Positive Thinking Podcast #003 – Shift your Paradigm
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Positive Thinking Podcast #003 – Shift your Paradigm

welcome back my friends to the positive
thinking podcast i’m allen ray and today we’re going to be talking about paradigm
ok paradigm shift sometimes we have to let go of certain things in our lives
the old ways of thinking right certain ways of thinking certain people people
can be a huge part of it and we have to let go of in to make room for what we do
want for what we truly want you see let’s talk a little bit about paradigm
No so a paradigm is a set of ideas it’s a way of looking at something how about
life how about the way we look at life how about the way we look at others how
about the way we look at our own existence
these are all things that they are going to be the way they are they’re going to
exist they’re gonna keep going the way that they go but we can change our
experience of it we can change our life we can change our mindsets we can change
the way we see everything and by doing so what we can bring into our own life
into our own existence can be a wonderful wonderful world
because that’s what we see it is because it’s what we create you are in control
you are in control I said it before I’ll say it again if you don’t control your
mind someone else will some people don’t think they have a purpose they say they
say I don’t have a purpose they say nobody has a purpose that’s the way that
they see it and because that’s how they see it unfortunately it’s true they
don’t have a purpose they don’t have something they believe in like that it
doesn’t mean that you can fulfill what’s gonna hold you back from having a
purpose the only purpose we’re going to have is what we determine it to be
others may not agree with it they don’t have to they’re not in control of you in
your life they’re not in control of you and your mindset they’re not in control
of your purpose only you are if you think that you want to have a
purpose but you say I just don’t know what it is
ask yourself what would you like to see what would
you like to see in the world what would you like to see with others going on in
their lives in their worlds what would you like to see and then ask yourself
what can I do to send this out what can I do to see this
and by asking ourselves these questions we can we can start realizing hey I
think I know what I want my purpose to be and just because you set one doesn’t
mean that that’s necessarily going to be your purpose for it for good for
eternity right nothing stays the same forever things always change things
always shift Hey so do we write our paradigm we have paradigm shifts we
never want to be going down though we never want to be going down I was
talking to a friend of mine and we actually came up with this analogy
together it was amazing it was amazing it was let’s say we’re going along this
line of life and then situations come about things
problems arise whatever make whatever comes into your life that you don’t have
to deal with how are you going to respond to it because you can respond to
it a positive way or a negative way or a it doesn’t even have to be positive or
negative but let’s leave it let’s leave it binary so you can choose this way or
that way right one of two ways one way it’s gonna take you up the other one’s
gonna take you down how are you responding to things in your life so
often the situations that we’re in the difficulties that we face we allow them
to control our decision-making we allow them to control our paradigm
and we feel that we’re not in control of our paradigm but we are you are you are
in control of the way you think about things of the way you see things of what
you consider important in your life of who you consider important in your life
and again part of the paradigm shift it’s always going to involve
getting certain people out of your life look think about the people that are the
most important to you think about the people whose whose mindset whose
mindsets influence you that of your own right think about your best friends the
people whose opinions matter the most to you and then ask yourself say say where
are they at in this life game and say should I value their opinions as much as
I do a lot of times you’ll find that your closest friends you’ll find that
even possibly your family you’ll there will be things that you really believe
in and you want to work towards but they may not they may not see it the way you
do because they’re in a completely different paradigm and unknowingly
people may try to hold you back unknowingly because everyone we all have
our own paradigm that we’re in and then what we do is we want to see others make
choices and go on a path that aligns with what we see them doing and want
them to do doesn’t mean you have to do that though it’s up to you it’s your
choice it’s your life it’s your your choices your decisions you are the
master of your reality claim that freedom claim that
nothing can stop you when you’re willing to educate yourself on a certain subject
whatever it is you want to do you educate yourself we’ll get into that no
time though we’re starting trying to get off track a little bit I I digress weird
out my paradigm I love this stuff I love this stuff so yeah sometimes you do have
to get rid of certain people in your life people that will hold you back and
it may not even be malicious of them they may not intentionally be trying to
hold you back but they have their ideas of what they want to see from you and
what they want to see you do and if what you believe in
if what you firmly believe in they don’t see they don’t understand a lot of times
there’s a lack of understanding if people don’t really understand you how
can they really believe in what you believe in and encourage you right
I was laying in bed the other night and I was thinking about I was thinking
about time I like to think about timeline and how there’s the present the
future the past I know that um there’s a lot of talk now about the now right the
now moment Eckhart Tolle right I I haven’t so I haven’t studied too much of
his stuff but I familiar with his idea other than now and I like it I like it
because I was thinking about this the other night about how the future is just
it’s imaginary it hasn’t happened yet okay and by the time it does happen it’s
not going to be the future anymore it’s gonna be the now and the past so for so
often we let things from our past affect us and just hold us back but the past is
gone the past doesn’t exist anymore it’s the past you will never escape this
moment right now no matter what you do no matter how you try you’ll never leave
this moment that you exist in right now for this now is eternal so when you
think of a change that you want to make into your life but you want to bring
into your life and I say this as someone who has struggled for a long time living
in the future always thinking about the future always trying to plan always
trying to say how will this work and I’m not saying that planning does not come
into a in a play here it does but we could not strictly live in the future
thinking about the future always focus on the future now there’s no better time
than now to get things done there’s no better time than now we want to conquer
predict procrastination right I know procrastinations a huge been a huge
issue for me for a long time getting a lot better at it though by taking action in the nail you want to
shift your paradigm and shift your paradigm in the nail if you need to get
your phone out you need to go through your phone you need to delete certain
people you do what you need to do because you are the master of your life
you aren’t in control of it there are outside sources that will want control
of you that will want you to do certain things
that will want you to feel certain ways but they’re not in control of you you
are you are that that mind that you have the mindset the mind most powerful thing
most powerful thing ever use it use it to the best of your
ability and hone in on that ability and improve that ability your ability to
control your thoughts choosing what you think about I tell you
what before we wrap this up here and I’m kind of going I want to tell you that
I’m going to I’m going to create a template like I did on the last episode
and this one’s going to be about this was going to be about our paradigm I’m
going to put a few questions on there I want you to answer those questions I
want you to download this I want to send it to you I want you to download it I
want you to answer those questions and then I want you to read through it and I
want you to say hmm how is this affecting my paradigm because I’m gonna
have questions on there maybe uh say whose opinion of you is the most
important to you right who are you who are you communicating with the most
because the people that we choose to communicate with they’ll have an effect
on us there’s an old saying the five people you spend the most time with
you’re the average of them you’re somewhere in between where they are
and you’ll never what is there’s another one – you’ll never soar with the Eagles
if you stay with the slithering with a snake something like that yeah or crabs
in the bucket crabs in the bucket mentality right
it’s powerful stuff as powerful stuff well do you want to shift your paradigm
now I’m gonna ask you are you ready to shift your paradigm if you won’t – I’ll
tell you what I started shifting my paradigm maybe about almost two years
ago almost 2 years ago and I’ve I’ve come a long way from from where I was
previously and how I see things how I believe how I how I achieve everything
it’s amazing hey if you’re ready to shift your
paradigm I believe in you to the fullest okay yeah let me know love to hear from
you with that having been said I’ll see you all on the next one all right I’ll
see you very soon until next time I’m Alan right this is the positive thinking
podcast I will see you also soon take care of my friends


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