Perspectives on Social Media
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Perspectives on Social Media

It’s so much easier to talk to people on Facebook.
I mean, you don’t have to see them face to face.
You have the guts to do stuff on the computer that you don’t have the guts to do in person
sometimes. With my cell phone I text a lot, probably
over 400 a day. My parents won’t hear what I’m talking about
so much, and they just know I’m online, they don’t know what I’m doing, which is bad to
say, but yeah that’s pretty much why, just to have that privacy factor.
I was in a picture with one of my friends. One of the pictures were posted and everyone
thought that we had alcohol in our cups. So when it went online, like all of our parents
saw ’em and we all got in trouble. I kind of wish that there was more control
on Facebook and online and everything. I regret a lot of things I’ve put on there.
Like two weeks later I’m thinking, why did I do that?
Like, online, people are completely different people. Like some people, they’re more open
than they are face to face. You know you can show your age. So that’s cool ’cause I’m kind
of treated like an adult. I was surprised ’cause I know people lie,
but I wasn’t like expecting someone to lie about their age.
On the computer you can take time and think about what you want to say, and really think
about what you’re trying to get across to the person.
I totally believe rumors are worse online, because it’s so much easier to spread online.
I kind of feel like sometimes I can be the cyber-bully, but
sometimes other people can be the same too. You know, if you don’t like a person you go
on their Facebook and you just talk about them.
I think people make fun of other people online and in person, because they have their own
insecurities about themselves. I blog. I blog my poetry. You can actually
tag people that you want to read it, and it won’t be so public.
It was a project for school and we figured if it was good enough we’d upload it to YouTube.
And there was like a copyright claim because we used the song, so now it’s like all blank.
The internet isn’t really about the internet itself, it’s about the people who use it.
Like Spider-Man. With great power comes great responsibility.

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