Samuel de Ceccatty | Snowboarding with Brenna Huckaby | Samsung Paralympic Blogger |PyeongChang 2018
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Samuel de Ceccatty | Snowboarding with Brenna Huckaby | Samsung Paralympic Blogger |PyeongChang 2018

Hi guys, today is Day 3 of the Paralympics
and I am at Jeongseon at the Alpine Centre. To go check out the snowboarding. Let’s go find out how that is. It’s been great, I’ve not actually been able to come out and see the snow cross live before so it’s been a good experience for me and I’m lovin it. The support here for everyone is incredible. Great crowd, great race, you know, cheering everybody on. It’s fantastic. Go boys, whoo hoo. First it’s the qualifying races and then it’s
in pairs, and snowboarders race off against each other and sometimes actually bump into
each other and stuff. So close. Look at that, that was intense. I’m supporting Brenna, Marie Huckaby . And, how’s it going so far? Well, ah she’s going to run again in another
heat, ah in a few minutes. So, this is the greatest part about it I mean these, all of these athletes
train so hard and it’s just great to see them get down to the small minority. And you know, they give it their best, right? Are you feeling confident? I dunno but it’s USA, USA!! (cheering and applause) She won! How do you guys feel? Beyond ecstatic! We knew she could do it, had a bit of a rough morning but she finished as strong as she should have and we’re very excited! Incredible! I can’t put it into words, like the amount of love that I felt whenever I crossed the line and heard the cheering and the relief that I felt because I’ve worked so hard for this for so long and it paid off. What is involved in reaching this moment? Alot of work! It’s year round for a long time, a lot of heart, knowing a lot of defeats and coming through injuries and fighting through to get to this point. I’ts been a great journey. A great journey. It really has. From cancer to losing a leg. Flipping on a beam in gymnastics to losing a leg to cancer. A gold winner in the Paralympics! We’re from Louisianna. Come on Cassidy! It takes a village.

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