P53 animation – tumor supressor gene animation
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P53 animation – tumor supressor gene animation

P53 gene encodes in tumour suppressor protein
p53 tumour suppressor has a negative effect on cell growth and division p53 protein functions
in many different pathways are so well in contention to subscribe to the p53 gene is
expressed to produce the p53 protein in a normal so the protein is on stable so the
amount of p53 protein are so small decisions are introduced into the DNA p53 protein is
stabilised by a mechanism that is like currently understood this leads to an increase in the
amount of p53 protein and was so p53 even binds to the promoter of Jean W a and activates
the expression of the gene product is a protein called P 20 1P 21 now has an effect on the
cell cycle. The progress from G1 to us phase 1 or G1 cycling proteins bind to the enzyme
cycle independent kinase CDK and activates it and CDK then phosphorylate ski proteins
needed for progression of the cell into us peak we want is present binds to cycle and
CDK complex blogging kinase activity the absence of kinase activity prevents the transition
of the cell into us rests G1 phase and I is as programmed cell death of apoptosis both
also p53 are inactivated in the cell of the tumour suppressor p53 is present to activate
the W.A. of one gene NOP 21 has made CDK activity is not blocked so so cannot be arrested in
G1 phase and so will proceed into us phase will undergo apoptosis and congressional cells
with DNA damage through cell cycle control cells to accumulate additional mutations and
hence increase the probability of cancer are


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