S2 E1: What many businesses get wrong about social media
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S2 E1: What many businesses get wrong about social media

– Hi, this is Bryan Woodhouse with the Center For Entrepreneurship
at Madison College. We’re committed to providing resources, ideas, and inspiration for you to grow or launch your small business. And this is this weeks
two minute Trep-Tip. Enjoy. (upbeat music) Hi my name is Steve Noll. I’m a marketing professor
here at Madison College and this is this weeks
two minute Trep Tip. I’d like to talk to you
about Social Media Marketing and a small business. So imagine this, you’ve
been invited to a party at someone’s house, so
you go to their house. There’s all these guests,
people you don’t know. Do you go around to all the guests saying, “Buy my product, buy my
product, buy my product?”. (harsh buzzer sound) I bet you don’t, if you
did something like that you would immediately get kicked
out and never invited back. Well that’s how social media
marketing needs to work. And it seems like an obvious concept, social media should be social. But a lot of businesses,
especially small businesses, kinda forget this. They’re under a lot of
pressure to sell, sell, sell. And that’s just not how
social media marketing works. You’ve got to put out
a message that is fun, that’s inviting, that’s conversational. That somebody at a party
is gonna want to discuss with their friends, maybe
have some laughs about. And start to build a connection for you. Imagine putting out a photograph. Say you’re a restaurant
and you’ve got this great photo of your, the
dish you’re known for. You could put that out there with maybe just the name of your business. People would comment on
it, they would share it, they would engage with
it and they would slowly start to develop a relationship
with your business. A social relationship. That’s what social media
marketing is built around. The other thing to think about
is timing of your message. There’s the now and there’s the then. There are three social
medias that focus on the now. Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram. These are mediums that
people are on to know what’s happening around them right now. So if you’ve got a
business like, you know, a restaurant promoting a happy hour that’s going on right now. Those are three social media that would absolutely respond to
people directly right now. If you’ve got a message that someone says, well I don’t have to see it today or this afternoon, I can see it next week and that’s perfectly fine. Maybe you’re trying to
launch a new product or just talk about some new changes at your business, something like Facebook, where people can browse through it and read the stuff at their own leisure and it’s not really time sensitive, That’s a much better medium that can get a message like that across. So those are a few things
you have to think about. What is your messaging? And then the timing of the messaging and how they work together. And that is how a small business can affectively use social media. (positive engaging music)

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