Positive Happy News Stories/Clips To Get You Through The Week #2 2017

Positive Happy News Stories/Clips To Get You Through The Week #2 2017

shit gonna do she's like is that my child did it flip out Oh as week two inmates made the news after killing two corrections officers in leading police on a nationwide manhunt now another group of Georgia inmates making headlines tonight this time for saving a deputy's life in polk county 11alive debra tough explains what happened there's a mechanist where here was our weed and touch up his graves for a Father's Day a weekly work detail at this Polk County cemetery last Monday couple essentially dangerous turn the time out of nowhere as I kept there we worked with him and he seems fine the detail officer watching this group of six inmates passed out when your son was right with after saying he did not feel well even telling the inmates where his phone was in case something happened and sure enough something did I have to look up my things the house you're going he was going to his knees in the spot right behind him and when I seen him going down I was like I said hey yeah I was one of the ones that actually ran back and got somebody else and acted quickly he had his face down he was breathing little heart or whatever and so we went over there and we turned him over make sure he was okay making split-second possibly life-changing decisions first we took his gun belt off and let his gun belt to the side and Emily pulled his best part now I figure we better take it off in case I did CPR on something like that because he was in bashing they found his phone in his pocket and dialed 911 he wasn't really breathing then when he start breathing breathing right just real Haven real face his belt with gun cellphones and County van all within the inmates reach anything could have been doing anything could have happened but all the right things happen and that's what makes the that whole dangerous was better even though they wear stripes and he wears a badge they really stepped up in a time of crisis and showed that they care about my officers at that moment the officer they consider family was hurting when that happened in my opinion it wasn't about who was who was in jail who wouldn't it was about you know man was going down we had to hit him the good news the officer will be okay sheriff smokes says he's been taken off of work detail because quite frankly the temperatures are just way too hot from Polk County Debra tough 11alive had everything yes come on [Laughter] Oh [Applause] [Applause] across America someone has been busy desecrating graves in Jewish cemeteries phoning in bomb threats to Jewish community centers and institutions leaving swastikas in public places they hope to instill fear we've not been immune to it in North Texas the search for the still unknown perpetrators continues they hide because they know what they're doing is wrong against the things for which this country no matter what your race or gender or sexual preference purports to stand they hide because they have no backbone and we all know what to expect from men and women with no backbone then we'll walk they slither so it is with these folks spitting their venom from the shadows from beneath the rocks and inside the crevices in which they hope to hide among us and create a wedge between us if ever there was a time for every Church in mosque in America every temple and house of worship for that matter every agnostic and atheist to stand together in unwavering support of our fellow citizens who are Jewish it is now to send a message that fear mongers have no power here that while we are different in some ways what binds us are certain beliefs certain principles of equality fair treatment and justice principles which quite clearly fear mongers do not share right this is not a kumbaya moment it is a stand up and show some courage moment they let your children see what you believe moment a teaching moment an opportunity to say and show every member the next generation of Americans what we do believe what we won't accept you can comment on Facebook look for wfaa-tv so far you're doing pretty good because all you guys $50 and now you have four parking tickets are you talking about the most recent one most recent ones right all right I went on under Nissan yeah the one on eleven one I went to Social Security because they had cut my check because I said was easily killed last year so they got my check Lizzy had old money who my son was killed bosses last year right so I was in rough day so they took my money because he had old buddy so I had to go to Social Security to six that matter when I came out my I had a ticket then another time on the fifth the parking meter wasn't working I have the picture for that on one foot I was at court because my landlord was shining evict me so that eviction court come on I got a ticket mind you he won possession of the apartment so I had to move so I got a ticket he want possession of the apartment then I get another one because I tried to go to the legal services to try to get help to fix this I go get some change out of Dunkin Donuts come out I got $100 ticket what was the accident what was the situation with the mix-up and Social Security with you son my son was killed last year March of last year they said that he old $75 of overpayments from May of 2016 mind you he was already deceased at that time so what they did was they stopped my whole check until I went in there to fix the problem so when I came out I had a pocket all right I've had a tough year already I really I'm on SSDI I don't have four dollars to give you I talk to whatever else I really do I just had to come up with money for a new apartment I'm still paying rustling boy for my son's funeral like I don't know where this my supposed to come from I wish I would have got my brother that night if you want to kill my blood that's why I can't good I'm just really having a tough time here rather I think we can all express a sympathy to you and understand the trauma that you have experienced I'm still going back to what the core for that it's going is I'm going to take all the circumstances that you just have explained to me into consideration and see if I can balance the equities to protect the interest of the city and take into consideration you know the horrific story that you just told us relative to your son I don't think anyone in their lifetime would ever want to experience that so the worst feeling in the world I feel so empty well I'm going to reduce this to $50 how much time do you need to pay it I have to tell me that all right that's not going to leave without any money is it I'll leave it with $5 thank you I'm not gonna leave you with $5 I'm not gonna leave I'm gonna dismiss everything thank you all right with our best wishes and hope that things turn around good for you okay good luck to you good luck she stopped the bus and saw a five-year-old boy wandering around wearing only a pair of shorts in 20-degree weather she says she picked him up and took him across the street to a gas station where someone gave him her shirt surveillance video shows she then brought him on the bus to keep him warm until police could arrive she covered him with her coat and gave him something to eat police say the boy got out of his house and the whole incident was just an accident but the city is still commending Wilson for the kindness she showed the child until he was able to find his way home for Inside Edition dot-com I'm Merrill Montalbano I take that moso Nino and this little coat a little strep throat a little cold maybe some influenza I'm not even sure what's going on Chad Myers has even called him in here this is so big I tell you you never call me in when there's actually good weather you always bring me in when there's something bad to talk about on a three Punxsutawney Phil may have been right for once hey dad happy Thanksgiving happy Thanksgiving I grab the short drumstick and Here I am I'll give it to you yeah welcome to New York and then they work me to death yes when I was six I did get clothes in my stocking medallions had to look like a cross between a house cat and it's teddy bear my wife already wants one Oh No would you go with your wife with a marriage counselor they go to Florida and they like it my parents were down there for quite some time I was in Detroit and they would laugh at me all the time I would do but bring in Chad Myers now the big thing is I look at you you're crying though this is a very strong storm Anderson Chad Myers thanks but check in with Susan Hendricks at 360 at Village you live to UM that and the silver lander touches down on land it becomes a tornado you've been paying attention


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