Secret Meaning of Food Cravings
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Secret Meaning of Food Cravings

So Today we’re going to talk a little
bit about nutrition. I have been a nutritional coach, actually in my business
of ten years ago, I was doing that. but I do want to offer a few videos I
definitely have an opinion so I don’t want to like run right in on like this
is the diet to have because my opinion is that absolutes are extremely
destructive not all humans are made the same not all humans have the same access
to resources not all humans have the same digestion so not all diets are going to
work for everyone. At the same time there are unsustainable practices no matter
what you do you know you could be vegan and then you’re eating you know soy and
grains that are extremely detrimental to the environment to grow and produce or you
could be eating you know sustainable meat that is free-range that is
contributing to the biodiversity and the replenishment of the soil because
they’re doing the right kind of grazing or you could be eating factory farm meats
that’s probably not really good for you or the planet so there is no right
diet but there are specific diets for specific people but actually today I
just wanted to talk a little bit about cravings so oftentimes when you want to
eat something your body’s trying to tell you something else so for instance
chocolate which is a very controversial topic in our world today where we’re
trying to be more mindful and more politically correct and yet we still have
spiritual communities doing cacao ceremonies I don’t know if they have
permission from the culture that those came from to be doing them but they’re
doing them, and oftentimes we might crave chocolate and we might want to know what
that’s corresponding to. Obviously there’s a lot of scandal around Nestle
using child slavery to get this chocolate to you, so it’s definitely like
if you could possibly figure out what our underlying needs you have
nutritionally and like consume a bit less chocolate that might be better for
everyone and the planet. Chocolate is actually a
sign of magnesium deficiency. Which makes sense that it’s often craved
when people are on their moon or during menstration.
they also have cramps and magnesium is something that helps with both. It helps
with loosening up and is basically the antithesis of cramping. if you’re
craving chocolate is a clear sign that you most likely need magnesium. We can
talk, of course you’re welcome to contact me to get clarity on what are the best
forms of magnesium to supplement, but let’s just move to the next thing which
is sweet. So if you’re craving stuff that is sugary there’s usually some kind of
blood sugar fluctuations you should definitely be eating more protein.
Protein and fiber really helps with more of a balance blood sugar production
and possibly consider looking into the spleen because the spleen often processes
sugar and some dysfunction can be created by the overeating of
processed sugars. You know it’s the kind of organ that might want a porridge with some fruit in it and that will be nourishing for it, but if you eat
too many candy bars you’re probably further damaging it so again basically
if you’re craving sugar try to eat more protein. The next thing is salty
food so like popcorn and chips and things like this are often connected to
stress hormone fluctuation so this often affects the adrenal glands which is
helped by high quality B complex vitamins with extra panothenic acids
like b5 as well as vitamin C can really help with stress hormone fluctuation and
the craving of salty foods, so also try to eat more leafy greens they help
supply your body with minerals that support the adrenal glands especially
potassium. Another thing is cheese if you’re loving that pizza you probably
need fatty acids you probably have a bit of a fatty acid deficiency so what
you’re gonna want are beneficial fats and contrary to popular belief fats
actually help you lose weight when they’re healthy
so that would be omega-3s that contain the EPA and DHA so some of the things
that have this are hemp seeds I eat them like crazy I sprinkle them on my
smoothies all the time hemp seeds, avocado, raw walnuts, or of
course fish, flax oil but of course with fish you have to be really
careful because of course we know that we’ve completely just about destroyed
the ocean and it’s super toxic and there’s a bunch of mercury and there’s actually a
really great website and reach out to me if you’d like a link but they’re really
great websites that will show you which fish have what amount of heavy metals in
them a good rule of thumb is anything that
lives really really short is probably for the best
so like sardines even they live like for a couple days so they don’t have a lot
of times take it in the toxicity of the ocean but yes always great to have your
healthy fats. The last thing on the list and I’m going to go over is red meat if
you’re craving red meat like steak and burgers and things like that. That can
often be connected to an iron deficiency so of course there’s a lot of iron rich
foods like kidney beans or beets or maybe even more lean meat like bison. Vitamin C
is a good optimizer. That means that when you take vitamin C it will help to
absorb the iron from the other foods and a lot of the problem that people have is
often nutrient absorption so you’re taking all the stuff in your mouth and
it’s getting in your belly but it’s not necessarily getting from that point
throughout your system and there are some things that you can do to really
increase your ability to properly absorb nutrients but we’ll cover that in future videos hope you enjoyed it

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