New Twitter Layout 2019
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New Twitter Layout 2019

hello hello hello I am here to talk
about the new Twitter layout welcome welcome welcome to this video my name is Ileane Smith with and Twitter has always been my favorite
social sharing platform and they recently introduced some changes to the
mobile device as well as to the desktop so I think the time has come and we need
to take a look at the changes to the Twitter website so are you with me
I see that folks are here I see Ahmed is here and also I see that Justin is here
so we’re just gonna make sure that those comments can be seen and let’s get that
going we got streamlabs helping us out with these comments today as well as
ECAMMlive and so it’s the adventures of Hammad Asif see if we can get that off
and OH Sekou hussein is here alright so I so
appreciate you guys for coming please just let me know that you can hear me
loud and clear had some audio issues earlier so I wanted to make sure that
you guys can hear me alright so let’s get this tweeted out let’s get our
comment posted here my name is Ileane Smith and I’m with
there you go and that’s the name of this channel as well so alright
here on the channel we’d like to refer to hashtag to tax this is your first
time here one tap to subscribe and the second tap to click on that
notifications Bell but also if you’ve been here before and you’re one of my
dear dear friends and subscribers one tap to give the video a thumbs up and
another tap to share it out with your friends on your favorite social media
profile so with that said let’s head over to the screen share so we can take
a look at the new Twitter and if you’re familiar with the way Twitter looks if
you’ve been looking at that Twitter screen on your desktop for a long time
you’ll notice with this new layout that everything is reversed first of all our
banner used to take up the whole top of the page and everything that you see
over on the right-hand side used to be on the left-hand side and vice versa
oh well just let me share this comment that’s come in from Ahmed we’ll come
right back to this because I love what he says here in Pakistan probably I am
the only one using stream yard and that is another tool that I use to live
stream I’m not using stream yard today but I’ve introduced Ahmed to stream yard
and people get fascinated by it I learned it from you thank you so much
for giving me that props okay let’s go back to the screen share but it’s always
very important when people give you that acknowledgement and that recognition
that you also recognize them back and let them know how much you care okay so
let’s go back to the screen share alright so things that were on the left
or on the right and by versa so this is really interesting
because as you can see here the navigation over on the left hand side
let’s just go through this navigation over here okay so we’ve got our home
which is your Twitter stream the folks that you’re following and their tweets
and Twitter has a bit of an algorithm you see if the in the middle of the page
there you see this little icon that I’m hovering over it’s the one that has
stars there let’s click that on and it lets you know that home shows you top
tweets first so this means that twitter has identified tweets that they think
would be more important to you and you can switch this back off if you want to
see the latest tweets instead and guys and gals I gotta be honest with you let
me go into round mode here I at one point I had switched to the showed all
the regular tweets first and I quickly switched back so you give it a try and
you see what your timeline is like and I’m going to just make some little
adjustments here so that I’m a little bit more in frame okay there we go and
that way I don’t have to be too far away from the mic all right so now put me
back over here on this side because we’re going to be going over the menu on
the left hand side alright so the next thing and Sal Gow is saying I love your
videos thank you sow cow sag ow and my friend Alfredo Tigolo was here
hello Alfredo okay so you’ve got the home we went over that
and we talked about how you can change your layout just by clicking on that
little star the next thing you can do is explore and now that’s really just a
search and of all the things that moved around searches the one thing that did
not move search is still over here on the top right but you also have access
to it on the Left navigation here’s your notifications and your
messages we don’t have to cover those right now we can double back bookmarks
lists and your profile so the first thing that I was a little confused about
when I saw this layout was what happened to my analytics I like to check my
Twitter analytics and I couldn’t find them so I figured out that I needed to
tap one the more button and when you tap on the more’ button you see a whole
nother set of menu items like your Twitter moments they’re still there
promote mode those are for people who are advertising their account and
there’s other ads that you can do here’s the analytics we’re not going to go into
them right now and here’s media studio we are going to
cover that settings and privacy Help Center but the next thing that I want to
show you is this new mode that you can have your display set for so let’s click
on display and you see this is the default the first thing you can do here
is change the font size of your page notice how I move that slider okay you
can also change the color that text appears in on screen so you can do the
blue the goldenrod the I want to call that fuchsia
then there’s the I guess that’s a square that has the purple color and then when
you’re hot you’re hot alright with the flames and our favorite here is the
avocado green so just love that but in addition to
changing the colors of all the boxes and/or the buttons and the alert numbers
and the text with hashtags and links you can also change to the dim mode I
absolutely love this dim mode I want you guys to check it out see if it’s easier
on your eyes or not you can also change those accent colors when you’re in dim
mode as well so you can once again just pair these up with it’s like a bit of a
grayish color then you can also go to lights out which is I would call that
dark mode so we’ve got dim mode and dark mode so one of my favorites is dim mode
with a side avocado so let’s just leave it there for now and say done okay let’s
see if there’s any questions that have come in and Alfredo says the more
buttons is where Twitter has the analytics the more button that’s
absolutely right so that’s where you find that so let’s get into something
else that’s really exciting that twitter has done and let’s see if I can find it
okay I think I do need to go back into more and no that’s that’s not where I’m
going to find this new feature that Twitter release and bear with me guys
it’s going to take me a minute to figure out where it is and how to get to it I
may have to just type in in a different breath a new browser it’s Twitter
it is media studio I was on it this morning is so that’s why I came up so
it’s media okay so it’s loading up there and I’m not exactly
sure how to get over here from your Twitter account let’s see I’m sorry it’s studio studio so now I’m going to come off of picture-in-picture cuz that’s
probably just a little bit too much agony right now anyway
okay so take a look at this you may have never come back into this back-end of
Twitter but this is where you have your media library meaning all of your videos
you notice how I change that pulldown menu images and last but not least gifts
okay so these some of these gifts were the ones that I just pulled up from the
Twitter interface this gif right here is one that I actually found on giffy and
downloaded and uploaded it into Twitter and then this is a gift that I actually
created myself with some my handy dandy tools that I have on my computer okay so
and here’s another one when I was showing off the dark mode that we have
on our phone so this is really nice to know that you can from here upload media
so let’s say I upload the thumbnail for this video and it would just be would
just be sitting there waiting for me to add it to a tweet so let’s go over to
this next thing which is the really fun part that I need you guys to see and
it’s called producer so you would go to studio slash producer and
I’m actually going to put that link into the chat or I’m going to attempt to
anyway so if you’re logged into your own
Twitter account then you’re going to be able to see that so that’s
just also put that up on screen okay so let’s let me make that bigger so
anybody who’s watching this they will say this is the link studio
slash producer and you may want to just bookmark this area depending upon how
much you plan on using this okay so and here’s why I think it’s really really
cool because here’s what you can do if you are a live streamer like me and my
friend Alfredo who’s here you can go in and really this is something that
Twitter has really replicated that twitch has been doing for a while and
you know I’m going to come back on camp for a minute because I want to try to
remind you of something if you guys remember my friend Ross brand at the
beginning of the year he did a he does his annual predictions post where he
asks over a hundred social media marketers influencers and content
creators such as myself for their predictions for the year I think he
actually sent out the call for people to submit their ideas sometime in late
November early December so I was lucky to make the cut again for second year in
a row and my prediction this year for 2019 was that a lot of these platforms
are all going to start to look alike they’re going to start to offer some of
the same features some of the same tips some of the same ways that we can
promote so that we can bring people back to their platform
so remember they all want our attention they all want us as content creators to
make their website their content site be our content site of choice choice so
they want to attract us by offering all kinds of different features now twitch
for years has had a thing where as you’re watching a video even during the
live stream they have something that’s called a clip and I’ve got to stop and
say hi to my girl Tish not a fan of the new Twitter layout I mean sorry for
being a bad dog you know a Tish it just takes some getting used to
I remember when they turned it on on one of my other accounts not this primary
account that we’re talking about today I turned it off but I don’t use that
account that much on mobile my work account so anyway I noticed it just a
little over a week ago because they’re rolling it out more broadly now so this
feature that’s called clips on twitch allows you if something really cool
happens during a stream you can highlight that little section maybe 30
seconds up to 60 seconds just all depends upon how long you want to clip
it and then share that out your fans who are watching can do this as well as you
as a content creator and you could also do it for other videos that you watch
and you share that like oh my gosh did you see what Tish did at the three
minute mark and you’re just sharing that a little bit you know Twitter started a
little bit of this when they introduced the feature for watching a live stream
and you’re sharing it out with from periscope or Twitter Live
that you could share at a specific time stamp because you know a lot of times in
the beginning of people’s videos especially when their life it’s like hi
how are you thanks for coming and there’s not really much going on like I
started this livestream today with the two-minute countdown so you may not want
to share it from the beginning okay so now I told you a little bit about twitch
twitch also has a feature called highlights Heather the reseller how are
you doing nice to see you thank you for coming my dear twitch also has something
called highlights as I just told you about clips which are very popular on
Twitch then there’s also highlights which is very similar only you get a
longer stretch that you can share for the video and it actually becomes its
own video which is a little different from the clip okay and you know actually
my girlfriend Christina had the layout a lot longer than me yes so a lot of
people had this layout so now we’re we went through the layout and we can go
through it again because folks are just coming in but I want to show you this
new feature on Twitter that’s called live cut that’s almost the same thing as
twitch and let’s go back to the screen share you will be able to go to your
past live streams so I’m going to go back to this one here and notice over on
the right-hand side it says edit and live cut let’s do it guys now this was a
900 my screen is getting a little shaky there let’s let’s just refresh oh that
was making me dizzy but we’re okay everybody okay you all
still there yes that was fine okay so this was a nine minute video
oh it doesn’t like for me to share this I’m going to set a start point and set
an end point so it had already grabbed the start pointing an end point for me
but if I wanted to add another second or add another frame I mean take out a
second or take out a frame or add a frame or add a second I could use these
two buttons or here it says plate last two seconds I could do that and once
I’ve done that I’m going to save the clip and there you have it
so this clip actually started at the fort
I think these times are wrong uh-huh I think there’s oh it’s a 21 second clip
okay I’m sorry it says it’s a 17 second clip so there’s I think this may be a
little buggy because I’m not understanding the times here but either
way I’ve created this clip and I can now I can watch it I can share it on Twitter
so this is where I would say hey guys this video I talked about and I don’t
even remember what I was talking about Oh stream yard and periscope destination
so I was talking about periscope and I was using stream yard which I met here
earlier said that he’s using stream yard and all his friends and Pakistan are
just blown away so now I can share this I’m not going to
but what you can also do is schedule this so you can actually schedule right
inside of Twitter did you know that mmm okay so if I didn’t want to send that
out until the 27th or August the first whatever I could go ahead and save that
as a tweet and I would say done but I’m not
actually going to share that the other thing you can do is let’s just say you
just want to share it over on Facebook or you want to make an IG TV clip of
some sort or you want to share it somewhere else you can simply download
it to your computer and you export it as mp4 which is different from when you
export the when you download the actual file from periscope or Twitter life so
what do you think about that that kind of blew my mind and hello 24k media
productions thank you so much for joining and thanks for the thumbs up I
see you guys I see that thumbs up going off and so this is a really a cool
update I think the Twitter producer from the media studio let me give you guys
that link again because some of you guys just came in in order to get to this
Twitter producer the link you want to go to is studio slash producer studio slash producer and let’s see
I think there’s something else that I want to show you now this we’re going to
break away from talking about Twitter just for a second because I want to show
you something else that’s going on here and let’s see that’s not it
hang on give miss Eileen a second I thought I had it there it is okay and
I have to put a comment in there and I used the stream deck for that and notice
now that I have comments coming up on screen and this is because of ECAM live
and alfredo I hope you’re paying attention because I know you know about
stream labs and people use stream labs to have what they call widget overlays
when they’re using OBS well I’ve said many many times that I never wanted to
use OBS and thank God for the folks at stream yard and the folks at ECAM live I
don’t have to but this particular widget is actually coming from actually coming
from ECAM live oh I did happen to have a black shirt on today and notice that I
have but comments coming up on screen because of a new update to ECAM live and
this is not me pinning comments so if I penned a comment it would look like this
okay but this is actually a comment widget so do me a favor those of you who
are here right now can you please type a comment in to the chat just say anything
just say hi say test say test comment just type into the chat because I want
you to see this in action TGIF right tisha saying hey Fredo saying
how these so see how my comment is still there and now I have tissues comment and
I have our frado’s comment and these comments can just build up and build up
until I close that widget down like just say there’s just too many comments there
or it just starts to I want to just refresh it or if I start doing a screen
share and it gets in the way of the screen share like right now it feels
like I’m holding the comments and the palm of my hand so stream labs it’s now integrated with
ECAM live so I can make an alert widget I can make the comments widget there’s
just so many things I can’t even begin to tell you all of them so for those of
you who have a Mac and you have interest and finding out more about you cam live
I will post my affiliate link there and tisha saying I know right yes so that
link is Aileen dot link slash e camp live so they’re constantly innovating
and this is something that is really going to just propel them to be
outstanding force within all these other apps that are out here and ECAM live is
my favorite the only thing about ECAM life is that you need skype in order to
bring in guests so if i want to bring in gas I use stream yard and I like I love
introducing folks to stream yard because I know everybody doesn’t have a Mac
and so that’s okay I ain’t mad at you so I have more than one way now to bring
the comments up but I love this that they stay up so if we had a really
active chat today you would have more and more comments and it just and I
could position this however I want it and in stream labs you can configure it
you know you can change the colors of the background of the text the fonts all
that stuff can be changed and Tisch is a moderator here on the channel and that’s
why she has the little wrench there here on YouTube so it works with YouTube as
well as with twitch I started to say Facebook it’s supposed to work with
Facebook by that I haven’t tried it let’s just put it that way Dean Reynolds
is in the house so Dean what do you think about this new integration now hey
Dean the stream labs is this your first time actually seeing it in action with
the stream labs widget with me having multiple comments up on screen at the
same time okay so let’s just go over all of the Twitter stuff again so I’m going
to take down the stream labs widget just so that we can go back and look at
Twitter again okay for those of you who missed it and also I need to show you
some of the stuff that’s going on on mobile so let’s let’s see if I can get
mobile with picture and picture okay here we go so let’s go over to the
Twitter app and as much as I resisted using dark mode I finally gave in
I’m now using dark mode on my phone on Twitter and I’m not sure that anything
else much has changed with the mobile app other than that feature that I
showed you earlier on desktop we see at the very top right right under where I
have my hundred percent battery power we have the same option and let me read it
out this time home shows you top tweets first see your latest tweets instead
you’ll be switched back home after you’ve been away for a while
view content purposes and cancel so I like to have home and I like to see the
top tweets but if you want to you can switch back and say you want to see the
latest tweets instead but I found that seeing the top well with this one it
wasn’t bad because at least it brought up some live video there you see our
friend when his son is live and let’s see if there’s any more live no it it
says show more but it didn’t show more life so I don’t like that so I’m gonna
go back to latest tweets go back home home home is gonna give me top tweets
first and that’s what I want to see and let me scroll all the way up to the top
yes my first time there you get back on full camp
let me change back to the default see there and this time I’m just gonna use
ECAM live to put the comment up my first time as always you’re always putting me
on the new stuff yep yeah I had to try this out because the
stream lapse is the app that I just talked about in my last YouTube video I
was showing you how to use the stream labs mobile app so I just want to make
sure I stress to you guys because I’m talking about a lot of life streaming
apps and things today okay so Stream labs is an app
with a set a suite of tools that can be used primarily on YouTube and twitch and
they also have a mobile app they have a desktop app as well but you need to be
on a PC alright and it’s called stream Labs OBS I’ll make sure you get the my
link for stream labs is as usual I leaned that link slash stream yards and
they just recently introduced a set of for folks who don’t have a website hang
on let me take that in stream labs which is different from streams yard and with
the stream labs you can like I said start a website with them if you don’t
have one for a fee and even for the free website you can start a free website
over there which is very bare-bones but if you want to customize it and all that
you don’t want to be bothered with WordPress you don’t want a blogger or
WordPress com you can use you can build a website on stream labs and tisha
saying yep I know stream laughs so now that you guys are commenting more let me
put that comment box back up not that one the one from stream oh that’s okay
stream yard stream yard which I met was here earlier and said how all his
friends in Pakistan are so impressed how the rich this is the coffee black show
host reg 1167 in the house so this is something that I was trying
to show you guys show you over on Twitch this morning I think it was reg I think
you popped in on that one anyway I had some technical difficulties
aka my mic was muted and I didn’t realize it so and you know another good
thing that I like about bringing these comments up on screen this way
permanently is because I’m sure that I’m going to trim this video and with
YouTube once you trim the video the live chat goes away so bringing your comments
up on screen gives you extra visibility especially the longer the less people
that comment the longer or other comments can stay up there you were the
one that told me about streaming right yes another feather in my cap I told you
about it I told I’m mad about it I told a whole bunch of folks about shape
stream yard is the bomb but you know ECAM life is another
software that lets you go live on Facebook YouTube twitch periscope these
are built in and also integrates with restream you just like stream yarn but
it’s a Mac application so here’s the difference ECAM live is mac only stream
yard is browser-based and it’s basically a live streaming
application and Judy bubbles in the house guys and beauty bubble you’re
getting the chance to also see the stream labs widgets notice that there’s
multiple comments up on screen because the stream labs widgets are now
integrated with B cam live and Beauty bubble she knows what Stream Labs is and
stream elements and all that good stuff so oh and I didn’t finish my sentence
earlier about the stream labs mobile app Omar Bulow how are you great a long time
no see you can also livestream to YouTube
twitch from your mobile app and have these
widgets on-screen but the video that I did last week was about how to do that
on periscope so see all these things are merging together and there’s a
crosswords there there’s an intersection tech to be I’m sorry too techie yeah
don’t forget to a tube techie don’t forget to a I and II so all these things
are merging together so this feature that I just demoed really quickly over
on Twitter is showing you how to use the live cut feature and I’m gonna do that
demo again because beauty bubbles here and she she did actually tune into that
failed live that I had this morning on Twitch because I forgot to unmute my mic
actually I don’t even remember muting it but evidently I did I’m terrible at
typing I’m in YouTube chats yes I see that and probably because you let your
iPhone if you’re on an iPhone autocorrect and iPhone is the worst when
it comes to auto correction so since we already know that we are going to be
trimming this video okay and I’ll probably even trim this part out because
I’m literally going to demo again the feature that I demo earlier streaming is
going to revolutionize so do social media
24k media at this point it already has I agree with you it has because there were
so many streaming platforms that weren’t mobile and that I think the costs of
maintaining the live streaming platforms has come down or it makes more sense for
the developers to focus on live streaming
Prine twitch you know all the big-time companies because you know twitches
owned by Amazon YouTube is owned by Google and Facebook is owned by Facebook
it makes sense for them to develop on top of these platforms autocorrect is
really bad on iPhone gets me in trouble all the time yes that’s why I am very
very careful to make sure that sometimes when you’re in a rush you don’t catch it
but and 24k media says absolutely so we’re just gonna run through a demo of
this live cut feature again so hang on ladies and gents because I have to back
up get the screen share ready for you guys and I’m going to be taking your
comments down off a screen because I’m going to screen share again okay
so here’s the link to what you need to go 200 so how far back did I post that
link it is here it is it is studio dot slash producer studio slash producer and when you get over here you’re going to see your
past live broadcast you can also schedule a broadcast over here as well
see where it says create broadcast but we’re not going to do that today
okay so I want you to see how this trimming works so we’re going to take a
different video this time because last time it tried to fail on me let’s see oh
that one was a really short one so let’s try this one now this one was where I
said it ain’t always perfect so I edit and live cut I forgot to click that on
over here on the right hand side edit and live cut so this live cut as I
mentioned earlier it’s very similar I don’t know why the screen shakes like
this very similar to an option we have on
twitch to create clips it even says clips but on Twitter just called twitch
clips and so really Twitter is mimicking twitch and you know can’t say that they
didn’t know that twitch had this feature already because it’s been out for years
on twitch okay so you set a start point so let’s just say I listen to that video
and it was like this amazing thing or I told a joke and everybody cracked up so
now you can set a start point and it automatically grabs
I guess that’s supposed to be 20 seconds alright I’m not sure it grabs a
predetermined amount of time but of course you can adjust the time all right
you guys following with me I want to see some comments over there I want to see
people saying yes miss Eileen you can add you can take away a second take away
a second you can take away a frame so you can really fine-tune this you can
add a frame like oh no I meant to add that part in you can add a second
alright or you can say play last two seconds alright to preview it as you’re
editing just to make sure that you trimmed it in the right spot then you
save the clip and now this can be shared on Twitter as a brand new tweet and
you’re gonna want to fill this in you’re not going to just want to tweet that out
without any text to let people know what it is and you want people to come back
and watch this video right but and it says this processing please wait but
well you can also do after you’ve filled all this sentence a guys check out this
video where I was doing wasn’t that funny blah blah blah blah and then
you’re going to schedule it you can schedule it now this is something that
twitch doesn’t do when you clip a video on Twitch it’s clips it’s there anybody
can go see that the clips and we’re not going
to do a twitch tutorial today maybe one day I will do a comparison but in this
case if I didn’t want this to go out until next Wednesday I could just set
that time save it and then BAM also even if I don’t want to tweet it out I want
to save it it can export this as an mp4 onto my computer so that I can share it
in other places oMG I gotta give it to Twitter there was
a some innovation there because like I said you can schedule and you can also
bring in content into this studio this media studio you can upload all kinds of
media images gifts and video and schedule them so this is something
that’s kind of been in the background for quite some time and a lot of folks
have not explored it I only knew about this media studio because if you want to
go live on Twitter life versus periscope you come back in here to grab your
stream keys and I’m not even sure if I remember where to grab them that because
I just I I said forget it I’m just gonna always just go periscope but you can see
here past live streams that I’ve done and you know there’s the stream keys and
all that stuff that I grant so oh this scene as gift reminds me of
something oh I didn’t say gifts earlier you can
upload gifts in here as well this reminds me of the street that I sent out
earlier to Twitter because one thing that is missing speaking of tweet
hashtags to taps for those of you who are already
subscribed one subscribed to like the video I mean one tap to like the video
the second tap to share it out and I see seven of you out of the nine of you who
are here right now have already given it one thumbs up and let’s see I think I’m
missing some comments that I need to put up okay I’m going to get that that
comment box back up on screen so any comments from now on will come up in the
comment box Twitter hitting heart with updates yes they are Oaks here to go
eight now okay I got eight me cuz out of all the things as I was going through
even though my mic was muted and basically I was talking to myself
because I didn’t have an audience this morning when I was live or else they
would have told me my mic was muted and let me go over to my profile but there’s
something that’s missing here which is kind of confusing of why they updated
these two things at the same time but they didn’t think to do this and let me
show you what that is and I sent Twitter this tweet this
morning hey Twitter what happened to the link to my past periscope videos that
used to be on my profile can I have it back please
Thanks and I haven’t heard from them and I’m gonna put this tweet link in here
and I want you guys to love up on that tweet I’m gonna put that link in the
chat box because you used to have that right on the side of your profile people
could go to your profile and view past broadcasts well that’s not there anymore
and I want that back because guess what how else am I supposed to get over to
periscope because my periscope name is not the same as my Twitter name which is
their fault to begin with so you know then they’re periscopes URL
is abbreviated you don’t type in periscope dot you gotta type in PS CP
I’ll have time for all that and all these years I’ve just probably three
years now I’ve just gone to this link on my profile that said view past
broadcasts now they bring out this Twitter live cut and have everybody
going over there to the studio producer and all that stuff for your past live
streams and they take away the link to your past live streams Twitter’s there’s
something wrong with that picture honey it’s like this is not congruent so and I
can’t be the only person that is looking for that and oh just to one more time go
over and what I’ll do is I’ll go back to them Oh
Twitter mood because you see that I’m on the demo mode now and this is all stuff
that we went over earlier but I don’t mind going over it again you click on
the more button from you on your Twitter profile click one or more and the last
thing in the list here is the display and right now have it on dim but we’ll
go back to default so that way you guys can still read the comments that are up
on screen here thanks to the stream labs ECAM live integration you’re following
me so so when you go in here to choose your what’s the terminology display your
display you’ll see that you have the choice between the default which is you
know the white background but you can have your type and all of your buttons
in blue or goldenrod or fuchsia or eggplant and I guess that’s a squid and
the flame which is a beautiful carrot orange they should use the carrot or the
avocado green and I kind of like the avocado green but only when I’m in dim
mode okay so then you also have lights out so
I like the fact that they didn’t just go straight to dark mode
they had a middle-of-the-road dim for those people who probably complained
about that okay so so I went through and somebody is messaging me is this one of
you people one of you guys here on the stream that’s messaging me on Twitter
I’m gonna find out right now oh yes Beauty tweeted me a joke a little inside
joke II poo okay so guys what do you guys think about the new Twitter because
I do think that you can go back if you if you must let me see can’t we go back
it’s kind of like um YouTube studio beta is there an escape hatch let me go over
here and look for an escape hatch guys I know when they rolled it out to me on my
work profile I said no I don’t want this I’m going back and but let me just go
all the way up to the very top of the page because it just moves so fast um I
don’t know settings I guess it would be under not
sure I’m gonna go into settings and privacy while we’re all on here well I’m
screen sharing and everything does display let’s go to display oh that’s
that thing I just showed you I don’t see where it lets you go back to the old
Twitter but if I I will tweak that out for those of
you like tissue says she didn’t like it I don’t know how long they’re going to
let both layouts last you know what I’m gonna do I’m gonna go to a different
Twitter account because I don’t know that I have this on all of my Twitter
accounts so let me just try it on another one I think I do have it on a
free podcast host though hang on Snoopy yes I do have an or free
podcast those but I have one more that I can check oh and I don’t have it on at
work because I tried it at work and I didn’t
like it and so I told them let me go back and they let me go back and so
since they rolled it out the second time they haven’t forced it back on me again
oh gosh there’s one more thing I forgot to tell you guys that I never noticed I
don’t know if it was there before and I just didn’t notice it I’m gonna get rid
of this box for a minute is that you can add logging logging in to multiple
Twitter accounts now from the one desktop account and I didn’t see that
before I don’t know if that’s brand new no it’s not gonna be under display it’s
gonna be under more though Oh a bit at the top when you click on
that more button up at the very top here is the plus I can add and log in to my
other Twitter account so I could have all three of my Twitter’s which the
other one is basic blog tips and also the free podcast host which is probably
the one that I would know I probably bring all three of them over here
because I have it that way on my mobile device as well so it’s very very easy to
you know it’s like a real smooth transition to go back and forth between
different accounts and let’s get as much of these on here of
these comments on here as possible so Reg says I think the multiple logins
are new I think so as well I mean I know that it was there on mobile but I never
noticed that before on desktop so I think it’s new as well and Alfredo
saying go under more and the plus icon that’s right just go under more and then
up to the plus icon let me put that back on screen okay here we go and then this
is where I could add an existing account oh I didn’t read this if you have more
than one Twitter account you can add them and easily switch between you can
add up to five accounts oh how awesome is that I love that so Twitter is doing
some really cool things with this new layout I don’t know if you can do that
with the old layout like if you want you just said no I want to go back so
they’re doing something that like give you an incentive to come over to the
dark side or the dim side I should say you know so I’m for I’m here for all of
it Twitter thank you I’m glad you’re making updates because you know
everybody’s saying well they did all this and they still didn’t give us the
edit button you know I think that’s a FOMO thing so oh tube techie thank you
so much for coming I appreciate you make sure you do your second tap sharing this
bad boy out and the dim side hashtag the dim side thank you so much dish for
making that a hashtag I love that I think I I used to hashtag dim mode on a
tweet that I may have wound up deleting because but the dim side is even better
I love it I love it too so you know I really think that not
being able to edit tweets like they make up they have all these excuses that they
put out for the media of why they don’t well what if somebody all this there’s
all these retweets and then somebody changes it to mean the opposite of all
that old stuff ain’t nobody trying to hear that I think it’s just a formal
thing it’s like one of those things that they can always hold out there and if at
the very last minute right before the the the lights go out
I mean a real dim dim side they could say you guys can edit tweets now come
back you know like if there’s ever any way that masses of people leave Twitter
that would be one way they can bring them back and I don’t blame them so we
all know that we can’t edit tweets so hey I even got more likes than I got
people here now so yeah that two taps works thanks so this is important you
know I think for Twitter to hold on to that because we all know that we can’t
edit we so we all we know if we see somebody making a typo it was a typo and
the way they have it now that’s the other thing you can retweet yourself and
it’s not as awkward as it used to be it’s almost expected Wow every pore that
forum is making it so hard to choose which platform to keep content creators
to keep their followers on absolutely that’s why you see me spending a lot of
time on Twitch now because one of the problems that I had with twitch was the
troll issue but I gotta say I’ve been back over there for 20 not going wood 23
days and I have not seen one I don’t know what happened I don’t know what
they cleaned up or what whatever but I’m feeling good about twitch so Twitter
when you go live on Twitter you still get trolls but you know like we have our
friends IKEA our Moo – Oh friends I killed a soap lady she
gets massive audiences on periscope and I don’t know that she has a troll
problem she might see some trolls I’m but you know because they’re there but
when you’ve got a hunt – 300 people your real followers there those trolls they
get drowned out you know what I mean they’re not an issue so we all have to
pick our platforms that’s why we have to experiment with them we have to
experiment with each of them to find out now I the reason another reason why I am
spending a lot more time on Twitch is because YouTube is it’s just so many
masses of people you know and even though I love having these live streams
and having you guys come in and all that YouTube as a platform in general doesn’t
have the same value of live streams as they do preview quarter uploaded videos
and I you know I didn’t really realize that until I did that Q&A with Tom Liang
from YouTube when we were talking about studio beta and talking about the fact
that when you go in there to look at your videos that your lives are separate
from your uploads and I guess I just thought we all know that’s a mistake
right y’all don’t mean to do that my own show just put them all together oh no we
don’t view lives as the same as uploads so that’s when the light bulb went off
in my head and I’m like whoa huh it’s kind of almost like you’re forcing me to
make uploads well I just wanted to do live with what’s been a year year and a
half when I did nothing but lives maybe I did one or two uploaded videos but I
prefer to do live streams icers eyes I love that name hello eyes
eyes I’m gonna even though your comment is already there I wanted
ready to see your avatar that is so cute but is that like we’re off to see the
Wizard The Wonderful Wizard of Oz I guess it has to be because like what
other Oz is there okay guys so wow this has been a fantastic stream and eyes I
hope you get a chance to go back and watch the replay but since this is your
first time here we do two taps and for you the first tap would be to subscribe
and the second tap would be to turn on those notifications you know the ones
where you actually get a text when I go live or when I upload a video or you get
an email yeah rope I says he is my roblox avatar and thank you and she says
sure has hashtag Eileen fun okay so um I’m not
sure if you are subscribed but if you’re not subscribed because you please
subscribe to this channel because I want to test something that’s supposed to
happen when I get a new subscriber and I don’t know if it works cuz everybody
who’s been through here today was already a subscriber well not everybody
but most of the people that were here today are already subscribers so uh
others at us could you at least let me know if you’re subscribed already or not
and if you’re not could you subscribe just so we can see if this little thing
that I have going on on the channel works because it only works when I get a
new subscriber so here’s what I want you to do even if
you don’t like the idea of oh he says yep I’m subscribed okay thank you thank
you as ur eyes I appreciate you so here’s what I want you all to do I want
you to try this new Twitter for 24 hours oh no don’t do that cuz I don’t know how
to get you back let me google that hang on go back to old it’s kind of awkward
for me to tape go back to old Twitter how to get the old Twitter interface
back this is from six hours ago how do five hours ago from lifehacker
okay beast I’m telling you guys how to do it and let’s see where is this if you
haven’t had time to adjust or hate change it’s not too late you can
download good Twitter and extension for Chrome you’re gonna do that or it add-in
for Firefox what you gotta go to an extension to get back Twitter that’s
crazy alright well let’s do it since we’re
here and I don’t want you guys to be stuck I’m telling you I’m giving you
homework to say go back to the old Twitter and all everything is refreshing
on my Twitter screens okay so let me let me screen share again alright this is
the good Twitter and I didn’t look at Twitter yet but this is a good Twitter
app okay yeah and you know what I need to take a screenshot cuz remember I said
everything that was on the laughs is on the right and then plays verse rows vice
versa did I realize I didn’t have a handy screenshot of the old layout Oh God I don’t want that in the
screenshot okay I want to screenshot that but I also want to go to my profile
and see this view broadcast link yeah I’m gonna tweet that out to Twitter
again as well okay thanks for bearing with me guys while I do this and you
know it’s really amazing how the header has changed my gosh a header used to be
huge I don’t get rid of that extension right away so now you guys know and I’ll
give you the link to that extension it takes you back to the old Twitter here
you go so here now now you got homework everybody get that link to that
extension or just go to the chrome store and search for good Twitter so now you
guys got homework if I’m remove it from Chrome and I guess that’s gonna take me
back and if it doesn’t take me back then I’m gonna be okay cuz I’m starting to
like that I’m trying I’m starting to like the new one so and I’m actually
gonna go back into my dem mode and demo it looks best actually you know the
purple was kind of pretty – no it’s not as easy to read with a purple what about
the goldenrod I think the goldenrod is the easiest to
read and I thank you guys so much for your comments I’m gonna come back and
read them right now and praise God thank you I feel that
Twitter made my resolution of my Twitter banner worser one smaller yeah
Oh your resolution hey that’s interesting it seems like when it’s
bigger the resolution is what’s your Twitter handle
ah sirs eyes let’s get your Twitter handle
so we cuz oh and I forgot to remind you guys so make sure you all connect with
one another subscribe to each other’s channels go
into the chat and let me screen share that
let me just screen share only that it’s been a while since I mention this okay
so click on each click on those three dots and go to each other’s channels I
got to go to your channel right now cuz I’m not subscribed to it I’m subscribed
to you right now oh very colorful I like the way the bow
the banner looks on on YouTube and if I may make a quick recommendation and I
know you didn’t ask my opinion about this at all but I’m on your YouTube
channel wait let me go back and share that I’m on your YouTube channel and I
don’t want to get rid of everybody’s comments here but at the on your banner
speaking of banners the first thing you have here is your Twitter I would change
that I mean even if Twitter is your main platform I would think about changing
that I would maybe move the discord what’s the other one your roblox unless
Twitter is your really really really main platform I would not make that
number one that’s just my opinion see ya you haven’t built up a lot over
here on on Twitter yet so I would think about having you know you may even want
to go over to stream labs Stream labs and get one of their websites because
you can get a free website with stream labs okay and I’ll put give you that
link again that’s Eileen dot link slash stream Labs yeah only because a lot of
people who are youtubers are not that into Twitter and especially if your
doing in your age bracket cuz it says that you’re 15 years old
a lot many many people in your age bracket will never use Twitter well not
until you get 25 or whatever so I would I’m not saying take your Twitter off of
there I’m saying feature more discord or Instagram even
Instagram may even be the better one because then that way you can you know
that’s just my opinion but what you can do is test test test test leave it up is
Twitter for 30 days or from your next 10 videos or whatever and then change it
for your next 10 videos to your Instagram or your Dischord okay oh I
type that link in there wrong it’s actually awkward for me to type a lie in
case lash because I want the mic near me my keyboard is like shifted off to the
side there so the other comment needs to be deleted but I don’t think I can
delete it it feels that I am more modern when I speak to my friends I always ask
if they have twitter and they say no and I am like what yeah yep most young kids
are not and you know why I know this is because I have a day job and one of the
things that I do at the day job is talk to young adults and so I started trying
to follow some young adults on Twitter and even though it was almost impossible
to find them when I would find them their accounts were private so what good
is that they’re not going to cuz I was using a company account so if their
accounts private you know if you know somebody in this private they may
eventually you know let you follow them or whatever but if you’re a company
account there are definitely not gonna follow you back
dude that’s what they’re trying to avoid
those companies okay so so that’s just my quick suggestion but I think your
Twitter banner looks fine let’s just take a look at that because we got
distracted talking about YouTube and we’re supposed to be talking about
Twitter so here we go I think this looks fine I don’t think it’s me I don’t know
what it looked like before but I think this is fine alright don’t worry about
it I think this is very it looks very well done and it’s got detail here and
it’s not too busy even though I mean I know this is part of whatever the roblox
thing is so we’re good you’re good to go yeah you know it just it’s probably your
welcome dear it’s probably just you know like the shock of it of seeing is like
wait it’s all small now and everything is shifted everything that was over here
is now over there like what the heck Twitter but they were testing it they
were testing it because like I said I had the option months ago on my work
account and I said nope I don’t want it and they didn’t give it back to me yet
but there I’m eventually they’re gonna force it on me over there as well so you
got that extension if you want to go back to what the old one looked like
Tisha’s a happy camper for that and I think each and every one of you for its
Friday night you guys could be doing so many things and the fact that you decide
to come and spend some time with me is super super special we will talk more
about Twitter and please check the links in the description for all the ways that
you can reach out to me and support me here on the channel so with that guys
have a fantastic weekend peace Oh see you on Twitch


  • Fabrizio Van Marciano

    Great video Ileane, well presented as always and educational, though, I don't understand for the life in me why they have decided to make the left column so large and the typeface large too, it's very distracting and inconsistent with the rest of the design. Twitter is all about the content and the middle column seems far too narrow and it's hard to work out where one tweet ends and the other starts. There's no subtle divide like they have used in the right column for example. Speaking of the tight column, well, again it doesn't need to be so wide in my opinion but the design is nicer on this column. I like the overall clean and fresh design of the new Twitter site, I know a lot of people don't, though overall it lacks consistency in places and the layout is poor, that's just my opinion. Have a great weekend Ileane 🙂

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