Parts of a scholarly journal article
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Parts of a scholarly journal article

this video will walk you through the
parts of a typical scholarly journal article scholarly articles vary somewhat by
discipline but in general they contain several standard sections that can help
you evaluate them. starting with the journals title, it often suggests a subject area of the
journal and the intended audience. Here, the subject is management and the journal’s audience likely
includes management scholars, students and professionals. Next is the article’s title. Titles of scholarly articles are often
long and detailed. They often contain technical or academic
terms that can be hard to take in at first glance. This title suggests a study about power
and leadership among people in different cultures. The abstract is a brief summary of the
article often written by the authors. It describes the main points or
findings of the article. Reading this will help you decide
whether you want to read the whole article or not and will help you
understand it better if you do read it. Many academic articles contain a
section towards the beginning known as the literature review. This section provides an overview of the
research topic and summarizes previous research in the field. The lit review section contains many
citations to other research. Sometimes the lit review is embedded in
another section. The methods section describes how the
study was done. This section includes details about how
and where the data were collected and information about the participants. The results section explains the
researchers findings often in numeric form. This section often includes tables and
charts that summarize the data. In the discussion, the authors explain their results in narrative form, using words rather than numbers. This is where the authors may suggest
implications of their research on the field as a whole. The conclusion section is where the
authors may identify areas for further study. It often summarizes the significant
findings and puts them in the context of previous research in the field. At the end of a scholarly article you’ll
find a list of references, or bibliography. The references list contains all the
articles and books and other information sources that the authors used in their
research. The sources are listed in alphabetical
order by the first author’s last name. Each entry on the references list corresponds to a specific citation in
the text of the article and contains all the information you
need to locate that article. And those are the parts of a typical
article in a scholarly journal.


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