Sacha Baron Cohen RIPS Facebook
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Sacha Baron Cohen RIPS Facebook

>>Listen to what Sacha Baron Cohen had to
say about some of the negative impacts of social media and the way dishonest political
actors have been using it.>>Today, around the world demagogues appeal
to our worst instincts. Conspiracy theories once confined to the fringe
are going mainstream. It’s as if the age of reason the era of evidential
argument is ending. And now knowledge is increasingly delegitimized
and scientific consensus is dismissed. Democracy which depends on shared truths is
in retreat and autocracy, which depends on shared lies, is on the march. Hate crimes are surging, as a murderous attacks
on religious and ethnic minorities. Now, what do all these dangerous trends have
in common? I’m just a comedian and an actor, I’m not
a scholar but one thing is pretty clear to me. All this hate and violence is being facilitated
by a handful of Internet companies that amount to the greatest propaganda machine in history.>>I mean, I’ve liked his work for a long
time but going into that speech, which I watched in its entirety. And you totally should, we’ve got a little
bit more, I was very impressed with his analysis of a number. Of the intersection of a number of different
problems and he’s very much right there. In a little bit, we’re gonna show you he goes
directly after Mark Zuckerberg. But you already have a basic idea of what
he thinks about Facebook, Twitter and all that.>>Okay, first of all, I gotta say respect.>>He seems to really understand technology. Okay, old school Ali G references but anyways. No, I love the guy, love him. Not only is he super smart, which if you’ve
ever seen him speak on this issue or any other issue, you would know. But also, deeply compassionate, he gave a
million dollars to make sure that refugees were taken care of. Muslim refugees were taken care of and so
the speech here is speaking at an event called Never is Now, for the anti defamation league. So this guy’s phenomenal. Now, his indictment of those platforms is
a really interesting conversation we’ll get into in a little bit. But so far unquestionably, interesting, brilliant
analysis that is worthy of serious debate.>>Yeah, we can say more as we get into it
but clearly he’s identified the problem at this juncture in this conversation. He’s identified what is clearly correct, which
is that there is a tremendous amount of propaganda being generated on these platforms.>>Yeah, and like I said it goes directly
after Mark Zuckeberg. So, why don’t we turn to that now.>>Let’s think about it Facebook, Youtube
and Google, Twitter and others. They reach billions of people. The algorithm these platform depend on deliberately
amplify the type of content that keeps users engaged. Stories that appeal to our baser instincts
and that trigger outrage and fear. It’s why YouTube recommended videos by the
conspiracist, Alex Jones, billions of times. It’s why fake news outperforms real news because
studies show that lies spread faster than truth. And it’s no surprise that the greatest propaganda
machine in history has spread the oldest conspiracy theory in history, the lie that Jews are somehow
dangerous.>>And he returns to that topic several times. We’ll get to the Zuckerberg in just a minute
but again, just very consistently good analysis.>>So off the air before we got to that story,
we happen to be talking about that same thing. And I literally called it the oldest conspiracy
theory during the break.>>Yeah.>>Because Glenn Beck had done a segment where
he had George Soros. And he literally called him puppet master
and had him pulling the strings, oldest stereotype in world history, right? So deeply, deeply antisemitic.>>Yeah.>>And so that stuff is being spread around.>>That was yesterday by the way. I mean not that that would be okay in 2007
or something but that wasn’t like back in his heyday, he’s still doing that. That was the program where the President’s
personal lawyer joined him.>>That’s an unbelievable, unbelievable, okay,
so I can’t believe that anybody would work there. Anyway, I’ll leave it at that. So now in terms of their responsibility but
that’s so that’s so interesting. Because it’s he, I’m afraid that if you just
watch that part it makes it seem like Facebook and Google etc. Favor lies or favor conspiracy theories, no,
what they’re doing and I’m trying to be fair. And by the way I have a conflict I should
tell you guys about, YouTube, Facebook are our biggest partners, okay? So I wanna be clear about that but what they’re
doing is they’re serving out what people want. Whatever they watch longer and what they’re
more attracted to, so in a sense there are real problems with the algorithm. Where Lemaster of Boston, who was on the show
all the time talks about he wrote a book called Beyond the Valley. And that there’s some of the cultural assumptions
of the people who create the algorithm that infects culture throughout the world. It’s a really interesting critique of those
platforms. On the other hand, what the algorithm is basically
doing is serving as a mirror. And saying here, I’ll give you what you like
and so, part of the problem is humanity. And I think we have to be cognizant of that,
it’s not like, I don’t want people to get the wrong impression. In my opinion, there aren’t people at Facebook
and Google going like, let’s put something really evil in here. They’re not like Glenn Beck where they’re,
okay, put in a thing in the algorithm. If they find it, they’ll know that the Jews
are the puppet master, right? No, there’s no plan like that. It’s just that the algorithm rewards what
people are passionate about and sometimes that’s fantastic and sometimes it’s terrible.>>But the algorithm does take you to some
of the most toxic stuff out there. And he does go on, I watched the entire thing
as well, I really recommend it, as John says, it’s really worth a watch, not long. He explains that, he explains that the way
it’s set up, even if it’s just raw algorithmic laboratory stuff. It takes you to some of the most toxic philosophies
that are on any platform.>>Yeah, yeah, and I guess I agree with you
that I don’t think that they’ve purposefully put something evil into the algorithm. But like so Dr. Frankenstein didn’t set out
to create a monster but when he realized it was a monster, he had to do something about
it. They know that they’ve created a monster and
they’re saying, it’s not on us. Free speech or something, I don’t know, I’m
not gonna do anything, yes, I’ve created something evil but it doesn’t bother me. And while it doesn’t bother me and while I’m
just gonna stand back, I’m raking in money. Based on my inaction for dealing with what
I created, it’s a best case scenario. It is amoral and they’re profiting off of
something horrendous continuing.>>Wait, profiting off of something that’s
amoral, I believe that you just described all corporations, they don’t have any morality.>>Yeah but I would argue that because they’re
far bigger than most corporations. Because they reach more people it’s even worse
when they do it.>>No, I understand that. But, guys, what I’m afraid of is if you take
that argument to its logical extreme, all you’re gonna do is go back to the establishment
media. So you’re gonna put in so many guardrails
that, we’re gonna go back to the era of acceptable thought.>>That is the danger that is absolutely the
danger without question even I found myself cuz I think you’ve got to rein this beast
in. But even I started thinking as Jenkins just
pointed out, which is okay, you start writing it in, where are you gonna end up? And he makes an effective argument, they really
need to do something now, Cenk. They have so much money, it seems as though
it’s not a lot to ask for some of those resources. To be directed to reining in some of this
toxic beast.>>Well, maybe he gets into that in the next
clip. Let’s go to the portion where he focuses a
little bit more on Facebook.>>Zuckerberg tried to portray this whole
issue as choices around free expression. That is ludicrous. This is not about limiting anyone’s free speech. This is about giving people including some
of the most reprehensible people on earth. The biggest platform in history to reach a
third of the planet. Freedom of speech is not freedom of reach. Mark Zuckerberg seem to equate regulation
of companies like his to the actions of the most repressive societies, incredible. This from one of the six people who decide
what information so much of the world sees. Zuckerberg at Facebook, Sundar Pichai at Google,
at its parent company, Alphabet, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Brin’s ex-sister-in-law,
Susan Wojcicki at YouTube, and Jack Dorsey at Twitter, the Silicon Six. All billionaires, all Americans who care more
about boosting their share price than about protecting democracy.>>This is ideological imperialism, six unelected
individuals in Silicon Valley imposing their vision on the rest of the world. Unaccountable to any government and acting
like they’re above the reach of law. It’s like we’re living in the Roman Empire
and Mark Zuckerberg is Caesar. At least that would explain his haircut.>>That’s a good line. So look, now, he’s laying out the problem. We might disagree on exactly how you should
deal with it. But I think that most of us can agree that
what they’re currently doing is, I think it’s fair to say self serving, and it’s minimal. They’re not doing much, I mean, where do you
draw the line? I don’t know, you’ve got billions of dollars,
maybe you can experiment a little bit. I would start at the very least by actually
enforcing the rules that you have, which they don’t do or they change them when they’re
called out. This whole thing about allowing politicians
to lie in adds. Originally they had restrictions on that and
when people including Judd Legum show that, no you’re allowing Trump to lie over and over. They just got rid of the standards all together,
they say that you can’t have a sort of a bot networks of Facebook pages promoting all of
your content automatically. Daily Wire is doing that right now, they’ve
got 14 massive pages with huge reach. That, the only content they put it out, is
spreading the content of Daily Wire. It’s explicitly against the rules, as they
stand right now, that was pointed out to them, they don’t do anything. Because they don’t want to offend the right
wing and then, they lie about it. Zuckerberg, it was revealed, had a meeting
last month with Donald Trump. I believe Peter Thiel but definitely Donald
Trump and that’s during this time where we’re talking about his approach to Trump’s advertising. Did he reveal that? That he was having secretive meetings with
Donald Trump? No and he’s profiting mightily while this
is going on.>>So people are gonna misinterpret me saying
on the other hand is me not agreeing with Sacha Baron Cohen, that’s not the case. That normally on talk shows and I do this
very, very often. Strong opinions, I’m positive about certain
things, right, and this one I’m really not sure. I think it’s a very difficult problem. But I will say I think that the larger issues,
I think we’re kind of missing or we’ve got the wrong focus. The larger issues that are their corporations
have now become the new nation state. So they’re accountable to almost all the governments,
they’ve captured the United States government completely through campaign donations. And they’ve captured many other governments,
so that’s why they’re all unaccountable. We’re just seeing the ramifications of Facebook
and Google etc., more because they’re more part of our lives. We almost never interact with ExxonMobil,
we almost never interact with the other giant companies that have taken control of our government. So and we have no rules to rein in corporations,
we only wrote one line of code for them, maximize profit.>>Mm-hm.>>That’s the core of the problem, it’s just
that when you take it into social media, it creates these other ailments that we can see
with our own eyes. So I wish we would go and tackle that problem
because I think it would fix a lot of other issues first. And then that would also affect Facebook,
Google, etc. And I also don’t want to get into the demonization
and here again, I’ll admit a bias, I at least know Susan from YouTube. She didn’t know there’s no, look it’s my best
guess and you can say hey, you know her so you’re full of crap or whatever it is, right? Perfectly lovely person, there’s no crazy
hidden agenda of like, I will control the world. And I’ll drive people to the wrong places
for wrong purposes, no look, Facebook appears on the surface to be incredibly right wing,
right? But I don’t see that at other companies, is
much harder to discern.>>Twitter has got some problems with.>>Yeah, I hear you, it’s just harder to discern,
we dont really know, right? And so and I’ve never sensed there in my interaction,
again I might be biased cuz we have a relationship. On the other hand, if I thought there was
a bias, I’d be the first guy yelling about it, right? And you all know that and they’re in a very
difficult spot, and so that leads to the second larger problem. Which is there’s, we have an imbalance in
this country or one party lies all the time. But even the mainstream media, I mean, you
wanna criticize Facebook or Google, I hear you and where it’s a really fair debate. But how about the New York Times and Washington
Post that takes Republican lies and equates them to things that are true? And so I can’t tell a Republicans say this,
Democrats say that, now and Trump they’ve been better. But during the Iraq War, during the Bush Era,
during the enhanced interrogations, during Mitch McConnell’s reign throughout all this
time. I can’t tell who’s doing the obstruction,
it’s 50/50 or neutral, right? Well, then you’re equated lies to the truth
and that is terribly damaging.>>Mm-hm.>>So there are larger issues at hand that
I think are bigger cancers, that doesn’t mean they don’t affect Facebook and Google they
do. And it doesn’t mean that those companies aren’t
also contributing in other ways to the problems. But I don’t think the answer is simple and
I think if we just say, okay reign people in. Who and how? It’s a really hard.>>Yeah.>>That’s my sense of it.>>No, even discerning the lies is hard, because
most of the lies or certainly a bulk of the lies, exist in a gray area, so it is hard. I guess all I was saying before is and I think
all that Sacha Baron Cohen is saying and sounds like John saying in favor of it is well. Is devote some resources to it and try to
solve that riddle, it is gonna be hard and you may make a mistake but try to solve it. The other I would say is Jack is 100% right
about something we notice this. But the media mergers and the corporatocracy
merger mania that occurred late 20th century and early this century that has created a
handful of beasts, so if you’re gonna tackle these guys. You also have to go after the other corporate
beasts and I don’t think that’s gonna happen.>>Yeah, last thing is, look, even if I disagree
of parts of what Sacha Baron Cohen is saying. I deeply respect him for bringing up this
really important issue that we should all have a national and even international conversation
about. And come to some sort of conclusion cuz right
now, yes there are things that go bumping tonight and certainly on the Internet. And we’re all throwing our hands up going,
I guess there’s nothing that could be done about it. Maybe that is the answer but maybe it’s not
and we show up, making a concerted effort to figure out what can be done.>>Yeah.


  • Aaron Stone

    So who does have the right to spread their speech? Corporations? Democrats? Republicans? The internet was created as a means so that anyone could share information freely. FB, YouTube, Twitter are all private entities that created platforms on it. They have the right to control their platforms. If you don't like the speech on it create your own platform. Any attempt to limit speech you don't approve of will only serve to allow others to limit your speech because someone doesn't approve of it.
    The only way to deal with bad free speech is to counter it with more good free speech.

  • Edward Bliss

    Like people will care about what he says in 2 weeks. People have already forgotten about Greta Thunberg. The moment people aren't glued to their smartphones—people decide to be angry about something for a week or two—until they're fixated on texting, Instagram and playing games again

  • Bob Schneider

    As much as I agree with Sacha Baron Cohen and both John and Mark here, I do think that Cenk makes the best points here. The one I agree with most of all, though, is Kyle Kulinski, who correctly says that FB, YouTube, and Twitter need to be regulated as public utilities, which they basically are.

  • Duane Locsin

    The 1% ruling class depend on fomenting divide and infighting of the people.

    "The 1% are powerful, but when the 99% are organized and prepared to fight they are more powerful"~ Bernie Sanders

    Word of mouth by the people is the basis of every revolution in history and is more powerful than corporate media or government propaganda.

  • Duane Locsin

    The vast majority of the news in this country is controlled by a handful of corporations, in turn owned by the 1%.

    There is NO FREEDOM OF THE PRESS if it is owned and caters to the 1%.
    TV, Radio, Paper and IoT.

    It is DANGEROUS if society allows the 1% wealthy and powerful to become the gatekeepers to information and narrators of the world view.

  • Duane Locsin

    Support President Bernie Sander's proposal to break up CORPORATE MEDIA CONGLOMERATES – TV, Radio, Paper and IoT.

    Support the establishment of a News Media public – local, state and national.

    -tax payer funded (accountable to providing the news and facts at the best of their abilities to those that fund them – the people)
    -protected from corporate buy outs and privatization efforts
    -protected from government influence as a societal body is entrusted to informing the people
    -must have priority access to government information

  • Dave"Nyce"Katulak

    When are we going to all agree that this isnt a freespeech argument its a corporation that tells you how to think & is constantly swaying your everyday decisions a little bit every single time you glance at your cellphone that is attached to your body almost all day long, Its totally has its grip physically & mentally , why are you OK WITH THIS!!!! These companies have strait out told us "We experimented on the public with our algorithms & learning how to stimulate our brains without our knowing" & have come straight out & told us the SOLD OUR PERSONAL INFORMATION !! Why are we allowing this?

  • Michael on YouTube

    remember, the President is a character model. This is a role less considered, but an implicit part of the job.

    Yes, corporations target users to keep them engaged with vile content. Also, many are emboldened by our character model, and so more openly share in disgusting speech

  • Jim Vento

    TYT would support censorship. That's why Jimmy Dore is no longer affiliated with you. I will decide for myself what's real, and what's fake. Sasha is an obscene, not funny, English, Zionist, A$$!

  • A B

    Sort of ironic he is speaking out about it considering all the anti-Muslim and anti-Arab content he pushed out for decades. But the young Zionist network here wouldn’t care about such things considering how they have ignored the Palestinian death count and Zionist land grabbing over the past few years unless mainstream sources force them to talk about it. And when they are forced to talk about it they go out of their way to balance both sides as much as possible and stay neutral on a moving train that is covered with blood and being set on fire.

  • Post Cognitive

    I do find it amusing that during this video about calling out irresponsible self-serving billionaires, using their power and influence to carelessly spread lies and propaganda Youtube is spitting Bloomberg presidential ads at me….

  • Backlog Cabin

    This is how I make sense out of Cenk's analogy of search engine/social media algorithms as a "mirror" of our own fears and desires to try and shed some light on how this phenomenon works

    I speculate why the algorithms of facebook and other social media feeds commonly spew out polarizing, hateful content, is because information which incites the heaviest reaction; the more it is searched and shared by both defenders of that information and rebuttal from its skeptics alike. This reaction from opposite sides allows the algorithms to normalize and procure more similar content both in subject matter (using tags, titles), or by content publication. Since many conspiracy theories and other conjecture require far less comprehensive fact checking, this kind of content is much easier to distribute as opposed to factual information that can cite an origin

    Common search habits typically are distilled between the main human motivators (Love, Hate, Fear, Hunger, Sex) and because the act of internet searching is (thankfully) a private act of an individual, anyone is capable of comfortably searching most potent extremes between any of those subjects: search engines and social media feeds will provide users that content, further causing the algorithm to remember those habits. The user may not condone the things that they had found, but a view is a view, either way it further alters the algorithms' preferential content distribution factors

  • thehopelesshelper

    Totalitarianism isn't great. This is what leads to civil war. We have never had nukes on the table in a civil war before.
    If people are this stupid perhaps the human race should end. Oh and you pro civil war people even if you win you will lose as the casualties you have even if you win will leave you defenseless against Russia and China.
    Human Race? Human morons.

  • No One

    Amazing how everyone commenting complains about the news, stating it's all fake, yet they never miss a broadcast.
    What if no news was available in any form like in NK, or censored like Russia, China? This means all social media is wiped out, nothing but your neighbors to chat with, who will become your next "fake" news sources.

    People better wake up and figure out who the real enemies are!

  • Rick 'The Greatest Poster' Ever

    So this rich hollywood actor is defending the mainstream media and attacking social media… Guess Hollywood wants the power back from Silicone Valley.

  • Adam Weiss

    Lies spread faster than truth. Let that sink in. More than likely because there are more unintelligent people out there than not.

  • Adam Weiss

    Foreign trolls and bots by the tens of thousands have infected our social media, comments and reactions. They have become more and more sophisticated. They have even targeted us at a local and granular level. They don't just consume our politics but our social structures. Keep this in mind while daily perusing and internet use.

  • fndngnvrlnd

    I watch YouTube 3 hours a day. No cable tv. No newspapers. I watch news, opinions, analysis, documentaries, music concerts, spirituality, women's issues, films on animals, current affairs, health videos, etc. Etc etc. I just STAY AWAY from useless toxic stuff. How stupid do you have to be to ignore all the wonderful stuff and only click on the bad stuff? I LOVE YouTube!!!!

  • Samy Amkieh

    Can’t take Cohen as a moral authority here or anywhere so long as he supports Zionism and works with the ADL, an org that silences Palestinian organizing. Unacceptable that he’s hailed as a hero here.

  • Kurt Lloyd

    Yeah, we need censorship, what could go wrong? Borat''s a damn control freak. The solution to bad speech is MORE speech. It's mainstream media that's the greatest propaganda machine.

  • hallo jullie

    pardon me sheep sasha cohen and mark zuckerberg play for the same team. they are the same team ..get it?. This team is devided in oposites … but still the same team. Sometimes they hide under flags (England France) sometimes they hide under ideology (Capitalism Communism) Sometimes they hide under symbols (FED while there is nothing federal about the Federal reserve) but its always the same team behind it.. the team of abraham

  • King Green

    I think the word antisemitic is extremely overused, it's ok to call out a rich guy ,as long as he's not Jewish is just preposterous

  • Rodrigo Lopes

    Cenk, you are so wrong, man.

    We have a new phenomenon of anti-vaxx and flat-earth believers all around. Social Networks allow lies to spread effectively and they don't have any liability for that.

    You are always first to blame the big Corps. Well, big corps are indeed wrong in that case and they need to be regulated.

  • Shift -Z

    Facebook is obliged to support the 1st Amendment…that mean people we dont like get to speak, those people CANNOT call for acts of violence, anything beyond that is an issue for the Courts. Baron Cohen doesnt understand the 1st Amendment.

  • Martin Jørgensen

    TYT you can't do that. Seriously. The TYT network whole existence is based on the fact that you call out the lies and speak truth to power.
    Facebooks Zuckerberg has openly admitted that he will activily help the Trump campaign to Lie to the american voters and at the same not allove the democrats to do the same.
    And you Cenk will not call them out for that because you work with them..?!
    And listen. Its not the same as all the other billionaire crooks. Facebook has launched a war on reality and truth. If we allove them to that we loose the only weapon we have: speaking the truth. Don't you get it? Without that the bad guys win.
    An exsample. What if Cenk as of tomorrow was said to be pro fossil fuel and against the green New deal. How would you debunk that?
    Social media? Sorry Cenk they just decided they wount let you.

  • Lenni S

    The algorithm surely does not "reward" what people are "passionate" about, this is just bullshit. Any indicator, measurement or operationalization is always just a simplistic approximation and can never represent any true opinion, want or passion of anyone. Measurement results are based on a very small sample of what people do and think about, and people google or search on youtube ALL sorts of shit that have absolutely nothing to do with their deeds, thoughts, opinions, wants or passions. Moverover, those algorithms are OF COURSE very simplistic too, giving you suggestions based off of watching videos x, y and z, that often have nothing to do with WHY you watched videos x, y and z. Watching 10 videos on TYT does not mean you like TYT and want more TYT suggestions, necessarily. Watching anything does not entail liking any of the content, it may just indicate wanting to know more "about your enemy" or a repulsive subject, or it may simply indicate boredom, or it may be a friend typing something on your computer, a cat running on your keyboard, you misclicking a link or incorrectly guessing what the video would be about based on the title. And wanting one day to know a bit more about, say, Average-Joe Bidens early 20th century -esque war on drugs -stances or his 49-year-old "child's" drug addiction, does not mean one would want to know any more of either one the next day. Or watching a certain TYT debate four times does not mean one is interested in the content the slightest, perhaps one just wants to memorize certain good talking points, rhetoric or clever choice of words. No, any google/facebook/youtube algorith is totally simplistic and from such results absolutely NOTHING can ever be deduced about a person, their wants or their passions, so please stop spewing such nonsense.

  • Derp Herp

    How are people not realizing that the elephant in the room is that TV News is 100 percent status quo imperialist propaganda that pedals in lies and is just an echo chamber to keep people divided left and right instead of acknowledging the class war?

  • widgetphreak

    "Facebook is functioning as a mirror".
    Facebook is two mirrors… one in front of you, and one behind you, creating visual feedback loops [for another analogy, it's an echo chamber… but it's an echo chamber with the sustain turned up too high, and the mic too close to the speakers… amplifying and creating feedback loops until we become the most extreme versions of ourselves].

  • Sasha V

    By Cenk’s logic in this video, we don’t know so we shouldn’t do anything accept say “there’s an imbalance”. Okay, so now what? You can’t say this isn’t the answer and don’t provide something to supplement.

  • Memory Drain

    Sorry, Cohen. Talk to your boy, Netanyahu. You know….the terrorist leader that drops bombs and accuses all the other countries (ex: Iran, who hasn't done shit for decades) of being the terrorists. Now that isn't fake news.

  • Memory Drain

    I've been entertained by Sasha Baron Cohen. I understand his way of humor. Unfortunately, his thoughts on this are four years late, and I ask this honest question, "When was the last time this rich guy had to live in reality?"

  • Rich Horn

    We need to censor everything that we don’t like. I’ve had enough of hearing things that hurt my feelings. There is surge of hate crimes??? Where

  • Anti - Ethnic Cleansing

    Know More News did an excellent take, ripping Sasha’s speech apart piece by piece, unlike your bullshit pr0paganda channel.

  • trev moffatt

    I know we say we want more public participation in politics, but we don't really.

    Unfortunately, the people in a pretty ignorant state, can't handle positive freedoms.

    The people need at least a decade of de-dumbing down

  • 144Donn

    SBC says to use the laws on the books already for Movies, TV and publication to these new type of publishers. We already have laws and regs..apply them!

  • Helios

    So Borat wants Zuckerberg deciding what political ads are, and are not, acceptable truth. What if the Koch brothers owned Twitter ?

  • Mathieu Guillet

    "I have built my career using the strength of freedom of speech. And I have certainly felt free to use explosive — even very politically incorrect, "toxic", "evil" — comedy to make a fortune. It's been great — for me.

    This is why I now call on major private companies to better control free speech."

    Wow… 🙄

  • mads max

    Sasha is asking us to beg for censorship. People can decide what is the truth. Sasha is one of them, controlled opposition, just like tyt. Nothing he said in that speech was new information. Problem reaction solution.

  • Bluecavemen

    There should be a law against fake or misleading news. Yes we have freedom of the press but they are abusing and taking advantage of it

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