Opened a Mystery Box From The Dark Web(Stalker or Fan?)

Opened a Mystery Box From The Dark Web(Stalker or Fan?)

okay guys just a quick message before this video starts I am opening a p.o box just for fan mail I have a peel box for a lot of my personal information goes but I'm gonna open one just for you guys so you guys can send me whatever you want so stay tuned for that let's get back to the video what's going on guys welcome back to my fuck what's going on guys welcome back to my channel so yesterday I got this in the mail it says it was from a fan if you look on it right here it says from two subscribers on the side of the box it says so lighten the mood please open on camera so on this side right here it does say mystery box in quotation marks so and it's wrapped in unicorn tape so yeah I crossed out both her address and my address first off so yeah this really is from two subscribers thank you so much that means a lot but it's weird because how did you find my address that's what's blowing my mind this could be from my stalker or whatever so I mean I guess we'll just have to open it and find out yeah let's do it so showing up to this part we're doing in a public setting just in case but I forgot my knife at home so we came here and I found this though I don't wanna rip anything how are you I feel like your keys would have been way easier that your key action bedazzled we do enough on table be the hardest shit alright so it's open right here says from the three one five area code area code put the Ducks Chloe can you rip them off they make noise they're glued got you some hornet docks what did it say it says Adirondack Scenic Railroad and then on here so Stanley theater I don't know what the height that's just listening those the places it's what places wait Riverside center and then singer town square which we're in right now we're in singer town square basically is right down the street oh you're right big old J yeah yeah I don't think this is dangerous yeah a fortnight wah-wah that's just glittery look at a cool something not actually know about these what are you looking at I'm gonna hand get him I hit it oh my god yes Lee there's a nut somewhere give me I got it alright Saturday we're gonna hang the pinata room we're gonna hit it down I got a know right here that says it's a baby crib but it says glad you didn't die thank you okay can you read Oh Carrie and the tingle I don't know what you like my YouTube guy they're both in it they know Oh what was that it was a glitter brother plastic on break it's just a bunch of glitter this isn't dramatic like Oprah oh it's just Swing how hard is this shit I'm sick of this Dom passion Oh God just a bit two and thirty just keep stabbing it but rip it off and you stomp it out stole it we appreciate your gift we're just trying to open it wait don't shut them that wasn't dramatic like I hoped I was up there for so long all right fishes glitter you got a – didn't get what's in their shells like I thought the conch shell yeah I think I would've been a lot cooler if it fell out and hold on absolutely now bro no start opening it while I'm not weighted I – it's a shell just dump all this okay there's nothing there this is just a bunch of glitter um y'all school Oh next is this newspaper article and it says we live closer than you think well they live in Waterloo so we know we're definitely oh there's water town and it's looking at water town newspaper it's the look do you really know it's kind of smells was that swatch wrong we're like alcohol hope it is people ask me we having a baby shower this will bottom off my people yeah so they're Bosnian alright oh it might be delicate most beautiful fat there's a temple book oh it's a fool we have foods pieces oh do I want to put this on you I think I'll for the blue that's all the way to end like that we didn't tarnish with that one I'm gonna pop this lights up does a light on stickers fuck I'm sorry Morgan oh it doesn't work either way thank you oh well look at me with all the glittery oh my god I'm yo mad well that's dad's dole Cassie that way that's real Gucci khaki pit this is a Gucci no K that give it you have money good job is it a street glitter no I'm keeping the box and put it on my wall making people see yo what well I'll beat this one because it's not better well I thought she pretty no no no no no this this is how she called my address public information okay I'm not gonna show this no Tom how they got it either oh that's not cool I'm not gonna show this I can't show it says white bitches use white pages not the dark web okay and I just gave away how they got it please don't go in white pages you might house numbers on here well then so like I said in my last video someone was calling me on my home phone and saying that they're gonna send me another box and I guess from date I guess two subscribers found my house number from this exact website too and that's what they figured out where I live and everything so there's that like that's we live closer than you think I see just a super weird coincidence oh did you read this part I'll see just a super weird coincidence that is a super rare coincidence oh you that's so cool what if it's not cool I'm gonna be disappointed it's a ball I love balls thank you it's just my liege niece's garage yeah nobody scored his mom a ring a bell like that pictures of glitter just picture so clinic no I don't stretch why not I've seen his cat before oh yes is best vibe that's where you worry so there's this cat right here they gave me pictures of Anna says his name is Michael he's a rescue from a farm I took him in because he was the runt the vet won't remove his tooth because there's a risk and break his jaw because he is 2/3 cup curious simply a cosmetic thing he's probably in the bread but he's a very good boy all right so that's that thank you so much Morgan um we're gone Morgan thank you so much we're getting on I'm glad you didn't kill me I was great besides this though there is another box it's coming God knows when it'll be here I'm on alert I'm checking every morning still not here yet it's currently Friday it's Friday right it's Saturday Saturday it is Saturday and it's still not here so I guess we'll wait a couple more days we'll see but I will keep you guys updated please make sure to follow me on Twitter and Instagram right here stay in touch stay in touch with me and yeah like subscribe you


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