Planning Adoration for Youth - Catholic Youth Ministry Hangouts

Planning Adoration for Youth – Catholic Youth Ministry Hangouts

I've welcome to the Catholic youth mystery podcast my name is Tom lelio i'm here today with mr. Sean Patrick Malloy from Lititz Pennsylvania up north where it's nice and snowy right now as I sit in sunny Florida how you doing Shawn very good time thank you how are you I I'm doing well I'm doing well like I said it's a nice to be in Florida this time of year no I'm sure I'm sure we're getting about four more inches of snow tomorrow morning so it'll be good word yeah well uh let's let's begin with a prayer before we jump into the interview all right name the father son Holy Spirit amen dear Jesus we praise and thank you for this day for the opportunity come before you and to just talk about what it means to bring teams closer to you and through the sacrament of the Eucharist we pray that the Holy Spirit would guide our conversation and help it to be like well not just for us as brothers just to bounce some ideas off one another but for anyone else who might be listening both now and in the future Holy Mother Mary rep your mental protection protection again around us and and got our conversation yes this all in Jesus Holy Name Amen boom son square amen all right so as I mentioned this is sean patrick Malloy and he's a youth minister up in Lititz Pennsylvania and she'll want you tell us a little about yourself just like what's your youth ministry like what's your parish like how long you been there what's your average you know weekly attendance give us a little background so we can better understand where this event springs out of all right lititz is a very very protestant very evangelical kind of town we have 34 34 churches in our tiny little town one of us is Catholic we have about 1300 families in our parish I have been a member here since I was two so working here has the blessings and the challenges of working in a church that you grew up in dealing with people who remember you when you were four and all the stupid stuff you did when you were a kid and now trying to be the adult and be the professional in this parish um but it's also a blessing just because i get to worship and lead and do all this stuff where where every major part of my spiritual life happened and that's pretty cool I've been here working as a youth minister for just over seven years and we are our ministry is um it is is much bigger obviously than it was when I first started obviously because we got there you see ya average weekly attendance right now I I mean now that fall sports are done we have fewer people that do winter activities so we get pry between twenty to thirty kids each week we meet actually only on Wednesdays we used to meet on Sundays and Wednesdays and about two years ago we canceled the Sundays when only two wednesdays our numbers almost tripled and a really cool thing is because we went from two nights to one we decided let's extend our hours and give the kids more of an opportunity we are within walking distance of one of the high schools the biggest population of kids we get go to that high school and so we decided let's just open our doors at three fifteen when school closes so every wednesday our room is open from 315 till nine which is kind of crazy it's crazy to get the adults it's crazy yeah my question thinking uh um you know it's it's a long time but what I love about it is that we give the kids who have an evening activity on Wednesday the opportunity to still come and be with their friends in the afternoon to still come and have some type of Jesus you know be it through the music be it through our discussion or just the fact that they're here in the church building on a day that it's not here for Sunday Mass kind of thing so we do about two two and a half hours to just hang out relax we've we've got games we have a we we have the kids are doing homework that kind of stuff we have a different like a poor team member who organizes all of our dinners so we have a different parent that provides dinner each week during the dinner hour we will take the this coming Sunday's gospel and as we're eating we are diving into the word and just trying to meditate on this coming sunday school so that when we get to church on Sunday it's not the first time that we've heard it a little bit of break after dinner and then our what whether you call it a life night or the the real meat you're actually a group meeting part runs from about seven to nine and then we try to kick the kids out so I can go home and see my wife yeah so it's it's a it's a pretty it's a pretty cool program it's constantly changing and adapting we're at a time now where we're kind of in that that phase where we know 2013 is a great chance to take a step back and look and see what we can do differently I think our time schedule is always going to remain the same now just we've fallen into that we like what happens on wednesdays and because i don't know what your parish is like but but here the majority of the kids we do have those few kids where youth group is their one and only social event that they do in per week but we also have a majority of our kids who are involved in every other possible activity from scouts to sports tube and two other church events to that kind of stuff and so we didn't want to take them away from their families for a second night which is when I ansel the sunday night portion of our of our week so it's been a pretty cool um have no idea what this year is gonna bring us I'm I have some idea because I plan but uh not sometimes I play with the spirit yeah exactly exactly nice well Charlotte let's let's hop right into it um tell me a little bit about this event that you just had coming to behave adoration you're you know you're coming right off of it um did what six o'clock this morning right o'clock this morning yeah I got got home a little after seven-thirty after being awake for 26 hours and took a little nap and came back in yeah all night adoration started a good friend of mine art bammer he's now the associate director spiritual life at lancaster catholic high school art when he was in Paris youth ministry at seven sorrows in middletown PA this event stemmed from just a night that they got together with their youth group after the events of 911 I think they they had a retreat plan that they cancelled because of everything that was going on and a week or two later the kids just really put it out there that we just need to be together and praying during this time and so the very first one I was not a part of I was actually in high school at that time and he it it was really just a night of prayer later on in the year they were asked to do it again and that's when i first started getting involved i was asked to come play some music and at that point they really it it it took off it had a little more structure it was not just hey let's just get together and pray because we need to pray let's have a theme let's out of focus um so as as they progressed sometimes they would be in the fall sometimes they would be in the spring we when I started here at st. James we had the space here art had left his job at the parish and went into campus ministry wanted to continue this and so art and I put a pooling our resources together me having the location that we could use and then and being able to sing and play in the night and art really kind of being our spiritual leadership throughout the night and and having some priests come in to hear confessions throughout the night or or or to just give a talk and has has really just evolved into this really cool whole night we we've actually gone about two years without having it schedules just not just you know life sometimes gets in the way and we weren't able to do it and so the kids had actually requested it and actually last night only one person was there last night who had ever been to an event like this before this is unbelievable this is all new people which was really neat how many students you have so we just just I'm just under 20 kids just under 20 kids and for four adults that were there the whole night so it was a we really made a change when we used to do it we used to always do it like a saturday Saturday night into Sunday and so we would go to five o'clock mass eat dinner right after five o'clock mass and then expose the Blessed Sacrament at seven and pray throughout the night and then and then our priest would come back in the morning about 6 45 we do benediction and then we would be done this year we decided you know these kids are so busy they've got so much going on but being up all night and then trying to get some sleep on Sunday and transition back into the regular school schedule on monday didn't always work out for the kids and so we tried to do it over winter break this year so they um you know I I'm sure that probably half the kids are still at home sleeping and I'm not gotten up yet and that's great because yeah maybe some of them have to have a job or a rehearsal or something like that but they're not having to jump right back into school they are able to go home and have a little bit more relaxation time now can-can students come and go as they please oh if you sign up you have to be there our time the only thing that they can do is is come late okay once they are there especially just security purposes you know and and kids with kids driving and that kind of stuff you know if you have an event and you can't be there till midnight well obviously if you're going to come and stay please come but it is not a coming go the only people who would come and go are the adults some who some who say the whole night some who you know I'm gonna be there until midnight and then my wife's gonna come take over watch out so it's always that once the kids are there they are there until breakfast the next morning and they then they go home so what do you do exactly they walk me through in a minute by minute hour by hour and you know short amount of time right now this is this is something that you know everyone has different views on worship at differing views on how we should act and behave in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament the biggest thing that I try to get across right away to our young people when we're saying come to all night adoration is that no we are not going to be in the church on our knees from 9pm till 6am in quiet silent prayer that would not happen we actually we actually don't even go in to the church we have excuse me we we set up a side altar in our in our small social hall it's a big enough space for us that are there but it's small enough that it's not in that we're not in the church and there were only 15 17 people in this massive church alright a little more intimate and throughout the night and we have different sections and everything that we do in the night takes place in the presence of the buses a clue so while we are one of our focuses last night was the enormity of God and how we shouldn't limit him Louie Giglio is a pastor of passion city church where Chris Tomlin and David Crowder and those guys all lead worship and he has two videos out once called indescribable and once called how great is our God and their videos of his sermons during chris tomlin's tours and it talks in science astronomy all that kind of stuff it talks about here we are on earth thinking that we are the center of the universe thinking that we are so big and so important and then it takes us out and it uses space technology and all those kind of things so we we used those two videos last night so we what we had was we had our altar and then just a few feet away we had a video screen where the girls would good is is let me just see if I can share this with you is this I just want to see if I got the right one here um he's do that nicely about 40 minutes long yeah it's about 40 minutes on up here yeah okay that one that one is a great one and if you're going to use this video this how great is our God video i really recommend getting a pack of golf balls either like the plastic could practice ones or or you know i get cheap ones that are like they find in the bottom of a you know a lake or something to clean them off we can we give them out in this video louis compares if the earth were a golf ball this is how big this galaxy is how big this or that is and so as the kids are sitting there holding the golf ball they are they're realizing just how you know if the earth was a golf ball this galaxy would be you know two times the size of the Golden Gate Bridge kind of thing and it really it really just puts it into perspective you know here's this golf ball find yourself on it where are you on that golf ball and thinking that we are so important and so big and then looking at at all that God has has done what we used last night was was just just the fact that we have a God who has no limits we have a God that um you know totally just opened his mouth and there was there was life and there was light and that's the other one there with him in the blue shirt there this one the part 10 55 e I don't know if you could find th