PLAN WITH ME: June Bullet Journal + May Flip-Through
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PLAN WITH ME: June Bullet Journal + May Flip-Through

– Hey everybody, my name is Steph Koza and welcome back to another monthly bullet journal spread video. May has finally come to a close very, very quickly might I add. Was it just me or was this
the shortest month ever? But it’s time for June, which
means it’s time for summer so I thought this month we
could do a fun summer theme. And not only are we doing a summer theme but since it’s the beginning of summer and we’re all thinking
about what we do this summer and making big plans, I thought why not do a summer bucket list journal? We can make some bucket list spreads, we can make some traveling
spreads, maybe a road trip page. Today’s video is all about
having fun in the sun and I am here for it but
before we jump into that, let’s take it back to May,
take a look at my spread and how it ended up at
the end of the month. So if you watched last month’s video, I did a mental health spread. So everything was about
tracking my mental health, taking notes on how I’m
feeling and all in all, I had a really positive experience. This was super, super helpful for me. So looking at my tracker page
after this month has ended is such a nice visual to see,
like, oh I should probably get more sleep or, wow, I’m
really tired all the time. And I think I’m definitely
gonna revisit this tracker. This was really insightful
and really helpful. Next we have my doodle a day page. As you can see, I did not doodle a day. My first week was pretty
strong, started off strong but then, you know, the
doodling kind of dwindled and I stopped doing it
but when I did do it, I had a lot of fun, I just
didn’t find myself having the time to do it and when I
did, it kind of stressed me out because I was like, I have
other things I should be doing right now but it was fun on
the days that I did do it. My daily gratitude was a super cool page, I loved this because it
requires no time, no effort, you just think for five seconds about what you’re grateful for in that moment and write it down and I really enjoyed it and I like looking back and seeing what I thought of everyday,
it just makes me feel good. And then my habit tracker,
same as it is every month, same disappointing results
where I don’t do as many things as I should be doing but it’s fine, it’s fine, everything is fine. Then my anxiety log was
actually very surprising because I realized I don’t
have anxiety as often as I think I do or when I do have anxiety, there’s not really a reason for it so I didn’t write it down,
which is good to know and also kind of like
why am I having anxiety when there’s no reason for it? What, what? Learning experience. Then my coloring book page. I always love a good coloring book page. I don’t think I did a
very good job on this one but it’s fine, moving on. And then there’s my spread,
all filled out and that’s that. So now, it’s time to jump in to June. So I want June to be a very summery spread but I also want it to be
kind of travel inspired and adventure inspired
so I’m going with a theme of mountains and the sun, sunny mountains. And I decided that I wanna
try something different. I think I do the same calendar every month and that’s getting boring for me so I’m gonna try a new spread. This calendar is a little
weird, it’s a little minimalist. I don’t know if I’m really gonna like it but I’m basically drawing
out all of the days horizontally, putting some mountains on top of it like a nice little horizon and then for every event
that I have planned, I will just draw a line
down from the number, down from the day and then I’ll write what I’m doing that day. I think if I’m doing something everyday or doing, like, a million things everyday, this isn’t the ideal calendar
but for just little things here and there, I think
it’s gonna work out pretty well for me. Plus, I just love the way it looks. Ugh, I love it so much. All right, so now, normally, I would do a mood tracker and a habit tracker and all of my usual
trackers but I am tossing those aside this month because that is not the focus this month. Right now, the focus is summer
and my summer bucket list. So this page is my
summer bucket list page. I am just gonna make a gigantic checklist of everything I could possibly think of. I’m also gonna leave the
page on the right empty so I can keep adding things to it because summer is pretty
long and I’m gonna bookmark this page so that I can come
back to it even in later months because, obviously, June
is not the only month of summer, there are several. And then I’m just gonna
draw some mountains along the bottom, that same
little mountain horizon thing that I put on my cover page. And just add a little pop
of color, I’m gonna add a sun, super easy, just tracing a cup to make a circle and that’s a sun. We’re going a little bit
minimalist this month, just a little. And then on my next
page, since I’ve decided I wanna do a lot of traveling this summer, I am making a travel tracker. This, like my summer bucket list, can also last all summer or all year. This doesn’t have to be specific to June but I’m putting it in
here because I want to but on this travel tracker page, I am showing where I have been, where I want to go and
just listing them out so I can see them, refer to them, just keep a nice little list of where I wanna go and where I have been. And then I’m also adding
a must pack items list. I think it’s nice to have
just a short little checklist to look over every time you go somewhere that tells you your essentials,
your absolute essentials that you must have, cannot
replace no matter what. ‘Cause there have definitely been times where I will go somewhere and
then I’ll be halfway there and I’m like, I forgot my passport, not much you can do about that. And then on the other page,
I’m doing a little bit more of a specific checklist, which
is a road trip packing list. This summer, I wanna go on a road trip. I’m gonna do it and I
need to know what to bring so I’m making a list of
everything I could possibly think of, what I’m going
to need for the road trip, what I’m gonna need to do in the car, what I’m gonna need for clothes, depending on where I’m going and then, once I do eventually go on a road trip, I can come back and I can see this list and I can say okay I got that, I got that, I got that, good to go. This month is all about
making lists apparently. And now I’m just gonna jump
right in to my weekly spread. I’m going with a pretty
simple spread this month just so I’m not, like,
really overwhelming myself because it’s summer, I
wanna go out and have fun. I don’t have time to sit
around and journal all day everyday so we’re keepin’
it simple, keepin’ it light. So for my weekly spread, I’m going with a pretty minimalist style here. I’m writing hello June, hello summer because it’s very exciting
and I’m welcoming in the new season and then I’m just doing a very minimalist style
of days and numbers just M for Monday, T for
Tuesday, W for Wednesday and then just big bold
numbers on top just to give it a little, a little something fun. And then I felt like this
page needed some color so I’m adding a sun in
the top left corner. And then, this is something
that I have never done before, I have decided to do daily spreads. I’m realizing that when I
write in my weekly spreads, I run out of space or I feel very, like, compacted into this tiny little
box and there are some days where I just have so many things going on and so much to do and
I’ve started writing on, like, other pieces of paper
and I don’t want that. I want it to all be in my journal so this month, I’m doing daily spreads. Takes a little bit more time
but I think it’s worth it. So I’m continuing with
my minimalist theme, doing a nice, like, black
and white kind of thing and I have it divided up
into the day of the week, the number of the month, my schedule, which is divided up into
hours so I’ve got 9:00 to 6:00 ’cause those are the hours that I do the most amount of things. Then I have my to do list section and then I have events at the bottom. I usually don’t have
more than one event a day so I kept it kinda tiny
but it’s good to refer to and I’m just gonna use this
every day of the month. I’m gonna kind of do it as I go because there might be a day
where I don’t really need it or there might be a day
where I don’t have time to draw out this thing
and I’ll just scribble ’cause sometimes you just gotta scribble. Sometimes you don’t have
time to draw a pretty layout. You just, that’s life but I
am loving these daily spreads. I am super excited to use them and that’s it for the month of June. I hope you guys liked my spread, I hope you liked checking out
my summer bucket list ideas. If you make a bullet journal
spread inspired by this one, I would love to see it,
please send it to me. I love seeing your guys’ bullet journals, they’re so cool and let me
know in the comments below what you think next
month’s theme should be. It’s gonna be July, it’s
gonna be in the middle of summer, it’s gonna be fun, there are so many exciting themes
that I could think of just off the top of my head
so send me your theme ideas and I’ll pick the most requested one. Thank you guys so much for watching and I will see you guys next time. Happy bullet journaling. (light music)


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