Prius???  STOP you are getting ripped off!!! (Proof in decription)

Prius??? STOP you are getting ripped off!!! (Proof in decription)

okay this isn't going to be a happy video guys ha um well it's not bad for me I don't own a Prius um I got some paper here with some math on it and then it fucking blows my mind it hurts it hurts my head actually I don't understand how anybody can buy a fucking Prius really you have to be a fucking specialized student that fails fucking first grade math it's fucking oh okay anyway let me just get to the numbers and I'm going to explain to you why if you see anybody in your family or anybody period that buys a fucking Prius or any other hybrid for that fucking matter um you should just smack the shit out of them like like just fucking wet the back your hand and smack the shit out of them back hand all right so anyways I went online I can't did to comparable vehicles I could have done more but it's like once you hear the numbers it's gonna be a fucking waste of time so uh I had brand new Prius right-hander our showroom floor and a brand new Ford Focus with you know they're not exact but roughly the same options you know with never this or that or whatever the fuck i built them the same alright so the fucking the prius right the prius are not fully fully loaded i left some options out you know whatever um but we got it at thirty thousand eight hundred bucks before tax all these numbers i'm leaving out maintenance fees i'm leaving out tax i'm leaving out um shit i'm leaving out incentives because some some of these other cars have incentives that would have made it even worse so i'm just doing base MSRP ok check it out 30 thousand eight hundred bucks for the Prius okay don't sound so bad really I guess right it gets 51 miles a gallon I guess it seats four and a half people comfortably so that's that then we got the Ford Focus sedan and this sedan with the same options and stuff was uh i'll just round it up even call it twenty thousand dollars right so the focus gets 40 miles a gallon and i can attest to that because i have a sedan a base model sedan and gets 39 40 miles a gallon most the time when i'm cruising so that's fine now the difference is 11,000 160 bucks right that's a lot of fucking money when you think you're only getting 11 miles a gallon better like oh that's not so I get 11 miles of key lime better i mean just fucking awesome rang i I'll save all kinds of fucking money ok let me just show you how ignorant these motherfuckers are so I did it twice I did the entire math at three dollars and fifty cents and I did the entire man that six hours of fucking gallon okay so I had thirty thousand thirty thousand miles the difference in cost of gas between the two cars is a less than six hundred dollars okay at 350 a gallon so you'll save about will call it 600 bucks you save driving the prius for 30,000 miles ok at three bucks a gallon now i had a six bucks a gallon you save about a thousand right that's all sounds great you know all I saved a thousand bucks fuck yeah you forgot your still upside down by eleven thousand dollars so that thousand you saved now you're only upside down ten grand still got a lot of catching up to do right so let's jump ahead here I don't want to make this take forever right 150,000 miles you think oh yeah I should get that shit that money back right fuck no you're retarded you know I 150,000 miles at 350 a gallon you saved 2831 dollars for driving the prius how many of you keep your car for 150,000 miles how many of you plan on driving to fucking prius 150,000 miles maybe I taxi drivers and fuck chauffeurs and all this other bullshit but normal human being I'm gonna do that right so you're like oh what about six dollars again we're going there anyways 4854 dollars 4854 dollars so that means you're you take the 11,000 160 u- to the 4850 four dollars and you're still upside down I'm fucking shit ton I fucking six grand dude like doesn't make any sense so you were like oh so when are we going to start saving money right I'll give you the exact mileage if you were driving in three three dollars and fifty cents a gallon for the entire time you own the vehicle to break even to make it to where the focus costs the same as a Prius you're not even saving money yet just to break even you talk of 590 1310 fucking miles fucking retarded all of you that own a fucking Prius should just fucking off yourself you're retarded do some math take a fucking calculator to the dealer use your fuckin brain goddamn and I have to watch all you dumb mother fuckers drive 60 in the HOV Lane for those of you that don't have HOV lanes it's a fucking carpool lane driving 60 and fucking 70 mile an hour zone why oh we're serving the planet get the fuck out here I'm gonna have a link down below that shows that even building and getting rid of a hybrid car is worse for the fucking environment than a normal car I'm sure somebody's already done a video on this but god damn it it just pisses me off and these assholes have the nerve to warp saving gas at what cost you're paying eleven thousand dollars more even if I got a fully loaded civic I mean focus it would still be you know uh even if I bumped it another five grand with options like craziness you're still going to have to drive around like two hundred eighty thousand miles what the fuck is going to do that in a Prius before it breaks before you have to put the five thousand dollar replacement batteries then in the last five to seven years fucking idiots man so that if gas was six bucks a gallon for the entire time you drove this car right six dollars a gallon from the day you bought it to the day you fucking soul it you would still need to drive 344,000 870 miles to break fucking even to break even how long do you think it would take to do that by the time you even hit that mileage you're gonna need the new batteries and there are you back in the hole again five grand for some fucking batteries what all you guys think about this hybrid shit I mean I can do another video and I can compile a whole list of cars and just give you data and then you guys can point out to these idiots that they're buying bullshit oh it's ridiculous bottom line is if you see a dude in a Prius you see chicken a Prius ask him if they graduated high school just do that don't even if they ask you why you want to know don't even fucking reply because apparently they're too goddamn stupid to do some simple math this is this is fuck in second grade math adds add subtract divide multiply that's it I can't even do that again oh it's good for the environment anyways let me know what you think like subscribe share ah fucking comment the shit out of this share this shit bad because these motherfuckers are dumb if you know anybody looking for a Prius on the fuck off smack the shit out of them do something oh yeah anyways until next time stay in your garage and wrench on


  • Airmanmx1

    Universal technical institute also claims Prius are a ripoff. The resources cost to make a battery costs more than the fuel using car in carbon print. Most Prius will use 2-3 batteries during its lifetime. That comes from the most reputable automotive academy in United States

  • HappyListener50

    Update on my Toyota Prius Four Lift Back, thanks to all the money our 2013 Prii saves us, my husband and I paid off our car notes December of 2015. Yahoo!!. We are happily living debt free and stress free. I love my 2013 Prius Lift Back and my husband enjoys his 2013 Prius V(wagon), which are paying for themselves. Zero problems. Easy maintenance. Best cars we have ever owned. Considering there are Prii taxi cabs with more than 500,000 miles, zero issues and still running strong on their original batteries, our Prii will outlast us. Waahoo!!. Enjoy the journey everyone.

  • romario mendez

    Well jokes on you my dad got his pre owned for 16k not only that but it was a virgin with only 300 miles used… And when he drives he is crazyyy

  • chris gruel

    Hey, i watch your video and I think your going by numbers now. Which I agree with you. In the future when hybrids been around the numbers should go down because there will be after marketers trying to make their own brand of car parts. That right there you see prices to go down. Hybrids are still new.

  • Winnipeg Cutting Edge Cutlery

    right or wrong Totally appreciate the rant, adds a more entertaining spin to the topic. and the page of comments below gave me half an hour of entertainment, a much better read than the papers funny pages. I do have to point out though comparing a Prius "C" to the same sized equally equipped Toyota yaris (same make same reliability) is where you see a fair comparison. as you did before tax freight shipping PDI etc etc etc.
    Prius C $21,205  Yaris $20,255  and the Yaris has a 4-Speed, Automatic, Super Electronically Controlled Transmission , the Prius C has a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT)  and Transmission alone  the Corolla with a 4 speed auto transmission compared to the same corolla with CVTi-S is $1,325 more. the price difference does not only reflect the Hybrid addition, there are other differences

  • Keenan Chu

    Make another video!! I REALLY want to see you do that math because you're just sooooo good at it!  But, this time, compare the same car.. ie Honda Accord EX vs. Honda Accord Hybrid. 

  • Roman

    EH, brand new prius is pretty overpriced. But you can get a 2007 Prius with 80k miles or so for only $9,000, at which point annual gas savings would catch up in 4 years to a similar Civic @ $7,500.

  • 482lost

    You used the wrong mileage. Highway for the Prius is 48, City is 51, at least for the 2013 model anyway, which uses 294 gallons per 15000 miles. None the less, I did the math for my car and I'd save about $1099 for every 9,300 miles I drive per year if I had chosen to buy a Prius. And yes, I converted that 294g/15k miles over to 182g/9300 miles. The car I have now gets about 18mpg and uses 520 gallons per 9300 miles per year(or $1690 per year) and it's a 2013 Hyundai Accent with a tiny 1.6l engine. The reason? I use it to deliver newspapers to about 170 houses. Takes about 2 hours, each stop lasts for about a minute and a half on average.

    Still much better of a driving environment than LA, or even NYC where it takes almost an hour to go a couple miles in dense traffic from JFK International to the Holland Tunnel with many long stops and starts. That environment is where hybrids shine. Traveling on mostly highways at 45+ mph at a consistent pace for the life of the car, a hybrid is kind of pointless as you've shown with the math. But that's assuming everyone who buys it does so for the gas savings only.

  • CmaxEnergi

    I can't listen long enough for you to even get to the whole point of the video due to your atrocious language, even if it is a rant.

  • turtletrade

    Bought a used one for $7k, best car I've ever owned, basic maintenance only, checked out by mechanics: all systems go, can double as an electric generator for my home (I didn't believe that either until I googled it), and an air conditioned mosquito free place to sleep when traveling (ac runs on the battery not on engine torque so the car only turns on when the batteries call for a charge: 1 minute run every 20 or so minutes, 1 gallon of gas used overnight) and it gets 50mpg. Maybe the math is bad when you buy it new, but this used one is the best car deal I've ever had.

  • Neal Valero

    Hey I really like that you pointed out these facts because I'm about 6 months out from making a purchase on a new commuter car, mine is 17yrs out dated. In a year or two I want to upgrade the wife's car too so I really have to crunch lot of numbers to make that possible. I was looking at the best mpg I can get with some kind of cargo capacity.
    Again, thanks for saving me a lot of time because I started looking at the Prius.
    One small thing though, when you want your points to come across, you can do that better without the street language my friend. After many years of using them myself I've discovered those words actually do not help at all.

  • HappyListener50

    FYI everyone. Watch "How I Fell in Love with a Prius" video right here on You Tube. Green Cab of Madison is building statistics with the Prius. They only use Prii in their fleet of cabs. Green Cab has 5 Prii right now with more than 450,000 miles on them and going strong. Demonstrating the Prius' longevity and battery life. As far as the Prius' reliability and low maintenance cost, none of us will use our cars like a cab will use their car. We won't have that many passengers. We're not going to run our cars 23 out of 24 hours a day with an hour of maintenance, then go back out onto the road. Green Cab does this all year long and all through the winter. They do 10 to 15,000 miles per month, per vehicle. You and I maybe do 10 to 15,000 miles in a year. That's huge!. They are 200,000 miles on their brakes. So these cars do not need new brake pads until the 200,000 mile mark. So how would you like to buy or lease a car that'll never need brakes, because for the most part, let's be honest, you're not going to run your car to 200,000 miles. You're going to trade it in for a new one. It's all part of the regenerative braking system. It's not just the engine and the vehicle lasting this long, the rest of the car is holding up just as well. No door sag, upholstery damage, interior deterioration, etc. Cars in the Green Cab fleet get between 45 and 68 MPG because everyone drives a little differently. Fuel efficiency. Drivers of earlier Prius models with over 200,000 miles from 2001 for example have only had to replace their brake pads and are still running strong on their original batteries, with no problems. Prius fans ignore the naysayers. This is a fantastic car. I love my Prius.

  • Addie McGee

    My 06 has 163k on it…besides regular filters fluids wipers tires so far I have only had to change the battery which we did ourselves at 150k last year, replaced the 12v battery at 158k 6 months ago…I haven't paid attention much to maximizing my mpg's so at the moment I'm getting around 46 but in the past have gotten 58…I know now that there are mods I can do to max my mpg' regularly condition my battery and if it goes wonky again just repair it by replacing the bad cell and I can do that labor by myself without needing to know about all kinds of car parts and other crap that I won't remember how to work on because its a battery that can be removed and worked on without getting my hands dirty…I've already gone into what I've paid total for the car and factored my savings on gas and maintenance (and savings on air travel because bonus I get better mpgs long distance trips so I can go round trip driving for the cost of a round trip ticket) and Ive already paid for my car

  • Tim Gates

    I bought a Prius C brand new for $19000 out the door. That's after tax. I get 60-70 mpg out of it. And drive 20k miles a year. How long does it take me to make up the difference from your Focus? The second I walked out the door of the dealer. Also no way any car comes close to getting half the economy of a prius in city driving. Your alleged 40 mpg Focus I am sure got that mileage one time on a straight highway trip. I had a Dodge Caliber that got 50 mpg on a trip from Ohio to Colarado. But only got 29-33mpg during a regular work week for me.

  • AgentPepsi1

    Sweetie… you know, it's not about the "math", but about image and ideology.  You do understand that?… well, after seeing your video, you don't.  Personally, I don't drive a Prius, but a Tacoma… and yes, it doesn't get the best mileage….  You will also be more convincing if you stop your constant swearing.  Again, it is NOT about mileage, but image.

  • obiahman

    A lot of obscene language and very non scientific approach to it. Buy a bike. Cost 200$, last a lifetime, no gas bills, and you might get yourself in a shape to do a non out of breath youtube M next time. 

  • Taylor Hare

    Can't get to the math or the reasoning with the language.  Already have over 200,000 miles on mine.  Running like brand new.

  • bquetin1

    I have a prius……its a money maker,  Your a Tard and a half.  Your math is flawed for sure.  BTW I could smack the shit outta you Turkey Nutss!

  • long tran

    Jason….how old are you? I can't say for others, but I see so many loopholes in your argument and biased assumptions, or whatever it is you called proof. Your math simply does not account for fair-real life scenario, do you know that?.. Based on your arguments, why don't everyone just ride a bicycle or little scooter that gets like 100 miles per gallon. I got three things to said to you: one, go back to the drawing board because your math really sucks and to use it to degrade other people's intelligence is simply beyond moronic, two, if you don't like the Prius, or any particular car, just say you don't like it, you shouldn't try to do it with some half-ass proof, and three, stop calling people idiots and stereotyping what they are or aren't, when you haven't gotten to know them yet, or even lived half of their lifespans.

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