Oddware: Post-it Software Notes 1.5 (1999)
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Oddware: Post-it Software Notes 1.5 (1999)

today I’m going to take a look at post-it notes, but not the paper kind that everybody is familiar with. no, it’s post-it software notes the convenience of post-it notes for your computer for Windows 3.1, 95, and 98. includes free trial edition of America online and this is version 1.5. it has a copyright date of 1999 on it. system requirements: 2 megabytes of RAM, 3 megabytes of disk space for Windows 3.1; 4 megabytes of RAM, 3 megabytes of disk space for Windows 95 or 98; color monitor… I don’t know why this wouldn’t necessarily work with a monochrome monitor but I guess we’ll find out. “don’t lose another important thought — get organized with post-it software notes, the electronic version of your favorite notepads. jot down your thoughts and reminders, then organize, print, set alarms, or send — even add keyboard shortcuts so you can access features quickly. it’s the simple, convenient way to get organized without interrupting your work.” now obviously this was not a successful product and you can kind of tell, because it was part of their smart saver series of reduced-price software so they had already marked down the price. I noticed it has a 1996 copyright date so they might have been trying to sell this for a couple of years without much success and that’s maybe why they had to resort to putting it into their smart saver series of special value edition software. the thing I find puzzling about this you can see it’s version 1.5 but they’re already advertising version 2.0: “check out the new features in version 2.0” — so they already had version 2.0 out but they’re still selling version 1.5, so maybe they just had a lot of extra copies of this lying around that were unsold so they’re just trying to sell it off. I don’t know. and this was back in the day when you did not get free upgrades, at least not for anything major. so generally back in the 90s if you bought version 1.5 of any kind of software, you did not get version 2.0 for free when it came out — you had to buy the upgrade. this was put out by the learning company. and version 2.0 advertised networking capability, which I don’t really understand the purpose of because even back then network messaging was a feature that already existed in pretty much every networking platform for computers, to send messages back and forth in real time between computers. so why did this software need to do that? I don’t know. they talk about setting up a LAN running TCP/IP in order to use that networking feature. I guess some people might have been still using token ring or other kinds of networks back then. so that’s post-it software notes, with 250 free hours of America Online 4.0… “must be used within one month of initial sign-on” so what does that work out to — 250 hours in one month? I just did the math and in order to use up 250 hours into one month assuming it’s a 30-day month you would have to be online for more than eight hours a day, every day, in order to take full advantage of that free trial. I like this: “all the things you could do on America Online: exchange e-mail worldwide, chat with a movie star” — I wonder how many movie stars were actually on America Online back then — “find the perfect running partner” — well, if you’ve seen AOL’s chat rooms I think people were looking for partners for more than just running — “book your dream vacation, get a great job, make a new friend, sell your old car, write to the president” — not anymore; he’s not using America online, he’s using Twitter most of the time. so I have my trusty old ThinkPad T20 running Windows 98 second edition sort of made to look like Windows 10. I’ll put in the CD of post-it software notes and let’s see what happens. all right… “design tool makes it easy to create designs with text and graphics to print on post-it signs and post-it notes on inkjet and laser printers” — yeah, that’s another thing that never took off: post-it notes that you print on instead of write on. now, just install the software. note it already mentions if you’ve previously purchased post-it software notes, all your old notes and memorable boards will be kept. I guess that must be for people who are upgrading from version 1.0 or whatever the older version of this was. I like the use of Comic Sans for the legal stuff. select directory… “PSNotes” all right, installation is complete. still using Comic Sans here… it even has a little startup sound… and it opens a readme file. it already has one note in the middle of the screen just blocking my view of that readme file. and that’s the thing: you move this around and it captures the focus so now whatever you’re doing, like I’m trying to move this document up and down, I have to reselect it to move that, and it always stays on top. and you can see how tiny that thing is like. I’ll zoom in on it. that reminds me of the pixel art that people used to do on MySpace back in the early 2000s. see, look how tiny that thing is. all right, I can close the setup.. oh, that’s great — Illegal Operation error. can I move these things? yes, I can move them around but, oh yes. can they be moved off the edge of that little window? but look at that — the redrawing wasn’t very good there. look at that… I don’t know if that’s a glitch or that’s how it was designed. it doesn’t properly redraw what was behind it. can I close this? OK, I can. it has a menu there: different fonts… make that bigger. I don’t think I can scroll though. yeah, if you make it smaller you can’t see the entire note, like I’m trying to. I’m trying to use the arrow keys or the mouse; it just cuts off whatever the rest of the note is, so you have to make it bigger to see the whole thing. I think it’s already self-evident why this software never took off. I mean, this kind of software could kind of work on a multi-monitor setup where you’re going to have your main software running on the main monitor and your notes off to the side. but back in 1999 this was the kind of monitor people had — I mean, most people probably didn’t even have 1024 by 768 resolution; most people were still using 640 by 480 or 800 by 600, so you had limited screen resolution, even for your main work. and then you try to add these things on top of it, it just gets too cluttered. minimize… OKy where does that minimize to? OK, it’s in the taskbar down there. it makes a little sound.. oh, that’s adding more notes. let me see how many notes I can add… oh, it’s still going… is that it? no, OK, I was just clicking too fast. so how many notes do I have now? see, these title bars are incredibly small and you have to get on to the title bar in order to move. if you click in the middle of it, it doesn’t move. so I’ve just created a whole bunch of little notes, and that’s the default size. so let me see how much text I can fit into that… maybe you fit about two sentences into each note. can I cut and paste? well, it does make it bigger if you type more, but then if you make it smaller it just gets cut off. so it’s a great way to clutter up your screen, just like real post-it notes clutter up things, if you just stick a note on your screen, and then stick another note, and just take a big one. and then if I want to remove it, just do that instead of these ones in order to get rid of them you have to do that — you have to listen to that for every one you get rid of. I mean that’s just silly. incredibly tiny button you have to click on, and this was a feature that already existed in pretty much every graphical environment: a notepad, with plenty of space to write your note. you can make it as big or as small as you want and you can just click the X to close it and it goes away. I mean, even the very first version of the Macintosh from 1984 had a notepad with eight pages in it for typing notes: “notice it looks like an actual note pad? yeah, it does.” so this was not solving any problems by offering new software that did not exist before. pretty much every computer in the late ’90s already had software to do this in a much more convenient form. they were just trying to cash in on the post-it note name by creating a software version of it, even though nobody really wanted it. so this was just a quick look at post-it software notes version 1.5 from 1999. but the Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company — that’s what 3M stands for — has not given up on this concept. they now have the post-it app for your smartphone, so you can clutter up an even smaller screen with software versions of post-it notes that get in the way of what you’re trying to do.


  • Lindsay Harper

    Those were such neat days. Back when every single little thing on a computer was so cheesy and fascinating. Now it’s just so easy and advanced which I love. I wouldn’t go back, but I’ll never forget my first computer when I was 4 and how long it took to install a program or load a webpage. Good times. Love these nostalgic videos. The sound effects especially take me back.

  • ajgelado

    Having a small application that can be quickly launched to jot down something while on the phone or to temporarily store a fragment of text can be useful. But it has to be simple and, over all, quick to launch. This program takes a good idea and over-engineers it to the point that it ceases to be useful.

    That said, Window's Notepad has absolutely nothing to do with Mac OS Notepad desktop accessory, apart from the name. Window's one is actually a text file editor. If you want to keep the text, you have to manually save it into a file and then reopen the same file manually. Mac OS' Notepad is more alike a Post-It or a real notepad: you just type and then close the window. The next time you open it, the text is already there.

  • Sum FrOgg0tt

    Microsoft stole this idea. You can download a program called 'Sticky Notes' from them. I think the first version as available for XP.

  • Kevin Bhasi

    3:43 "Chat with a movie star"
    Yeah, I immediately thought, "Twitter!"
    Well, at least I did end up following quite a number of authors as part of Twitter's AI recommending them to me as part of my own book research project.

  • IntoTheMindlessAbyss

    I'm pretty sure I mentioned this before, but I have always enjoyed your videos. They bring back so many memories of a more simpler time. I also like how simplistic your videos are. Don't ever change, VWestlife.

  • Kevin Wang

    Yikes, I had the exact same CD-ROM back then! I remember a magazine gave these as a free gift back in the day.
    EDIT: Wait, maybe not the exact same one, because mine didn't have the AOL trial (I guess it wouldn't be of any use in Asia)

  • Fran Rogers

    IIRC, back in the 90s AOL had highly-moderated chatroom events with celebrities and the like (similar in concept to Reddit AMAs), which is probably what “chat with a movie star” was referring to.

  • tone167

    Back in those days, it was pretty common for old versions of software to be sold for cheap once a new version was released. In many cases, old versions of commercial software were given away for free on cover discs attached to computer magazines (I've got a stack of cover discs from the turn of the century somewhere in my garage).

  • Rolf Beil

    I remember trying this in the late 90's. There must have been a trial/shareware version of it. At least I don't remember paying for it. Would have regretted if I did…

  • David McGarry

    I was first introduced to VWestlife from his Dragon 64 computer video. A trash 8bit computer from Wales in the UK… Excited to see what he's reviewing next!

  • JonnyInfinite

    I use the Windows Post-it notes application all the time on my computer at work. It's great if you have to use a lot of templates you need instant access to

  • 1995Supra Black

    Thanks for making this channel. It's nothing fancy, but more importantly it's the type of content YouTube should have and push. Original creators is what makes YouTube. Not mainstream media crap, Will Smith, and now YouTube Fashion…..

  • volvo09

    I'd like to see that on win 3.1. Going to have to see if anyone archived that software. What annoying sounds though!! That's one thing I don't like about old software – they loved taking advantage of sound for every little action.

  • Timur Tripp

    This is a blatant rip-off of the Mac Stickies app. First introduced in the 90's and subsequently included in every version of Mac OS up to current, still works pretty much the same as it did 25 years ago.

  • mikethered123

    The installation complete sound… is that the Bewitched TV show sound played during the intro when Samantha is flying around?

  • ThriftyAV

    I remember seeing this at the store, but wondered what this would do that couldn't be done with Notepad… Glad I never picked up this software title.

  • JPilot2

    G'day, VWestlife! Great video! It was quite interesting, seeing Post-it Software Notes 1.5 (1999). Remember when pirated software was still called warez? Seems like no one uses that term anymore. 

    But, "originally; a program used to Hack the legitimate AOL program, and add some cool features. Long before today, it was taken off the web. But, in todays world; AOH*ll (h-e-double hockey sticks) describes the state of confusion and the horses arse that one had to endure to get to the "Internet" using America Online Servers. Aka constant booting, slower load time for webpages, and totally effed up images." 😂 Thank you! 

    Cheers! 🖥✌🏼💿❤️

  • grodenbarg

    interesting software, but annoying as well. Especially the note closing sound when being played over a powerful sound system, even on low volume.
     BTW: A-O-HELL seemed like it was bundled with everything, as well as the millions of unsolicited disks that were always in the mail as well. Talk about desperate times for them. LOL

  • Mark M

    I used to use paper Notes for remembering things and kept them stuck to my monitor. Nowadays I use iCloud Notes on my MacBook and iPhone and it's awesome. This ancient software looks extremely complicated but I'm sure in the sea of options there's a way to get a global hotkey setup. That way you can just hit a macro key and jot down an idea during a project or on a phone call. I deeply wished Windows Sticky Notes had that feature so I didn't have to fumble around with my mouse to type an idea.

  • Kit Vitae

    This looks like a slightly worse version of the OSX "stickies" app, which seemed to never have been updated since OS9. But at least you could set floating or not on a per-window basis and scroll on that app. No big sound effects either. But maybe this program actually came first? I'm not going to look that up to check.

  • ffmfg

    You're being a bit unfair. Notepad is not a notes app, it's a text editor. Notes application should have persistence and some organization. There was no notes app included with Windows until XP Tablet edition/Vista desktop. In fact, now that I think about it, because I grew up on DOS/Windows, my "notes" were always just a bunch of text files littered across different directories. I mean, it's very portable and could be opened with anything, but I often spend way too much time finding where the specific bit of information is written. Even full file indexed search doesn't always help.

  • teh_supar_hackr 0010101

    These were like those sticky notes that Windows used to have bundled in Windows Vista, and Windows 7. It might have also came on Windows Xp Tablet Edition.

  • Steven Smyth

    It was such a bad idea, that Apple and Microsoft both baked it into their OSes. Stickies on Mac, Sticky Notes on Windows. Wait a minnit…

  • May Sparkle

    Honestly, considering the software market of the late nineties, I'm kinda surprised this didn't take off, it feels like the kind of thing that would have back then.

  • s8wc3

    Microsoft Outlook had a sticky notes feature built in already, and I'm sure the type of people that would be using this kind of software, especially the networking function in the upgraded version would already have OL. So yeah, kinda fail. Would have been best off as downloadable freeware/ultra cheap shareware, not $25 which is what 3M charged in 1997 for this.

  • s8wc3

    "Chat with a movie star!" more like "talk to some guy you've never heard of that was in some fringe indie film that was only shown once at a festival in venezuela"

  • Commodorefan64

    Personally the only note software/application I've ever found useful is Google Keep because it stays out of my way when I don't need it.

  • tarstarkusz

    The beauty of actual post-it notes is that you can put them along the edge of your monitor and not over top of the viewing area.

  • Xane Myers

    6:35 I can see a 3D bevel around the glitched area, so yep, it looks like that was done on purpose. Strange design decision, just like their legal obsession with the registered trademark symbol..like Intel(R).

    Also, could you please find a way to enable automatic captions? None of your videos have them. I can understand and hear you, but I've never seen a channel that has not a single video with them generated by default.

  • Brian Cole

    I love the sound of vinyl crackle, the sound of tape hiss, and the old whatever you want call that sound of hard drive clicking and spinning.

  • The1RandomFool

    It just seems to me like it would be better and faster just to have the real Post-it notes on the outside, and just write with a pen. I could use the drive space and RAM for something else since it was a bit of a premium back then, at least for me.

  • Franko Walker

    I love it! The most pointless software ever? Why would you want to print them when you could just write it on a Post-it note! OMG.

  • Bo Lindow

    It exist as a standard feature of Windows 10, now called Sticky Notes. I find it very useful for saving short notes, adresses, phone numbers, instead of jotting crap down on paper that just disappears.

  • uxwbill

    You can say that it was a bad idea, and I won't for a moment disagree. Yet the Macintosh OS had for many years its analog in the form of Stickies and I think it still does today. The idea still seems to be alive and well in other modern operating systems. I think Windows Vista was the first version to offer sticky notes and there are even some things for Linux.

    I was going to say that I thought what you have is a repack. The original 3M version (which I had) shipped on a 3.5" diskette. Despite being first-order fritterware, it was inexpensive, somewhat amusing and from a simpler time. The silly sounds also let everyone know that you had a gee-whiz Multimedia PC!

  • Omni-Shadow-Topia AkA Conrad Massie

    still have my cd of post it note and i still use it on a windows 3.1 machine i use to do old school music and art on

  • Drake Tungsten

    We actually made extensive use of this style of software in the office back in the early 2000s. Mac OS came with a program called Stickies. The current Microsoft Outlook has Notes that can be used similarly. It obviously can't replace all the features of the physical version, but it's more useful than one would initially think.

  • Josue Alfaro

    help!!!!!!! i have Archer Video Audio Control Center No 15-1263 Radio Shack Vintage VCR DVD Switch
    i not can install …. i spek español i use traductor of google please help

  • Ian Bakke

    The Macintosh had the application called ”Stickies” installed as standard on System 7.5 and later. It’s still there today and it still looks the same as it did in 1994.

  • GloomyJD

    Trying to solve a problem that doesn't exist, on the back of a popular brand name, hm… Mildly amusing that by Vista, Microsoft threw almost this exact functionality and style right in with Windows as a free accessory anyway.

    That app looked like it was able to "scan" post-its with the camera for archiving, but how that's much different from just taking a picture with the notes app that's almost certainly already on whatever phone you have anyway, I don't really know.

  • Andres Bravo

    Well, Since before Windows Sticky Notes that Microsoft had it, Apple had Include their Own Sticky notes on Classic Mac OS to today I Think?

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