Peppa Pig Giant Snakes and Ladders with Surprise Guest And Surprise Egg By WD Toys

welcome 2wd toys of hey guys while it’s great to see you
again we’re gonna have lots of fun today today
we have pep up pace thanks in latter’s game Peppa Pig Giant Snakes and Ladders with Surprise Guest And Surprise Egg By WD Toys my load cycle lots of fun and %ah saw at the end and a sharp we’re gonna have a lot surprise
character bring a surprising for us to open and today’s question at the day is what is George’s favorite animal you
could answer in the comments section and if you like the show I’ll go ahead
and leave comments there also okay let’s go ahead and open this up
just pin but oh wow this is a big games set pop look at these dice that is awesome you
look at that it’s almost as like half the size up my hand very light wood it’s really call a only have here call here you have homie PE cue you have puppy all a he have de dépôt year you have George PD wow this is awesome guys this is a huge set while we’re gonna
have to go to set this up wow guys look at this board it’s huge look here’s an idea luck there’s might put lookin the board compared to the size and my
foot this is a fun barred you get your kids to play on this
it’s basically a chutes and ladders but with the pigs with the huge board its of some I mean look is silly these
pictures on here wow there’s Peppa jumpin’ admired and is Georgia it is dinosaur rookies crying Wow this is cool can I really like purple paid this is a fun game to play with my
kids but there’s money piggy look docks other Georgia dinosaur not his happy see
his splashing in the mod their dead EP he
read in the newspaper up there’s the finish look there’s their
red car wow this is fun in these game pieces a
huge look at that it’s almost the size my palm and his dice I like that dices pH okay you guys wanna get started I think we’re
just try two-player for now okay let’s see you can be pappa and I will be de dépôt okay it’s your turn up you got a one so you go here let me try I’ve got a five one to 3 for 5 so I’m over there okay it’s your turn again you guys 31 to theory okay and the 6a got 12 345 6 I landed on George crying CA that’s not a good sign okay now you have for line to 3 for missus going K data five one to 38 for 5 I am on purple laughing and playing with her toy
okay your turn I R you guess 6 law one to 3 for by 6 cool off now I’m going now I’ve got a five one to 38 for 5 all play have to go up the
ladder Wow I’ve got so far now it’s your turn you’ve got three line to 3 of now it’s my turn lemme see had added to one to 0 I landed on the snake the snake is a slide I N to go all the
way down to George crying that’s why george was crying because if
you land on this they can slide down you’d be crying too up now at you get a $5 one cue 3 for 5 year you landed on happy pepper clear my turn I’ve got it too one to I am on a bird and your turn you got a six are
you doing good one to 3 for by 6 our boy you’re winning the game see I’ve got
three one to 3 am unhappy pepper p and your turn you’ve got four let’s see now on one to 3 for up you’re unhappy George playing with
his bike care might turn a 3 salon to 3 I my daddy piano slide all the way down I’m all the way back a number six well boy i you’re really beating me now up you got a one up that means you could
go up the ladder see up up the ladder forty-seven wow you
almost won the game it’s my turn now 5 boy I am way behind I
don’t think I’ll be able to catch up 0 again again slide down all the way
down to number five boy I am NOT doing very good here and you gotta for all you win the game look you finished yeah that was a fun game it’s much funner you play with poor
people till wow you did a great job %um all the way up with %uh sliding down
once this was lots of fun if you enjoyed this game then go ahead and click that WD toys button up in the
right-hand corner then to bring me to my channel you could
subscribe no we’re not done yet we still had a
surprise guest in the surprise day wow I wonder who it is arcane guys can you guess who are
surprise guest is today she has long blonde hair she’s got purple dress and she is still listed to an evil which day
used to Tyler ventured own can you guess here at Andy’s kept here I is Rep arms all remember when the evil
wat used to Tahrir Rohan Laura Pollan law like you’re here ion yep and say she’s tying she’s waving your head she agrees and she wants to tell you she’s got awesome
surprise three years she’s gonna go ahead and bring it in K code and today surprise egg ends why all look at their hey look at the house I did the AB the
play-doh higher it’s a dinosaur are why how this is call I am really liked this
dinosaur the keys redden is guy yeah loss by said while just take a look at him that is so cool she did such a good job
with him but we’re gonna have to take him a pyre now that’s too sad K Paul that’s too bad he was so cool looking somebody will
love this dinosaur can you guess who K K K well let’s see plots inside K policy yellow and a cool good K most since I DNA can you guess what’s in it McKay lots
open it up are inside the a and his mother nagged well I am really have to work for this and inside that and ends call look n et let alone a baby bird the sulky you %uh George would love that little bird Patna
likes until Wow that’s a good president Paul I’ve had lotsa fun with you he and I will see you soon Peppa Pig Giant Snakes and Ladders with Surprise Guest And Surprise Egg

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