• Tammy Johnson

    their turning a blind eye to omar marries her brother. aoc put her boyfriend on payroll. kamala was part of the jessie smollett fake hate crime, get rid of these criminals too.

  • Drew Hanscom

    Of course the judge is corrupt they waited till a corrupt judge rotated into position at the fisa court to get the warrant

  • Robert Taylor

    I believe that the FISA judge was complicit, the reason I believe that is they scheduled no hearings on it, or any of the FISA applications.

  • Bill Demmon

    I Love your analysis… I enjoy the way you slowly break things down and throw in your personal opinion…. excellent!… you should have far more subs!… cheers!…17+(((echoes)))Qo

  • Tyler Barrett

    I've heard it reported that their first attempt to get a FISA warrant in June 2016 was denied… If October 2016 didn't give them enough time… what the heck did they have in June?

  • Scott.

    The 2017 Article shows that this was compartmentalized. The author, this former FBI agent is showing how hard it is to get a FISA for “Rank And File” Agents. The FBI leadership on the other hand can do any criminality they wish because they too are compartmentalized. It’s the perfect cover for criminals- SES parachutes a new Leader on top of the agency and then you have criminals on the very top.

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