am so sorry
I couldn’t be with you live again however Greg is here to chat with you so
be sure to use that super chat chat with him I’m sure he’ll be able to give you
all of the answers because we all now know he is a card-making guru after all
of this time but today I have the tonic card-making magazine to share with you
it is here of course I am on the cover I have a
great article to share with you I have exclusive coupon codes to share with you
so as always we have our exclusive Hedgehog holo coupon code it’s in the
links below for you we have 50% off of the Kraft perfect papers this month it’s
fired on both of the tonic stores you can use it on the UK / worldwide store
or on the US store links in the video description and you might need to expand
it which will be in that bottom right hand corner if you’re a hedgehog holo
perks member you can get an additional 10% off the store it’s only one coupon
per purchase it’s not valid on kits but you can check all of those things out
plus tonight we have an exclusive special offer at 10% off of tools now
all of these coupons we have you can use on top of the magnificent mixed-media
sales you can stack that on top as I say is only one per purchase so choose
whichever one works best for your purchase and the reason we have that
offer the tools we all find out based our boys on in the inside of the
magazine now links to a magazine I have placed in the description below because
it’s not available in the tonic store but it is available on some of our
retail partners and if you go to scrapper calm you’ll also get an
exclusive extra special gift which is this gorgeous pillow box this perfect
pillow box extras which has an additional 10 metal dies included in
here so you can see all the gorgeous things you can make in here now the size
the pillow box is three point nine inches by 3.5 by point
nine deep so it’s one of the verso dice ETSU everything is interchangeable so
you’ve got different outers you’ve got different in size so everything is
interchangeable with the celebrate the different hearts the for you so you can
mix and match everything to make whichever pillow box you would like so
this is a extra special gift if you purchase it from Scrabble to come as
always check out the links in the video description we do always appreciate when
you use them but we will link all of the different options and explain them all
in the video description for you so check those out
okay so what’s included in the magazine you always know it is a super special
value and I’ll link up some UK links for you as well different options where you
can get it in the UK too so inside of here I always love getting a magazine I
know I get a sneak peek of all the extras you’re gonna get in the magazine
but I don’t get to see the magazine itself until it drops on my doorstep so
you also have this pillow box which is the perfect pillow box everyone’s gonna
get this included it has three metal dies and you can see isn’t this gorgeous
this topper that’s included I love the sample on the top here so this is the
pillow box you’ve got the insert here you don’t have to use the corrugated
insert so this pillow box size is 3.9 by 3.5 by naught point 9 inches so you can
integrate the two pillow boxes together so you could mix and match these two
pillow box ideas together so I think that’s super cool as well then you’ve
got a stamp set and an embossing folder so you’ve got more options inside of
here so this is your embossing folder again look it’s the pillow box so you
can emboss your pillow box designs and you’ve got these gorgeous roses on here
I think you could ink this up you could use it on a card front not just on a
pillow box you could do your pillow box and then die-cut it so many different
options before you can use it and then you have a stamp set as well so you what
you’re just feeling you you’ve got your happy birthday your
– and you’re from you’ve got pretty little geometric design on here your
roses your with love more flowers to use turns and turns of things included plus
of course all the papers you’re going to need to create your project so in here
you’ve got these beautiful pink and navy roses
we’ve got more flowers you’ve got this lovely kind of like dusky rose as well
here’s that lovely geometric pattern the inverse of that as well more geometrics
I’m all about the geometrics I love my geometrics more of the roses these kind
of remind me of more like the caskets and flowers we put this gorgeous like
marble with the geometric on top you and you could cut that and get so many
different cards out of that as well just the geometric in there just the
marble more geometric so many options in here I love my geometrics in so many
different colors as well and then you have these just the stoppers too for
your pillow boxes so you don’t even have to worry about making your own stoppers
you can just cut these out all done ready for you as well or just little
banners to put on top of your pillow boxes so pre done or just little toppers
you can die-cut or use one of your electronic cutting machines cut them out
super super simple and more granite on at the back so all of those are included
as well in there so tons and tons of value you can see everything on the
front that you’re going to get included all of that you’ve got 70 papers and
toppers included in your magazine so much included plus of course we have the
magazine it’s also I’m going to flick through some of the things you’ve got
included there’s a little bit about the tonic craft kit and a little bit about
something that’s coming up in here possibly we always give you lots and
lots of ideas a little bit about what’s going to be in your kit – hints and tips
of course because we want to make sure that you’re going to be able to use
everything that’s in your kit the design if you tons and tons of ideas of things
that you can do with the kit they think outside the box
I know Jody did an awesome project let me see if I can find it as we flick
through there’s cards in here there’s table ideas that how to use it in a box
isn’t that a cool idea look at this one I think this is really cool how to make
a triangular box with it super super cool idea pillow boxes cards how to make
it lay on the front and make a pocket out of it how to make interactive
elements from it how to make clean and simple cards how to make walk baskets
from it I mean so many cool ideas day-in-the-life
the last magazine had my day in the life really a fun thing to do and then I’m
going to find a particular page in here so let’s go back to page 36 so in here I
included my top tool picks in here so I included my favorite Tonique tools now
you all know that some of the tools that are going to be included in here such as
my craft pick because tell me a video I lasted that did not include my Tim Holtz
craft pick or maybe my Tim Holtz glass mat because how many times do you see my
table without my Tim Holtz glass mat on so I have some of my favorite tools in
here why I love them time so you’re gonna use them things you’re gonna use
them for you’re gonna see all of those things in there so to celebrate my
favorite tools we’re going to give you 10% off tonic tours for the next seven
days and you can check out that code in the description below it’s going to be
valid on the UK slash worldwide and the u.s. site so you can go on you can check
out my favorite tools you can grab some of yours you can top up your tool
collection whether it’s scissors whether it’s the mat whether it’s some of the
mat accessories the crafts pick the craft knife and the surface sweep that’s
an awesome tool as well all of those things grab your magazine and over at
scrapbook armoire one of the UK’s sites so you can grab it on will add all those
links for you and then you also top up your tall collection with
that exclusively plus we’ll add the craft perfect one and if you’re a
hedgehog remember you can use that 10% off code as well so I hope you are eager
to go and grab your tonic magazine I cannot wait to read mine literally it
landed this afternoon as we have filmed this live I’m super excited to be able
to read it this afternoon and find out what everyone did with all
of these surprises say I got the supplies ready to be able to write my
articles for the magazine but I never get to see what everyone else does until
I get the magazine itself so it’s always fun to see other people’s ideas and how
they got to use those supplies and I think there’s some think of everyone
with all the different styles that we get to see in the magazine
I hope Gregg has been entertaining you with his chatter throughout this life I
always love to see the chats afterwards I know you all get up to some mischief
in it that super chat as always don’t forget to hit that subscribe button
check out the links and all those Funko’s we’ve added for you
I can’t wait to back with you live in a few weeks time join us next week we’ll
be doing a make with the kit we also have another exclusive fun savings code
for you and we’ll have some more goodies as well and give us a thumbs up if you
enjoyed seeing the new tonic magazine I will see you tomorrow another tip trick
tutorial or maybe something a little bit different so don’t forget to hit that
join button to be part of our Hedgehog Hollow community as well I will see you
again tomorrow but in the meantime of course happy crafting and have a great
day don’t forget to leave us a comment with your favorite thing from the
magazine we’d love to know what you think as well but I’ll see you again
tomorrow bye


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