Odessa Fire: What Western media doesn’t tell — Full documentary 02.05.2014
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Odessa Fire: What Western media doesn’t tell — Full documentary 02.05.2014

Burn them to hell! Camera man: They’ll burn the building Who is inside? Camera man: Odessa citizens. Antimaidan. And who are these? Camera man: Right Sector. 300 people arrived today. Football ultras. He is ours. The one who is standing on the balcony is ours. And I am shooting into the window. Death to Russians! Single voice: Don’t do it! It is not needed! Hang Russians! Hang Russians! Hang communists! Help! Help! Switch her off, so that she doesn’t scream! People on the top floor are screaming, asking for help. We a hear woman screaming. Someone is hysterically screaming “help”. It is not a woman, it is a separatist! Women are at home with children, and this is scum! Glory to Ukraine! Odessa is Ukraine, Odessa is Ukraine! Drag him out of there! (A person is falling of the buiding. A few spectators are cheering) Camera man: Help him! Help him, guys! Jump, you scum! You bitch..! Camera man: People are lying on the windowsill. Camera man: 2 people have fallen from the 4th and 5th floor. Camera man: Some jumped from the 3rd and 4th floors. This man jumped from the 4th floor and crashed. Jump, you scum. Jump, bitch! Camera man: The guys jump down, trying to escape from the fire. Help! Ambulance! Camera man: Look how many people are killed Glory to Ukraine! Glory to heroes! Glory to Ukraine! Glory to heroes! Odessa is Ukraine! Odessa is Ukraine! I am for federalization For what? Do you know what is federalization?! Show your face And this is a communist Crawl, you bitch! We are Ukrainians! We are Ukrainians! We are not Russians! Woman and elderly man’s voices: Don’t beat him! They have had enough already. Woman: .. ambulance Elderly man: Which ambulance? They are afraid to go. Elderly man: Let’s help. Let’s help save people. Woman: Men, help,help. He is still breathing. Woman: Men, help. I am begging you. Woman: He is breathing. Bystander: What has happened to him? He was hit multiple times in the head. Man: Don’t, don’t, don’t. Crowd: Shame, shame, shame, shame! Don’t hit! Scum! Calm down. Don’t beat him. Don’t kill him. Negroes, here a real negro woman is lying. He has something in his pockets. I will check him for documents. No, it is an icon. (Man is reading a name from the document) Here, his phone is ringing. He is Ukrainian, he is Ukrainian. Yura, check there. (Man takes out his gun) Man: A list of activists with addresses. In Odessa.
Other man: Yes, take it. One more cellphone And this is just Romeo and Juliet.
The documents should be checked. Well, a bag. F..k. Blood. Blood under the feet. F..k. Is it brains or what is it? No, it is coagulated blood. Someone ‘got it’ in the liver. He is dead, yes.


  • Silvano Natalizi

    2 of may in Italy, www.corriere.it showed live streaming what it was happening. At about 6 pm I could watch at the group of Ucraine Nationalists marching   a good road. There is some noise, these people take a beating  some  boards with posters of politicians. Then there are some men with unusual red containers, cilindrical in the lower part, like a bottle on the upper. Is there inside some gas ? After some quiet interval, the head men  suddenly they run. Why ? There is no  fighting with other poeple! Oh now I can see a big white palace with high columns. In front of this there are some tents and there is nobody. The nationalists begin to beat the camp and burn all. Then they went towards the palace with burning devices. Then I stopped watching. The day after early  on the morning I go on corriere.it and I read the terrrible news. 41 pro-russian have been killed by nationalists burning on the palace, the survivers have been beaten. I go to browse left newspaper: repubblica.it that odessa news was not in evidence. I go to unita.it (it was the communist party newspaper…  once upon a time…). Incredible I could not believe it: "pro-russian have killed nazionalists… and after some emails, the pro-russian have beene killed by a fire by themselves   throwing molotov from the windows. In TV rai 3 (which was left ): a fire in a small palace in Odessa ha caused 38 dead men. Then stop no other news about this on italian newspapers tv …

  • Lars Agerbæk

    this is a power strugle. The perpetrators are the bad guys, the victims the good guys. Doesn't matter is russian and who is ukranian.

  • lexazver

    where is the beginning where so called pro-russians were shooting pro-Ukrainians from all sorts of guns including Saiga? Where is the video showing part of police wearing the same red bands as pro-russian folks with guns, and protecting pro russians for a while until they understood it is futile? No-one really knows exactly what happened inside the building. Some say they were lured in by their own people inside some say a group of pro russians went to the top of the building and barricaded roof entrance so that others could not follow them and then all of a sudden fire started…too many questions and you cant just take and blame 1 group for it.

  • Moterka Tarka

    banda bebilov i kazlov vi vse tupije debili no tolko vi etovo iscio niponiali. o kagda paimiote eta budet pozdna

  • relus

    This is bullshit propaganda that Russian people eat are forced to eat the complete day and brings no good. A honest video would show also the brutality from pro-Russian side. 

  • John Smith

    Yet another rusdian bullshit propaganda. The vast majority of the civilized world knows your true colours by now, bitches! An eye opening movie from 2008, well before this whole stuff, called The Soviet Story is well worth watching to understand who is who! Available here on Youtube, with multiple language subtitles. God bless Ukraine!

  • kamilek milusiński

    Śledztwo w sprawie wydarzeń w Odessie odbyło się! Było prowadzone pod okiem prokuratorów, policjantów z Europy (też i z Rosji). Ustalono fakty! Rosyjscy prowokatorzy, ciekawostką jest, że ponad połowa z tych, co zginęła to żołnierze rosyjscy na urlopach stacjonujący w Nadniestrzu. Budynek Związków Zawodowych został podpalony od wewnątrz. "Obrońcy" nie chcąc dostać się w ręce ukraińskiej milicji i tłumu obrzucali drzwi od wewnątrz wcześniej przygotowanymi butelkami z benzyną. Paru próbowało rzucać butelki w oblegających z dachu budynku… O dziwo! Mieli na rękach zawiązane opaski mające sugerować że są z Prawego Sektora! Tylko to nie byli ludzie z PR… bo jak mogli znaleźć się wewnątrz budynku a potem na dachu. Prowokatorzy z Rosji wciągnęli w swoje działania wielu oszołomów, z których sporo zginęło w płomieniach. Wyniki śledztwa były jednoznaczne. Jedynie rosyjscy i białoruscy policjanci i prokuratorzy nie zgadzali się. Wyjechali obrażeni …

  • 水棲疾病基盤研究所


  • Andrej767

    And for those nazi simpatizers who support this criminal act – you're to weak for the truth so better go to hell….

  • Kdkfsdf Ksdsdas

    цього дня, українці вмерли як нація. Ми ще не зрозуміли, але все що йде, йде лиш до гіршого. Позор!

  • Bertrand_Sushibar_Russell

    This region keep the style. Once Nazist, then communist, then Maidanist, then, ditto, ditto, ditto.
    Фук православо. Фук христос.

  • Александр

    Это ужас! Очень трудно воспринять жестокость людей… Уроды.

  • aNakata Makata Soukoutou mpe

    Oddessa is another ukranian place…. am i wrong; so if the filorussians didnt like it …they could go back to mother ussr…. oh sorry ussr dorsnt exist. So simple

  • Oks Oks

    Вот что делает с людьми тупость и жестокость, рождена на Украине, боюсь теперь этих больных неадекватов, как спасти хороших людей и сумасшедших остановить навсегда. Вот это жесть. И это 21 век, больные больные на голову твари

  • donnyboy

    I am staring to think that Russian had no choice but to create a buffer zone, for pro Russian yet still Ukrainians to fall back to. If only to save lives. That Ukraine became a civil war, of political ethic cleansing. I now believe that the EU, the west, and Russia have the same goal. To stop the fighting, so Ukraine can pull itself together. This has got to include the people in Crimea. Am I so wrong to think this, from just one Canadians prospective. Thank you for your show. Thumbs Up to you.!

  • d. cypher

    Damn brothers, can you not see?
    no tough guys left when it's 300 plus armed young bored brainwashed assholes beating people.
    How is that honorable? And yoj faggots are calling THEM scum?
    Shame on anyone who bullies another, for he himself shall be bullied one day.
    I hope they catch y'all one at a time and beat your fuckin ass.

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