Richard Lewis on Overwatch League
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Richard Lewis on Overwatch League

Oh Lord. OK well let’s do it then. Let’s be absolutely clear about why the Overwatch
league exists. OK? Blizzard have made a significant and amazing
contribution to esports. No doubt about it. Accidentally, you see? That’s the problem. They did it accidentally. I remember interviewing Blizzard employees
where they explicitly said, and this is as late as I think 2012, that explicitly said
we do not care about esports. If we make a great game first and it happens
to be a successful esport, great. But we do not care. But then esports took off and it made crazy
amounts of money. So first they tried to fix StarCraft II which
should have been… again they had all the tools at their disposal. Should’ve been amazing, right? They should have done WCS format when it first
came out. They didn’t have the vision so they didn’t
do it. They try to throw money at the problem and
region locking it all this and everyone was like you know what, I’m bored now sorry. We had a major event every weekend with the
same casters as every weekend. You know and money just flying everywhere
and now people are bored of it. You’re lost. Then I remember, because Blizzard used to
like me, and I remember talking to Blizzard employees and they said we’re going to lock
down the Heroes of the Storm. I’m like guys OK few things. You come in late to the MOBA party just in
case you don’t know. And then second of all like you want to do
a WCS format which has just failed in one game and you want to do it in a MOBA that
isn’t even a proper MOBA. And why do I say that? Because it was designed in a way where you
really can’t carry, not to the same degree you can in DotA or League of Legends, it’s
kind of more team focused and they deliberately made that design choice. Let me tell you about esports fans, I know
a thing or two about them. They like to follow the best players. They don’t care ‘oh we’re all the same on
a team’ that’s boring. You don’t want five clones who all play at
the same ability. You want a God who just come. You want a Dendi. You know you and somebody like this, you know
a Faker. Right? Somebody who’s just on a team and it’s just
outrageous, you know, at that moment in time. The player that wins you games. You don’t really have those names in Heroes
of the Storm. And because of that design choice, I think
it was hampered by the fact that came late, so he threw a bunch of money that. Can we be honest about it. It failed as an esport. Hey they even didn’t put fundamental things
in the game, like you have to use a separate website to show the drafting system. Hearthstone, accidental success again. Not an esport, not esports ready in any way
shape or form. Took off because it’s a popular game that
borrows from a popular IP in the form of World of Warcraft. Does it have a spectator client? Yeah I don’t think it does. How can you not make… You had to replay system in Starcraft! You’ve actually actively gone backwards. So OK Blizzard have had a checkered history
with esports. But then when they saw it take off they were
like ‘wow everyone’s getting paid now. Christ we kind of built this by accident so
we should get something out of it.’ And I know this because they were, one of
the reasons they liked the idea of the Activision Blizzard buying MLG was because it had a TV
platform because when they, I think when they saw twitch go to Amazon for $970 million,
they were ‘like our games helped that… do we get any?’ Twitch were like ‘nah of course not this
is our thing.’ So they wanted a TV solution. They’ve even had talks with Azubu at one point. I’m very glad for Blizzard they avoided that
train wreck. That’s absolute dumpster fire. But, you know, they wanted MLG TV as a TV
solution for Call of Duty and for whatever games they wanted to put out. They’re not going to use it like that I don’t
think. I think too far down the beaten path now. But then they really started flexing and this
is where Overwatch comes in. They’ve designed the game to have this populist
appeal. I have no problem with that whatsoever. It’s fine but they’ve ignored some fundamental
rules about esports. Class based shooters do not do well as an
esport. It’s too much information. You have all the complexities of a MOBA with
loads of different things happening and different visual abilities. First-person Shooters must be simple to watch. Gun, crosshair, bullets, that it. I only know what the gun does by looking at
the gun. I kind of like 50 different things shooting
out the end of a gun and have to like follow the color of the bullets to know whether it’s
going to stun them or kill them. What is this nonsense. The average fan can grasp that. So it’s a huge challenge. That’s why it never worked. So first of all you game choice is outrageously
stupid. Second of all, has there ever been an esport
succeed that was forced as an esport? Anyone? No one? Yeah no no takers because there hasn’t been
one. You can’t force it. You have to organically build up a community. You have to make a really good game that people
are engaged with and want to dedicate hours to and the player base that I’m talking to
from Overwatch, I’m talking to ex-TF2 player who are like I’m here to make money. That’s the pros, by the way. And the average casual player is just like
wow the balance is all out of whack. You just kill this kill it. You’re changing things. The patches are coming too fast. None of us can keep up. Blizzard don’t even know how balance the game. People are bored. They’re not having fun. Hours are going down. It is very much a casual experience and again
I’m sorry you cannot synthesize and esport from that. So Blizzard have a lot to do just to get the
game in shape. So all of that said here’s what we do. We we are going to use the success of League
of Legends. We’re going to use the success of DotA’s International
particularly, and everything Valve has done in CS:GO and we are going to create a document,
which I’ve read, the Morgan Stanley document this is legendary. If you can get your hands on it you will… It’s one of the funniest things I’ve ever
seen. They’re comparing esports to the WWE and stuff
like this you know? It’s like how long I’ve been around for? OK good. Yeah. And they’ve literally duped venture capital
companies, who’ve got money to spend you know. You know how venture capitalists work right? It’s like they’re placed in a series of bets
at a series of tables. They don’t care because one of them will win. If you lose 60 mil but one investment comes
in and makes you a hundred mill it’s all fair game. You got the money to play with. And they’ve dupe a bunch of people into sort
of investing in it. I would not have advised it. I don’t think it’s a wise investment I think
dropping $20 million to have a slot in a league with no proof of concept. When you get 20,000 people watching the premiere
tournament that’s being played right now. And you know… this is madness. And I’ve seen these bubbles before. They are dangerous because when people buy
in stuff and if it collapses all of that money disappears. All of those jobs disappear. All of that investment disappears. And you won’t see any of those people affected
for a few years. So this is why I’m not resistant to it. I’ve said I actually want it to succeed just
because of what the consequences will be if it doesn’t. But everything about this is wrong. It’s too expensive. The game isn’t attracting a hardcore audience. The money is too much for startups. Again, I saw Hastr0, i mean he’s out of his mind these
days. He said on Twitter he’s like going show me
the viewing figures for the first year of League of Legends. OK I will. I didn’t have to pay 20 million to get in
that league. I just got a team and paid them a low level
salary in season one. That was all I had to do. Minimum investment. It leads to growth. All right. OK. So this is insane is absolute insanity what’s
going on at the Overwatch league and it’s dangerous. I don’t want massive venture capital firms
that first experience getting burned for 20 mil. They’re never coming back to this. So Blizzard have a huge responsibility on
their shoulders and I wish they could see a little bit further than just ‘we want
to get ours.’ I think that’s really negative for one of
the major players in the esports industry. So you know, am I on board with it? Absolutely not. Blizzard will certainly not involve me in
any capacity with it at this point. You know I’ve already heard from people that
they certainly think my attitude is unacceptable but I care about esports I don’t care about
Blizzard. You know? I care about the bigger picture and I think
as it stands the Overwatch League has the potential to be incredibly harmful and burn
a bunch of people.


  • Sliske

    HoTS didn't take off for the same reason most FPS games don't take off. The market is saturated and the playerbase has already dug their roots deep into their chosen game. HOTS simply doesn't have the playerbase to hype up big Esports tournaments.

    HoTS does however have really big names. Quacknix from Fnatic and Rich from MVP Black were godlike players and everyone knew it (past tense cuz I fell out of HoTS a while back).

    HoTS is a great game, its a lot of fun to watch and to play, but its too short for an esport. Most esports have 30min+ matches, or in the case of CSGO, very little downtime between rounds. HoTS had 15 minutes of downtime every 20 minute match. Some matches were absolute stomps, ending in 8 minutes and that shit is thrilling! But i aint sticking around for 15 minutes to watch the next game. Fuck that.

    As for OW, OW has just went down a rabbit hole pretty hard. Their decision to only make 4 healers has cost them dearly. The result of having so little healers is that no one wants to play them. When no one wants to play them, Blizzards solution is to turbo buff them. When Blizzard turbo buffs healers, they become mandatory and nearly impossible to kill without godlike aim. When that happens, you get a stale as fuck meta. People either delete the enemy healers accidentally with a double headshot as mccree, or you may as well go afk. Killing people is pointless – mercy will rezz them. Killing people is ridiculously hard, anyway. They have a zenyata orb and a mercy beam on them.

    No one wants to watch a game were literally all kills are pointless unless its a mercy. And when that mercy is killed, the casters immediately say 'gg' even though its still 5v6. Its just so unbelieveably unlikely that the team with a dead mercy will pull of a 5v6, that the casters call the fight 30 seconds in advance. That shit is whack.

  • Gus A. Florez

    I remember watching a video of Steve Ballmer on a business channel saying that no person in his right mind would want to pay 600 dollars for a phone without a keyboard. Boy, how wrong he was. "Blizzard would certainly not involve me in any capacity with it at this point" I say he sounds bitter the boat left without him.

  • Deon D

    Interesting points. My two cents:

    I think the hero design decisions aren't as bad he makes it sounds, especially now that some characters are getting re-works that increase their skill ceiling (Mercy, and Roadhog come to mind). As far as I know, top players still get an opportunity to shine. An important caveat is that 'skill' in OW does not only translate to how many kills you get. Perceived 'low-skill' heroes don't get that much use on the higher levels anyway, unless their players actually use them with skill.

    The overall viewing experience is Overwatch's trickiest problem to solve. Once they figure that out, I don't think viewers will have a hard time figuring out what's going on. If your average MOBA viewer knows enough of what's happening on the screen to know what's going on, my guess is they won't suffer from information overload watching OW. That is as long as Blizzard nails the spectator experience.

    As for the cost of buying-in to the league, is high and concerning.

  • rat

    Hopefully all these tards that fight people in order to defend the opinion that Overwatch is a competitive game will soon change their minds

  • DeLaNova Art

    I hope Overwatch fail, just so they can assume how bad their balance is and stop being delusiional and not giving a fuck about the playerbase.

  • iNF1N3

    Bunch of CSGO fanboys wanting to take a hit on OW, first off, if you find that tracking abilities from 20ish heroes is hard then you better stick to tetris, how do you explain people tracking DotA and LoL tournaments when there are x times of heroes with more abilities, also you dont understand the way the OWL was imagined, its not like the way other leagues work, where you can climb your way into the premier league, there will be a fixed amount of teams making roster moves to get that championship, just like the american leagues work, NBA, NHL, NFL, MLB, that explains the buy ins, and when you consider that APEX had 20-30k vievers with just korean teams, even more when they had global teams you can envision that 50k will be an ez target for season matches, and probably double that for playoffs, which is basicly the same as dota majors and LoL majors, those capitalists will easily get their money back after just 1 season and more franchises will be given out to expand the league. I guess you people are scared that the OWL will dethrone CSGO witrh its 90s graphics as the premier shooter esport, now please, go back to your game filled with hackers and let go off things you have borderline expirience.

  • Good Reason

    Blizzard is still richest company by far with multiple top mainstream games so they can do whatever they want. Still 20 times bigger income than Riot or others.

  • JasparJam

    Interesting to have this guys insight. But also…this is a CS:GO channel, talking about it's biggest competitor…..hahah. Be weary about content from CS:GO channels on Overwatch.

  • Gibz

    I love Overwatch but this guy made some really good points like you cant force an Esport and a 20 mil buy-in for a a game that doesnt have that huge of a tournament following. They should have just had something similar to hearthstones tournament layout

  • thekillers1stfan

    I feel like he's at least wrong about one thing. I don't think Overwatch is too complicated for viewership nor do I think people would rather watch a basic gun/bullet shooter. I've never regularly watched esports before it and have no problem following along. I watched professional CS:GO once or twice late at night because I had nothing better to do and honestly it was just boring as fuck. Like obviously it took skill to aim as well as they did and know where to move or whatever but it wasn't interesting at all even when the crowd was going wild because some dude 1v3'd to win a round it did not look like a big deal to me. Overwatch is the only game I've watched the pros play and been impressed with skilled moves. He talks like there are no superstars in OW that can just run through an enemy team when there very clearly are those kinds of players. The differences in strategy that you see with different comps and different maps makes it so much more interesting. I've never see LoL pro games because I don't play MOBAs but I'm assuming that's part of the reason people watch those tournaments as well. I don't see any reason why class based shooters are at a disadvantage just because there takes greater thought to understand what is happening. I don't know the economic side of it, he's probably right about the over investing tbh. But I still think it will draw new people into the viewership.

  • Aiafati

    So he criticized Blizz for not caring about esports with their games, implying that Blizz should have esports in mind when developing their games. But then near the end he says that esports shouldn't be forced and should happen organically?


  • Daniel TZ

    Reading some of the comments here is just fantastic, this is an explanation about how Blizzard handles their games when it comes to eSports. Not the overall development of their games, stop judging their ability to make a great game based on what their reputation is in eSports lol. Just think how much success they had with WoW, Diablo, Heartstone, Starcraft and even Overwatch. Easily in the top 10 most played and successful multi-player based games of all time. Most of the kids watching this don't even know how legendary these games are because it was before their time

  • Zernolph El Gath

    While I'm very skeptical about OWL, people already claiming that it already crashed and burned while it hasn't even started yet is BS! The guy in the video has interesting points but his perspective is downright too negative and subjective to be honest.

    The patch updates aren't that quick that players don't get accustomed to them, he's exaggerating!

    It's not an issue about Multiclass shooters being bad for E-sports but the amount of visual noise Overwatch has that affects it tournament viewership, which can be improved, it's not impossible. TF2 had a pro-scene, it's just that the updates were far too long in between and Valve didn't bother with it much.

    He keeps saying that the different guns and abilities will confuse the casual audience, but let's be real here, a casual audience can get confused watching MOBA tournaments as well if they don't know what's going on and MOBAS are much more complicated than Overwatch, yet they are successful. It's not about simplicity of game mechanics! E-sports scenes like CSGO, LOL, and DOTA thrived because they had a following and a considerable amount of hardcore fanbase and they are much more hardcore games compared to Overwatch.

    Overwatch has very serious balance issues right now, but let's not pretend that LOL didn't have the same problems at the beginning, and LOL is one of the biggest, if not the biggest E-sports right now.

    The amount of money being poured into OWL is scary and financially risky but if nothing else, this amount of money will surely make them think carefully about their actions. Not to mention, Blizzard is not new to the E-sports scene. Yeah, they had accidental hits in SC1 and Hearthstone, and yeah, they mishandled SC2, but come on! Blizzard is a company who had more games in E-sports than any other game company, do the people not think that that counts for anything here experience-wise? Nobody has ever successfully forced an E-sports scene before, but if there's any company that could do it, Blizzard is the most credible to take that challenge.

    Seriously, OWL hasn't even started yet, at least give it a chance ffs. I'm skeptical, but I'm not a hater.

  • Red Sparrow

    I hope the spectator and competitive changes they're introducing at Blizzcon this weekend will be a step in the right direction. As it stands it's obviously a very risky esports push, albeit with some really compelling ideas. As the teams and their rosters are being revealed, I'm starting to see excitement build within the OW community, which is at least a positive sign.

    I have no doubt that they'll be able to attract Overwatch players to view the events, especially if they take advantage of Twitch integration and also use tournaments as a platform for community outreach (I'm talking debuting new animated shorts, making announcements, etc.) but converting a casual audience to an esports viewing audience, and attracting new viewers, will be harder.

    For as much as I want the League to succeed, I can't help but think that all that money would have been better invested in transmedia storytelling to help build the brand. A Netflix animated series, comics and novels, merchandise. The IP has massive mainstream appeal and a passionate fanbase, but for many of its fans the passion is centered on the world and characters far more than the gameplay.

  • Love Innz

    Guys just cause he makes sense and points out key facts doesn't mean it'll come true… Yeah OW is hard to follow while spearing but that's why they improved selecting… As far following what stuns and what doesn't… Well I feel people should get more into the game and know what's up

  • cauldron

    Who gives a shit what Richard Lewis thinks – he thinks that in order for a game to have a massive following and be "good" for esports it can't be complicated. Basically he thinks gamers and even non gamers who watch esports are stupid. guy is a clown and a fraud

  • Joe Brennan

    Idk the idea of owl seems really cool however im kinda confused on why they made most of the teams located in america which kinda takes away from owl idea. However the teams that have been created in owl are insane and im hyped to see how they play out.

  • Stan Marsh

    The visual overload situation seems to be being fixed with the team colours down to even there shots and attacks being coloured towards there team.

  • doggotbitm

    I genuinely love overwatch and pro overwatch but i really think Blizz bit off way more than they can chew with OWL and reverse engineer an esport.

  • Justin Rollman

    This video was made due to the recent decline in CS GO ‘s fan base and player base. Of course he doesn’t like Overwatch as it is a FPS that won game of the year and has stolen many pro players and steamers away from CS GO (cite timthetatman and emongg as examples).


    This guy is a known nonce. Absolute fruit cake and complete twat. Will die alone. [Mia]castro is a gimp – go back to fragmasters

  • RonnyChem

    I think you could definitely argue that LoL's esports scene was very forced. Riot was a small company at the time, but as a player I remember being bombarded constantly with links to go watch the tournaments, and honestly its probably the only reason me or my friends ever thought to start watching. I think it would have been nothing if Riot hadn't done that.

    I do agree with his overall point though. I'm pretty skeptical about Overwatch as an esport.

  • Nazgulth

    While I largely agree with a lot of the warning signs Richard points out, I'd like to hear him elaborate on some things. Certain statements seemed really anecdotal, namely balance and player burnout. No one outside of Blizzard has numerical evidence to prove either of those things are really problems but I am absolutely willing to accept (based on evidence) that they are, and people anecdotally claiming there are sweeping balance issues happens in every MMO I play. And it's rarely the case that were are sweeping balance issues in these games. 5 million uninformed opinions don't mean jack shit.

  • Trystin Lamereaux

    Okay OWL viewers aren't fucking retarded like you think CSGO fans are (by saying the game HAS to be simple). OW has a great player base. The pros are much better personalities, it's not a "casual game". COD is a casual game and that has a successful history as a competitive game (somehow). The only good point you made is the cost of the entry to buy into OWL. Otherwise this argument is invalid. The game has a huge following especially for a "new" fps game from a developer that is very successful. I think he's scared of it taking over as a big competitor to CSGO. OW is much more exciting for me as a viewer to watch as well.

  • Juicetin Harrell

    Having just recently seen the world cup, I know I would watch the OWL as an overwatch player. I'm gold/plat range, which I think would qualify as an "average" player. I just find most of the complaints leveled against OW to be in the category of "yeah I can see your point, but you've blown it so far out of proportion I can't take you seriously anymore."

    If you aren't interested in OW or the OWL, that's perfectly fine. I don't care about LoL or Dota in the slightest but they can still be great eSport. I enjoyed and will continue to enjoy the direction Blizzard is going with OW both as a player and spectator, dare I say slightly excited for it. Surprised to see that's the minority opinion (at least here).

  • 3lit3gn0m3

    I don't want to falsely inflate my ego by thinking I'm 'better than the average viewer,' but OW is actually easy to follow after watching it a bit. Now, the fact that it takes a few games to get used to it is a problem, but I think Richard here is kind of insulting 'casual' viewers. I do think it's valid to see it like that when considering those who don't play the game, but the bottom line is this: people can get used to watching it, and at the highest level it is quite enjoyable.

    Just my opinion, though. The rest of his talk on forcing and huge investments is a concern many people share.

  • aullik

    mr lewis makes so many mistakes but believes he is absolutely right here. It is absolutely hilarious.

    The point he is right with: Blizzard cares about the Money so they built OW league for that reason and because they now started to care about it they also enlisted a few people who know how to Esports.

  • Ilannguaq Jonathansen

    As an Overwatch fan, also of Overwatch eSports fan, I can only agree with that guy. Even though I really enjoying watching pro play, I dont mind all the things going on, because I know the game. But I acn see that it is too chaotic for some spectators. I also agree that too many changes are done to the game. But on the other hand, you cannot deny that Blizzard really makes a big effort in polishing their game and nurture their community

  • Drew G

    This dude is all over the place. The only thing I agree with him on is venture capitalists should not do any business with Blizzard what-so-ever. Everything else out of his mouth is nonsense.

  • MegaOzmoz

    i know that overwatch is not a balanced game but is cs go balanced most players if not all of them use only 3 main weapon " AK47 , M4 , AWP " and keep playing the same maps over and over and over no changes that would make the game interesting to watch
    BTW i don't play overwatch

  • HamLovesBacon

    Lol no Overwatch player says "The patches are coming too fast." (4:50 mark) Does this guy actually know what he's talking about?

  • Legacyy

    You're just a CS:GO fan who hates on blizzard. Blizzard has shown consistently why they are the best company in the video game industry. And if you don't believe me just take a look at their stock performance. Says everything.

  • Putaque Pariu

    Random esports "journalist" think he knows more about making money and investing than massive mega corps and venture capital investment companies. And oh you moron, they do care, they absolutely care. The stupidity

  • Whokilledkenny9

    Are you kidding me? So these multi million dollar investors are just throwing their money away lmao. These people do their research its why they are multi millionaires. They take risks on investments "high risk high reward" Saying its dangerous is blatantly obvious and major component of successful investments. Hes a low risk low reward, not an actual investor lul. His ideas are dumb. "No one has ever forced an esport and it becomes successful". Esports has really only just taken off, which means no one has had a chance to build an esport game from scratch (there haven't even been that many that have tried). We have a sample size of like 10 games. Halo is a simple fps game where you point and shoot. Guess what its basically dead. What about rainbow six or gears of war? He also says that popular blizzard games were hindered by basic esports features, but then goes on to say that overwatch will fail because its built with these features already. Not only this but he also says that people are stupid and can't grasp simple game concepts This guy should stick to csgo.

  • Kellen

    230k views on the Overwatch World Cup semifinal and finale. I have no idea where he got 20k from even Contenders had 40k views and that’s Overwatch’s minor league

  • D Ki

    One of the wisest things I have ever watched on sadly what will probably happen. You don't think he's right then ask yourself thsi how come when Jeff Kaplan sat in front of a fireplace doing nothing he had more viewership on twitch 39k than the contenders ever did? Sadly in the end there will just not be the viewership…most ppl are not even aware of the league …they sat wtching Jeff because they only wanted to know what the new hero was going to be.

  • Razorpony Unleashed

    As a huge fan of the Pro Overwatch scene, I found this video very interesting! What he's saying DOES make a lot of sense. I hope he's wrong though :p

  • Sphincter911

    Lmao richard the only people agreeing with you are the cs fanatics and people who suck at overwatch and can't take two seconds to comprehend what is on the screen.

    1. Saying there are no star level players/carriers is literally insane.(check yourself into an institution please)

    2. No an esport first person shooter does not have to be simple (btw overwatch is pretty easy to understand, and if you don't understand thats why casters exist). stating that as "fact" or as an absolute is so far ignorant I literally can't even. Just because "your" game is braindead simple (and quite honestly REALLY boring) and has had success doesnt mean another game with a few more complexities wont be just as successful.

    3. I'd say with 30 million players world wide and growing, overwatch isn't just a casual game. 2016 csgo had sold 25 million-ish copies. 2017 overwatch sold 30 milllion… I know it's one year off but 30 million WAS IN ONE YEAR. Just so I don't come off as Completely biased I own CS, CSS, and CSGO. Yet i never played competitively. pure casual. OW on the other hand, I have played every competitive season to date and enjoyed it. (2700sr flex if youre looking) So saying its a casual game is so incredibly absent minded. (and i know that sounds like my own opinion BUT i am an extremely casual video game player, and if i can find enjoyment out of competitive OW then im guessing other can too)

    4. so youre saying an esport can't be forced and HAS to happen organically? Thats funny because didnt you just blast blizz for not making their games with esports in mind?? Hmmm I see how your mind works now richard. You sound like the school yard twat that has to control everything and when everyone else doesn't include you, you bash them and say their playground game is stupid and nobody likes them etc.

    5. Thats true that 20,000 people watched the premieres, and I understand that this video came out before the World Cup, the world cup viewership peaked at 220,000 with a sold out auditorium most games. So blaming OW for ultimately was the premieres fault for promotion (also it's in korea is it not?) is such an incredibly biased statement.

    I could go on but tbh ive probably wasted my time and any CSGO fanatic circle jerk fanboy who decides to read this and dismiss it for OW fanboy dribble. I like both games btw.

    All in all richard youre a shortsighted twat cunt head who is so far up his own ass that he looks like a normal person again only twattier. Thank you to anyone who read this nonsense. Please respond if you like, preferably with intelligent, constructive, and calm feedback. Papa bless

  • A

    415k peak viewership on its opening weekend on 1 of 3 streaming platforms. Richard Lewis has always been an old school esports guy, but his old school mindset will keep esports trapped in the past. He needs to hang up his hat and accept he doesn’t know esports as well as he thinks he does.

  • 4mana7/7rino Kripperino

    Used to play a shit ton of TF2, a lot of CS:GO, and I'm right now playing a lot of Overwatch while being high ranked, and I can say that Overwatch won't succeed as an esport. The game and its divided player base bring too many problems for the game to become a worthy enough esport.

  • Juan B

    He makes a lot of good points but I think he's coming at them a bit too strongly. Still, perhaps that's what they need rather than just praise all the time.

  • Alex Scholtes

    lol he is absolutely wrong..l make a good game then a good esport……………… he is just mad they dont like him

  • Wang Hai Feng

    I think the problem is between being a game and being a sport. As a game dev the first always take prescedence.

  • Patryk kilanowski

    Several months after the interview Lewis. How does it feel to be so wrong? From a perspective of time it is clear how biased you were.

  • Succulent Orange

    Disagree with the start of the video: If they focused on making a great game that was so good it became an e-sport, that's 1000x better than making a crappy game and forcing it into the e-sport world

  • Pentay

    Why doesn't Blizz just try to get paid for their game being featured in the streams? That way they don't have to try and create their own thing which becomes a game in and of itself. Blizz needs to stick to gaming.

  • Chino Gambino

    I tried to tell people Blizzard was tricking investors with OWL, there is no way the viewership could justify a 20 million buy in. Those hundreds of millions are never being seen again. Fanboys are in absolute denial to this day about the state of the game, casually and as an Esport.

  • VintageBalderdash

    "I talk to the players saying the balancing is out of wack, it stopped being fun and Blizzard got really controlling."
    Yes, THANK YOU for listening!
    "I don't want massive venture capital firms getting burned for 20 mill."
    See, this is why I say fuck eSports.

  • Beau

    Fast forward 15 months, Blizzard have raked in nearly HALF A BILLION DOLLARS just in buy-in fees!!! PLUS Twitch paid them what, 70million? plus Intel are sponsoring some stuff, PLUS whatever they made off ticket sales etc etc etc… Blizzard have gone full "Activision" on this OWL thing! making sure they get their money for season one they took in like 240MILLION just in team buy in fees… and the winner got $1,000,000…. pathetic.

  • Bernard Sparrow

    i like a guy who is arrogant but also well informed. Very nice interview and impressed by Lewis for not being a blockhead.

  • Yaboibunsen

    I agree with everything he said, in fact I've said the same thing since OWL was announced, Overwatch is not a competitive game

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