• headpainter1

    I find it funny that people on the road won't take 30 seconds to allow someone in , but they are willing to spend two a half hours dealing with a police report and probably money out of pocket. Maybe, even an emergency room visit. People never cease to amaze me. Admittingly , there are plenty of assholes on the road. But do you want to spend two and a half hours waiting on the cops to fill out a report or even worse? It just doesn't make sense to me.

  • bebe bebe

    I hate people with road rage against dick Euless and stupid if you got a problem take their license plate down and call the cops do you know how stupid you look arguing out there in the middle of the damn street grow the f**** I hate people with road rage is ridiculous and stupid they got a problem take their license plate down and call the cops do you know how do they do look arguing out there in the middle of the Damned Street grow the f*** up and when somebody when you do something wrong get up and talk about it intelligently don't scream in each other guys all you're going to do is cause other people to get do an accident you not the only ones on the road you look f**** stupid


    Blacks are so full of hate…..WOW! If blacks could only learn to love their own race then they could learn to love the rest of the world and learn to get jobs and speak proper English and become part of normal society instead of criminals and Section 8 thugs.

  • Sapphiregriffin

    1. wow someone's mad
    2. just let him in… you're at fault
    3. werid..
    4. just let them in, you're jerk and at fault
    5. calm down.. do what again? not crash into the car infront?
    6. you're going too fast
    7. fool
    8. oh
    9. you need xanex (or however you spell anti anxiety drug) now you have to pay for being the real asshole
    10. stop antagonizing people
    11. yeah yeah yeah
    12. little white boy is getting assault charges
    13. eyeroll another assault charge
    14. huh
    15. driving way too close
    16. wtf is going on there
    17. lil whiet boy desytoy his own life.. what did he think was gonna happen.

  • David Parkell

    The title should be assholes can't hold their emotional discharge. People, control yourselves. Everyone has bad days, don't drive a life threatening vehicle under the influence of rage. You can't rewind death. And for what?

  • Kevin A

    Oh now we’re gonna do it again?!?!? You god damn right! Made your dumbass crash!!! Watch what you wish (fuckin do it again!) for!

  • Caleb Cudjoe

    @ 6:12 guy who rear-ends the lady is wrong. only one car is supposed to turn in the intersection on an amber AAAAANNND you're supposed to keep a safe distance at all times in the event the car infront emergency stops

  • Pommie bears

    If there is an asshole driver, stay out of their way. I used to get all angry, but it isn’t worth it. Let them move on. Hopefully they will only hurt themselves and no one else.

  • Frankarlos Sanchez

    10:00ish. Idk bout where y’all stay at but where I stay at pullin that gun and pointing is a big boy charge ( if he would’ve pulled the gun he would’ve been put down. I got my glock always right next to me and the first second that man would’ve Token that gun out then point… game over, you would’ve caught that man in the past life)

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