Q&A: Starting an Online Business, Blogging, Freelance Writing, Mindset Tips, etc!

Q&A: Starting an Online Business, Blogging, Freelance Writing, Mindset Tips, etc!

what's up my friends and welcome back to my channel in today's video I'm gonna be doing something I've never done before and that is answering your questions now earlier this week I hopped on Instagram Twitter and Facebook to ask you guys what questions you have about mindset career freelancing blogging all that kind of shit that I talk about on this channel pretty much all the time so I've got my phone here I'm gonna be looking at those questions and going through them and doing my best to answer your questions and I'm also gonna be trying to keep my head perfectly positioned right here because of this lighting situation going on in the back yeah let's just pretend that's not back there and we'll pretend like I have my shit together and have a very professional lighting setup now before we get started with the questions three quick things as always be sure you hit the like button on this video if you enjoy the content because it really helps my channel out also subscribe if you want to see more videos like this one and grab the free profitable blog planner I have for you down in the description box because it is gonna help you create a business plan for your blog all right I'm gonna start by checking out my Instagram because I think that is where I received the most questions and the first one is from Bella and she says super curious as to how much support you initially received when starting freelancing and growing your business and any tips for people who don't get that support and are in this entirely on their own so that is a really great question and it's something I've seen a lot of people struggling with really the only support I felt like I had was kind of the moral support of my husband he's always been a big supporter of me and all the crazy random shit that I decided that I want to do so I felt very lucky to have them by my side as a lot of you might know I started freelancing when I got fired from my full-time job and I had just found out that I had a early stage skin cancer on my leg thankfully it was super easy to remove still pretty scary so it was like a really difficult time mentally and I'm really not the kind of person who has ever relied on parents or mentors or anything like that for the kind of support that I've wanted I'm very self motivated but at the same time it's still hard because no matter how self-motivated you are it is helpful to have people around you who are supporting you and who really believe that you can do what you you are capable of and I think for me personally not having support especially financially really just kind of gave me the kick in the ass I needed because it wasn't like Oh like I can just fuck around on my laptop and get on Facebook all day today because my mom or my dad is gonna like pay my bills for me if I can't pay my bills I was not in that kind of situation at all I had to make money so I kind of tried to think about that negative as more of a positive whereas if I had had someone financially supporting me and willing to pay my rent and shit like that I may not have been as driven to grow my business so I try to see that as a positive now as far as other tips for people who don't receive support from friends and family I would just say one big tip is to remember that it is your life it is not theirs if you want to start freelancing if you want to start a blog if you want to start youtube if you want to start being a fucking painter it doesn't matter if you want to pursue something creative and you are willing to put in the work and treat it like a business then bust your ass and do it and just focus on proving them wrong right focus on what you are doing and don't focus on the negativity I would even say if you have people in your life who are always negative when you bring up the things you're passionate about just don't bring the things you're passionate about up as much around those people because they're just gonna be dragging you down and you do not need that mentally especially when you're first starting out I know for me when I first started out I kept a lot of what I was doing to myself I wasn't super vocal about it with like friends and family members and shit like that just because I didn't want to hear what people had to say I already knew a lot of it was gonna be discouraging and I knew a lot of people were gonna be like well maybe you should go try to find a real job and shit like that so yeah that's definitely what I recommend just keep your head down and focus on what you can do and what you are doing and putting the hard work to grow your business don't worry about what those people say because at the end of the day it is your life and your career and not theirs alright the next question is from Angela on Instagram hi Angela and she says I watched the blog post niche video last night I'm curious what the average length of your blogs are is it all long-form and how many of these do you usually do per week that is a good question it's when I get a lot – now if you've seen my blog grace and leave notice it's a little bit deserted hasn't been updated hasn't seen much of the hook for me in a little while but that is because I've been focusing more on creating content here on YouTube however when I was writing blog posts and blogging was a big priority in my business as far as writing blog posts regularly I tried to write a blog posts it was between 2,000 and 3,000 words at least once per week that gave me plenty of time to promote the post on Pinterest Twitter and wherever and it also gave me time to create a lead magnet for each of my blog posts and do all the technical bullshit that you have to do to set up lead magnets when you are first starting your blog especially so that is definitely a good starting point just remember quality over quantity you really want to create those long-form in depth pieces that are like the badass resource for whatever you are teaching your audience that way they don't feel like when they read your blog post they have to go to another blog to kind of fill in the gaps of information that you may have left out for me that is something that I always remind myself when I'm writing blog posts that I really want the person who is reading about this topic I've created a blog post on to find everything they need right there which typically just naturally results in a long ass blog post so it's good for my audience and good for me all right the next question comes from I'm probably not saying this right agita or maybe it's AJ and then the last name I'm so sorry if I butchered your name she asks would you recommend working for a company before becoming an entrepreneur just to get that experience or does it depend what worked for you so I think similar to people asking should I go to college at all should I get a degree should I take this course should I'd get this coach all these questions it really really just depends on you and your mindset and what you feel like you need to get to the point where you can be an entrepreneur so many entrepreneurs don't go to college don't get a full-time job they just start out doing whatever the fuck they want to do and it just grows because they already have the mindset the strategy the work ethic and all that so I think there can be benefits to both ways the job that I worked at before I became self-employed the job that I got fired from really really did not help me at all as far as learning about marketing or writing or thing like that even though it was a marketing agency I always try to see the silver lining in these kinds of situations and the one thing it did help me realize is how not to run a business what not to do how not to treat your employees and how not to treat your clients was that worth me working there for about a year and a half in getting fired absolutely not that's something I probably would have rather figured out on my own and spent that time maybe that year-and-a-half building up my own business but for some people working at a full-time job can be beneficial again it's really hard to give a straightforward advice on stuff like that because it really just depends on you if you feel like you're ready to start your business you have a product or service and you know who the target audience is for it and you are confident in your abilities then go ahead and get started it can't hurt for me I know I wish I would have just taken the leap and became self-employed way sooner so kind of the bottom line there no I don't think you absolutely need to work in a full-time job but in some ways it can benefit you it's just going to end up being a personal decision all right the next question is from Mariko and she says how did you get your mind set to a place where you felt like it was a no-brainer to earn $5,000 plus monthly how did you start feeling confident about your work I have a youtube video on overcoming self-doubt and developing confidence so you can check that out on my channel but as far as the mindset I've only recently really really gotten into reading books and consuming content about mindset because I've only recently realised how intentional I want to be about pursuing a positive mindset that's gonna allow me to grow my business and my career to the point that I want when I started out though I think a lot of it was just natural for me I've always been someone who has like a very go-getter personality and I've always been the kind of person who just believes that if I really really want something then I better work my ass off and go make it happen so I just had that belief in myself now that's something I've had to work on over time as my goals have gotten bigger and bigger and bigger as my business has grown but again that is why I have recently gotten into learning even more about mindset and I've been reading books on it and all this kind of stuff so it's definitely a good thing to invest in learning more about I recommend reading you are a bad by Jensen sorrow it is amazing and also read how to be a boss by Lilly Singh those are two really good books on developing a good mindset and a business owner mindset in general now as far as being confident in my work I had just spent so much time researching like when I was in my full-time job all I did was read blogs about how to write amazing copy how to write amazing blog post I studied what the best bloggers and copywriters were doing and honestly I still wasn't even that confident at first I mean I had just been fired so it's not like I was like oh this is the most confident point I've ever been at in my entire life I just knew I had to work through that and it was part of the process and I also knew that I was not gonna be perfect at first no matter what nothing I created at first was gonna be as good as I wanted it to be so I think you just have to start out working with what you know and what you have and just grow as your skills grow as your skills grow you'll be able to get better higher paying clients who want more from you right so don't think that you have to start out being like the world's number one copywriter or blogger or whatever you can start where you are now and just work your way up from there and you will build confidence over time as you start getting positive feedback from clients or if you're a blogger if you start building your audience what all those things happen your confidence will develop naturally all right the next question is from Irene and she says would you recommend having a blog on your website if part of your niche is marketing so as far as your freelancer on her website is absolutely not necessary for you to have a blog on that site yes it is good for SEO but it really just depends on your overall marketing strategy now if you don't want to keep up a blog and write posts every week and things like that you don't have to what I might recommend doing instead is just creating a portfolio where you have a lot of really good pieces about marketing so for example you could write a guest blog post on a really big marketing blog like HubSpot or KISSmetrics or something like that and then that would show off your expertise to clients in the same way that blog posts about marketing would but on top of that having a byline on a site that a lot of people in the marketing industry know about and really respect is gonna be really good for helping you build trust with clients and build your credibility so totally not necessary to have a blog can be good but not something you have to do to lien clients alrighty the next question is from Bailey and she says how do you overcome the negative days when you feel like you are crashing and burning especially when you were new and didn't have positive experiences to reinforce your value for me this had a lot to do with goal-setting and then just being relentless about pursuing those goals I just knew for me I had to block out any and all negativity and after I set my goal as a freelance writer of making $5,000 by month number four that was all I was fuckin thinking about I did not care what anybody said I did not care what anybody thought about it all I knew was that no matter what I was going to make shit happen I was gonna get out there and work my ass off until I had that $5,000 a month exactly what I wanted to have it so I think a lot of it just has to do with staying really focused on your goal I have another video about SMART goals in my channel that you can check out and also when you create a SMART goal the way I recommend doing it is adding a so I can statement to the end of it which I talked about in that video too so you would have a SMART goal with something like I want to make $3,000 per month freelance writing by month 4 so I can stay at home with my new son or so I can travel the country full-time in my RV I think staying focused on that so I can statement and the reason behind your goal and why you want to do what you want to do just makes the negative shit that happens to you so much less stressful because it's just like when you're that focused on your goal and when you're that relentless about pursuing it the kind of day-to-day bullshit really doesn't affect you as much now there are still gonna be tough days no matter what and when that happens I just recommend taking some time out for self-care whatever that means for you but still make sure you're keeping yourself on deadlines still make sure you're working really hard still make sure you are doing everything you can to achieve your goal as far as being new and not having positive experiences to reinforce my value I just kind of told myself that part of the process is feeling weird and feeling uncomfortable and not knowing what the fuck you're doing at first right it's just part of hurting anything new starting a business starting a new hobby or whatever so I guess I just kind of gave myself permission to start where I was and I told myself this is where I am now but I'm gonna learn and grow and improve over time and eventually work my way up to where I know and I am confident in the value that I can offer clients so just remember that it's a process even the best copywriters today do not always feel confident in their work we all struggle with a little bit of imposter syndrome and self-doubt and all these kinds of negative feelings sometimes but you just have to kind of accept it as part of the process and keep pushing through it and remember that it does happen to everybody the next question is from Tiffany and she says how do you find high-paying clients many want links to things that have been published but if you're just starting you can't really provide that I have a blog post that I will link out to it covers how to create a freelance writing portfolio and I also have a free course in video training on how to land clients so for that practical kind of step-by-step strategy you can check out those resources the next question is from Lovette I hope I'm saying that right and she says how can I make sure I profit from my blog as well she says she's gonna start a website for her artwork and she was also gonna have a blower page on her site so right now I am in the process of creating an entire series on how to make money blogging here on my youtube channel I already have a video on that right now and I will link it up here somewhere I'm not sure which side it pops up on but you will see the link and it talks about basically how when you want to make money blogging you create a product or a service for the audience who is going to read your blog and you create sales funnels and you use email marketing to build relationships with those people over time honestly it's something that I could do an entire like 3-hour video on and I should probably save that for another video but do check out that other video that I have on how to make money blogging because I think that will really really be helpful for the business you're trying to create alright now I want to pull some questions from my writing or voltar's facebook group which I will link to below if you guys aren't in that community you should really join it it is full of super supportive writers and bloggers so a great place to ask questions and get feedback and all that good stuff alright so Lynette says I've been a teacher for 15 years and I'm looking into leaving the profession my mom is actually a teacher too so I'm a little bit familiar with that industry she says elementary education has been my passion and I'm wondering if there is a profitable niche for it in a writing career there are so many possibilities here you could help online course creators create their content using their education experience you could probably write curriculum you could look into the EdTech writing jobs one time I literally use the fact that my mom as a teacher and my bit of knowledge that I gained from that tool and an EdTech blog post writing job so there are a lot of possibilities now one thing I recommend doing here is looking up other freelance writers online so just do a google search look up the ones who specialize in writing about something happen to do with education and then you can kind of see what kinds of clients they're getting if you creep on their portfolios a little bit obviously you don't want to steal those exact same clients but it'll just give you a good idea of the kind of work you do and potentially the kinds of clients you could target the next question comes from Logan and he says for blog posts and articles have you found more success money writing for businesses with blogs or four full time bloggers so I will tell you from my experience it has definitely been businesses full time bloggers don't have a huge marketing budget whereas a bigger business for example it does have a big marketing budget and they may even have a full copywriting team and a book of freelancers that they use to write their blog posts and articles you really have to think about exactly who you want to target when you pick your niche and when you market yourself because you want to go after clients so one value the kind of work you do and to have the budget to pay you well for your work so both businesses and bloggers in this case would value the kind of work you do depending on the kind of business you target but bloggers may not have the bigger budget that a lot of bigger businesses have so just keep that in mind and when you see a blogger or a business you want to write for regardless of which one you choose really think about their marketing budget and how much do they have to spend on hiring a freelance writer so I'm school do the rest of these and it looks like a lot of people from the group actually already jumped in and gave some really great answers so I think I'm gonna end on that question I hope you guys enjoy this video and found it helpful if you did I would super appreciate it if you would hit that like button below because it really does help my channel out also subscribe if you want to see more videos like this one and catch me on social media somewhere if you want to be featured in the next Q&A video because I want to start doing these a little bit more regularly and as always thanks so much for watching I will see you in the next video


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