Q&A all about how the Hollow started, how I started cardmaking, blogging, origin of the name & more
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Q&A all about how the Hollow started, how I started cardmaking, blogging, origin of the name & more

Welcome! morning everyone welcome to Hedgehog
hello happy Friday thank you if you just hopped on over
from a Facebook and welcome if you haven’t just to let you know we do 11:30
a.m. Eastern every morning weekdays we have a
Facebook live sometimes we have unboxing and new products we have tips and
techniques we talked about great deals that going on all sorts of things
morning Susan so one of the things that you asked earlier in the week of my
facebook lives when I was asking what you’d like to tell holo it’s a quick Q&A
session about how the holo got started and how I started blogging all those
kinds of things I’ve written myself a sheet of all the questions you asked and
you can also ask questions as we’re going along I’ll try and note those down
as well and we’re gonna get start going through I’m just gonna press mute on my
iMac so that it doesn’t keep pinging in and so welcome to the holo so Hedgehog
hello is the name of my blog it’s a crafty blog and we also sometimes try to
add some recipes maybe some healthy eating ideas home decor home
organization all sorts of fun bits and pieces we try to add in as well morning
Nancy so and we also have a few more things coming up as well but I’ll get to
those shortly so the first thing that you want to know is where does the name
Hedgehog Hollow come from now if he recently read my post about my
grandfather you all know that the name was kind of a dedication to him so as a
child we rescued hedgehogs he had a big white wall probably six foot tall around
his property with a Holly hedge on top and the Holly hedge was somewhere that
hedge holes could nest and unfortunately sometimes little baby hedgehogs used to
fall out of the rule and we couldn’t find where their parents were or any of
their family so we used to nurse them back to health if you ever find a
hedgehog please don’t give it milk they’re lactose intolerant it will kill
them you should feed them water and cat food ideally not dry they like him moist
cat food but that’s what used to feed them into little cardboard box to live
in and we that’s about health and then we’d
release them back into the garden and we used to kind of see it assigned to them
here and there yes we are back angel so that’s where the names hedgehogs came
from and when he moved to his bungalow or ranch-style house you call it here
then he unfortunately used to have some news used to throw hedgehogs at the
front door and it was always a standing joke that the head trucks used to knock
on the door because they needed rescuing and so we continued if when I was sort
of in my late teens 16 17 18 and when I used to go and see him we used to also
rescue them as well so that’s where the name Hedgehog came from at the time I
started the blog it was also we lived in the middle of the countryside in England
and we have a lot of hedgehogs around because of all the land we had and so
hedgehog Hollow just kind of represented a nice homely brand that also kind of
meant something to us as a family and then we found out a collection of
hedgehogs it’s called a prickle and so it was all born from there now how did I
get started with crafting that we ended up here the hollow so my mum was very
crafty we tried all sorts of things morning Therese and we tried porcelain
doll making my 6th grade project for the end a year was a porcelain doll that I
made and dressed and I sewed the wig and everything I cast her I poured her I
painted her and that was really great fun we did silk painting which was one
of my high school art projects I still painted a kite and it was something
about the eye of the world and I painted this big eye on a kite and we tried all
sorts of things we tried sewing and quilting something I still do and she
didn’t knit so much that was more my grandparents who taught me how to knit
but we tried numerous whose teddy bear making was something she took up and
then one day she kind of landed on paper crashed she met someone at an embroidery
class who said come and try making cards with me so she did and then of course I
tried it and loved it and what you really went from there and whilst my mom
kind of hopped around with other things I really did stick with card-making I
then got married to my ex-husband and we started a shop called scrap
boutique and it was scrap boutique co-taught uk-us british not the canadian
one which i later learned about and but we used to do shows we traveled around
England we stopped art impressions and Hampton Arts and I still have lots of
stock in the back cupboard that at some point I really must sell off but that’s
how I can really started taking paper crafting seriously and his company then
asked him if you’d like to move to America and I said yeah that sounds
great I’m off let’s go and we were in New Jersey on the Pennsylvania border
morning devvra and so from there we were near Michael’s corporate headquarters so
I did have some sample making for them when they launched the Martha Stewart
line then I launched a blog called in vogue something and if you go online and
google it it still exists out there really really old now and I then started
doing teaching for Michaels and for some of the local stores I used to design all
of their classes and things and on a Saturday and Sunday when they have those
demos I used to design some of those and do some so that’s kind of what I took
paper crafting really seriously at the time I was also with Stampin Up and they
didn’t have their compete clause so we did that as well and I used to teach
from home which is how I met a lovely lady called Denise and I sort of adopted
her I think at a bit of a mum because I don’t see my mum anymore and she now
lives in Virginia and we still try and see her as much as we can and so crafts
for me is really special because I met some fantastic people through that as
well so from there I moved back to England and that was kind of the end of
my stamping career or so I thought I was on my own I was a single mom I needed a
proper job as it were and so I went back into banking and project management and
all those things that I knew I could earn a living at and then I got ill I
mean seriously ill I could barely walk I was in such a bad way and I kind of took
up something again I got all those boxes out the Wardrobe I set myself up a
little cool and off I was going again and then Faris
reasons I had to give up work and then I found I was pregnant with Tilly and I
decided that I needed something for me so I took over an entire room in our old
house in England and I started hedgehog Hollow now at the time I was with
Stampin Up and they had their compete clause so I blogged about great stuff
with Stampin Up excuse me I talked about different techniques we did tutorials
morning and we had some great fun we do the catalogue launch and then Greg got
off with this job in America well actually was offered a different job
originally and it all went quiet so thank you if you followed me all
through all of this but then it’s kind of all went quiet because we had to sort
out visas and pack our house up and downsize and all this kind of stuff and
then that job fell through so I thought well I better go back to my stamping but
very quickly he was offered another job the job he actually took with Goodyear
and Hitler yes so we moved to the States and I set up this little blog because
I’m at home with the girls Maddy as you know is not very well till he’s very
young so it was something I could do from home and again I thought oh I’ll do
a bit of stamping up I can do it with the mums club and I can just show you
all some great techniques and have fun and then a friend of mine said I think
actually you could be bigger and I think you should leave something up and many
of you will know how I organized over that decision but I did leave stumping
up and I approached morning Candice I approached some companies as you know
Simon Says Stamp and other people I work with and said hey would you be
interested in working with me would you be interested in me featuring your
products and in return you repost my pictures and so that I can grow my
followers and that’s how it all started so that’s kind of how we’ve got to where
we are today and there’s lots of exciting things coming out some of them
I can’t share with you yet but I’m really excited to be able to share with
you them with you and I know you’ll be as excited as I am I’m just having a
look here at my list so my blog is a wordpress blog but my previous blogs
before now so I had invoke something and then I had so many and many when I went
through a sowing phase they were both on blogger and I personally prefer
WordPress because I have more control there’s more I can do with it but if you
are just looking for a blog then I would wholly recommend blogger everything is
there for you everything is done it’s hosted by Google and it’s really easy to
use so if you’re starting out that’s where suggest you start if you want to
look at WordPress then I have what’s called a Genesis WordPress site and I’d
be happy to talk to you about that if that’s something you want me to talk
more about and show you how I kind of got started in that with regards to
design teams and I don’t think that is an exact science and it depends I would
always apply to brands you love so whenever I applied to a design team it’s
a brand I love it’s a brand I bought from first of all they’re going to go
and check out your YouTube channel or your blog or whatever links you give
them Instagram Facebook and they’re going to have a look have you used their
products so that’s the first thing I would say is make sure you apply to
companies you love and that you have products for some of them will insist on
you creating a project for them with their products and then also make sure
you have a look at what their kind of style is if they’re mixed media if you
produce a cutesy kind of style then they’re probably not going to be so
interested so just have a look at their style excuse me and try and kind of tie
in with what you think their brand is looking for and then the other thing of
course is always looking for different ways to use their products so you’ll
have seen with stencils I’ve shown you three or four different ways so far and
I’ve got lots more ideas to use the stencils and that’s a reason that I’m
gonna work with the crafters workshop because I love stencil
I can think of loads of different things that you can do with them so there’s
some tips if you want to count on design teams it’s also always worth putting in
your application that you’re interested in guest design spots because they only
have a limited amount of full-time design team positions but quite often it
comes from I think Juno I really like her blog let’s try it as a guest
designer so that’s another tip that I would offer out there as well so I think
that pretty much covers all of the questions you have for me blogging was
kind of an evolution and YouTube kind of came from that and then as I got more
into things I realized people like Instagram the next thing we’re gonna be
doing is Pinterest so we’ll have boards and things that you can pin in Pinterest
with card ideas that’s really how I got started and for me it’s just been a
natural evolution I haven’t done advertising I have just been this little
mummy blogger and you have all thankfully and I’m so grateful to you
all it just followed me and come along on this journey of all these fun
products that I buy and I can showcase to all of you as well so thank you to
all each and every one of you who have watched this video who want to find out
about who Hedgehog holo is where it all started
of course we’ve got mr. Hedgehog holo Greg my husband he does all of our
photography and videography he actually learn all of that at university he’s an
engineer but he paid for his college degree by doing event photography while
he was at college so he used to do it in the night club he used to do it for
sports events and for the dance troupes things like that and he used to get paid
to do it and that’s how he paid to go to college and then of course we have Maddy
and Tilly my two girls who are here sometimes you see Tilly poking her head
in and Maddie loves to craft with me as well she’s got an area actually just
behind the camera and then she started up she’s got her little cart she’s got
all my stamping I paint this on there it’s a paper pumpkin her sewing box
she loves to craft as much as I do and it’s something we love to do together as
well so thank you so much don’t forget to hop on over to the blog Hedgehog
hallo co uk I have just launched asked and freebie Friday we’re giving away a
lovely Stephanie Bernard fold it butterfly framelits set so lots I think
it’s five different framelits in there as well to do hop on over to see that
and I will see you again on Monday plus I will have all I just switched on my
heat tool by accident with my legs because I will see you again tomorrow
here on channel 4 I posed with honeybee stamps we’re gonna be looking at some
beginner stamping techniques but I have a great crafty hacked usual dies in a
different way so that you can get more value for money out of them thanks Susan
thanks Mary’s so thank you so much for joining me this morning and I will see
you for another Facebook live on Monday morning happy stamping and have a great
weekend bye


  • Nancy Reynolds

    Lovely video, I have been thinking about starting a bolt, might take a look at blogger, thank you for the tip and sharing your journey.

  • Debra w/ Scrapsalot

    Thank you for sharing your journey. Your videos are always pleasant and fun to watch. I've just started videos recently myself and blogging is next on the list to tie everything together. Keep it up! You're awesome! 😁

  • Susan Palmer

    Thank you again. I enjoy watching all of your video's and today it was nice to know your journey and how you arrived to where you are now. Love hearing about how you and your grandfather rescued Hedgehogs. I think you should write a children's book along that line because it would be fabulous. 🙂

  • Kathy Barnett

    I just found you when I was searching for ideas on the Honey Bee mermaids. I love your card and started following you. Then this video popped up. Right up my ally. Questions I have been wanting to ask someone. I just started a blog a couple months ago. I am now on two design teams and have been a guest designer for 7 Kis Craft Store. My dream is to be on a big DT like Mama Elephant or MFT Stamps. These are companies that I have a lot of stamps from. I only have 5 followers on my blog so far wish I had more. Do you have to have a YouTube Channel if you design for stamp companies like these? I don't know that I can handle a YouTube channel. If you have a minute can you check out my stuff on my blog and my Instagram. And if you want maybe you can follow me. You can find me at kathyskraftrom.blogspot.com and on Instagram @ kathylouise78. I am going to go watch more of your videos and look at your blog.

  • Kathleen Baugh

    Thank you so much Alexandra for telling your paper crafting evolution. I really enjoy you and all your tutorials. I wish you great luck and I hope you someday reach 100,000 followers. You have such a lovely personality and your demonstrations are always enjoyable. I hope that you and Maddie will feel better soon. I will keep you both in my prayers for healing. Thank you for sharing your creativity and talent.

  • Luanna Pierce

    This is so helpful and informative and really lovely to hear the evolution of Hedgehog Hollow. I need your husband. ROFLMBO ( rolling on the floor laughing my bum off) .. I am stymied with the photography and videography of it all. I have been learning and doing and getting things to craft with now I am both working on organizing the stuff and trying to learn that presentation aspect of it all. I have only recently started trying to find some way to augment my retirement years and whatever if anything social security provides when I get there about six or seven years from now…. I love crafting and always have. I find your videos so very helpful and approachable. Thank you, Alexandra!

  • Laura Murphy

    Thank you for sharing your story. I always enjoy your videos. I find them very informative and fun. You are inspiring.

  • Beth Swisher

    Thank for your history. You have had quite an adventure. It makes it so much more personal and friendly to understand where you are coming from. Such a great legacy to your grandfather. What a special time you must have had with him. Your videos are great, always inspiring andinsructional. Praying for you and your family.

  • CardiffCrafter

    I love your videos. You have the perfect voice for demos. You are so concise with your tutorials without (umming and arring – which is pet hate) always give great advise without patronising new crafters and not been too simple for the more experienced. I think there might have been one video that I disliked and made a negative comment sorry

  • Maria Nyce

    Alexandra, you’re adorable & such a lovely person, so happy for you & your success, I pray you continue to enjoy doing what you love!!! Thank you so very much for sharing your path to success with us, blessings & hugs to you, Greg & the girls!!!

  • Christine Davies

    Wow! I met you – briefly – at CHSI stitches back in February – you, me and Elizabeth Crafts arrived at the cloak-room / baggage store together! What a great success story you have there! A crafty mother who encouraged her daughter and a background in banking definately helped kick start it all. LOVE the true-life story behind your name. You certainly had an idylic childhood. I've enjoyed hearing the way your business has 'just evolved' to where you are now. I just wish I had those opportunities as a young girl still living at home with a supportive mother/loving grandfather and all those creative avenues at my finger-tips. You and your second husband make a great team and your daughters will never go without anything with which to be creative with – the perfect start in any Anglo-American girl's lifes! I adored Hampton Arts stamps! And I love all the grit and determination (us Mums of children with complex needs already have that built into us) you and your husband have shown to keep thing ticking along – keep it up! xOx Love 'n' hugs ~ Christine ~

  • Carrie Doty

    I just loved hear about your journey! I Truly appreciate Dr. Greg & all the he does for Hedgehog Hollow & especially his family. Oops! This comment is on the wrong video! It should be on the video where you are talking about how you named your Website & Blog. You gave us a wonderful talk about your journey in life as far as your Paper crafting life was concerned. It was taped in 2017.

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