Photos That Prove You Can’t Trust Social Media
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Photos That Prove You Can’t Trust Social Media

Never trust photos you see on social media I mean, you guys always say, “OMG I wish I looked like her” “I wish I had his lifestyle” “I wish I had this much money” But in reality, let’s be serious. The photos are photoshopped Not every girl actually looks like that. All that money you see is rented cars and leased private jets And lets be honest. Not everything you see on social media is true And I’m here to show you… That it’s NOT true And when it is actually like, behind the scenes… You see photos on Instagram… But now lets see what it looks like behind the scenes. Welcome to Reaction Time. Oh my God you had the most beautiful wedding Well look at the background even the building is so gray and this is look at you like a 10 funerals there I don’t know you pay them $10 an hour to spit mixed in front of photos. It’s okay I mean some photos are actually more realistic But what about getting this perfect shot and what looks like a kinda like a forest scene Oh, this is a beautiful shot well Where are they really on the son of a street guys? That is oh my God. I wonder if someone made this compilation just expose people by showing them the difference I don’t know that is so awkward look at this look at the difference. They’re like something like some weird-ass neighborhood No one knows about it. They just found some plans. She’s definitely getting stung by a bee there. That’s hilarious still beautiful shot alright Let’s take it. Old-school. It’s like Hollywood tricks right here guys yeah at the house You got the old school vehicle, but you know what it actually is without back photoshopping skills and a little bit of color grade It’s all about perception and angles there was on a table with a fake Poster to make it look like it’s road, and wow that is impressive How you get that shot usually it’s easy to tell whether it’s a fake car, or looks like a real one now It actually looks like a real car. That’s called perspective photography or manipulative photographer You wear you just use different length of lenses to make it seem, but it’s not real what anything makes sense What about that cute couple photo you always see what they’re holding hands, and you’re always wondering to yourself Who’s taking the photo like literally looks like a shot from someone’s memory? It’s so weird well It’s not that much Hashtag gold Because would you really want to take a shot like this you need to have the dude wrapped around holding the camera while you’re barely Holding your hand that’s hilarious. Okay and Audi R8 on the water what it’s a beach That’s a beautiful shot, but that doesn’t really make sense is it photo shot don’t worry. It’s not photoshop. It’s worse. It’s Miniature Model That’s the true secret. Is it made out of clay. I think it’s made out of clay. Yes It was still taking out the beach, but look at that Okay, that does not look safe at all you guys know this is a hot destination spot to take those crazy selfies Bro, if you slip you’re gonna, you’re literally falling to your death, not really same with this kid nope It’s not real do you think the dad is stupid enough to risk his own son’s life if you say? Yes, that may be the case, but I’m just kidding let’s look at reality This is what it actually looks like there’s ground two feet below them it is all about the angles So what is sure anymore? I don’t know these are all fake and not just that look at the line for the destination This is one of the most popular and photo-taking spots in the world, and oh my God look at that line is ginormous I wonder if it cost money. It’s called the Instagram post spot It’s like a little hub where everyone I go to on instagram tries to take this perfect shot. It’s pretty genius I want to try that very dramatic portrait this woman looking over the window. Well. There’s some grain dripping down I love it. Really makes a statement guys that also makes a huge statement. Oh wow That is the most awkward position And you got to do what you guys do for the shot like you know they set a do it for the vine do it For the shot now from now on this is what you’re going to see when you see all these Instagram models or any professional Photography you’re going to ask yourself. What were they really doing in the background. What was actually happening behind the scenes this was happening Expectation first reality is legit Steamin. Oh My God alright. Let’s just take this thing just look at this got my gold chain you know yeah I got money you know how it is work hard for that money that money really just have your girlfriend’s purse That’s what it is. Very gangsta. Okay very dramatic photo near the Eiffel tower But it’s actually just a poster. Jesus christ. You got me again. Martha. Do you guys think this one is photoshopped? What if I tell you? It’s not photoshopped. What if I tell you this photo is not photoshopped, and it’s really okay, if it’s photoshopped He’s wearing a diaper is you wearing a diaper who would’ve thought that’s what great photoshop artists can do that is incredible I don’t trust anything I see on the internet guys you guys shouldn’t either That was the reality behind all these photos you see now you guys know what it’s really like don’t believe everything you see online Check out the original article to me the first thing down below in the description if you guys want to see some more of these This was actually really interesting. Thank you for the idea guys if you have any more reaction time videos of gmail calm I love looking at your ideas guys subscribe to my gaming channel Hope you guys have a great one, and I’ll see you very soon with some more episodes peace out wow that’s incredible reality on


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