Release-active drugs as concealed homeopathy. 6th World Conference on Research Integrity

Release-active drugs as concealed homeopathy. 6th World Conference on Research Integrity

when exporting through the international community so imagine if I told you that all of these diseases from HIV to diabetes to influence to deport quietest can be treated by a noble class of drugs and that these drugs are being sold in over a dozen countries was plans with the manufacturers to invades the markets of the US and Europe as well yes and that articles promoting such drugs with positive results and we published in all of these journals which are internationally some of them quite good discovery today medical biology was one time viral research and so on and so on and these drugs they're called release active drugs they're all made in Russia by a single company and there'll be some antibodies which are stored in room temperature they are taken orally and there they looted never diluted to such extent that there is no antibodies well so here's an example this is a drug called roms this house sold it says that contain is 0.03 grams of he integrated finance boys to humans are uncommon you say well that's fine but then there's fine print things instruction as soon as these antibodies are any concentration particular species not fines and 10 to the power of minus sixteen nanograms per grams so if you multiply all the numbers you get something that's there's no X body just sugar this one is against influenza but not Johnson forensic so this is Russian pharmacy here is an advertisement that you should use it to prevent tip or encephalitis and is actually illegal because it's in recommendations and it specifically even against emergency tick-borne encephalitis why some big bites you you take sugar pills help another example this is an anti diabetes drug made of sugar that was super time so that actually consists of three types of solutions always have the lights bodies and I think she doesn't make any sense but still the three wishes which are mixed together so initially they were actually called on your back but there's also I believe that's my assumption that they thought oh that words kind of you know not trustworthy people won't buy it and so they call these active drugs and now that's how I think they're getting into peer-reviewed papers because article about homeopathy will probably come from more more deep inquiries about just some kind of antibodies and so we looked at those articles we have actually had two kind of hypothesis what is that these guys deserve but one but three Nobel Prizes physics chemistry and is already medicine or that maybe there's something wrong with article so look as the articles and you found that in Doc's but let me hope that we could find very different kinds of errors starting from actual proper organization-wide indirect statistical analysis missing data that the author's wouldn't provide when asked for and often is undisclosed conflicts of interest for example once said that there are no patents no drugs not doing anything but that was people to used to promote the clock and that paper retracted how to talk about later so one of the journals that publish this this is a the weakest Journal probably it's a Russian journalist experimental biology and medicines of which my spring here now and so those very funny instance when the CEO and director of the company that manufactures these drugs published at least forty papers for he was coaster an issuer's was editor so that's also happens and some of the papers about these bugs actually are the sound wave gibberish the primary sequence of nucleotides but also they're unique and to know for graphic spiritual structures and intrinsic set of five super molecules to three parameters and that's kind of I'd really justify why this works despite no shoes and so are there are many examples of that and it reminds me of the famous hours of cow course but also published gibberish and purpose to kind of stimulate improvement of peer-review quality in journals and this is just used to promote certain drugs and so we written two different journals why should so all the journals except politics proto biology medicine because that was was and asked them why would investigate it and what they do something about it and something before going to the specific force you've got three attractions to four months bio research one for cost one we got two promises of concern we got one journal that decided to go the route to comment and publish your comments criticism I was article and we are hoping that we'll follow in some way or another similar today to these positive cases but for our surprise a journal with a highest impact factor responded not how he expected it with P so from this language they published a review about insulin receptor so it's a file rarely but it also promotes the anti-diabetic drug Spezza which is true there as I said and so they say that this is basically fine it is fine because review sighs peer-reviewed papers so first get all those papers retracted and then you talk again so we all see these fights we've written to be in game based medicine and articles called drug discovery today no more code requires so because that's probably the Internet of drug discovery so what's going on in Russia right now with these drugs so our Commission has labeled them as pseudoscience in 2017 and the Ministry of Health promised that they were going to investigate our findings but it means they didn't break the promise Commission instead to our surprise the minister of science awarded the company that manufactures these drugs and act surprised for the most damaging civil scientific projects because actually those drugs are sold for tens of millions of people buy those drugs for numerous conditions as I've showed and it's a really big house issue for Russia and so following that minister of science I'm surprised the newspaper called first keeper and published criticism of those drugs they got sued in the newspaper three Oscars of that people including one of my co-authors on the BMJ medicine paper the quote I read recently was a peace treaty but we still feel kind of threatened or criticizing you guys but you're still going to continue criticizing and so the reason I came to this conference is first rather than Russian scientists I feel that it is kind of an obligation to inform the international scientific community of the experts of bad science from Russia especially they are in such extent and also they are actually not sure what we can do about this and perhaps some advice from from from you would be helpful and how we can do something about this proliferation of science and its expansion and the third thing that I think is important is that well all these pieces for me are obvious is a false positive results being published but they were all peer-reviewed and so the reader is somehow miss walked many different kinds of mistakes which were done in these papers aside from the fact that there is actually no active substance in the drug so perhaps if you look at the reasons why the reviewers have published have accepted these papers have have come let them get published into journals that would tell us something about why other post positive results with normal drugs can be published in different medical biomedical journals so this story somehow reminds me of a very interesting paper I've read by Eric Idle makers and others post case in social psychology that there was Journal of Personality and Social Psychology that published an article if people can see the future with paranormal ability with us and point zero 5 of course and so every makers argued that allows air to oceans for others and also deserves a big prize or probably some security process would lead to some real evaluation of how the peer review is handled in this field of science it's always thing that the case of parasitic active drugs could be useful to really evaluate how peer review could be improved in biomedical literature and on that I'd like to thank everybody who participated in the retraction in communicating to the public about these cases and to my co-authors thank you questions first let's seem to be relieved of his life and we both went to dinner situations in Japan what happened in the peer review process it seems to be a calm passive sufficient for geopolitics want papa sure there's no such thing as a journalist it would be really nice if the publisher which came back to work look whit across the board what was happening in between a review process well I don't know that it just say it's up to the general and it applies I can only comment to some anecdotal cases so in one case a paper editor that she was sent our criticism to the reviewer whose initial reviewer of the paper and basically said and so obviously it was just me and so that happens I think it's possibility and also what can go wrong is well there actually some papers published on the quality of peer review what kind of errors the reviewers of some kind of miss I am Not sure of the exact figures and Samsung but this is quite often that they can miss even severe for us and recent missile methodology so perhaps actually when we're talking about papers which deal with medicine may be additional instructions for reviewers to make sure that the style studies properly why the randomized or whatever well we can blame the peer reviewers but the truth is that you illustrated they were really worked op estate this information that says that there's nothing in there and to not include information about conflict of interest so reviewers still have to review what they're presented with okay and so unless there's some way to check that you know reviewers can't be blamed for missing something that's not there I'm not trying to put all the blame on on reviewers of course but I think that if you don't know what the substance is that seems you probably if I was a reviewer I think I would inquire not sure about every well I think that's an issue but as I've said some of the some of the articles they actually contain depots not just from suit conflicts of interest which of course should have been declared and that's what the reviewers for force you know we're just gonna reply because you were asking about journals and I work for a very we publish antiviral research that we also published our discovery to say so I knew about their attractions because I checked I look at all their attractions before they and indeed my first question was you know have you not noticed that it was a homeopathic so we did look into it of course and indeed the response I got from editors and looking at reviews was that they had hidden it pretty well you know I saw from each judge it's not my subject area but I didn't know about on see drug discovery today so we'll certainly extinction about it I wasn't aware of the case and that is also I think probably more often can happen with big publishers that editors are independent and they will handle things differently brand exam we try to have consistent best practice but they are let's see you a question before let's see the next question before you may respond to both congratulate you I think your research is very very important and especially in light of the fact that we still do have health systems like that reduce a luncheon bird but also Switzerland who do pay for these things through public insurance so I think your work should really continue thank you because it's a revenue and most of the revenues actually good revenue about insulin receptors and appears as you have inserted actual specialists and insulin receptors or actual roads the most of the revenue and then there is a sparse about this super thin drug which incorporates links to other articles which I have mentioned somewhere in my in my talk and so we asked when can you publish criticism can we use put very notice of concern when you edit the article or something like that and so I know some sort of course or lifestyle is the CEO of the company answer that but let you guess now I know a little paragraph about it but it's do I see this an issue [Applause]


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