Penny Palabras – Journal Entry 11
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Penny Palabras – Journal Entry 11

Confirmed there’s something out there today. I saw him for the first time. He spoke to me. “Hollow Girl,” I heard the whisper and I
turned around and there it was. A man made of straw. I asked him who he was, what he wanted from me, but he just laughed and walked away.
I wondered if anyone else could see him, but I think like the ghosts
he’s only visible to me. What is he? Is he a devil? Is he a type of spirit? I’m going
to the library to see what I can find, but I wanted to get this off my chest
first. I wanted to warn you in case he comes to visit,
whispering, scratching, cackling. Why did he call me “hollow?” What does he know about me? I have so many questions. I’ll leave you with this, it’s um, a verse
that’s stuck with me for years. I can’t help but wonder if it’s connected
somehow. “We are the Hollow Men. We are the Stuffed Men, leaning together headpiece
filled with straw. Alas our dried voices when we whisper together are quiet and
meaningless as a wind in dry grass. Those who have crossed with direct eyes to death’s other kingdom remember us. If it all, not as lost, violent souls, but only as the Hollow Men. The Stuffed Men.” *eerie laughter*

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