OTK  Bomb

OTK Bomb

what's going on everybody this is fry so today we are doing something really new here this is the otk tennis bomb deck the idea and what this deck was sort of built around is the concept of playing either tennis champ which is a won cost of dose for damage that turn or bomb which is the three cost of six damage that turn and trying to use a combination of sugary treats which are gonna give them extra attack and this environment will give them extra attack and bonus attacks which will make them attack several times to really basically finish them off on one turn the OT K of course stands for 1 turn kill so this is let me explain a couple of the combos the ideas I didn't run teleport instead running teleportation zombie if you have this on the field and that we're moving I mean you can theoretically just play tennis champ sugary treat itself will do 7 damage tennis champ sugar G bonus Tech will do 14 so that's a turn 5 combo if you play bomb imp and then you use sugary treat and bonus attack that'll do 18 damage as it turns 7 combo could be it's worth it's actually teleport in the let's see play play teleportation zombie on to teleport in the gravestone these exploding upon 3 and then on turn 4 play sugary treat bonus attack that could make you do that 18 damage combo that's a lot oh man I feel like this deck is blowing my mind a little bit just thinking about I've never really done a deck like this I think an important aspect of this deck is – it can be just played as an aggro deck if you play come that's the reason why I'm running conman and grave robber if you just play conman and grave robber on one when you play another one drop with another tennis champ let's say on 2 or use a Bungie plumber move in on turn 3 you know you have all these threats on the field something play exploding if I hits their face then by that time you'll have a couple other cards to finish them off I think the deck really could be played that way you can't even come in on one sugary treat on two it's one reason it's important to have con man really justifies another use out of these sugary treats the sudden the con man becomes a 4/4 bullseye and then you can use bonus text the next turn to make a keep hitting face let the others Dec does I feel like this is gonna blow my mind I hope this neck does amazing I think this has potential to be incredible this deck curves out at 3 there's only four three drops everything else cost one or two which is really really cool should have an amazing starting hand every time have to make sure you don't get too many support carts are really gonna hard Mulligan for minions I think it's just because we're running five basically half the deck as minions and a half the deck is sort of like either control or win more cards do I want to keep bomb here against Rose it's probably is worth it to keep this against Rose so we have two teleportation zombies a bomb summoning think you do play something you straight up on turn on you again you can control them and then set up a big combo or you can aggro which just kind of stalls for time and does some face damage and then hit them with the combo I think it's super good that to do this heart attack with brainstorm particular because he has a lot of card draw yes Eureka in telepathy in a super Parris ah can we just play this you're gonna play it on Heights just in cases chimney sweep – – that gives you a trick very good the thing about exploding it does one damage to itself the ends of the turns by if you play sugary treat it'll have an extra health so actually won't die and it has to be leftovers sure has the same effect when this dies work on something we'll give it one extra health uh I guess it's just keep playing minions maybe this should go on the side so it doesn't get shrinking violet it's this probably should have gone in for there's a beam deck beam deck that starts with two admins lease is not this is useless this power is useless unless you need a proc a block huh anyway sadly I think it's Bob Bob I mean maybe teleporting in the bomb is worth it this might get blocked if he blocks the to the six damage will go face or we can roll level one no chance this just come this was just prokta block which and then it kills itself teleportation zombie conman rat fifteen which is nice we're actually blocked I think we were old really heavily there wonder if we let him draw a card we can always fruitcake this next day I think I'm gonna let him draw a card cuz will actually do extra damage that way cool weird consideration that every damage counts as day I know who's gonna be down to aid not seven now and fruitcake will bring him down to six let's actually create created lethal the fact that he drew that car there yeah it can't block he actually can't block this fruitcake is amazing even if he puts a minion here will have bungee flowing with a face does he have a 1 cos opinion though even goading or mocking missiles still make he probably knows this is a bombing oh did we just get rolling stone now if he fronts this is still guaranteed lethal because we'll have rolling stone Bungie plumber or fact we'll just have rolling stone dance this is that just Wow what do you Rika what a Eureka now it's guarantee lethal yes look at the backup dance you're getting a ton and rolling so from your Rika I can't believe that I guess Bungie plumber to face was would've worked ooh that's guaranteed lethal noun we actually get you said of a stupid backup dancer that that was the top deck of the century kidding me man oh I like real Wow wheeze I don't think there's any other card besides rolling stone that would have created a lethal there now rolling stone was the only out as seriously was the only card in the game I think that would have done anyone else have one anything else who could have gotten from Eureka that would have created lethal there I don't think so amazing amazing oh right I like central already okay here we go I'm just writing another highlight and let's get into it so this is an interesting hands it's against solar flare so you don't you never keep using a solar flare this you can keep the lock on Mac because our phone can not answer that keep this head Patrick hey do more sport happy to see that that means our opponent doesn't have any super power so this should hopefully be useful we go tennis or anything smoke bomb smoke bomb what I've done it you're right good call who said that Abdul nice it's a flea con man can of sex I guess without well there's a bunch of things bonus tackle over there there's most of the cards in the deck are actually win trouser I guess we don't want another free cake let's just see what happens getting telepathy just for some cards even you Rico for some cards that's so weak nowadays it has a very blessed in here congratulations congratulations on your very blessed does Bungie plumber being able to answer that assert here oh man this is so unlucky ah even you Rico would have been lying there hey thank you for still playing pvz heroes I've been watching you for almost three years so this donation was way overdue love your sarcastic starts Lord comments thank you son laughing face thank you so much rolling stone man the general city is real looks like it is accidentally restarted the chat there but thank you so much rolling stone 82 all proceeds from donations go straight to food for babies fry I'm gonna bring that to Costco yeah thank you so much I really really appreciate it dang see you it's general generous people like you keep me going keep me going spoon thank you so much what can I even say you guys flew technician kill the chat that's a good weed whack happy that there give up give some hearts everyone give some hearts in the chat for Rolling Stone come on let's give them some love or getting some horrible draws people warned me about this that there's not enough there's too many win more cards and end up winning cards in the stack this thing charging our bloggers are so good by the way we shall have before heading I think this one hitting us is necessary it's so weird if you go out we're giving the love I just don't want to kill this button shroom it's of helping us so much we need that wait if we're definitely in the draw cards here we're gonna save this for next turn yep a happy fellow yes thank you so much guys thank to everyone you guys are amazing so it's like this I think we still have a 3-1 interface we really really need a card here yes that's fine now there's a lot of things that can come out of here that will combo very well teleportation zombie it's the skunk punks might get some value now two two two look at this go maybe I should have switched these the player on scourge got bonus attack now this ain't bad that was a good Eureka thank you so much inflow oh I should have switched these arounds Oh hey fry first time donating to my favorite streamer anyway I have a question have you heard of the backrooms mean backrooms I might under know it but not by name thank you so much pootis all time viewer of the stream really appreciate it now what do I do they use this bonus attack to clear this so thank you again inflow nine months in a row and pootis the wizard for detonating today really appreciate it man you guys are you guys are really bringing the Thunder today I'm talking about let's try to chip chip chip and we can do this combo line dancing zombies huge ear holy-moly with that I think I'll actually go like this our puns very likely going to remove some okay that could have gone conman I could use a bonus attack on the line dancing zombie well I don't know actually the Scorch is so harsh oh I shouldn't have play that I'm making some mistakes here you guys I should not have played this because overshoot overshoot just kills the three damage I hope he actually even like removes us for the berry blast so we want our opponent to not get scorched well our phone to get super please get super which case he'll do for that line dancing zombie wasn't good police didn't get scorch we needed that tree damage – man I'm sick enough shaking up from the generosity let's see what comes out of here and it's not so scary this is are you kidding me it's not so scary FRA 2017 what are we gonna do here I mean this is could this die that would be very sad thank you so much Jules wolf for subscribing really appreciate it I don't think we make a play here I think they're teleporting these that it's Jules wolf 20 welcome to the FRA mele tetanus bonus attack does do a damage the problem is doesn't work in lane force that has to happen now in this light I can actually use backup dancers and and this too only just for know it says Mauro harsh ok we're still alive we're still we're definitely still I mean unless this misses horribly that was perfect this is gonna go here I don't only has one card now so we're really in the money it's gonna be conman in one tennis and to the back rooms is a place where you must know clip out of reality in the wrong areas where you smell the moist carpet the mono yellow walls and the hum buzz of the lights some say there's something living inside the back rooms what what thank you Buddhist three dollars appreciate it uh two bonus attack still wins here please don't get up do don't get a very blessed that's not cool or a sour grapes that's fine we're still good we're definitely not good now oh we're definitely not good when it rains it pours keep up the good thank you so much z wow you guys are so generous today holy moly with that is there anything that no our only power is telepathy we guarantee lousier there's no way to survive oh oh come on we could really could have had it this Colonel Courtney top deck this wait now this Colonel called me definitely would have won that game that's harsh if we would have gun exploding at one exploding at that game we probably wouldn't want to thank you guys so much we are respectful baby Fraser you're heavy thank you sir 101 man I'm just blown away from the generously thank you again Z whoever you are and find out who it really is I won't announce it because the person seems alright here we go conman is very hard for him to deal with so I think we're gonna at least keep this is nice nice this goes right here you playing the goats deck yeah people I've been having a lot of success with them she's super cool it doesn't from the con man bake me big mistake interesting last one with someone Canadian try to fast-forward like there's a YouTube video it hasn't happened yet even if you could look at this agrawal night we're in a race now what key row would I be if I could be one of them in this game definitely raps come on she's might say yeah trapper territory trapper space ninja I think it's like this the lanes cloud get him with the lanes super brains I guess these trade I can just people put more heat here this is probably correct it's keeping this minion on he's not gonna be able to deal one damage do we want to go face this does more damage his face its ass not worth it to forgo three damage buff this cars only have one house to dice everything hard to take out this Agrawal night that basically are decklist stay like this we'll go back up dancers just a block and Lister and use the environment pretty good he's not gonna he's not gonna do damage that's this problem in fact discount I'll take it hopefully one of the backup dancers incidentally I think to damage now is better than this being a threat nights turn and a dying think this is correct that's a hard decision actually maybe we should petition Abdul King sending me it's a petition for VA to get interested in this it's a bungee plumber it's got to be here because obviously a bunch of clinicals in this town we're in very very decent shape if he draws a cart Bunji plumber two-face Wednesday and a pretty clean victory that was just that that being an aggro deck and I got it done perfectly I mean we fought another aggro deck and a very strong anger that can angle all night again really everything was perfect he didn't get his elderberries which would have hurt but everything else he's had was just fine and that's why he gotta run striker at the end of the deck like that amazing killed with dancers I recommend checking the back rooms out fry it's pretty interesting same goes to you jab also II what is the back room so it is it I don't even know where dad is now we need an activator this could work this could work they're gonna play this like an antique a deck now probably just here econ one unless he plays haunted pumpkin I'll take it there's there's a couple of good things that can come out of this that is not one of them but it works you have the answer one-for-one we get a guy who knows I think this is fine I think I'm gonna put some heights well scourge this is cool because I mean he might answer this I guess if he hammers will Eureka it's interesting he went hard to pump getting on one nothing unto very strange indeed banana peel Wow but bump I can I mean I can look up the back room so this Google Drive by the way doesn't have permission it's fair to use imager cuz there's all kind of permission problems what is this it looks like a creepypasta some sexual game why tell me why question is do I do this now I just looked at that button Google doesn't seem to be here seems just to be a dirty meme I'd already mean but we got some options here he has a hard time dealing one damage and if you please let us take the six damage it's not really anything chump Zilla can do to directly remove this Eureka first see what happens another sugary tree would be ridiculous interesting that's I mean he's down a for right there down the forest ice teleportations up he's so good you kidding me man oh yes yes yes yes miss tricksters a little expensive we're at six right now so who knows what will happen but should I played this actually I should have I should have played this and transformed it whoops did we get three Legendary's from Eureka no how much that matters that's cool that's lethal man got him you're gonna be killed by by live ghost it's embarrassing amazing oh I'm trying to gather we played four games and trying to think is the SEC performing well I mean we've been winning a lot the one game we lost we definitely could have won I feel like we're not even fully utilizing the potential this deck what what would this deck need more this is one of these decks it seems like we're onto something and it is performing well but we haven't found the thing it's not that mind-blowing tier yet or whatever you want to call it seems like these cards are much better when you have teleports you should invest more I'm gonna keep this in case of dinosaurs happen when dinosaurs happen in PvE heroes fry there's not enough plants in this deck you know what I'm sayin Giga didn't have an answer on one I mean it could be he had car me always has a playable power but he didn't want to take the damage hole there at night so again strike here tops we have an answer against him not doing anything we have oh that sucks that was a great play dude go dude that was harsh Meetup where the heck is Bungie plumber when you need it your guys I think we actually have to cake this now it's crazy ly bad this was about us whole no he's just clogging the lanes bad play when we have man that was such a great play we would have had him oh we would have been all over that guy without the forgiving us helping dick weights let's just start without its well at least trade and just stall it through okay oh well it's just the lanes are getting clogged that's the problem means just he just clogging some I'm gonna clog your ways the team up I don't even know what do I don't see a way of doing 18 jamish is the problem I feel like we have to teleport this one in am I even just free cake we're yeah we're not in good shape right there maybe your recoil service looking for a miracle give me something good okay oh no wait oh no this garlic screws this up so bad oh no come on garlic garlic is good Go Fish Becky then beam them smash he's had just every answer to it's Carly Carl excuse up everything for so annoying so we have to do this that's okay this will die but it'll block one I mean we're doing fine here let's we'll do the six damage to face much much needed six damage no no I should tell me here does this even smart this opens up another lane for this turn that bonus attack is so huge so this will be eight and the two tricks should be okay here he hasn't had an environment if he just top tech spike weed right now then it's game over I think that's fine it has enough health no no no no oh bad sad face really really that's how we're going down from freaking blah I mean he's had every answer where did that even come from dude oh come on man I don't even know what this beta-carotene in duck was doing it was Siri it was just have a bunch of small cards just galactic cactus and freaking Road obey goes and then have every answer in the book I don't think that deck is gonna could even win a lot I have no idea what it was doing there that was that was BS Oh could I easily won that Stream sniper who knows Abdul Kings finally send me bidet you got a trickster debt going on it's like good old professor pay to ins control control control step looks fine look looks very nice oh and you're going with mustache monument I like that actually mustache monument really makes Viking viable love the deck love it good version creepers I think this fine so tell yes I was just gonna say summoning is the is the perfect thing for this for this because we just need more little threats and stuff wonder you know if we go with know what we do entering to here I don't think this is a seven and three bag I think this is a nine in one thing maybe Ollie can make this better sometime for PvP today it's gonna be like this just put in all the threats on my field now we'll be able to play around shrinking violet eventually I don't know about a couple be both the losses are canopy yes yes this is nice this doesn't even die beautiful so we can probably just fruitcake somebody her cake does to damage to his face huge should I go with the champ is better later go with forget something please another you know a sport it gets her black AP happy sad but not as whale do this one first that's cool so much damage to his face your face getting damaged he's down a six I know I guess Eureka is what we don't help you tell me it's just it's just a sugary treat bonuses AG wins and all four lanes sweaty got from exploding fruitcake yeah guys guarantee leave oh-oh sad looked about me his black IP is growing whatever shall we do it's called whale leaf Oh Oh play it like an Agora deck how's your face feeling exactly here we go what does con man carrying I don't know never examined con man carefully maybe we'll find out spine apples the worst thing to get from fruitcake basically good baby pear baby pears probably better baby this man is impaired oh that's a good one so why not play this deck more of a control maybe I'll try the control version maybe with Tzemach that would be better I guess she doesn't have the bonus attacks though it could be if you're playing control be buried you with Boogaloo and do area 22 which is huge I don't know this looks ok trickster killer whale sounds cool Thank You Wiggly to sue for subscribing welcome to the FRA Mele first time what what real appreciative whale trickster it's a nice idea 8 damage wait did the bonus tech to happen of the snow the springboard happens first so that would do it eight damage bonus attack he didn't have an answer to this so we will go with the anti anti dickweed play it makes the fruitcake better next turns in finally it's gonna be some kind of pick analog thing but this only blocks 50% of the damage of a one drop using a two Travis just not not effectual yo guys I love this card love great rabba this is really one of my favorite cards hey fry you have been one of the few constants in my ever-changing life over the past three years good luck with wherever life takes you and always remember you brought a smile to the faces of hundreds of people every day for years thank you so much just dank meme steel beams at least that's what I'm getting here I think it was a different name really appreciate it Jenna Rose City give some hearts in the check for dank meme really really appreciate it man 15 bucks thank you so much seriously every dollar from the donations go straight to food for my babies really really appreciated ooh this is nice this is fruitcakes ridiculous here hey fry I would love if you could make a Boogaloo duck since it is the ten necks hero right now and going viral is in the weekly card thank you so much group for subscribing you want a Boogaloo deck I just had an idea for Boogaloo could do this in theory at 22 I think I have some other Boogaloo ideas as well so yeah there's there's it's this weird secret agent tech I wanna try man we've been having a lot of success of secret agent lately look at this we're just whipping this guy with the bull's eye is just concedes man it's a great thing what's worse zombie class right now I used to unhesitatingly say beastie but to be honest I feel like after all these years I'm learning how to play the beastie class right now secret agent synchronized swimmer is one of the group it is so good and goats is such a good combo we we do we put those four cards and decks together often you go go to go synchronized swimmer secret agent is just I mean you see this brain freeze deck it just carry that combo carried the brain freeze deck I think there's some there's more to it than that also maybe I'll do like like conman seek your agent it's a sink soon where there's so many options there really is no tennis champ tennis champ secret agent it's nice to scoop up the tennis champ after the fact I'm gonna write it down tennis secret agents sink swimmer anyway here we go this has the control card in case haunted pumpkin I don't know if we're setting up the I don't really know I don't know what I'm doing it goes to the car jogger doom shroom again do shrooms the thing go with us tearless I feel like actually there's there's a easier way to meet doing tearless I can actually just it's interesting oh yeah I'll see this is gonna be a crazy week sound think I'm gonna be doing anything that new and creative this week fun you can set up the protection for his flowers we had a bungee plumber there don't want to deal with him having five Sun mixture this is nice this is nice it grows listen to a 3-2 Mar actually gonna teleport in the tennis champ super good play what I call it dickweed it's just a joke that's like an opening soul from Hades guys what you dick we got down to 10 on turn three maybe wow that's a good bonus attack we can always teleport this in if one of these get removed but otherwise it's just gonna be grow bonus attack I guess I almost hope this gets fronting so we can do it here is that lethal this is probably turn no oh so close okay so the bone was that good happen here what bullseye three of course they actually could have had lethal they're at that little fabric maybe I should have saved this though for the environment covering we can teleport this in to prevent them from doing the combo that is so huge teleporting this inin but I mean Bungie plumber will probably win the game before that even happens can't see the environment now he already use this poppy that's all he's got this walk could be very very big let's go it seems like the Eureka's have mattered a lot okay I think we play the bomb here we do it backup dancers to block that I think this Bona Bona stacking list is our best shot so Sam was gone water lane corrected think we need the six are you close to leave the read that we need to prevent damage does taco become lethal next year we need to preserve our health come on that's stupid we want to hit with that we could have with one with the bullseye there's a lot of options you know roll three there geyser makes him win the game I think immediately let's presume he's not gonna remove this to just pass anyway if he's able to remove a one two he wins that's any anyway works that's fine interesting choice we got a one drop out of Yeti getting the one is actually pretty good because it means we can win those turn this is a really huge tap tank you know he's getting hanging for three three – does he have a heel I don't think that was smart no we're probably gonna block he should have well I guess this blocking the one is good for him but it's almost impossible for him to win here he rolls a one he rolls a one and a 300 Lisa whoa whoa that almost went horribly wrong oh man oh man that was that was tense Oh [Laughter] Tigers is right guys oh my heart what am I gonna do this duck is doing oh man I gotta be gone in six minutes all right let's just do a couple more games two more that was crazy one two we haven't done this yet this is a little sad against nightcap it's one in four of him answering this amazingly play around psyche okay should be fun anyway so I want to play this like a controlled egg do I want to play into a super a nut securing now you would have lost the world three ones you're old to when they have three minute one one two would have won the game just like that we're back in info uh what am I supposed to do I can't you play the statistics doesn't work out that's just our in cheek dude why are you put why are you hitting my face for one what I wouldn't play this Bunji plumber gonna do pops room why does he want the one damage though it just charges my blocking there this doesn't actually help you win faster it helps you win slower this is called real dumb luck now keeping and keeping the surrounds correct yes your face here Thanks Oh cringe : doesn't happen for two more turns you definitely save the functions of being pinecone just gotta keep him under control the aggression is real and that block helps us all right good play Eureka into ma'am no this was bad he's doing too much damage now he is not yes lethal if we don't get he literally has leaf on the field No No please don't win now as guarantee leave home girls triple threes just the end I don't even know it just happened there war guy had a god-like hands all discussions yeah worth it alright one more game this will go on the easy be doing damn son good get in plays around crater oh yes the Seaford is not that good there's only one really well just two minions that's live is super Phalke swimmer I've tried that before have had a lot of success especially now the Val cost for I don't think it's worth it needlessly a lot of things need to happen this the fruitcakes gonna be fine here we're really getting it done is cherry tree it's probably just a Eureka fruitcake probably the reason they go should retreat mister he's running this in his deck it's really good they're not exactly a play round card though um the sugary treat actually killed actually wins this trade so I'll save the free cake this will make this into a 4-3 and well might as well you reckon first they got rolling stone Kamel cross Wow Kendall cross works very well with the with the exploding him if I go exploding him camel draws now it'll save the conman he's probably not gonna put three damage on this con man that would be like a waste you usually want to use a small median now could he have super enhance yeah I could haha denied fake female I don't think I've this year I've ever seen someone run cabbage bolt in a deck this actually still is alive amazing his fruit cakes gonna really get it though they also grew the grave robber if like this weird grace there the anger that I don't know but these are all very much alive he takes one more two-faced fruitcake is active – we'll go with this it just creates another Lane relief a little fruitcake well we're gonna win this game no idea what's happening here how did this guy get to rank 45 maybe maybe cabbage pull carried him people called seven and three so leafy deck no it'll be thicker all right anyway guys let's do some fun scream this thing is good Oh too big three the games for 3d games vs the first two losses were BS what happened the third one was uh on that mushroom deck I don't feel like any that any of the losses was like oh this deck didn't perform well enough it really didn't feel like that with any of the losses all three of them were winnable we got a horrible tough that at the end they're mushrooms back anyway guys this is fun this is really good this is a good that might be different very answer to pretty heroes to make it better I mean the bonus extra fine but really that's only one activity that they're really not necessary neither are the teleports and maybe we can do this with Boogaloo in theory 22 who knows it could be a lot of really good maybe even doing this deck how about doing this deck with with secret agent then you can bomb some predation on four and then do one become boson cert 5 no bonus attack anyway guys hope you enjoyed so many possibilities thank you to everyone who donated super super generous thank you so much peace this is fried you


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