Nexis Uni:  Finding news articles 2019 02

Nexis Uni: Finding news articles 2019 02

this tutorial will show you how to find news and current event articles in the Nexus uni database Nexus uni is probably the best source among our databases for news articles a big advantage of Nexus uni is that it also offers articles from international news outlets so if you need to find information on say burglary rates in Australia this would be the database to use from the library's homepage click on a database a-to-z tab in the drop down menu select Nexus uni and click on go this is the Nexus uni homepage I'm going to click on this to get rid of this box let's say you have to do a paper for criminal justice class on stalking and you decide you want to limit your search to cases in Michigan so we'll enter stalking in Michigan and click on search we got 766 hits with that search if we look at the excerpts from the articles circled here the first couple seem to be relevant hits click on the title to view the full article here's the text of the article and up here at the top is the information on where the article came from originally these icons at the top left let you print email download or save to Google Drive if you click on this export citation box you can select the citation style format your professor told you to use you will probably want to highlight right click copy and then paste the citation into an email or a Word document so you'll have it later when you work on your reference list for your paper we'll X out of the citation box and look at the article again notice this article was published in 2000 seven if your professor said your articles in your paper must be less than 10 years old we couldn't use this one we'll click here to go back to the results list will limit the search using this time line box we can limit the date by clicking and dragging this bar until the date in the first box underneath reaches 2009 then click OK and that gets rid of articles published in 2008 or earlier we can refine the search further by using this search within results box let's say you wanted to limit your search to partner stocking so we'll enter partners in this box and click on the little icon for search so now what we have left are articles about stocking that mentioned Michigan that were published in 2009 or later and mentioned the word partners we'll click on the Nexus Uni in the upper left corner to return to the home page let's say you need to find articles on crime in Panama for your research on a McMaster school project so we'll enter a crime in Panama in the search box and click on search that got us over 2,800 hits notice the first two hits seem to be in Portuguese if you only read English you'll want to scroll down and click on the language box and when you click on English Nexus yuning will eliminate the non English articles notice the other ways you could narrow a search in this left bar by type by geography and as we saw in the previous example by date another feature Nexus uni offers is company profiles we'll go back to the top and click on Nexus unity to return to the home page in this guided search box click on company info and we'll search for jerseys game day grill click on search the second listing gives a North Clinton Street address so it's probably the one here in defiance we'll click on that the profile gives contact information for this business number of employees s IC codes and sales figures and as before you can click on this export citation box to view the proper way of citing this article in the reference list of your paper if you have problems or questions please contact a librarian click on the tab with a library's homepage click on go to and staff contact and here's the contact information for individual librarians plus the library's main desk thanks for viewing our tutorial on finding news articles using Nexus you need database

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