Planning Adoration for Youth - Catholic Youth Ministry Hangouts

Planning Adoration for Youth – Catholic Youth Ministry Hangouts

I've welcome to the Catholic youth mystery podcast my name is Tom lelio i'm here today with mr. Sean Patrick Malloy from Lititz Pennsylvania up north where it's nice and snowy right now as I sit in sunny Florida how you doing Shawn very good time thank you how are you I I'm doing well I'm doing well like I said it's a nice to be in Florida this time of year no I'm sure I'm sure we're getting about four more inches of snow tomorrow morning so it'll be good word yeah well uh let's let's begin with a prayer before we jump into the interview all right name the father son Holy Spirit amen dear Jesus we praise and thank you for this day for the opportunity come before you and to just talk about what it means to bring teams closer to you and through the sacrament of the Eucharist we pray that the Holy Spirit would guide our conversation and help it to be like well not just for us as brothers just to bounce some ideas off one another but for anyone else who might be listening both now and in the future Holy Mother Mary rep your mental protection protection again around us and and got our conversation yes this all in Jesus Holy Name Amen boom son square amen all right so as I mentioned this is sean patrick Malloy and he's a youth minister up in Lititz Pennsylvania and she'll want you tell us a little about yourself just like what's your youth ministry like what's your parish like how long you been there what's your average you know weekly attendance give us a little background so we can better understand where this event springs out of all right lititz is a very very protestant very evangelical kind of town we have 34 34 churches in our tiny little town one of us is Catholic we have about 1300 families in our parish I have been a member here since I was two so working here has the blessings and the challenges of working in a church that you grew up in dealing with people who remember you when you were four and all the stupid stuff you did when you were a kid and now trying to be the adult and be the professional in this parish um but it's also a blessing just because i get to worship and lead and do all this stuff where where every major part of my spiritual life happened and that's pretty cool I've been here working as a youth minister for just over seven years and we are our ministry is um it is is much bigger obviously than it was when I first started obviously because we got there you see ya average weekly attendance right now I I mean now that fall sports are done we have fewer people that do winter activities so we get pry between twenty to thirty kids each week we meet actually only on Wednesdays we used to meet on Sundays and Wednesdays and about two years ago we canceled the Sundays when only two wednesdays our numbers almost tripled and a really cool thing is because we went from two nights to one we decided let's extend our hours and give the kids more of an opportunity we are within walking distance of one of the high schools the biggest population of kids we get go to that high school and so we decided let's just open our doors at three fifteen when school closes so every wednesday our room is open from 315 till nine which is kind of crazy it's crazy to get the adults it's crazy yeah my question thinking uh um you know it's it's a long time but what I love about it is that we give the kids who have an evening activity on Wednesday the opportunity to still come and be with their friends in the afternoon to still come and have some type of Jesus you know be it through the music be it through our discussion or just the fact that they're here in the church building on a day that it's not here for Sunday Mass kind of thing so we do about two two and a half hours to just hang out relax we've we've got games we have a we we have the kids are doing homework that kind of stuff we have a different like a poor team member who organizes all of our dinners so we have a different parent that provides dinner each week during the dinner hour we will take the this coming Sunday's gospel and as we're eating we are diving into the word and just trying to meditate on this coming sunday school so that when we get to church on Sunday it's not the first time that we've heard it a little bit of break after dinner and then our what whether you call it a life night or the the real meat you're actually a group meeting part runs from about seven to nine and then we try to kick the kids out so I can go home and see my wife yeah so it's it's a it's a pretty it's a pretty cool program it's constantly changing and adapting we're at a time now where we're kind of in that that phase where we know 2013 is a great chance to take a step back and look and see what we can do differently I think our time schedule is always going to remain the same now just we've fallen into that we like what happens on wednesdays and because i don't know what your parish is like but but here the majority of the kids we do have those few kids where youth group is their one and only social event that they do in per week but we also have a majority of our kids who are involved in every other possible activity from scouts to sports tube and two other church events to that kind of stuff and so we didn't want to take them away from their families for a second night which is when I ansel the sunday night portion of our of our week so it's been a pretty cool um have no idea what this year is gonna bring us I'm I have some idea because I plan but uh not sometimes I play with the spirit yeah exactly exactly nice well Charlotte let's let's hop right into it um tell me a little bit about this event that you just had coming to behave adoration you're you know you're coming right off of it um did what six o'clock this morning right o'clock this morning yeah I got got home a little after seven-thirty after being awake for 26 hours and took a little nap and came back in yeah all night adoration started a good friend of mine art bammer he's now the associate director spiritual life at lancaster catholic high school art when he was in Paris youth ministry at seven sorrows in middletown PA this event stemmed from just a night that they got together with their youth group after the events of 911 I think they they had a retreat plan that they cancelled because of everything that was going on and a week or two later the kids just really put it out there that we just need to be together and praying during this time and so the very first one I was not a part of I was actually in high school at that time and he it it was really just a night of prayer later on in the year they were asked to do it again and that's when i first started getting involved i was asked to come play some music and at that point they really it it it took off it had a little more structure it was not just hey let's just get together and pray because we need to pray let's have a theme let's out of focus um so as as they progressed sometimes they would be in the fall sometimes they would be in the spring we when I started here at st. James we had the space here art had left his job at the parish and went into campus ministry wanted to continue this and so art and I put a pooling our resources together me having the location that we could use and then and being able to sing and play in the night and art really kind of being our spiritual leadership throughout the night and and having some priests come in to hear confessions throughout the night or or or to just give a talk and has has really just evolved into this really cool whole night we we've actually gone about two years without having it schedules just not just you know life sometimes gets in the way and we weren't able to do it and so the kids had actually requested it and actually last night only one person was there last night who had ever been to an event like this before this is unbelievable this is all new people which was really neat how many students you have so we just just I'm just under 20 kids just under 20 kids and for four adults that were there the whole night so it was a we really made a change when we used to do it we used to always do it like a saturday Saturday night into Sunday and so we would go to five o'clock mass eat dinner right after five o'clock mass and then expose the Blessed Sacrament at seven and pray throughout the night and then and then our priest would come back in the morning about 6 45 we do benediction and then we would be done this year we decided you know these kids are so busy they've got so much going on but being up all night and then trying to get some sleep on Sunday and transition back into the regular school schedule on monday didn't always work out for the kids and so we tried to do it over winter break this year so they um you know I I'm sure that probably half the kids are still at home sleeping and I'm not gotten up yet and that's great because yeah maybe some of them have to have a job or a rehearsal or something like that but they're not having to jump right back into school they are able to go home and have a little bit more relaxation time now can-can students come and go as they please oh if you sign up you have to be there our time the only thing that they can do is is come late okay once they are there especially just security purposes you know and and kids with kids driving and that kind of stuff you know if you have an event and you can't be there till midnight well obviously if you're going to come and stay please come but it is not a coming go the only people who would come and go are the adults some who some who say the whole night some who you know I'm gonna be there until midnight and then my wife's gonna come take over watch out so it's always that once the kids are there they are there until breakfast the next morning and they then they go home so what do you do exactly they walk me through in a minute by minute hour by hour and you know short amount of time right now this is this is something that you know everyone has different views on worship at differing views on how we should act and behave in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament the biggest thing that I try to get across right away to our young people when we're saying come to all night adoration is that no we are not going to be in the church on our knees from 9pm till 6am in quiet silent prayer that would not happen we actually we actually don't even go in to the church we have excuse me we we set up a side altar in our in our small social hall it's a big enough space for us that are there but it's small enough that it's not in that we're not in the church and there were only 15 17 people in this massive church alright a little more intimate and throughout the night and we have different sections and everything that we do in the night takes place in the presence of the buses a clue so while we are one of our focuses last night was the enormity of God and how we shouldn't limit him Louie Giglio is a pastor of passion city church where Chris Tomlin and David Crowder and those guys all lead worship and he has two videos out once called indescribable and once called how great is our God and their videos of his sermons during chris tomlin's tours and it talks in science astronomy all that kind of stuff it talks about here we are on earth thinking that we are the center of the universe thinking that we are so big and so important and then it takes us out and it uses space technology and all those kind of things so we we used those two videos last night so we what we had was we had our altar and then just a few feet away we had a video screen where the girls would good is is let me just see if I can share this with you is this I just want to see if I got the right one here um he's do that nicely about 40 minutes long yeah it's about 40 minutes on up here yeah okay that one that one is a great one and if you're going to use this video this how great is our God video i really recommend getting a pack of golf balls either like the plastic could practice ones or or you know i get cheap ones that are like they find in the bottom of a you know a lake or something to clean them off we can we give them out in this video louis compares if the earth were a golf ball this is how big this galaxy is how big this or that is and so as the kids are sitting there holding the golf ball they are they're realizing just how you know if the earth was a golf ball this galaxy would be you know two times the size of the Golden Gate Bridge kind of thing and it really it really just puts it into perspective you know here's this golf ball find yourself on it where are you on that golf ball and thinking that we are so important and so big and then looking at at all that God has has done what we used last night was was just just the fact that we have a God who has no limits we have a God that um you know totally just opened his mouth and there was there was life and there was light and that's the other one there with him in the blue shirt there this one the part 10 55 e I don't know if you could find the hole when he dueled it exactly I i bought the dvds from he did it legit I did I did yeah and that was actually you know I stole that from my mom my mom um it's pretty cool she goes she works at a quetta at a public school where they have a teacher prayer group in the morning okay she said hey we watch these videos today you got to watch this it was about six years ago I first saw these videos and then just dis awesome awesome videos so I definitely want to buy them or I guess I'd watch them on youtube if you would like to so did you have a projecting him and just played 40 minutes afford to 40 minute movies during a duration exactly yep and and you know it's important we set the tone we said even though we're not you know on our knees focusing we are we are sitting here in the presence of the man of the being who Louie is talking about in these videos right right with us in this room present with us right now is Jesus is the god of the universe who said i would like to create this star i would like to create this planet and so we put in it these are great videos to watch on your phone in an airport or just at home with your wife with these are awesome videos but the fact that as we're watching these videos Jesus God of the universe is right there with us mmm you know it talks about Louis talks a lot in this video's that you know the heavens are telling the glory of God and all creation and it's just it's just really neat to think about that whole heaven and earth colliding heaven in tournament together and here we are as we celebrate this time of adoration of extradition of the Blessed Sacrament that that heaven Jesus has has come to earth again and met with us so yeah going to say the heavens are telling and uh creation come on man did you do it we did not action good man don't worry for those of you who don't know Sean uh was actually one of the panelists at and see why am up to seize up a sec what is one of the panelists for something what was your workshop ours was great ideas in in faith formation yeah so he is a national speaker now he's gone from Pennsylvania to Florida and you know so Shaun's just doing great so okay so you got there you check them in you you did some adoration now right was a quiet was their music you men here's the thing we we try to hit all different aspects we try to realize that there are kids there who I should step back this is actually the first time we've done at all night adoration with our group since we implemented monthly holy hours we one of the questions in the chat room was how often do you actually do adoration at your parents exactly right so so are our students know the third Wednesday of every month when they come at seven o'clock we go in the church and we have a duration they they know that that is that's on the schedule and we have some kids who that's the only night of the month that they actually come to youth group I have a good friend and you know Scott Scott Anthony is the youth minister at st. Joe's in York Pennsylvania and you know he's kind of a lot of he's a mentor to a lot of us younger guys even though he looks younger than us but the other day this guy baby phase Anthony and but you know Scott I was actually a on retreat with his group and and and have been there to his holy hours with his group and it's just a beautiful thing to see the Holy hours that he has done every month for the last few years they are blessed that the majority of the months they have a priest that will come in here confessions during their holy hours we don't always have that that option and so we for about the last year year and a half now have been doing a duration on a monthly basis and that has really made a significant impact on the way that our students worship when we go to a Steubenville conference where we go to a rally or something like that it's made a significant difference on the fact that over the summer when we have a duration in our church we have a duration every every Thursday in our church till four o'clock because you know everyone can be here before four o'clock yeah right but over the summer the fact that our kids just come during the day and because they they have been taught they've been given the opportunities to sing to shout to raise your hands to dance in that in that worshipful dance not so much liturgical dance with ribbons and that kind of stuff but but to know that sometimes when you're being moved by the power of God you can't just sit still you're right you need to move so doing that they also because they come during the week they get that power and that that ever important aspect of sit be quiet with your Lord they make it not about anybody else go if you need to and sit in the front of the church or all the way in the back so that you're not near anybody else that it's among you and the Lord it's very important that we pray as the body of Christ when we are in this time of adoration but the kids also need to be given that you know we live in a world where there's not a lot of silence we've got music we've got noise everywhere so they need to be given that opportunity for quiet time so because our students at least have been shown that month after month in our holy hours and the way they're doing a duration now at Steubenville which is greatly improved I feel from maybe when you and I went in high school right very very there's more emotive right this or at least maybe it was the bait event yeah it was that was I feel weren't so familiar with it either so we were just kind of went along with it wrench and you know so you see real honest prayer and not so much emotion when we when we we have that time so because they've been given that you know we still catechized before every every time of adoration we still remind them what's going wrong and we still bring them into that mindset and so last night i guess it was last night yeah you know and we have been about 15-20 minutes just talking with them before before the buses sacrament was brought out throughout the night we had dead silence where there was where no one moved and there was no music and there was literally just the candles on the altar and Jesus right there and we had moments where I the one of one of my biggest struggles with last night was I'm just coming off a really bad sickness and you know barely made it through christmas eve mass without you know coughing like crazy and I I knew I wasn't going to be able to sing last night and so as a worship leader as a guitar player as a singer it was a major struggle for me to play recorded music last night Wow but I feel like because and I felt like your worship DJ like I was behind my computer the whole time choosing the songs that I would if I had a guitar in my hands transitioning from okay this song is going to go into this song a little different when you've got a six-minute recorded song versus just being able to do the chorus of it a few times um and but it but it made it special um if it was just me on the guitar I wouldn't have been able to bring about the rise and the feeling that a full band does with drums and electric guitars and all of the the effects so being able to do that we had our moments of silence and peacefulness and we had our moments of singing at the top of our lungs and that was really kind of cool you know when you go to a big conference whether it's an adult conference whether you're you had a big at a big concert or whatever you got thousands of people and you can sing like a beached whale and no no one hears you that's really cool and we were able to just put it out there and sing and scream when there's 15 of us in a room you're going to hear every a person and it was really beautiful to hear the cacophony of town that was going on and it'd be the wrong words admit that's our that rut words that the words that they were choosing to sing at that time well the way they were choosing to worship and so we had that we had loud singing we had some faster songs that we might not play during our monthly holy hours because come two o'clock in the morning you need to move you need an you need to have your grace is enough or something like that in the middle of it where you know we might normally use that song before after the Blessed Sacrament is you know but before after our holy hours when we used to do the the big big all night not that last night wasn't always but the 7pm till 7am we and we made made a point of saying all for mysteries of the rosary so we would start you know okay we're going to start with with digit with the joyful and then the sorrowful and and and at three o'clock we do a divine mercy chaplet I you know it was and it was really cool I have what I told the kids last night was I have a schedule here and normally what happens when when we get into this time of adoration is that that schedule usually winds up just turning into a a list of possible ideas we wound up saying two rosaries last night and not for and why because I wasn't going to stop the prayer that was happening that just my spontaneous prayer you know if people from our church if SuperDuper traditionalist would have walked in and seen the way we were worshipping last night they may have been very taken aback they may have been very caught off-guard but what was Saudi was seeing the the beauty and the vulnerability and the the innocence of how these young people worshipped and part of the blessing of not having a voice for me last night was the fact that I didn't talk as much as I normally would and because i was because i was playing music through my computer through a speaker um I wasn't strumming my guitar and I'm gonna stop this chorus and I'm gonna tell you what's on my heart and uh yeah you know like that good old typical worship leader boobs you know the fact that the music played those kids got a whole lot less of me last night than they normally would and a whole lot more of Jesus and a whole dollar so yeah it was really last night was nothing like I had planned it to be you know we have talked earlier about that the planning process I spent a lot of time in prayer and thinking about okay what are our themes going to be like I said we had we had two real themes last night one we talked about the enormity of God we talked about not that that last night was a night where we were going to throw our box out that we sometimes put God in and so we really made a point before before Jesus even came out that that box was going to go away and the other thing is something that we've been focusing on all of Advent was especially as we celebrated the immaculate conception was just how much God messed with Mary's plans how much God had kind of screwed up her plans and and how we needed that to happen last night and that was that was proven by the fact that there was like eight ten things on my schedule that didn't happen and and normally that would bug me I'm the kind of person that okay you know I'm not a very organized person I I do things last minute but I made a point of sitting down and figuring out this night and now it's not happening so in doing that it was it was a real show of guys this is what this is what has happened before this is what I think would be really cool but we got to throw that out and so than that every time we go into a duration be it sometimes well we have six kids on a Wednesday night for our adorations here or if student go conference or World Youth Day we can never go into that time in an individual holy hour or a massive massive event thinking that this is what it's going to be like if God showed last night that it was that it's not so I think I think you're kind of hidden I want to the questions that were brought up one is you know how do you make a duration something that is not forced so you know i know for me i wanted to you cursing adoration as soon as I got here because there's other things that are really on my heart right and I remember saying to my youth group hey we're gonna do a duration once a month and they kind of kick back and say you know if we do it once a month and it won't be as special as we when we do it other time so that was one of the questions like how do we make it not feel forced and then the other question that was thrown out there was how do you handle some kids that maybe don't grasp the true presence but alright I really hit on the force one first like how do you do a duration so it doesn't feel forced I think you started to hit on that limit yeah um you know it's it's the fact that so much of it is is atmosphere so much of it is an environment so much of it is just the fact that last night we were not in a big Cathedral we were not blessed by life teams awesome sound and lighting and projection we were in a social hall with with an altar that had a wrinkled cloth on it with a crappy blue partition in the back and and some candles and we just talked about the fact that you know and how awesome it was for us at least that that this this time of adoration fell right after Christmas and we talked about the fact that Jesus humbled himself to be born in a manger and last night he humbled himself because it was so important for Christ to be with us last night that he humbled himself to come among us like that a part of part of what makes it not forced one from the youth ministers and the court teams stand point is is knowing your boundaries in that time like I said what made last night special for these kids I'm sure was the fact that I couldn't talk a lot so there wasn't a lot of hey do this there wasn't a lot of me putting my spirituality putting my thoughts into this is what adoration is going to be like tonight hmm if we as adult leaders and whether you are a volunteer or paid member whether you are a your youth minister or you're just here your core member um if we have our time with the Lord and we just worship him and love him because that's what we do that's going to show these kids that it's it goes right back to the fact that how do you get across to the kids who do go to a student go conference who'd you go to a fan the fire that if you didn't cry it doesn't mean it wasn't special if you didn't have this this aha moment it doesn't mean that seeds were planted and so by doing that by by addressing all of the things little by little and making sure that this that the students know that every time we are in front of the Blessed Sacrament something happens every time that we bring ourselves in front of the Lord we at least have a little of lady I'm convinced she's going to be a saint someday and I remember talking to her it's a few years before she passed away struggling with leading adoration at our eighth grade confirmation retreats and she said Sean here's something you need to think about even when we put sunblock on even when we put suntan lotion on we can still get sunburned and you need to think about that when you lead holy hours that if we just get these kids there mm-hmm and back up it doesn't need to be this elaborate thing sometimes what these kids need is quiet we do one night and again I know there might be people listening there might be priests to her freaking out knowing that that we we had one night where we literally in our pews I said just for a moment because it was it was like it was finals time or something you could just see the stress to see the exhaustion i said here's i want you to do I want you to light him and I want you to rest so so by by doing it differently and not in the fact that everything has to be so plan now but in knowing that ok I'm not going to play the same songs I'm not going to do ok it's not going to be this this is how a duration is you just got proved last night that no this is not how a duration is we tend is not how a duration tonight is going to be exactly so so by offering these students multiple different times again we take our kids to assume the conference every summer we take our kids to fan the fire youth rally these these Eucharistic events we've been them out 2,000 you know where it's it's just it's it's an adoration the whole time you're there and it can be frustrating as the youth minister sometimes to say hey we're going to have a duration and this is going to happen and then you get there and and you don't see the kids being expressive in the way that they pray you don't see the kids opening up but I think it's so important that if we as the adults pray the way that we know we should pray in the way that all we're doing is loving the god who's in front of us that's going to bring our kids more and more into this way of you know what this isn't a show this isn't something that we just do these guys who are praying around us they really love the Lord hmm and I and I might not be there right now but I want that and I want that love right and so I'm going to do what I need to do to get to that point okay so this is there a short answer is there a way of okay let's make a duration you know like Tom you said your kids thought that it might not be as special Ram it that's like saying going to communion at Mass every day or every week isn't special that's that's a lie that's a lie that that society has told our kids that oh if you do something all the time then it's that it's not special anymore well no think about the fact that our God who made us so incredibly beautiful like we are our God who who made everything possible um just for that our wants to do nothing more than to be there with us in our presence um that's that's special that's not me I don't care what day of the week it is I don't care how many people are there um you know have I Sam prefer the Blessed Sacrament sometimes and only thought about the work that I have to do and have the dollar oh that was me yesterday yeah you know like and you sit there and go oh my word i just spent 59 minutes of my last hopefully our not even focusing on the Lord so if we do it we need to expect that our young people are going to do it and then at that time but by offering the opportunities over and over again there are many many months where if we don't have a priest that we might only do a holy half hour because because you got to gauge the kids like I said last night we we kept going with some of our prayers because there was no need to stop because God was just God just to get out of the way and let me do what I need what I need to do nice what about so let's kind of get into the nitty-gritty like what was your planning strategy healing I know you done before but like how did you get students did you use Facebook and Twitter what did you get you girls would you how'd you get adults right did you just have them sitting there bait what you know with baited breath waiting to accept okay well and then one day was what was the space atmosphere specifically like and I'm like how do you because I know your style is pretty similar it's like you know musics kind of a part of it so i guess those are the three things how'd you get students had you get adults and what was the atmosphere directly i use facebook and and Twitter religiously if you want to call it that and and you know just putting the word out I have we do text message alerts with our kids we have signed permission slips from their parents and we are able to reach out to them through text messaging not on an individual basis but go into our server and typing a mass text message then you'll now do use the Pacific program I go into gmail and I use the I type in their phone number and then there's a if there's a if you search the email address for like verizon right so like if I were to send a text message to an AT&T person through an email it would be the 10 digit phone number at txt you know there's a there's a list of those online and I just have created a group in my in my gmail and I go on there and I type I have you know I three different levels that some kids only want to know if a meeting is canceled and some kids want to know hey today is a special feast day or today's this or today you know hey here's some prayer requests or that kind of stuff so the kids and the parents choose what level of because some kids don't have unlimited texting so you have specific groups that say I only want to get these kinds of texts announcements yep yep and and the parents can choose that as well like we have parents that don't want to get all the all the random information but they need to know if there's you know okay here's the deadline student low forms are due by tomorrow you know I like that whatever that might be that's them so by using the text messages Facebook Twitter all those kind of things I'm talking about all that adoration door at the end of our December holy hour and and just putting it out there saying look this is what we're gonna do spending time at each meeting talking about it individually talking kid to kid and just say hey this is what's going on I think you'd enjoy do you use specific do go to and twitter com were to use like HootSuite or something else to help you disperse those oh no I right we have a we have a Facebook group page for you go right there I go right there yep what about oh i'm not i'm not the biggest tech person you're lucky i'm figuring out how to do this interview with you right now you know that I I know my limitations I I do what I do somewhat well you know i don't i don't push it right um I know there's better ways to get a hold of my kids I know that some of my kids don't have facebook so everything that goes out in the facebook message I'd send an email every Monday called Malloy's Monday minutes and that doesn't want the information in it as well and I are you using anything special for that or just know if that's just my regular outlook yep that's my George get your MailChimp dude gotta getcha male Chad no I'm that's called you I do I do for my ministry but not for not for youth ministry I hear ya so like I said stuff in the bulletin you know just little little things was there a sign up process where students had to sign up in order to go on it the only sign up process was here's the signup sheet outside of the door okay so you use the sign of outside the door and that I get so okay I do we had one kid who was not able to be here that like to sign up that said hey I really want to come so obviously you know if they email you so and then from that list I then send an email to those specific people with the details here's the time to be here everybody bring a snack comfy clothes but remember that we're praying so remember you know like to keep keep it modest all those kind of things did you have any trouble with you know you're hanging out with kids that may be in there like but you know pajama type comfy clothes do you say to them we always we always say to wear comfy pants are to wear comfy clothes and comfy clothes here at youth group do not include pajama bottoms yoga pants or leggings so regular sweatpants that our hope fully a little bad year and are not so form-fitting are absolutely fine a lot of them wore jeans or sweatpants last night we that's a general you know that's our general rule you know we try to keep away from those from tights and that kind of stuff on it I mean unfortunately it is more of a struggle for the ladies to find that comfortable stuff than it is for the guys but we they they did it did a very good job last night that didn't you should have a closet you should have a closet full of guys sweat pants like XXL my pants if you give to the girls as they here you go yeah so yeah they uh they get all the information and they just you know they show up they bring their snack in they are our rooms set up sorry am i jumping on to clean oh you're good you got your signup sheet so let's go to this room 7 you come back to adults okay well actually let's do adults real quick we adults edge has been something we have been struggling with here in our group and in general for the first half of this school year are our core team does a terrific job but they they are only so many people and because the hours that we do run we need some extra people then maybe a ministry that only runs from six to nine have many quarantine members do you have we currently have seven and our core team members are asked to commit to two events per month plus a core team meeting and adult meeting so you say or okay so but so we really need to depend on other parents we had one meeting this year that with a joint decision with my pastor and I that we cancelled because weeks of knowing that my core team members had conflicts and that kind of stuff putting the word out we need parents we need parents we need parents and the one signed up and so we didn't have a meeting that night he's we had the discussion with these parents who always say oh my kid doesn't want me there I said look yes yes what you say to the people whose kids don't want them there all right here's here's what I say one and again this is specific for us you know with the amount of kids we have if the pay if one parent of each of the kids gave two hours to our program once every three months we would never have an issue we would always have the right amount of adults at our meetings that's just based on the amount of kids that we have the time that we have meetings what I was able to do because of canceling that was look you say your student doesn't want you here your say your student doesn't want you here for two hours guess what now your student gets to send six hours with you at home because there's no you through tonight i have used multiple different things even to get the kids to allow their parents to be their environment i remember talking i needed a few extra Steubenville chaperones and and the monkey was like please not my mom please not my mom and I said hey think about it there's a gift shop there's a bookstore we're going to be stopping for coffee if your mom's not there you're limited to the money that you have in your mom if your mom's there you know and it was like it is so tedious like oh I think it's good we always make sure in our small groups and that kind of stuff that you're your parent is not a part of your small group your parent is not a part that their parent is always doing they are there and obviously if you request to do something with your parent s fine the discussions and that kind of stuff do not involve your parent in your smoke and so for this event we did get to the point where we were hurting for adults and I did have to put the word out that we might have to take this from an all-night to a in adoration until midnight kind of thing because that was the amount of adults we have and then people said you know what it's Christmas break I have off work I can do this at people out of the room you know our diocese as I think most youth ministry programs our diocese requires us to be at least two deep at all times because we weren't off campus because I mean technically it's an overnight event but we weren't sleeping you know we were kind of pushed those rules a little bit with you know one adult for seven kids whatever it was we had four adults so we were fine throughout a night at any point we had one of our local seminarians who came and prayed with us yes yes it was just it was cool we had we had plenty of adult support some of those adults who again for them this was their first time going to adoration that wasn't let me just sit in Neil quietly so for some of them they started in the back and then slowly wound up front really just how cool shipping with the kids so yeah it was a are adults were phenomenal last night they really they really did do everything we needed him to do so what was the so transitioning from there like what were the atmosphere things that you needed to do what did you need to have set up and what did you have to reserve and have in place some stuff okay so we have we have to social halls in our church one that is smaller and is right behind the arch our sanctuary and so we we always reserved that hall and that's the other nice thing about Christmas doing it over winter break is normally Scouts and a lot of those groups that was the church don't meet the only group that was in the building last night was was the AAA and an al-anon group that meets on the other end of the church and they were leaving from their AAA meetings as we were coming in so we didn't have to deal with hey can you keep your group quiet we're trying to pray down here I need that kind of stuff so that was one of the big perks for us having it during winter break when a lot of the other organizations that use our church are not meeting so we had the social law essentially I am NOT an artsy person I am NOT a creative person um you know I joked about it earlier we we tore down the tables and the chairs yeah I tore down the tables and chairs that planning was not the best of my part to him just gonna show up and set this up by myself and we literally we have like a blue partition that we blocked the like some of the coat racks and that kind of stuff so they were out of the view we had a table that became our altar with it with a tablecloth we have the two candelabras on that altar that normally sit out whether we have a duration in the in the church and then last night sir all around the altar we had 28 candles for each other lives lost in the Newton shootings and kind of veering off here you know we're a pro-life people and I know it's tough for us to remember the life of the shooter but a life is a life she was somebody's brother he was somebody's son he was somebody's friend and so as a pro life as a Catholic people we absolutely mourn for the 26 people at the school and for the shooters mom but I'm a big believer that if we don't also mourn for that man's life that is lost and pray for him and pray for his soul and so that's why we didn't just have the 26 or we didn't just have 27 we had 28 candles Justin just to remember everything that happened two weeks ago in Connecticut so stepping back and looking at that that was our that was our we didn't have a lot of flowers we didn't have it was it was simple we were going for simplicity we did have a crucifix the the crucifix that we process in with for our mass we brought in and set to the side I'm just for a different you know a little different visual say in your own thinking space is what exactly absolutely on our monthly holy hours that we have with youth group we are in the church we use the regular altar we use everything that's that's there this just because of needing the space for the video for needing the space and not needing not wanting to be in pews we tell the kids to bring we always put me even though you're not sleeping you I want to bring a sleeping bag or blankets and so they sit I put chairs out and within like 30 seconds of the kids being there the chairs were all pushed to the side and they are in their blankets there because there kneeling or there or there laying face down in front of Lord and they don't want to do that on the social hall floor they want to you know have a little blanket so it's a little cleaner so it's it was really it was really it again I set it up oh this is how it's gonna be look at how pretty this no they just came and wiped it out and that's where they were and if they wanted to be closer to the altar during the time they went closer they wanted to back up they backed up things that you sometimes can't do when there's pubes that are attached to that so that's it was it was an open space again you know we talked about wood so we had we had a few chairs we had the video screen and that was it with the exception of my computer cart and speaker for the music there was nothing else in that room which allowed space for again not you know liturgical dance but for for freely dancing as as we worshiped the Lord before you know we have some some very deeply spiritual kids who you know pray and in a much more charismatic kinda way and receive some of those some of those gifts and you know so we had some space in the back or we could pray with one another and we could pray over one another and and that kind of stuff that again if we were in the church the church proper to sit in the pews with kneelers that that may not have worked which is why we moved it into the social hall it's it's an interesting thing obviously that the church is is obviously constructed in such a way as to draw attention to liturgy right and while there is a liturgical principle to you cursing a duration that it comes from the liturgy and there is a kind of a Liturgy of the word and there are prescribed norms for the celebration of worship of Holy Communion outside of mass but there is still that that openness that freedom within the rubrics themselves to to pray how a community would pray whether that be silent or a rosary or the devotions everything wrap so I think it's really cool that you you know how you kind of point that out I think for me you know adorations pretty simple you just you need a space you need a time and I think it's also like you mentioned really important to catechized about a duration in some way shape or form talk about what we're doing while we're doing it and also I think give them parameters and give direction like this is okay this isn't if you want to come closer to the altar that is okay great um if you're not into this right now that's okay I just asking to be respectful we only have about 20 some kids on average and so when we've done a duration we were in the big church and actually it worked out as an advantage in our case because it allowed me to say everybody spread out late anyway like I don't want you handler near each other and they yeah and actually we played that to our advantage so if you're in a situation that maybe you're stuck with a big church use it to your advantage and tell them to separate themselves the other thing too is lighting and I'm sure you were you know mindful of this is you know if you're in a big church you don't need to put all the lights on because really it shows everybody like hey look how much room there is here just put some ultra lights on and and the minimal amount of lights that you need and that can be very helpful too so I mean those are some some pointers that I try to keep in mind when I'm playing for a duration I think something that that we really you know we work on each time again is is if we need to actively catechized our kids every time we have a duration yeah you know and no matter if it's your first time we had we had one student there last night who is that it was preparing to be confirmed we confirm in eighth grade he's in 11th grade so he's you know preparing to you know be confirmed so he's never been to something like this so to be able to explain it in a way that he got yet everybody else got something out of it as well and in in talking about the things that we need to remember how do we you know how do we enter and leave the room when the buses sacrament is exposed how do we how do we act in this room yes there are times of the night where we are going to have a discussion there are times of the night where we are going to be praying with one another and we might need to share hey can you pray for me because ms y and z and those conversations in this sacred space are fine talking about what you got for christmas needs to be in the in the break room and that's something that i had kind of forgotten to mention the other the only other area of the church that we use is the the kitchen in our other social hall which is down the hall we have quite a few 20-minute half hour breaks throughout the night because you do need that obviously uh blessed sacrament is never left alone in the social hall we have quiet music playing during that time but in that in that break time there's snacks there's coffee there's food there's drinks and that's a chance that the lights are totally on they are bright so you can wake up a little bit and it gives the kids just an opportunity to be loud to giggle to socialize before they come back in and enter that sacred space um so that that's that's very important especially you know when you get to that two thirty three o'clock time frame you know and when we talk to our kids I said think about them who else in your circle of friends is doing what you're doing tonight they might be stayin up watching a movie they might be staying up playing video games but no one is doing what you're doing right now and it is a sacrifice and it does take determination it does take okay you know what I could I could I could close my eyes standing up and fall asleep on that tire but I need to be able to push through and so if you need to go splash some water on your face if you need to down a cup of coffee to stay awake we're going to do those things so that what happen in that sacred space remains powerful remains focused on board a man man very good man i appreciate your time thanks for talking to us a little bit absolutely is there anything else the final words on a duration that you want to throw out there um and it might be my biggest thing we talked about it before um it keep it simple sometimes i would i would much rather you get your kids in front of the Blessed Sacrament and and if it's quiet or if you need to play a CD and then then not do it because you feel like I don't have a worship leader or oh I don't I don't have this I don't have that Jesus works with a whole lot less than we are able to bring to him the times that we feel like we have we have nothing to offer Jesus Jesus can work miracles with less than even what we have to offer so get your kids in front of the Blessed Sacrament and and it's advice for me as well shut up and get out of the way bring them to Jesus and and and great things will happen amen amen so Sean Patrick Malloy again youth minister Sean air in Lititz Pennsylvania also a speaker worship leader as well you can check them out at Sean Patrick Malloy calm is that right that's correct you can find him on Twitter Sean Pat Malloy right that's right and Facebook Sean Patrick Malloy is a Facebook page right correct yes you are all over the place good sir so once you go ahead and close this out with a nice prick absolutely name of the Father inside of the Holy Spirit amen heavily five god we love you we praise You God would give you glory on this day god I just personally want to thank you for for the things that you did last night for the things that you worked in our young people and God I just I pray that through projects like like this podcast through projects like things that time is working on and that so many of our friends are working on God that and that more young people might come to know you more people might come to know you and love you in in the Blessed Sacrament that they might come to you freely and openly and realize that every time that you are that you are there with us that that a miracle is happening in the we are that we are a part of heaven meeting earth God we just ask your blessing on us as youth ministers we ask your blessing on us as volunteers we ask your blessing on us as a mom or a dad who's listening to this podcast a guy we just we thank you so much for challenging us with this responsibility of bringing christ to your young people and we ask your blessing and mother mary we love you we thank you for showing us the perfect example of how to love your son and so we just ask your intercession and all that we do Jesus name we pray amen father son Holy Spirit amen praise Him thank you very much sir certainly thank you

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