Olli and Jo – Verbotene Liebe 06.02.2015, English subtitles (Episode 4648) – full version
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Olli and Jo – Verbotene Liebe 06.02.2015, English subtitles (Episode 4648) – full version

I’m sorry for having a go at you. We’re used to it by now. Mm-hm. So, how about this for a deal: no more arguments, and especially not ones about football, because that will just stress Bella more. Only because she’s ignorant of the subject… Every time her team concedes a goal, she says it was illegitimate. Andi, this is exactly what I’m talking about. Stop all this rubbish about whether things were offside or not. But in the match against Sporting Lisbon- Oh, stop, stop, stop! Let me take the two of you to get some lunch. Bye. Wait, I forgot my jacket. Sorry again about the argument. We’re just all losing it a bit. Offside. Bella? Did you just say something? It was definitely offside. Do you know your name? Bella Jacob. And do you know who I am? Dr Sexy. That’s my brother. My mum, Charlie. And him? Andi. The greatest guy in the world. What? She recognises me! What does this mean, Jo? She’s fallen asleep again, could she fall back into a coma? We can’t say for sure, we need to run a few tests. But she’s awake, responsive, and she knows who she is. Yeah. Yes, but it seems like she doesn’t remember everything. She thinks the two of us are still… She said I’m the greatest guy in the world. Well, she’s right. But she probably only said that because she’s being highly medicated. We don’t want to overwhelm Bella, she’ll fill in the gaps herself eventually. So, all the tests? Bella will stay out of a coma, won’t she? I assume so. You assume so? Don’t panic, the tests are normal. We need to make sure that all of Bella’s vital functions are working properly, to ensure she stays stable. She might have problems with disorientation. It’s possible she might become aggressive, but that’s totally normal during this phase of recovery. It’s important that someone always be with her. And that she has peace around her. So I would suggest that you spend time with her individually. To prevent any agitation. Okay, fine. We can do it in shifts. Mm-hm. Will you help too? What about her memory? She remembers all of us, Andi. But she also thinks that the two us are still together, and she didn’t ask about the baby. The miscarriage was while she was in a coma, she probably doesn’t know. So she must think she’s still pregnant, but she didn’t ask about it. It’s possible that some memories will come back to her later. We have no influence on that. And how long will this go on? Do you know what this is like for me? Lying to the woman I love. Just give her some time, okay? Okay, I suggest that Andi takes the first shift. Bella needs to see a face she trusts. Who could be better than the greatest guy in the world? Hey. Who’s with Bella? Charlie. I just wanted to pick up a few things, then I’ll go back. Can you stay the whole evening? Of course, that’s the plan. Great, because there’s a problem with the beer pump I need to sort out. No problem. By the way, have you see Sascha? We need to let him know about Bella. I tried to phone him, but- No, wait! Don’t. Andi, Bella’s woken up. True. But the baby… She doesn’t know about it yet. And if Sascha doesn’t know that Bella doesn’t know, then he’ll tell- Fritzsche! What’s the problem? Bella. She looks at me with her big doe-eyes, and I think everything is as it was before. So what? Mate, she thinks that me and her are still together. Fritzsche, you only have to sit there, hold her hand, and tell her everything’s fine. Where’s the problem? I feel like shit because I have to lie to her the whole time. Fritzsche. Yeah, and then I start to think… Perhaps she only forgot about our break-up, because she wanted to forget it. Because she belongs with me. Destiny. You understand? Fritzsche, you really are a romantic bastard. I’m pregnant. How’s the baby? Bella, you were in a serious accident, you ran in front of a car, you had to have surgery. I performed the surgery. You had severe internal bleeding, I had to close a tear in your liver. But your spleen ruptured. There were complications. Complications that in such a difficult operation are totally normal. Because of the blood loss, you went into cardiac arrest. We managed to resuscitate you, but you fell into a coma. And the baby? What about the baby? Bella. When you were in the coma, there were more complications. I’m so sorry, but you lost the baby.


  • Olly4Ever

    Why is everything always about Andi? I like him but through every crisis it is always about how he feels first. Olli and Charlie are putting Bella first and not concerned with themselves but not Andi. 

  • zaitesushion

    Thank you for subbing as always. The cuts in the broadcast version are terrible (for all the characters, not just Olli).

    Do you know if the full versions of 4648 and 4649 are up anywhere? I checked the VL site and Mediathek but no luck. I wanted to see Sascha's scenes. 😀

  • William Wong

    Hi I'm new to this show:) I'm wondering if there's any possibility of Ollie and Sacha getting together again? I don't like Jo!

  • LeeAnn Pratt

    Are there going to be any more shows? This is the last I can find on here. I am hoping they wrap everything up before it all ends.

  • Joshua Hernandez

    Nor would like Jo paraOlli, and this presents psychic Jo . the lack of aimbalance. sweet man like Christ. well worth transform Sacha in love with Olli, Christian was also a hetero and sascha already proved Olli honey.

  • rorybean1

    Has the show officially written off 'Ollie?'  I know that Jo has started taping at another show, but is VL going to explain him not being around anymore or is he just going to be offscreen indefinitely??  Is this his last official episode, or does he have more that have yet to air? I'd love to think that VL would write him off as going to London to reunite with Christian.  If I can't have them together onscreen anymore, I'd like to believe that they're together offscreen…..Sorry for so many questions, but not much info has been given about his leaving…..

  • felicia WILLIAMS

    Sorry, but i think that the show should have ended with Christian( Thor makes a special appearance) coming back to get Oliver back. Oliver realizes that he really does love Christian. So, Olli and Christian leaves together and start a new life. The was not the same after Christian left. Although they tried to hook Oliver with many other character like Sascha and Jo, there were no chemistry there. So, even though it did ended this way, i chose to dream that it ended this way. That is my feeling about VL.

  • Zarofes

    is that the end of olli? after many years in the serie, I can't believe he just one day leave vl… please … say something Taversham

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