• Ayie Josh

    @m3lt , walker setup :slot 1 – pawn-dodger, slot 2 – pawn, slot 3 – full stack, slot 4 – pawn-dodger, slot 5 – pawn, slot 6 – full stack..

    with these, if slot 3 triggers awakening, monster slot 4 first to shoot either dodged or hit with breakdown. so when slot 5 kills the pawn, slot 6 will hit first. guaranteed no full stack hit. if slot 6 didnt trigger awakening, either slot 1 or 6 will be pawn on 2nd round for monster slot 4. if no hit, slot 5 direct hit to ship. you will failed. if it were hit, slot 3 will finish the monster.

    this is minimal loss with either win or lose the battle. guaranteed safe for full stack slot 3 and 6. worse case – lose the fight with few high tier loss for pawn-dodger. best case – win the fight with pawn-dodger losses.


    Spawning usually hits 2 minutes after the hour. I’m in central time… so it’s 2min after 3, 7, and 11 …. like clock work!!!!

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