Olli and Sascha – Verbotene Liebe 07.07.2014, English subtitles (Episode 4523)
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Olli and Sascha – Verbotene Liebe 07.07.2014, English subtitles (Episode 4523)

We need some extra. Yeah, usually it’s enough, but today there’s an Afterwork Party in No Limits. Perfect, thank you. Bye. Finished! We gave out all the flyers. Super, thanks very much. Andi said these Afterwork Parties were real crackers when you had them before. Yeah, they were very successful. Hopefully this one will be too. Definitely, given how many flyers we handed out. We’ve certainly earnt a coffee, right? You two, too? Please. No thanks, I’ve got to go in a moment. Andi, I need someone to help behind the bar. Later I can help, but right now me and Bella have a couple of hours work at the castle. Yeah, we’re already behind. But I can help later too. I actually need someone for for the next 3-4 hours. I can help you. Never mind, I’ll be fine on my own. I thought we’d sorted out the thing between us. Yeah, it’s all cool. So I can help you. Well if you’ve got time, but I can easily ask someone else. What? It’s fine, I’ll be back in half an hour. Later! See you later. Hey. Hey. Look, is it really alright if Sascha helps you later? Of course, why wouldn’t it be? Well, I can see you’re still in love with him. That’s sorted now. How exactly? I’ve pushed him out of my thoughts. Okay. I thought to myself, probably you only fell in love with Sascha because you realised that things weren’t going well between you and Christian. You wanted to take the last step, but didn’t quite know how. So why did I fall in love with Sascha then? It’s obvious. You didn’t want to cheat on Christian, and with Sascha there’s no chance of that happening. You can never be so sure of that. You can. Sascha is the most heterosexual man that I know. Excluding Andi. I thought that as well, but he’s more open to experimentation than you think. Really? If there’s something you know about Andi, then spill. Bella, I don’t mean Andi, I mean Sascha. Okay. We had sex last week. You and Sascha? Wow! And then it just happened. But Sascha fancies women. It was an experiment for him. But that he’s so open to experimentation… Everyone’s different. What do you think? Are you going to do it again, or… No, it was a one-time thing for him. He made that very clear. And now? Now we’ll try to be normal friends again. I don’t imagine that will be easy. I don’t have any other option. Man, he’s such an idiot. He didn’t have to do this. It’s not like he forced me into doing anything. No, but he knew about your feelings for him, and he didn’t have to do his experiment. Come on, what’s up with you at the moment? I mean when you noticed that Sascha was more open-minded than you thought, you must have got your hopes up, right? Yeah, but maybe the whole thing will actually help me. Look, I imagined so many times how it would be between Sascha and me. Now that it happened, maybe I can get over it. Perhaps you’re right. Maybe I did only fall in love with Sascha because I wanted to avoid the problems in my marriage. But now that my marriage is over, perhaps I can go back to being friends with Sascha. But that won’t happen overnight. All the more important that I work with him today. I just need to get used to merely being friends again, and the sooner I start, the better. Are you sorting the caipirinhas? Okay. Back there. Cheers. There. Can you read thoughts? Every good barman can. Can you catch? Yes! We’re really getting the hang of this. Making caipis isn’t the biggest challenge. Everyone, listen up! It’s caipirinha time. Olli and I will mix the drinks and if they’re not in front of you in 30 seconds, then you get them half-price. Well? Have you completely lost it? Calm down. We’re a good team, and it’ll bring in loads of money. One caipi please. Get out your stopwatch because in 25 seconds you’ll have a caipi in front of you. Right, Olli? Or even 20. There you are. Keep the change. Thank you. We’re down to half a bottle of cachaça. Thankfully I ordered more alt Chill, this has been super successful. I am chilled, I’m just saying that I’m unbelievably fast. And I’m saying that I’m incredibly good. Okay, then we’re obviously both good and fast. Hey, Caipi-King, you coming over here? If you want to take a break, I’ve got everything under control. Sure? ‘Course. As you asked so nicely. Cheers. Back in a moment. So, I’m back. what’s up? Do you have to? Do I have to what? Hit on girls during work hours. You said I could take a break and you’d be fine. That’s got nothing to do with it. What hasn’t got what to do with what? It gives a bad impression. What? Me talking to the customers?! You weren’t talking, you were totally hitting on that chick. Well, she hit on me. The you shuldn’t respond, that’s totally unprofessional for a barkeeper. I’m not a barkeeper, you’re the barkeeper. I’m just helping out. You’re no help at all if you’re just here hunting for girls. The opposite. Shit… What? You’re jealous. I’m not at all jealous. Olli, mate, you said you’d get over this. I am over it, stop talking bollocks. I can’t give up my private life. No one’s asking you to. You are! And rather than being honest, you’re blaming me. You have the problem here. I don’t have a problem at all! I just don’t want No Limits to turn into your hook-up joint. Good. It’s probably better if I stop work for this evening. Good. Well? I think we could have at least had a quick look. I’m completely shattered. From that tiny bit of work? Get a grip. Hey! You’re not going to go to No Limits in your work clothes? Why not? It’s an Afterwork Party. But they’re not going to be hanging around in their workmen’s uniforms. Hi Hey Hey Guys, this is Mira. Mara. Hi, Mara. You already finished work? I’m finished with work, and with Olli too. Why? What happened? No idea, ask him yourself. Shall I go and check on him? No, I’ll go. Thanks. See you in a bit. If you want, I’ll close up. You sure? If it fills up again, I can just call you. Thanks. Hey. Hey. I was just about to come up. Really? But I wanted to have a drink with you. Don’t get me wrong, but I’m dead tired. Come on, you can manage one. I’ve been on my feet since 7, I’m completely knackered. A round of table football? What have you done wrong? Nothing! You just can’t go upstairs to the flat right now. And why not? Sascha’s up there with a gal, and you know how he is. Oh great. Football? No. Schnapps. Yes. By now the two of them must be long finished. Sorry. There you are at last. Yeah, we had a chat. It’s been like this the whole time, you’ve got to admire his perseverance. Earlier Sascha came in, in his boxers, and was looking for squirty cream. I don’t want to know what they’re doing with that. I mean, squirty cream. What filth, right? Yeah. We get it, Andi. What? It’s true though. Right, that’s enough. Vukovic! Put a sock in it, you don’t live alone! What the fuck? Mate, you can’t just burst into my room. When you’re disturbing the whole flat, I don’t have any other choice. It’s none of your fucking business who I bring home. This is our shared flat, not a hotel room let by the hour. My number’s on your desk. Don’t get your hopes up, Sascha’s the king of one night stands. Are you nuts? What, it’s true. You’re hurt, okay, I’m sorry, but I can’t change it. It doesn’t give you a right to barge into my life. That’s nothing to do with it. Of course it doesn’t! You’re jealous. That’s why you’re acting like a cheated-on wife. But if I want I’ll bring a new girl back every night. No, you won’t. Olli, think about this. Says who? Says me. It’s not your call. It is. I’m the leaseholder in the flat, you’re just a subtenant. You want to throw me out? Wow, you get it. Pack your stuff and piss off. You’re not being serious. I am. Guys, calm down! Can’t you sort this out like grown ups? Olli, please.


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