One Link To Rule Them All – Best Social Media Hack EVER!
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One Link To Rule Them All – Best Social Media Hack EVER!

Alright listen up because I’m gonna show
you the coolest and best social media twitch and YouTube tool that you should
be using now and I’m healing right now let’s go Hey it’s me it’s wild coming at
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in this video if you like the product or the service that I’m talking about did
you all a favor I put links in the show notes below so make sure you check them
out so if you’re a live streamer on Twitch mixer Facebook gaming or anything
like that or you’re a content creator on YouTube we all struggle with one strong
aspect and that is social media and promoting our other funnels that we have
fluidly in streamline and that’s because we are all restricted by limited real
estate of what we can put within the bios of things like twitter and
instagram because they limit everything there but not to worry
I found a platform that’s going to help you out so that way you can branch out
to all these different avenues so that way people can follow you and hopefully
you can grow on those platforms as well and it’s called tap my bio with tap my
bio you can take all of your other avenues and platforms and put them in
one unique URL that will populate on a channel page so that way people can
follow all of those avenues that you have as opposed to where things are kind
of just scattered or you basically just have to not include them on certain
platforms cuz you ran out of space using tap my bio is really easy all you need
to do is just log in I do notice if you try to log in with Twitter it has an
error so hopefully they fix this but if not signing up through the normal wizard
is just fine for a side note there when asked for your first in last name you
don’t have to put in your real information if you have a personal brand
that you’re growing on twitch Twitter Instagram you know YouTube whatever it
is you can put in your channel brand name or user name there for example I
just put Wild4Games that where everything’s uniform once you’re logged
in and you filled out all the bio and attached all your pictures of what you
want therefore the profile in the background it’ll fetch a little bit of
information but from here is really gets put in all the custom links that you
want to also introduce to promote on different channels and/or platforms tap
my bio not only gives you a bunch of manual links that you can attach for
instance you can put in like a business website or perhaps your art store or any
type of personal website you have out there it also has more integrated
platforms like for example all the visual platforms like Pinterest tumblr
Instagram snapchat in addition it also has things like twitch and Twitter
just let you know Twitter’s at the bottom I didn’t realize you had to
scroll to continue as well if you’re a content creator out there on YouTube you
can put on your YouTube but it goes well beyond that even has unique things like
steam or if you’re more advanced or more in the adult side you can even put in
things like or celebrity TV it gives you a whole host of ways to
promote whatever type of person you are out there for your personal brand which
is pretty cool adding any particular channel or avenue or unique URL is
extremely easy for example if you want to add your twitch channel all you need
to do is just add your and the URL at the
top there and then you can go through the wizard and refine it down letting
you know it’s twitch and everything like that and select a color go a twitch
purple makes it easier on the eyes for people to know what it is and you just
add that link and go through the entire list and promote whatever link she wants
you you pick and choose what you think is best for you in your community
now tap my bio has one extreme major flaw it says it can do emails but
there’s no valid way to do an email address because it wants a unique URL
there is no such thing as an email address that is a URL so
unfortunately this is a bug in their system and if anybody had tapped my bio
ever watches this video please fix that because I would love to put something
like a business email address out there because that’s extremely important to
influencers or content creators or anybody growing within the streaming
industry all right you got all of your links connected within the platform here
all you need to do is go to the top of the page and copy to clipboard that
unique tap my bio URL and this is the link that you want to
introduce to platforms especially on Twitter and Instagram because those have
the most limited real estate space of what you can put but now you can put all
of it within just that one link and you’re good to rock and roll but don’t
feel like you’re limited to just those two you can put it on whatever platform
you want heck you can even put it at the end of your business email chain that
you send out so that way people can follow you that’s a nice little bonus
tip for all of you out there See didnt I like tell you this is like a super dope
platform and I give out some of the best tips if you guys like this type of video
and you want me to do more videos on platforms or like social media hacks or
any type of hack for learning how to be bigger and better it’s your live
streaming content creation you know what to do leave me a comment below and I’ll
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guys enjoy this video don’t forget to tune in for the next video coming up
really soon on my stream support playlist I will catch you all later take
care and booze


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