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Q2 10pm News with Jay Kohn Top Stories 10-9-18

powered by the Montana television network this is the ten o’clock news on q2 Montana’s News Leader good evening and thanks for joining us tonight I’m Jake own Jenelle’s on assignment tonight the city of Billings is closing in on naming a new city administrator before finalists for the city administrators post had a chance to tour city offices today and make their final pitch to City Council members tonight a closer look at who’s in the running following extensive interviews and a tour of the city of the decision on who will lead the city into the future now rests with the City Council tonight the four finalists sat down to answer questions from the local media you to Zoey’s and Dora was there all four finalists agreed they appreciate the effort and time put into the search process done by the city to find the next City Administrator collectively the four finalists agree that Billings is a city with a lot of opportunity in the core University people here may feel like well it needs a facelift needs to be reenergized and revitalize but there’s a lot of people that don’t have what you have and never will and downtown Billings is it’s certainly alive and well water treatment facility with the construction of the lake that could be a recreational amenities so I just like the idea of taking normal public works projects saying how can we make this an asset for the community how the transformation of that Airport will fit into the one Big Sky project development projects all these things are going to be there gonna be a synchronicity and when asked about how important public taxpayer buy-in is for economic development in Billings no I think the taxpayers have to understand the value proposition of the services that we’re going to deliver and the projects that we can deliver and what their tax dollars will buy them you know I would echo that and I think it’s really about building trust generally it’s not being open and transparent and accountable about what you’re doing all the time earning the trust and confidence of the people who elect representatives if you don’t have that in Billings Zoe’s andorra MTN news things only the City Council has a special meeting set for tomorrow night starting at 6:30 at which time a decision is expected on picking a new city administrator then of course the negotiations over salary if you recall a year ago the council thought it had a deal with Great Falls City Administrator Gregg going on only to see that deal fall through when the two sides could not agree on a salary and benefits package after weeks of widespread concern over the welfare of a missing Billings mother Laura Johnson now while Billings police say her case is considered suspicious in nature the 49 year old Johnson is 5 feet for 130 pounds with blonde hair and blue eyes she’s been missing since the 13th of September she’s also listed as a missing person in the state of Washington that’s where she lived before Billings her family believes something is definitely wrong she quit showing up for her job at Papa John’s and has not answered her phone or been active on social media one of Johnson’s sons tells us his mom is in an abusive relationship and although local police have not confirmed that this crime scene van was at Johnson’s home in the heights this past Friday night Billings investigators say while they have limited information to release they believe that Johnson’s disappearance did occur under suspicious circumstances anyone with information is asked to contact local law enforcement also today Yellowstone County Sheriff Mike Linder asking for the public’s help in locating a 37 year old man from Canada Cameron Colin Colin was last seen October 4th when he left a home on the prior road and was believed to be walking into Billings Cameron is white male 6 feet 5 inches tall weighing about 200 pounds he was last seen wearing blue jeans cowboy boots and a black long-sleeved t-shirt at this time sheriff Linder says there is no suspicion of foul play anyone with information is asked to contact the Yellowstone County Sheriff’s Office one of the nation’s oldest coal companies filed today for bankruptcy protection Westmoreland coal based in Englewood Colorado filed for voluntary Chapter 11 protection in bankruptcy court in Houston it’s part of a restructuring agreement with the company’s lenders as Westmoreland deals with more than 1.4 billion dollars in debt Westmoreland which owns three coal mines in Montana is the fourth major coal company in the nation to file for bankruptcy over the past three years it joins Peabody Coal Arch Coal and Alpha Natural Resources on that list Westmoreland says its operations will not be interrupted as a result of their filing today and there are no expected staff reductions interim CEO Michael Hutchinson says Westmoreland’s developed a plan with its creditors that will allow operations to continue as usual while positioning the company for long-term success others though are not optimistic about Westmoreland’s long-term outlook Mike Scott with the Sierra Club’s beyond coal campaign says Westmoreland cripsy is not a surprise he says quote it’s time to get serious about economic transition for Montana’s coal communities not more empty promises we’re at a significant risk now being left behind as the economy shifts towards demanding clean power Montana’s tourism industry continues to pump billions of dollars into the state’s economy the Institute for tourism and Recreation at the University of Montana is now out with its newest analysis of the industry for Yellowstone County of the state’s most populated well not as much of an impact as you might think statewide Gallatin County saw the most tourist dollars with 660 million in non-residents spending Yellowstone County comes in fourth in that list with 225 million the UM report on tourism is public each year this year researchers say overall tourism spending increased 2.6 percent over the previous year under the weather scene now cue 2’s Bob Maguire joining us now Bob we have yet another hurricane hurricane Michael barreling towards land what’s the latest for this is a big and bad one because it’s now a category three and you might remember Hurricane Katrina was a category three when it finally moved onshore New Orlean back in 2005 but as you see there it is now and it is a big big hurricane it’s got winds now 125 miles per hour you see it there but watch what happens it is forecast to become a category 4 when it moves onshore in the Panama City tomorrow expecting to be maybe 130 miles per hour winds it’ll continue to push all the way up into North Carolina as tropical force winds move into that area and this area here here’s what you’re going to see you’re gonna see a lot of power outages from Panama City Tallahassee all the way up through Augusta Georgia a lot of high winds and a lot of flooding in that area it’s gonna be a mess it’s gonna be the lead story tomorrow across much of the country we’ll have the rest of your forecast coming up in a few more minutes all right thank you Bob coming up on tonight’s 10 o’clock news how will the Supreme Court justice nomination impact Montana’s already contentious Senate race we’ll find out coming up Plus breast cancer awareness goes far beyond the confines of October and I we talked to a survivor about why early detection is so important and coming up in sports last week of double-a soccers regular season God shows us coming up if sky views girls are still perfect after dealing with West you’re watching MTN news with Jay Cohen and Janelle Slade StormTracker weather with Bob McGuire and sports with Scott Breen this is the ten o’clock news on q2 Montana’s News Leader

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