SCOOBY DOO Parody Adventure Wheels Mighty Megasaurus Vs T-Rex JURASSIC World Unboxing – WD Toys
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SCOOBY DOO Parody Adventure Wheels Mighty Megasaurus Vs T-Rex JURASSIC World Unboxing – WD Toys

breaking down the game guys it’s great
to see you again and so glad you came back SCOOBY DOO Parody Adventure Wheels Mighty Megasaurus Vs T-Rex JURASSIC World Unboxing – WD Toys hi I’m WD and welcome to my channel
we’re gonna have another all sometimes opening today let’s see me wow this is the mighty Megalosaurus
t-rex from adventure wheels he roars light supplies and stopping action Wow looks totally awesome and later
we’ll have today secret work and I’m awesome in garden a lot more fun videos
wow go ahead and open this guy up scope this
place is super creepy this is your friend wanted us to check
out what’s going on with some strength reports around here already rebe prayer position to be turned to the
the dog first we’re ready scoop man best from 1st breaking the
kids open yeah going scoop the lights without story
coming for us runs breaking down the game sister school but that it didn’t know
moving then we want yeah ok guys I found the really cool dinosaur
for you guys at walmart and this is the only place i’ve seen this when I was odd they’re shopping for toys it’s a mighty
Megalosaurus t-rex it has roaring sounds shocking action and light up red eyes
and the top of this is it’s like a rubber almost like a rubber latex
material on his head and I mean it’s cool his eye looks like in the package before
i take them off even the package has a really cool like dinosaur background so
once you take them out you could like use it as a background to pretend you’re
like they’re so i would be cool to actually here’s one look at him before I
do take along in the package so I mean he’s plenty loud and
everything you know for the price you’re paying for it ok guys ah you are getting a really
great deal with this guy for twenty dollars i mean he is super cool let’s
all take a closer look at him from the is the bottom up so he’s got a really
long tail here is his button when he’s in demo saw if you push that in demo
mode roar and move his head and so that’s really cool here are his legs it moves some with the
reason I they don’t move too much as they have a rolling action which I will
show you in a bit his arms are cool they move 360 degrees
and like I said what’s really cool is this top part of him is rubber so I mean
this for twenty dollars you are getting a fantastic deal on this guy he is super
cool and that’s even with out his action features I mean with his action features very
awesome ok the coloring on his mouth is not all
that great what I mean compared to like the
jurassic world ones i would say this guy is very comparable are one thing i don’t
like just like the jurassic world ones they leave all the holes exposed on the
other side and this guy the batteries go into the tail so from this view here
he’s not all that cool looking haha $20 guys fantastic deal on this guy
especially for like the rubber and moving action and everything and then
when you put them into regular mode you will see he rolls and he keeps roaring
and everything until you turn him off until you turn them into demo mode
because he will not stop so at least until the batteries diet ok let’s go
ahead and check it out here you got stomping rolling Jackson he does
actually have rope wheels on his feet so if you just keep rolling like until
his batteries dive but that gives it like a really cool likes long realistic walking so for Dino
I’ve never heard of company I’ve never heard of this guy’s balls and his tail
helps the balance so that’s cool too i mean here if you don’t see or hear the
wheels this guide looks like he’s really just walking that is so cool even with all my lights on the his eyes
first super-bright let me guys they’re mighty Megazord was totally also if you
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like button below the video and today secret word is the word white belt
Empire GH go ahead and put that in the comments section below the video i know
you enjoy the video and you remember my club wait to this video ends there’s an
awesome car it’s a lot more fun with you that’s the million star wars pepe y so
much fun together i hope to see you yeah


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