Roblox Cube Defence and more!

Roblox Cube Defence and more!

[Applause] hey what's up everybody so today I'm gonna be playing some Cuba defense if you guys want to join in it is all up to you anyways um trying to get this thing set up here game modes and I could technically go on a private server how many people here what place I'm a Cuba defense with me oh and I just realized my screen settings are way off how do I fix this better sweet mm-hmm oh boy I'm a prank call you're on a prank call me mmm my headphones are on my ear oh that that's because I don't what the mama years but how am i hearing what what am I supposed to hear I'm reading your comments I can't hear your comments what kind of logic are you trying to give dog over here come on can you show us Riley Riley's not at home at the moment that the vets the black screen is this guy in all the pictures of faces there we got we've got Patrick here we've got Patrick here oh that's awesome hardcore why not let's fail at this game I believe in everybody we can do it I believe in you guys come on let's do hardcore we're still gonna fail all right um yeah we're gonna fail so hard at this game I throw it out one of these guys actually know too because every time I do one never work so I'll do a side by side discord link discord link are you long second boy we will win this fights you just woke up nice wait how many you guys have okay so we do have some light destroyers we're gonna put one more of these guys out front then and hope to goodness that we will get this in time all right and now I'm gonna try and do a little bit of this sweetly good good Dargo just call FBI why why would I do that right there FBI open up osmium God we lost negative 1 star rip there was too much power we couldn't handle it we got negative ass target has that was a hurtful moment all right game modes definitely not gonna do hardcore yeah how do I send my fan art um yeah there's a lot of things to deal with that but supposably supposed to be in my fan art section but yeah you needed rollin all that stuff we got the same team again huh what do we got mm-hmm hydro probably the easiest one to work with I want to see my huh well there's still water over here you still can find your home from here after all hi drew damn it's that blue ski if they tell you I tell you is yet no you're not no you're not mm-hmm I'm just gonna throw mine right in the dead mid area is why not and then I'll put my next one right here perfect if you just jump I think you jumped we're gonna have a lot of leaking you guys need to spread out see how that are like all over here I'm like holding a certain portion here this is my area I don't need help and kind of new to this channel I did scare a bit last week how do you speak well the same as you apparently boy Youngblood what's that man dark shark oof I hurts I bet that hurts Fuli we want to use this but I can't got it I have my missile launcher hey what is this boy really over here you need it more so that thing that light turret Jasmine no I'm not gonna do that I'm sorry Matan no fire fire boy but what what with all caps nothing uncaps bark please if you're a dog hmm I'm a Doge so I'm sorry upgrade more upwards I guess I'll try and throw one over here because I think that's what he's trying to admit you do I don't know yeah I only need one over here still got no money to do it oh wait I got an idea boom it's not the best but something firefire you'll never know you'll never know okay all we know I could be just another Patrick I'll snap I'll snap the moneymaker I shall only touch it so many things soda little thing feel like I should have actually started with like factories a little bit of factories or something this guy's just Full Tilt on there's like it's not a bad idea you don't need to do around me though considering what I got they're going through can they hold Oh nope okay get rid of this one there you go mission accomplished just need a little more push wasn't enough like sell it boy demanding Zach robat what's up how you doing hey don't go to school slick slick I see where you're going at that moment that you wish there was a pause button for school so if you just chillax oh if that was the thing Oh welcome welcome Zachary bet how are you doing Cole famous no throw one down here never know how many leads we're gonna be throwing at I like what you guys are doing it's very very clean like can you sell it no I guess he can't he's been there forever I'm gonna throw another Messiah watcher there and another one right here will fix my line is broken oh and your OCD is kicking and hard I feel you dude I feel you I know we got the feed but we got two stars so we did a good job as long as we're in the positive four stars are doing good job see you next stream okay vibe right now robloxian this game is actually pretty chill like for instance if you guys are counting you to it there's a store where you can buy stuff after you get a certain amount of gold unfortunately I don't have enough to buy this yet I want to but I don't have enough so I'm guy keep on going at and then the inventory is where you can like pick and choose so for instance if I didn't want this equipped and I wanted this one instead I can do that or just click it again to go back it is what it is I made my like basic team thing always join fell the fence let's see what is the levels we got here okay so we got new players obviously but that's okay eventually you guys will be pros and then we will win just takes time your now Kitty game on roblox alright he plays games what's up are you doing no we won't win well technically there is not like a winning thing to this considering it just keeps going so it's more like how long can you last it's a pretty cool game though well there's like a half point or something or whatever they want to call it when you get to like around 50 but you still keep going regardless – of the beach so Patrick can go to his home Patrick wants to go to his home everybody wants to go to our home specially Patrick he needs his rock his yeah his rock look at that there's treasure chests on the ground these things only supply you with ten I think Oh 100 okay 100 gold all right so I guess I'll do it this way what am i doing I'm playing hello kitty kitty adventures it's a pretty good you know game a lot of kitties a lot of adventures we could play Dora the Explorer but you know I preferred this Hello Kitty game it's pretty lit comes with kitties totally not like turrets and you know there's a Patrick's in here and stuff that this guy kinda looks like spongebob with a blue shirt yeah yeah it's pretty cool pretty cool Chuck you should try it you should try it again 100% not playing keep defense obviously totally playing a Hello Kitty adventures totally why are you doubting me totally playing it oh the chocolate Thanos yes yes yes of course of course I couldn't forget that Jake Frost yeah I remember you man what's up just pen ah with the doges all the day long block up why do you ignore me on roblox I tend to not even look at chat on roblox so that might be the main reason nothing to do with people in general is just that tend to never really read on the roblox thing that could be the reason why that is one big line up boy when did that start YouTube uh it was very late December or early I don't know yeah I think it was late December of 2016 but I wasn't really doing YouTube realistically it was just like putting stuff on if you get me how can you play with me uh sloth plays all you gotta do is follow me up magic art films and then join in the game or just look up cube defense it looks like a big rubik's cube just pinna hello hi tena are you are not like or is it peanut just pina I like to say Panna I don't know is just a thing that I like to roll off the tongue yeah I joined YouTube but I didn't do anything on it you know how like people just make account so they can like watch videos and stuff yeah I didn't do anything in July I just used it to like watch stuff we were nine at the time oh snap Oh Oh what's going on over here hold on a second fix this one problem here there you go all right I need another one of these guys somewhere actually I'm just gonna do that you guys need to upgrade your little front turret things that's like crucial very crucial almost 100k I know I know by the way I'm going to be going to the States yeah I know right Canadian da going to the States that's incredible um anyways next month on what was it the seventh gonna be fun you live in Kelly I'm gonna be passing by there wait wait wait no no no not Kelly way off way way off he lived in the house yay boy okay we still get those things okay not not too bad okay I'm just oh there we go keep trying guess I'll upgrade these things sir you are leaking Spur hard over there you can't really do much about it that hurt that could have been a loss guys not looking good okay oh we got another one elissa can put my knees down now I get on my way Santos get that one down how many does it take okay probably gonna leak on my side considering I'm not upgrading now that I'm looking behind tends to happen yep leakin I'll put another one on those there another one of those there then I gotta get rid of this guy and then one of you guys and then one of you guys a boy why why I'm trying not to let it get past this why so many this is too much there's a fellow we're done we're done there's no way I can fix this problem this is yeah we're totally done especially that blue one that has over at that yeah work this game this is the game there's no way we're gonna beat that the thing has over a thousand dude there's no way and I'm gonna try after I've seen that if I never actually played Minecraft I watched minecraft but I never actually played it there's a little fun fact for you guys just Pina come on man guy explain in detail what you are about so people can sub just don't ask come on man explain in detail what do you do as a youtuber give them something to go by are you planning when you have a hundred case of what do you mean like face reveal yeah it's a hundred percent happen it's just in general minds already been shown but when I'm saying face reveal I mean like my fiancee hence why I'm still saying the word face review if a zone has ever seen my fiance we're going to fail guys but don't worry we'll fail with honor right what I'm gonna do is spam the living lights out of these guys all right so don't you dare mess up my location and you are literally messing up my location this is my area whatever keep it going all right that's all I need now hopefully I can upgrade at least that once this is going to be hard money I think we just lost I'm pretty sure I just seem like whole like a spy if one goes through we die set why I what you mean you're resetting yeah we got a negative start people oof all we had was kick we wanted I've one that came to lead for sure MLP fun fact I'm not listening to your chat I'm actually reading in mind-blowing huh oh he's not actually here yeah of this team okay hence why they're not on me is another fun fact you can actually hear stuff without having it on yours could you not are you really deaf you probably really deaf you're probably really deaf yeah you're really deaf sent by those not notice me Oh yep yep definitely didn't notice do you still play dungeon quest I do but I got bored of it cuz like in general there update was yeah it was it was art don't get me wrong it was alright it was just a factor that there's nothing new other than the fact of still grinding but in a different way so I didn't really want to participate I'm pretty sure a lot of people get me on that pirate simulator no never heard of it you Inc but you got it all right um I think I got work with saying you're putting your stuff there oh wait you're just doing one in each I feel yeah then all I'm gonna do one right there and maybe throw down a couple of these searing that site the same as having a whole whack of them please please please what do you want what do you want what do you want what do you want what do you want what do you want what do you want watch answer what what what's the answer the answer is you're very very sleepy right obviously okay you're yawning you're yawning all the time type no I'm not gonna take make me here watching my last team well that's good enough isn't it all right um I'm gonna go and do another one of these guys well there you go there you go honey oh I want it oh wait I think I got that one I'm pretty sure you are it says the one that has closed eyes and yawning right now fact yeah a hundred percent you're sleepy you are a sleepy well if you're not then why are you yawning why you yawn and why are you yawning huh how do % you're you're yawning how do % you you're buying a gun can't you just yawn for free but you know silly buying your own yawn who does that mm-hm okay there we go no no no no it's fine I kid a kid Patrick went to his home yeah I didn't see Patrick this time I guess he's chillin this home and guess I'm gonna just throw another one I use an oh you guys don't have them oh yeah and didn't happen I want to update there we go I need to put another one some around here because you guys definitely thank you for the money I need money alright put another one right here it's needed definitely needed killing that would be perfect right now sweet open another one right there I get this all right so I need one I know that you wanted here and then one more right here I think I'll need one right there too oh that works so this is not gonna work out too well but better than nothing oh honey I need it why are you taking it you obviously don't need the money yeah what are you making more of the same thing obviously not gonna work oof thought you guys needed more win all right so I'm afraid this one that definitely need to get upgraded so that's a little better I see why the Santos Canyon's is money as well he has so many things to need that how much robux a guy I got I got robots and so I need to know hmm Avengers no okay I worry a little bit hmm concern we have a whole lot of these guys I'll just do this I'll snap party k is a cat in disguise could even know that was the thing we get a boss in here guys we have a bossy why the boss run and stab it stay happy look I got an idea spike trap boy how many spy checks is this guy used so many spy tracks um okay I need you of these and then I need to throw down some of these and then destroy this guy cool fix it's really on then are there throw another one down oh boy there's a lot of them okay we're good though I kind of scared me a bit I'm just throwing random ones everywhere now considering that's what we'll probably need still have enough now dude that one there okay you can go for a spy crap unless guys call secure nope okay oh boy big boss yep definitely destroy this as quickly as possible all right what do you mean I can't place this tower there Oh cuz someone else put a tower there don't do that messing this up there we go almost killed us that was kind of close oh boy nevermind nevermind hopefully this was enough firepower probably not mayonnaise is dry no Patrick mayonnaise is not an instrument why won't this thing just die of course is it okay it's good he is not an instrument oh I see trouble instrument no Patrick mayonnaise is not an instrument no touchy no touchy no touchy oh say another one over there oh boy um I'm not ready for shadows down here upgrade and that yeah that I'll snap you got another red I was doing even actually pretty good let's do us all a couple right there and should be fine I'm gonna throw another one down here this is hard never like to these guys there so many afraid beauties can't believe her still alive to be honest these guys almost Keo's I don't know that's like a maybe probably through down oh well four stars ten gold not bad not bad yeah no no no FBI no open up not allowed enter denied denied access nope no FBI's they will not touch my spicy chicken wraps no I refuse your muted on my screen well sucks to be you yes well that case if I muted on the screen and then that there might be a crowd for him what you mean I'll whack a spicy chicken wrapped all over the place I'll snap going in be sure to spread your towers in the battlefield cubes come from entry front line mm-hmm yeah that is true that is true hmm to eat you or not to eat you that is a question hmm I mean a play game I'm gonna rely on trying to win hardcore someday we're totally gonna fail but it's okay oh snap oh snap it's got right all over the place all right everybody in the front here and throw as much crazy stuff as you can all in front up here just throw as much crazy stuff as you can at everything everything you got just throw up here all up here you guys can do that I'm gonna be the goalie in the back line all right sound good oh let's see I'll try that one of those and I'll try another one of these considering these guys you 25 damage your pop what are you guys doing go in the front line hold that thing down gonna try my best to like hold them down from here what do you mean no what do you mean mrs. Yanni miss jion's a lot what do you mean you want to stay with me oh okay well well put stuff down over here then it's a big open space here what do you mean how you press the letter F and then this thing pops up and then you can just like plop stuff that what are you doing this is not your area in my area oof when people don't like to listen feel bad oh you're on a phone it must be a bun somewhere that has the towers I know you don't hmm there you go nope happen so him you admit that you're sleepy then hack I knew it you guys are gonna make this really hard with two somehow I can't place down spikes if there's so many of these things here oh I just realizes uh I can't put anything down stop putting so many these things down and having a hard time prince Pike's oh just say seriously I'm having like a hard time like I can't I just can't that's better than negative that's better than the negatives so boy that was hard I couldn't do much because there's like too many of these like towers in between where I'm trying to like pop down I tried though Briah and take it easy did ah man that was a hard one smooth I was actually pretty hard instrument no Patrick mighty thanks for the sub man appreciate it Carson crafter what's up this never gets boring I swear honestly this game in general I don't feel like it really gets boring at all considering you always have to deal with different situations when it comes to other people joining in cuz if there's new person it's a whole new ball game if it's people are Pro it's a whole new ball game so realistically you just gotta feel it out volcano again gets we're gonna struggle again alright plan is you guys all up front focus on like a few characters and try to upgrade the towers and stead of spamming cuz then you're like your towers actually get pretty LP so put your stuff up here make sure you have like oh no I'd say like focus on like maximum ten towers and see what happens like I don't even put that many down I just make sure that they're upgraded I got to be back here to make sure that they don't leak well at least try to make sure that they don't like don't be putting them too close to my my little spot here because I want to get like some launchings we call it missile launchers those are fine though and not too close but they're pretty close plays what okay I'm a cat oh all right mm-hmm hold on a second let me get my cat phrases in here all right all right I got this meow nailed it oh sorry that was that was cow cow noises oh I'm sorry Moo okay there you go there's a cat noise I got I got mixed up my bad guys forgive me you gotta hook me up I'll take it how do you play oh um I'm sorry if you press F key if you have PC then you know this will pop up and then you can plop down stuff if you're on phone did something else I have no clue on phone I never actually played on phone so I couldn't tell you okay that was certainly a lot that one's find a leak it only gives health this is not good oh snap this is not good stop putting when you're putting those things down they don't kill middle you have to use like what's it called plasma or is something that I forget was following I'll tell you so if you just got the single tower go to store there should be a plasma tower that will actually help out for the middle part light turrets if you upgrade them they can see the shadows actually I'm leaving that one I'm back and Tory take that away ball instead probably want to get rid of that actually now I'll get rid of this one a railgun and I get rid of that one for this one I'm gonna try a classic defense this time this one's a little easier all you gotta do is calculate stay within the boundary of the I only know what you want to call it the pathway Carson if you follow me up you could join in my game whenever you feel like alright so the easy one would be the one that has like the Imperial feels pretty easy but then again this will probably get us a twin – yeah we'll go for this one if it works out oh you got electric towers nice dude so the starting area is not where the river is it's literally over here so if you place all your towers in the front area here it might work out or within the line they only go through the that area so you do that up I'm gonna just get some income first looking pretty good this one's a little more concentrated so it's a little easier to hold down I probably worked some spots here as well corner pockets are pretty much the nice spot it's gonna get a little more area whole face I said at once alright you're not gonna see me say it again boy now factories are pretty much like one of the best things to pull if you have like eats and stuff to run with if you don't really have decent stuff is really not much of a point of using it right now I got like for instance the star which costs like eight grand and the upgrades are ridiculous so you definitely need the factory so that's mainly the reason why I'm doing factories right now no one's doing that corner that I said hoof that's alright though thanks for blocking them Brian appreciate it Mike Mike Mike come on if you guys can hold for two like around 14 then we can have a pretty nice late game this is usually where I try to save up for enhancer speed up the process of all the factories gives income a lot faster how much is that one I'm not gonna bother hollow through I actually hold on here a better idea why can I get whatever but won't even let it on there yeah getting closer to 100k it's kind of crazy now you guys push the boundaries every day man it's unreal right this time gonna put a wall here why is it not allowing me to put it all there don't be taking that it's mine I want it not only got one of them came close to done oh we got some heavy artillery come in here huh fair enough mmm-hmm almost got enough pull out a railgun not there you go how much does this do aadya shot ch1 will die cool alright and I'm going back to the rest of them should be dead soon great once through I'm confused didn't he die buddy yeah first this is a little hard dude but like after you get up on the levels it gets quite interesting especially with the team formation going on not the easiest game to start off with obviously because all you have is like turrets and that's it oh we got shadows and upgrade why shadows coming now evil evil evil throw why those there and I'll help Brown yeah it's not the usual stream plus it's Matt early in the morning so I don't expect a lot of people to show up school and all right yeah it went through Michael Michael Michael Michael on purpose put damaged ninety five rate five range unreal all right let me get rid of these things hmm maybe I should put like some of these guys here and put one of this at round 26 not bad guys I can't do that Oh 145 damaged forgot how crazy these things are I'm not sure if I need some of these I'm just gonna throw them down right now or not I can I throw down this is so lame ah what happened to my character I just got goose respond Liz all right um I got an idea so if I do these guys they should be more than capable of holding down yeah who's this get 413 could you sell just this one so I can put this in this spot could you sell this is not an instrument that doesn't work I guess all right I need to get rid of this focusing on is mayonnaise an instrument now Patrick Leggett solar-powered here oh wait this game and he'd $37,000 get that thing upgraded I'm just gonna upgrade the smaller things this is so annoying me how I can't put anything down here uh-huh yeah well every place they think down such a rep that wasn't too bad though for what we had as a team that was actually pretty decent yeah what do you mean you know I gotta take a little break off of this game and play something else for a bit hello big guy in here should say yeah restructure that title a bit there we go vehicles simulator anybody that intro so annoying I'm sorry um yeah the vehicle simulator up thing and whatnot alright so that is my rides forget what when I was always into you probably come to me when I look at it Hoddy alright bye broom broom ain't no stop sign so I found this out a while ago I didn't realize you can actually get chased by costs but if you do this they tend to like get really mad that you bump at their rides so it's a thing I guess and the more you get hit the more their stars go higher they tell your joke yeah go for it there goes a tree I just dipped over his car I'll snap another car I never really understood the factor of like why there's so many uh nope not happening and then fling now that the other guy did it to skirt oh I thought I lost them apparently I don't know Most Wanted right away ah now I don't why how about a bump at your vehicle all of our man cop cars unis learn how to drive I'll snap as I destroy a tree did that say Taco Bell where was that guy going Wow Oh Taco Blox I was gonna say skrt skrt did I just destroy a unit I just barbecued a police officer who feels bad and not touchy I mean if I get destroyed this cat or five stars anybody no we're not aah oh snap they destroyed my vehicle oh man now I'm an inmate oh no oh no don't tell me I'm an inmate oh man how do I get out of here oh this thing I just click it totally not trying to break out totally totally not trying to break out gotta go all right take it easy I gotta go to I gotta go run away from the this cop place totally not trying to bust out those no suspects here I don't know what you're talking about okay this fall fix and for putting me in the jail this is what you get Oh Laurie at 3:00 oh snap can you join yeah you can join if you want just follow me up join in and I just got films one word how in the world do you get up there it's a gold crate wait I think I got an idea yeah losing me by the way what happened to my dog oh well I don't have dog privileges because I'm an inmate pop a wheelie ah I need eyes on everything especially that tree that hit me totally then hit it it totally hit me 100% skrt skrt run away yeah oh they lost me they lost me oh if you're going that way I'm going this way by no touchy no touchy bye bye up the misty again guy go oh oh oh oh oh no all right boy I was a close way out of the closely these cop cars have something else on them ow ow nope not going that way Jerry that way I'm going this way stop trying to capture me toggle power activate trying to go over the rim there we go yeah totally good all right look at me gone don't even know what I'm doing yep I'm out of here oh wait I can't go that way go how old are you guys following me so quickly it's like the guide dog tracker on me or something well if you're not coming this way then I'm fine being here up nevermind oh I got a plan I got a plan you're gonna make them fly right into here that there you go one two I win three I would they ain't a fish so I'm pretty sure I'm I'm okay there that 360 doh snap you trying to get me doing around the world right now yeah not slowing down Dargo can fly man these guys won't quit yeah totally I need eyes on the suspects when will these quit they're only on three stars it's like they're on five trying to make this impossible for them to find me oh snap he knows where I am road spikes I'm not on the roads genius this guy I tell you bro it spikes yeah yeah totally gonna work totally gonna work yeah totally totally on on the on the road hundred percent to no road spikes what a guy anybody want to race since they don't know where I am yet I think I'm good I don't know if they know but I think I'm good no I don't want to I'm parched guys if you see the cops attack him Oh is he coming ah snap alright I think he messed up I wanna get in the game yeah let's go let's go let's go I'll snap oh stop it erase it have to dodge the cop cars let's go let's go let's go let's go whap whap whap whap whap whap cactus cactus cactus Oh cactus do it cactuses I'm getting attacked by too many cactuses no I don't want to man that what you talking about I did shoot you oh I'll see how this is I see yeah this is cop cars are trying to get me for like shooting now huh I got witnesses say otherwise I don't want to pull our vehicle or you pull over yours and they'll think about it I believe I could fly not really no Patrick mayonnaise is not an instrument okay we're still good the cop cars are still looking for me I'm in second place man those other guys fayus how's it that this cop car is still looking for me though yeah too fast too fast I'm like wanted at level four almost and these cop cars haven't seen me once man I'm good at this game I guess what's the game called vehicle similar have to say I'm pretty sure this is the first simulator game out there and then everybody else decided you the word simulator so I'm pretty sure this game is quite a host I don't see no cops but I'm still wanted can I help you in done request that depends if I'm willing to play dungeon quest yeah why am I not going yeah I don't remember my car being this fast before no I don't want to pull over my vehicle I already know where the act did I hit it I don't know if I did I can tell if I hit it or not all right must have because I see the other one there oh wow wait how are you a helicopter you're cheating I didn't think they'd allow helicopters in the run I mean officer the tree obviously ran into me obviously obviously ran into me just like this rock why you gotta be running into me Rock totally totally he didn't run into that tree that was it's trees fault tree was you know it was it ran at me totally I look so orange II like vitamin C all day yeah what am I looking at no that's better yeah I think they lost me up what in the world is with your you got like Hawaii kind of thing going on I don't know what that is everybody with their cool sport looking vehicle and I'm here with like a regular rowdy looking thing not too special but it does its trick one here joke Yente okay what did the baby PC call its father I know what data crying monitor I don't get it why did the chicken cross the road why why is this guy like telling me to pull over my vehicle I don't even see the cops anymore it's like way over there somewhere out on the back over there vroom vroom oh yeah cool-looking Tesla by the way I'm still confused as to how my rides up capable of going this fast I know it's not like the fastest out there but it's not supposed to go with this fast uh-oh daesil wiped out it looks like someone wiped out again all them wipeouts right what how do I flip out like come on come on that that wasn't even called for that flip that was whack and this guy just wins the water ha ha good luck they rim room we got a flying no no no oh boy that was a bad one I'm still in the game though horrible timing but I'll take it we 40 G's in that pocket honestly first second and third place in the round the world's not bad at all cuz it's like you either get 40 20 or 10 and then the next one I think is like five or four I think it's four actually one one gave up because he went in the water that means the other one's gonna get 20 you're in if he finishes that's the big if if you have seen say black east in caps I don't got one so no I don't even have that I don't have much cars on mine I mean how long is this guy taking where is he anyways is that even though you kind of like gave up or something no no what's up guys Blaine this guy's trying to fling me he bullying here's all the supercar just going full-tilt oof he said sorry I say haha did I just miss that what Anu I gotta go backwards for the most simplest one okay I don't know why my vehicles so fast but it's never this fast I don't know why I did wrong Graham Graham Graham ah horrible time again I'm gonna go in that area I gotta get my um thing ring arranged cuz there's something wrong with my ride it's not supposed to go this fast Oh get me your honor I don't mind it going faster but like it's messing up with my churns and stuff auto shop yeah my way or someone in it already fine wait you just can go in I'm confused oh they don't serve criminals huh yeah yeah wait what I criminal I'm not a criminal yeah so it totally not a criminal I'm a pedestrian see percent look look at me pedestrian obviously here in the orange GTR nice oh wait that's carwash there it is all right well it worked this time or is this your gonna still treat me like a criminal you don't so I probably get out of here all right whatever you know what I'll do myself a favor I'll go in and out of the game but not by ya rejoin the game that's all I'm gonna do I feel like I got glitched in and out so no Bam Bam all right I want my adi back because I need to fix it this thing's going way too fast there's a certain point in life when there's just too much speed when it comes to regular racing and not like going in a straight line I'm out of kitchens let's see what's going on here is open okay that makes sense breaking open that's fine nitro that's fine turbo fine tires yes all right transmission oh that's why I had Pro long years I want CRO short suspension yeah why not Springs that's on it's on rest I'm fine with when he tries to block me in but it doesn't work at all right this is better I'm a lot slower now I can deal with this oops put a spot a spoiler on my Adi Nam good I want to keep it like this boom boom when are you ending this dream Wow now my car's not gonna be fast but ill work there we go there's the speed I want to see slow and steady slow and steady wins the race they go in the lead we not doing 280 now which is nice I can actually work with this them smooth churning brah a little too hard on that one Oh feller playmat said and I don't really like mad city that much Oh get me wrong it's an alright game it's just not my kind of game to play meet my other scores at least with a slower vehicle I like the ideas reason why I just drive that it's not the only ride I drive but when it comes to like all these supercars I would I tend to go for the ADI like this guy has like a naughty – and I'm pretty sure he understands where I'm coming from it's not too too fast it's not too slow it's just about right speed oh you're an officer I never did anything wrong sir honestly not yet at least skrt skrt he says he's a youtuber prove it okay what happened to the third guy there was three it went from like ready to like four three two one boy going around those corners on the hot one whoo fire fire the one thing you gotta understand is once you get comfortable with a certain tried you tend to stay on it ah Oh a little bit of nature would help me out there for fix still not bad time not horrible but not bad first place still a little bit rusty on the game you ripped out a tree hit me okay I totally didn't hit it it totally hit me hundred percent who hunter got kayoed but the ADI got in there the other guy we call it the guy that had the ADI that guy wait that's not the guy that have the ADI I don't know where he went I'm pretty sure it hit me yeah pretty sure trying not to fling you totally trying not to fling you hey James sorry and we're off the really fast vehicles in the front is going he's down he's out of here and then he realized he went too fast and wiped out and hit like ten cactuses on the way out yeah that was Italy again let's go Oh messed up messed up big well man this is a bad recover I'll take the little doe on that one but oh well at least I'm not and last or anything I got burger man behind me Wow that air time though still in first Wow I actually hit him I feel like oh man they messed him up on the one cuz someone else seemed like it's pretty close so that just really messed them up oh oh good they have hate for that one aren't I yeah yep okay so so you still took it but boy that was a close one for him oh I feel bad I'm sorry dude I didn't mean to let's see what else do I have here I'm gonna try we're gonna try for this one it's stocked so let's see how stock does nothing special with this oh wait no this is not my stock one this is my other one I got I always get mixed up with this one of my the other one never mind this is not the stock one this one might mess me up because it's a little weird yeah this one's a little hard to drive it's like really sticky to the road does great but I'm not used to this one so sticky you hear me pull Martin I couldn't hear you for the life and because you're typing but yeah what's up when people expect me to hear them but yet they're typing how's it going man how's it going gonna try and launch my character right in there oh that's probably not gonna work no not bad don't really like the Porsche though but it has its perks you gotta try and purposely hit somebody on the way back it looks like majority them gave up everyone chief Ford GTS dude you guys got like insane rides and I'm over here just rocking like the regular stuff I have even pulling out like my purple Lamborghini I could pull it I wouldn't be too hard to run with that best car the guy pulls out you know I yeah that's a pretty sweet car he's gonna be honestly I I'm betting it considering how how uh decent it is on like speed and whatnot and how you don't need to be like extremely fast to be good like I'm pretty sure you could beat a 153 easy yeah I know someone is in my car I first was questioning like what's going on here but I guess he just wants to chill on the ride these guys are actually getting better at the Chariton I'm noticing that good job you guys good job I wiped out man it looks like he's taking the dub ow I was trying to do that certain little bit of move right there messed up second plays see like even second and third place is still killing it for money I'm tired get it ah burning the rubber skirt okay so I got like how much money on me almost a million bucks almost a million on me hey hold up all right I don't know if this is copyright song so for a second um got the BMW just riding around in the frame oh uh dodge Hellcat now before you go Viper really Dodge Viper is Nike huh I might try that someday honestly I might try out the BMW six yeah let's go for it let's feel the handling on this thing it's dope keep pressing the wrong button all right for stock how bad is this I know it's not fast but I question how good it is 147 not bad decent for you know sharings not too bad Joshua what's up man oh my stuff what in the world what just happened okay something's messed up your uh resetting okay bill where is my got that BMW all you guys in your super vehicles I'm over here just stuntin basic BMW modifications let's open this engine to luxurious breaking I want as good as possible yeah nitro rocket fuel did quad turbo it racing slicks oh no this mission I'm gonna try prolong year see where it runs at all right so I need to do a swap so it actually works so that works right off the hop pretty good at breaking I'm not gonna lie on that part yeah tree hit me tree hit me it's maxed out at 200 as a news let's see how it turns when he gets to about 140 ish honestly it's not bad let's say I give it a good good shot when it comes to like racing around corners and whatnot I just really want you to say hats and me Jeff and Jason what's up that reverse back in let's do this I got I got my semi messed with ah you gotta fling me like that you jerk it's not really fast but it will do decent oh okay I thought the brakes were a lot better than that they are not but the churning is actually nice on this so I might not need to do much of like oh this is a rat this game over for me because I had to get out I can't do nothing about that won't even let me jump it well nevermind I did let me jump it rip press the first time I didn't work and ass game over ah what actually still run it how well it was doing good back to my body Nadi brewski probably my favorite carrier of all of them for this game I tried the really fast ones before I do not like them not one bit but then again I'm just used to it I guess you're gonna mess with the years again I'm gonna make it Pro gear for long then it does like almost 300 pretty crazy ah oh go ahead don't hit the cop don't hit the cop whereas a transmission Oh parents is someone said something about spoilers I don't know what spoilers should I get guys there's so many to pick from right there's another person in here how do we got these people thank you try claiming spoiler clay man Oh Camaro did you say Camaro now Isaac came in okay man that one okay I dig it yeah why not I'll go for it yeah I dig that spoiler pretty sweet swing just kind of waiting for this one to get going smoking uh-oh we're inside the pavement I need roadside assistance here when my car is stuck yeah isn't like ours duck sank quick st. quick boss snap someone got flung we're good yeah fixed me how's that that I'm always in the front area it's like they know say give them it you're watching me on vid right now oh that's cool oh you sent foreign request all the except some friend requests wait I can't do it this Saturday and I know yeah yeah I can't do this sorry what I'm saying or can I wait I think I can so much air time Wow what what was that that's not fair I just got flunked for no reason I lost because of no reason it was just like I don't even understand that was a random flunk dude I got flung for no reason I feel bad now wait how did I get oh he stopped on purpose your kind you didn't need to though I was just arguing the fact I got flung for no reason until someone decides to hit me oof I think I got that GTR as well let me see g-g-g-gia it was that it Nissan GTR I don't think I'm messed with it though did I okay I did I don't know what I put onto it I'm just gonna blindly use it got that white straight out you run faster backwards apparently yeah Tesla bad boy yeah and when is the next one gonna happen room room done request now I'm not playing it honestly like the update was good but like I have no point to do it if I'm like you know our yet a certain level or we have a chance I know I'm waiting for like a new update that has like new items dude okay this one seems like it's broken because it's been like this for a while no I'm gonna go over here and drive somewhere else we Charlie we're doing backflips all day yeah her friend flips actually all right where is my I don't know where it is oh there it is what question me I don't need to be pushed oh wait this one's not working because there's no player thing on here there's supposed to be like a count I think the server got ripped let's try another server guys hold up all right see if this works do you like minecraft I've never played it alright uh vehicle Jeep Wrangler it sounds like a gerbil is in my vehicle squealing so badly right now the power of the gerbil is in the Jeep this guy was let him drum who's down a play some FIFA or in this case rocket League vehicle similar style nobody nobody I want to play characters it happens man it happens oh is it how is anybody going to get that there's literally a crate on top of there and I don't understand how anybody can get on there I see what he's trying to do he's channel launched himself to the top to get it he's trying to get the crate if no one's doing FIFA then I'm going to round the world modifications transmission challenge somebody to race problem oh sorry I mean bortbort bort e bort stir bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark is what you meant yeah I hear ya I hear ya oh you gotta be kidding me really really your versa me and that that's gonna kill me I don't have a chance there's no chance I'm gonna beat this guy I haven't the slightest or maybe I did somehow I'm not kind of sure how that happened though he's a74 I thought that thing was a lot faster than that ow our Lamborghini is definitely always definitely goal is look at the start the start was horrible 8.7 waiting why didn't you go I was curious if your car is even faster for picking up speed be sure you got 12 second car and quarter-mile next time you should have done it on that one dude I always like saying what you can get for the highest point in the quarter-mile who's gonna be Lamberg Lambos gonna lose again hands down Lambo you're gonna lose I'm sorry what just happened there the guy with the 4gt you might as well just quit game that was embarrassing guy with 4gt he might as well just you know quick game that was an embarrassing score dude yeah at least get a seven boy are you moderating mmm instrument no Patrick mayonnaise is not an instrument Oh who's it this time ooh Bugatti can't tell what the other one is you guys not gonna lead though but long run Wow 6.8 gt3 honest 6.8 that's that's pretty good you're saying that Bugatti is slower than my ride there's something wrong there it's a Bugatti is slower than my ride there's a problem McLaren is really fast come on show me your speed I want to see it I feel like you're slacking you slacked again then yeah what what's your time by CNA you're slacking it's an 8 you're definitely slacking dude what are you doing now even mines that so I'll do mine where is mine oh wait wait wait I'm thinking of the total wrong vehicle thinking of Porsche this one probably get a better score too might be in the six guy go to modifications transmission short gear are you sure this wanted to go faster ah what are you doing so many people adding me are you sure this one will do a tear Oh No let's see what the time is on this thing for short gear ratio 6.9 not bad Nadia is a 7.2 as soon as the 6.9 dodge viper is slower than the adi instrument my point is not an instrument show me your best fries I want to see your scores okay you are definitely gonna get a horrible score if you eat oh I got a 6.9 it's from the 6.8 to the 6.9 jelly cake out of ten he messed up somewhere I don't know where he messed up boy you guys stop pushing me around you bully why are you bullying me and it's gonna be dodge viper versus Aventador I think that is I can't really tell yep definitely those two I'll be your bodyguard all right Dodge Viper just got wrecked Oh McLaren that's what was all right my thing is glowing weight glowing is a beautiful up Adi just got flung you 7.8 that's actually not bad for your ID for a Nissan GTR it's pretty good I'm thinking it's gonna be this guy again and then somebody in here who do you think is gonna win blue or black color ride yep kind of obvious now please just flew out we got Officer blue head reporting for duty wait dang so guys say dodge viper are doing a 7.5 it's not too bad I kinda want a verse like one this very fast vehicles but I know I have like barely any a chance yeah this is the Porsche Lily why would you say stuff him like that geez don't make me time you guys out for being bullies ah you pushed me out I pushed me out again you know what I guess I'm not wanted I'm going away buddy WAMP WAMP WAMP WAMP WAMP played blocksberg now I'm good if backwards/forwards purple Lamborghini I wonder what this Lamborghini has in it I want doughnuts okay oh let's see turbo was it half quad all right so it's already been messed with what about the luxury braking rocket transmission I've Pro short gears well some odd reason I feel like the Lamborghinis trash bursting the audio right I mean how di oh yeah oh yeah nevermind I was right alright you gotta be kidding me it's not working or is there people are you in the race there's people are already in the race that's what's up I gotta try and get get close to them cut the mat in half Point area nope whatever is going on I don't know hi James sup Dodge Viper GTS wins at a 114 the McLaren at 136 that's a big goof MacLaren's really really fast you hate dodge paper I don't know the dogs Reapers actually pretty alright it's not too fast and it's not too slow oh if it sucks I was in first place okay all right seriously though how am I was in the front area that's a go I've been streaming for two hours nice it's likeif it up run run run run why do you ask all the questions huh mr. officer you and it and many others want to chat I believe I can fly I'll slap a snap first place I've seen the other two flying right by do you like the Porsche 911 it's not bad honestly it's it's all right you're probably giving me a better time if I got used to us churning but it's super hard on this churning just make you in a fidget spinner dude the Ford GT actually did a little better on time there hey you just like fly my tire dude now I can't drive the tires on the ground I'm still in though all you guys are like wiping out everywhere boy oh boy use supercars to tell you does vapor in the lead never mind I only got short years so my characters not that fast you got that Bugatti behind me though this is a tight race the thyroids Oh but the Bugatti lost I was like again did here on me there man that was like push-pull effect Bugatti versus the hottie whoa 40 G's every time you win for first place second place gets a decent amount to second place it gets what is it 20 grand third place gets ten fourth gets I think four grand or five grand something like that so it's definitely worth doing around the world yeah no cussing bad bad man we got some really nice rides in here too I'll look at the amount of people racing this one this is gonna be sweet I don't really use the nos that often it's just like at the start a bit till I get rated around there and then everybody else flies past me but that's fine it needs done Judea Oh the rails are out well dodge vipers pulling it I'm creeping up on him oh and I recovered nicely dodge vipers probably gonna get it back though we'll see I might mess up here this is usually like the hardest part to not mess up oh yeah definitely messed up that guy just forget to get his point I'm pretty sure you forgot to get this point yeah broski you forgot to get your point I'm still in first place but not anymore oh yeah I am nevermind man so many mess ups but it still worked out nicely yeah one of our guys forgot to do his point like the checkpoint area he literally passed it I think it was the guy that had the Bugatti literally passed his checkpoint yeah he's still he's still on the timer he has to go all the way back to get his point shout out my name three times low face lulz I only gonna say it once is there a demon watching your stream and its name is Lily okay that's cool I don't know all I know is we got a burger man on a motorbike probably the worst thing to drive is a motorbike because of two things one the wipeouts horrible when you do wipeout and number two when you wipe out horribly you end up losing but they're really fast on turns and everything so depends if he's experiencing motorbike if he is he's gonna take the dub really easy they're turning on them are insane yeah whatever I guys hasn't done the checkpoint the guy with the Bugatti where is he anyways obviously not here yeah the the Bugatti guy got dnf'd out took too long for him oh we got Camaro in here oh there's a Bugatti guy winner of this cycle remember to get his checkpoint when's the next one starting Wow guy a little fast to get in the parking lot there sir oh snap crackle and pop what's your seconds so that just got like launched outwards or wait why doesn't my miles say 2389 okay I have broken the record guys hold on a second you see it you see that 2389 my speed has gone beyond impossible and out zero wait for me I got kicked out I made it in time yay man we a lot of us made it in time like last second up I'm all the way in the back this time feels different yeah man they got the future car so hard to play game remember all snap ah made it you guys are trying to do it on purpose stop fair oh well anyways we got it first place dubs for dog oh here again wait could I mess up somebody else if I did it I'm going to see Oh Oh No they go right through you I mean it's totally not said oh I try to do anything he just got flung try your car I'll honestly afraid to even try it man all right try to fly back window with laughs I see how hey you Lili flung me into orbit why you gotta be a jerk and back stop trying me into orbit it's not fair I'm gonna fly that fart eligos 240 all right okay well swap vehicles oh I see how it says you fling me Bali gets out the vehicle flings dog Oh what does this hit the dog on see how far you flies de boy there's some artery is that I feel like I don't believe you taking this for a test drive right now that's not too bad that's just playing I think the things broken again cuz you did it like too many times or something do the churning on this is actually pretty dope at 240 highest how cool not bad actually it's pretty much the same ideas Adi why does Oh Arena is I think I'm not even sure how to pronounce it but I'm going with Riina's but take it easy dude I had a 150 I had a 150 all right I'm back so I'm borrowing your ride you're boring my ride this will be interesting a ride I have not really tried out fully but we'll see acceleration on this thing is insane though way better than mine and driving handling not bad at all it's actually a breeze to work with this one up except for that one a little bit of nature will fix that problem but yeah I don't mind it it's pretty easy about same idea is my other one you've fully messed up there though I would still have to get a little used to its churning but other than that not bad and the fact that whacked that's one whack that wiped out I came driving now there we go so many wipeouts with this it's not even funny this thing will you know worked out sad all right I'm leaving it wait did I just do I don't even I'm so sorry I was just so sorry I totally forgot I am sorry I did that uh I just messed up his I mean I feel bad now i legit forgot about that he let's finish – I why did I do that I'm sorry man I really like my car the most because I'm just so used to it now the car that you let me try it wasn't actually that bad it's just like the factor that the brake and felt a little bit different the churns was a slightly bit different buzz pretty close to the same ideas the audio I actually liked it man everybody's like try my car sure I'll try the Dodge yeah won't let me in wait I want in are you getting in this thing they're not working and everyone I guess every what let me in that moment a just got flung so hard not like me when I was like rocket shot into the sky somehow I don't know what happened there ah all you pushy pushy pushy pushy I'm just gonna park my car there you go ah perfect two spots my area I parked my car like that ah apparently I can't park my car like I say I'll push you right off let's see how this says parking on top of you how do you feel now exactly this is so many DNFs d NF d NF d NF so many of them didn't finish the final one was accidentally my fault I'm sorry again any other woes because I kind of finished wait you can make the thing fly what this is gonna be a pretty sweet race everybody had everybody in starting game in four seconds three years later still four seconds oh there we go three seconds still three seconds you're so good two seconds still good you drive back one second alright you're definitely not good zero seconds he almost used to himself yeah boy he woke up in a Bugatti uh yeah Brum Brum oh you wiped out a little bit there he's literally behind me I can't do nothing about it that Bugatti is fast again it is Bugatti that wasn't horsepower we totally missed it ow I heard that's sort of my track I was going sunny 4 miles an hour while braking what a demon I will take hit though suade second place my first time getting second in this stream at least I lost by a Bugatti that's that's a good way to go down on how much does a Bugatti anyways and never got one yet I'd be expecting like in the millions o supercars misses spot yeah perfect spot yeah there we go sidewalk and a little bit on there wall fixed where is it we got a lot of stuff in here Bugatti 1.6 million you've well that's uh something else then so guys I'm gonna go out and get something to eat cuz Dargo is actually hungry and it's like a little past lunchtime but I'll probably be back tomorrow I'm not sure if I'm gonna do a live stream today but if I am it'll be around five or six ish anyways take care guys bye [Applause] that's what you want


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