Prophecy fulfilling itself - Some interesting news articles this month

Prophecy fulfilling itself – Some interesting news articles this month

um get that funny lamp behind me hold on it looks like a light bulb see that I used it for a little lighting sometimes when I make videos and stuff so but anyways I decided it looked funny in the background I wanted to come to you with a quick video and figure out this computer is what I'm trying to do but we're gonna go through a couple articles we know that things aren't great in this world and there's horrible and horrific things that happen all the time so I'm just gonna go through a couple articles not exactly about that but just about different things against Christianity and stuff and let me just start mmm so this year this is from April 26 the IRS recognizes the Satanic temple as a church and grants tax exempt status so that means they'll be able to file for grants and all kinds of things and discrimination against people and really battle in some dirty ways against the Christian Church and other people so this is horrible the church isn't talking about this they should have every congregation praying against this every single week and praying against the temple asset the Satanic temple the Church of Satan etc but they don't they'd rather have a little coffee shop some send some missionaries out somewhere and it's pretty pathetic okay now on to this BBC article Christian persecution at near genocide levels and this is worldwide the persecution of Christians in parts of the world at near genocide levels skinning sad the church in China you know all these different things people are killing Christians everywhere in Christian discrimination is horrible I deal with that myself it's not uncommon death go around town have people yellow hail Satan and a little Freemason Luciferians to a lot of them like to talk crap about Christianity here's an article Russia probably conducting banned nuclear tests us officials say now why this is important is they've always had nukes and things but what they really concentrate on is first strike capabilities so you know people act like oh we have a missile defense shield that those things don't work if you send out 50 missiles they can only intercept if they're lucky maybe like eight of them when they send barrage is like that and Russia has like the Satan 2 missile that has 10 nuclear warheads on it that can each go out and be maneuvered and things and outmaneuver the missile defense systems so these guys are really leading the way as far as the hypersonic missiles and and the different missiles they have missiles now gliders that can actually go from Russia reach the US and five minutes so there's no time to prepare those things nobody can stop it and you would get hit and Russia has proven before that it's pretty easy that they can maneuver subs and different things and get right outside our territories so it's not really scary the weapons it's scary the people behind the weapons the demonic influence behind the weapons you know some of these little Satanists Freemasons and other people are hell bent on the destruction of Earth you know so Russia probably conducting banned nuclear tests US officials say Russia may be violating a ban on the testing of low-yield nuclear weapons capabilities at a site in the Arctic so you know they're making more versatile versatile type of hardware that they can take out into the field in even short-range little nukes and stuff so you know once one goes it's on and if you know history repeats itself we've had a first world war we've had a second world war what he thinks next so another article that isn't popping up let's see oh here we go this is just from a few days ago Russia sends nuclear bombers off u.s. coast twice in two days Air Force response see they fly these missions all the time that's not uncommon but they test the capabilities of you know that the deterrence and things and how quickly a US and others can act but these are nuclear bombers these aren't just you know let's fly a passenger jet plane you know these are nuclear bombers so this is kind of you know interesting things Russia has flown nuclear capable bombers and fighter jets off the coast of Alaska twice in two days drying a response from the US Air Force you know two of tu-95ms strategic missile carriers is Russian aerospace forces carried out plan flights in the aerospace over the neutral waters but see even with wargames there never games there's reasons they're doing this and these things are strategic of what they do so we're gonna pop over to China of course when you try and make a video that you know runs horribly slow China's end game elimination of home churches you know they go in they find a Christian leading a congregation some Little Snitch runs and tells them and they haul him off to prison they beat him they might kill him they disappear happens all the time not uncommon at all China claims the existence of the state-controlled three-self churches demonstrates its tolerance of Christianity but the communist government wants all other Christian congregations to disappear so they want you to go worship where they have people who are pastoring churches that are telling them what they want them to tell them and fake doctrine and things that don't line up biblically but they just want to control it all they can't stand somebody having faith in Jesus Christ he's a communist you know these people are evil and these people make many many Christians daily disappear they run around to the churches and they rip the cut crosses off the churches and they burn them down to the ground so just think how blessed you are if you're able to open your Bible and worship freely in your own home and your own town your own country while they're receiving persecution that many times even leads to death Russia plans to invest billions in AI of remove all barriers for tech pioneers Russian laws must be amended to facilitate the development use of artificial intelligence Vladimir Putin said the Russian President had earlier asserted that AI will become the key to world dominance in the future so that's interesting moving towards AI where do you think that moves militarily so artificial intelligence cyberattacks and nuclear weapons attained risk combination just what we talked about defined by John McCarthy one of the dozens of AI is the science and engineering of making intelligent machines is slowly gaining relevance in the military domain now think about that well commercial use of AI is widening excuse me there are only three countries that are reported to be developing serious military AI technologies the United States China and Russia you know here we're gonna pop over to the Satanic temple these pukes I have no idea why every Church in America every Sunday doesn't pause and have their congregations praying it directly against these people praying directly against the Luciferians at the Masonic lodges praying directly against the temple of set the Church of Satan satanic ritual abuse rape murder witches Wiccans Wizards warlocks hexes LexA spells jinxes and curses but they'd rather tell you about you know the little boy that forgive the other boy and shared his swing with them you know and buy a coffee on Sunday you know get rich we're pleased to announce that for the very first time in history a satanic organization has been recognized by the United States federal government as being a church can anyone say n times the Satanic temple recently received notice from the IRS affirming our status this acknowledgement will help make sure the Satanic temple has the same access to public spaces as other religious religious organizations a firmer our standing in court when battling religious discrimination and enable us to apply for faith-based government grants enable us to apply for faith-based government grants and they will be getting some so that's where we're at and that's horrible that it even got to this far it's very sad and you know it's just a sign of the time so many ways beyond the Christian persecution the felony stalking the felony slander the felony rape the witches wizards warlocks freemason Luciferians and little Satanists worldwide the world probably is gonna get worse before it gets better now if you look at the way things are you can understand that we're dealing with many difficulties I'm sorry this phone keeps ringing I didn't realize that it was on here but you really need to give your life to Jesus Christ there's one website that you can go to and I would tell you to do that it's called peace with God dotnet and there's 24/7 Live Chat Christian counselors there's Scripture on here you know right off the bat the first thing it tells you is that the Bible says God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believes believeth in him should never perish but have everlasting life jesus said I came that they may have life and have it abundantly so this website is wonderful because you can come here this 24/7 live chat Christian counselors and people to talk to you go right down here for live chat to talk to somebody and you can even ask them if you could call in and talk to them so this is really special you need to give your life to Jesus Christ if you want eternity in heaven and if you want to make sure that you'll be good when you die and make it to heaven you know the Bible says whoever calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved and that if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and you believe in your heart that gotta raise him from the dead you will be saved you're gonna keep seeing articles I could have gone in here and just had gory articles this kill kit killed this person the suicide rate of this the murder of that the human trafficking the rapes and blah blah blah blah blah but I just wanted to show a few of these articles because if you kind of understand Bible prophecy and things you know that much sooner than later at some point God is going to not allow us to shake our fist at him any longer and murder all these babies and do these satanic and wicked and evil things upon this earth and he will step on the scene so guys I love you very much and I'll talk to you later today with the another message I love you guys I guess I screwed that up


  • Brenda Barber

    Glad to see your new set up working great Andrew. There is no shortage of articles pointing to end time events is there? I consider myself one of the "Watchers" as well. We are told to be watching for his coming and in my opinion, it's imminent. I pray for you all every day and ask that we are kept from any harmful intent by the enemy. Maranatha

  • Tgvjyc Zxx

    We are in end days. So important to understand spiritual warfare, fasting, scripture, the must of forgiveness and blessing of deliverance.

  • Amy Kay Bertholf

    St. Michael, The Archangel, defend us in battle. Be our protection against the snares and wickedness of the devil. May God rebuke him we humbly pray. And do thou, Oh Prince of The Heavenly Host, By The Power of God, Thrust into hell Satan and all the evil spirits, who prowl the earth, seeking the ruin of souls. In The Name of The Father, The Son – Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit ~Amen~ The Blood shed by Jesus can, has, does and will cover, protect, and save us!!

  • Chris Howes

    How do you interact with people like satanists in the public arena when they have no morals and we do?WTF! Lord be mercifull!

  • Len Rom

    Prophecies say it would just take one hour to take us out..Must seek relationship with God and stay in repentance daily..AI is part of the BEAST..

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