SLDAVIS Is Going To Carbonnation ❓❓❓❓❓❓
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SLDAVIS Is Going To Carbonnation ❓❓❓❓❓❓

okay that’s better
just to chew chew let me get on in here hey Maxwell how are you today hey
Beverly hey Jan how are y’all doing today hey rose just came on to discuss a
few things I just went alive a second ago and I had
it on private by an accident hey Diane what’s going on with you Maxwell hi
Carmen boo how is the juice it’s going good it’s going good the juicing is it’s
going real good sweetie developer get her YouTube up I don’t
think she got it up yet max well I’ll notify you guys when she does though
make sure y’all leave a like on this video
I see three likes you know how I am a hi big booty
hey big booty I’ve been missing out because my dad had his stroke and I’m
taking him oh I’m sorry Beverly I’m very sorry
so how is he doing now we’ll do Maxwell so I had got a couple of comments in the
comment section I guess um let me see sorry my bad typo that’s okay um comment
I just hit the light thank you sweetie big booty so I got a couple of comments
in my comment section somebody was saying that I guess nature boys on block
city so I guess if you get up there acting out of order he’s gonna block
yeah that’s good Beverly stay strong baby girl you got this things will get
better for you dad yeah so he’s blocking people he’s saying
he said listen if you come up here with the disrespect you’re getting blocked
I’m so sorry boo you’re getting it you’re getting blocked oh you yeah I
know I remember you said gentie that you got blocked yeah he did you wasn’t cool
sitting here disrespecting you like that yeah he’s mad he’s very mad these days
and I was looking at some AG pitches that O’Neil TV had on his channel of the
new members of carbonation there was some pretty young looking girls and I
hope that they really see what’s really going on over there man and get missing
because um them girls they weren’t there over there
they’re so nice and healthy man they’re gonna be looking all skinny and some
more trying to tell you but yeah he blocking everybody okay Thank You Carmen yeah but I was looking at some of that
stuff he was saying I said to myself just dude hit and lost his mind yeah
exactly all those girls be pretty before going to carbonation yeah they’d be
pretty before they go to carbonation and then they start withering away cuz they
ain’t eating correctly they ain’t getting no-sleep and that’s crazy
they should look at the other women that are over there and see how they look
their before and afters before they end up going over there hey fool uh you’re
his new direct you should feel flattered yep I’m his new direct for sports I’m
NATIVE boy’s new direct I am nature boys new direct O’Neil TV
I’m nature boys new direct yeah I’m nature boys new direct now
y’all know I’m not no nature boys new direct um big booty it was a joke you
already know that he’s my new direct SL Davis is going to carbonation you feel
me Carmen hee I’m going to carbonation I need to lose a couple of pounds gentie I need to lose a couple of pounds
you definitely if you need to lose some weight
that’s where to go yeah I know O’Neal TV yeah I know it was a joke he is exactly
big booty yeah y’all need to lose a couple of pounds that’s just where you
need to go I know that’s right call me I need to wait 95 yeah right people that
weigh 95 pounds usually beyond that stuff starch out 18 I guess you don’t
have to isolate no more to join no a lot of them don’t actually starch out you
don’t have to isolate at all the isolation period is what forty days
and isolation well I need to lose a hundred pounds in ghent Eve you went
over there to carbonation you lose it you would definitely lose it if you went
over to carbonation you’d lose it cuz that’s what he wants to other this one
girl he had on um yesterday alive and she you know was saying that she
basically had gained some weight but car natureboy was saying you know she’s over
here now so she’s gonna lose that he says she gonna start looking good
that’s what he said it used to be 90 days in the tent while alone right in
the jungle somewhere man listen I wish I would its thick and pretty yup she’s
gonna look like serenity oh listen I bet y’all don’t know this hey Mindy March he
was saying in the livestream that serenity might come back over there
allegedly Nature Boy saying that serenity might come back over the
carbonation I was like what that’s what he was saying in his livestream it was
yesterday’s livestream he was saying that I said Wow right big booty she
looks cute and thick she does man and I see some pictures of her on O’Neal TVs
um a video and dumb that girl was pretty she’s a pretty girl
it says these women are nuts wow that’s sad well he won’t want me
then I’m about 200 no no no Jen he he’ll let somebody that’s 210 pounds go over
there cuz he knows that when you get on that on b6 diet you’re gonna lose that
weight he was good rose he’d be lying about everything he said I know big
booty mats one says wit Rambo no that’s the thing Maxwell that’s funny you said
that because what made him bring up about serenity coming back to
carbonation was please make sure to leave a like on the video for the people
that are watching thank you he was saying I I’m it’s a lot of people that
left carbonation but basically he was saying but you know it is what it is
and he started naming people that he misses that used to be in carbonation
and then when he got to serenity he said well I can’t say that I miss serenity
because um she’s supposed to be coming back
he didn’t say nothing about he said Rambo but he was saying serenity
supposed to be coming back now if serenity is coming with him I
don’t know but you know this came out of nature boy’s mouth and you can’t believe
everything that Nature Boy says but I know for a fact that he said that on
that live stream that that um that serenity was coming back he he’s gonna
turn and turn you into skeletons I’m trying to tell you our mind March how
you doing today my March yeah so me and Angel should do a live
together we should O’Neil TV just let me know when I’m gonna hit you up when I
get finished you said has anyone seen her IG lately I haven’t I’m happy be
bold who are you talking about um serenity hi cc long time no sweets I’m see
sweetie make sure y’all leave a like on this video for the ones this that are
just joining us welcome welcome welcome you know how fast you can lose up a
hundred pounds I’m Jen eating um if you became a vegan specially eating one meal
a day he only feeds them solar noon hey chunker hi sweetie right Nature Boy is getting his new cast
together but he needs some new dudes yeah he’s got he got he got three
females over there now hi Hudson hey my just popping in I’m shocked why would
she come back I don’t know that’s what I said too but that’s what he said in the
livestream so we can’t take what he says for face value cuz you know he makes up
stories but I know he said it though I might even pull it up and um and give it
to O’Neal and he could put it on his channel so y’all could see the arm video
hi hey Jones how you doing I had some
information for you anyways hit I will definitely O’Neill I haven’t
forgot about you so glad I caught this life oh thank you be bold thank you for
joining sweetie yeah Hudson you know he’d be lying I hope you’re having a blessed day to
chunka yeah check it out and if you find out anything holla back when you check
out her IG page pic egg Kendra how you doing Charlene oh serenity Charlene he’s
saying that serenity is allegedly coming back to carbonation one of his exes you
know sure entity in our rainbow hi sugar sugar love but like we all know um let’s
we got a time will tell that’s all we can go by me either O’Neal
I got that alert two days now can you guys put a why in a chat if you got the
notification for this video if you didn’t put it in in the chat please
thank you me either oh no I let me see it I’m
doing good Kendra I’m doing good how are you doing today you said I saw the new girls whole
interview on the gray Jones show CC on the gray Joneses show let me check that
out cuz I don’t even never heard of Grey Jones okay
okay y’all got it oh that’s surprising Wow think that’s good Kendra she she
wrapped mostly about oh okay yes she does wrap cuz he had her on livestream
rapping to please make sure to leave a like on this video
hi Jones girl hit that like button let me see that was a rap name I think okay
yeah she she I guess she does write lyrics I never heard that they music
yeah I’ve heard a little bit of it is to me it sounds like every everything else let me see some make sure y’all when you
all came huh let me see something hold on a second cuz I’m in another tab
guys I don’t want y’all to think I’m ignoring you hold on wait a minute like
I always say let me put some Pippen in it is so essentially she’s another
Elijah Oh yup see see and so my heart fell when I saw
you a title I said I know she’s playing you already know Kendra you know I had I
had to liven it up a little bit people that know me know I ain’t that crazy now
Kendra man velvet is just as happy and changed person now proud of her she’s
doing great nature boys hey yeah you already know Mindy March it’s crazy man
he mad that she’s shining star child 18 combination is the new weight-loss yup
and it’s the true star child you go over there need to lose a couple of pounds
you lose that weight you need to lose in some I’m trying to tell you you will
lose all that weight that’s crazy but it’s the truth for real for real cuz you he’s not gonna let you stay over
there anyways over way he’s not gonna have no overweight chicks at that
combination he’s not gonna let that happen yes Velva does look great on big booty
you feel me child he’s not letting no chick stay over there overweight it
ain’t gonna happen cuz he eat his – shallow he thinks that they have to look
a certain way to be over there hi Tracie how are you sweetie nature boys heart is
crushed chunker for sure for sure that’s why he’s so bitter he’s blocking
everybody you can’t even say nothing about velvet if you say something about
velvet he’s blocking you he is not happy he’s not well with her right now that is for sure let me see something I
gotta look up that show that um that that carbonation member was armed on the
gray show or something let me see something she could have made it but she was too
wrong with her music the industry doesn’t like that right CeCe I’m so
proud of velvet she looks great the night she was setting up her easel
I saw him still doing great time the comment was yeah that you did you hand
when he said Kendra stop bending over Kendra he was telling her to stop
bending over when she was bending over trying to get stuff off the floor I’m
like you ain’t her man she could do whatever she wants to do I understand
what Nature Boy is going through up all night crying playing Luther Vandross
Maxwell and we all let me tell you something I’m quite sure he is going
through a lot you know I’m saying but the thing is is when you had it there
you should have treated a better nature boy drunk in love with velvet drunk you
know I can’t even sing remember the song all those things that’s all um Oh what’s
the Beyonce Oh child no I did not try to sing no I didn’t it says did you see
when he was drunk in the bathtub oMG said I seen him when he was in the
bathroom drunk I felt stupid throwing up hearts excessively because I didn’t want
her to see his yeah but she was ignoring him she did a good job at ignoring him I
tried to give him the benefit of the doubt I do that with everyone but man
that boy is insane right Mindy March that’s all you can do is give somebody
the benefit of the doubt I try to do the same thing with people all the time and
once you see people’s true colors you just got to cut them off you know I’m
saying he did to himself exactly chunka yup max so silly hey foxy blue where’s
foxy yet thank you girl yeah thank you for joining the live make
sure to leave a like on this video thank you and if you don’t like the video
dislike so welcome and I and I’m serious they are I was dying
laughing when he had the dress on in the bathroom right O’Neill he crazy man
listen they always say when somebody’s drunk they tell the truth it’d be a
sober tongue I don’t know putting that dead that dress on like that makes you
go hmm a dress oMG no yup Mindy March he was tore up off that wine he was acting like Ned the wino he said she wasn’t doing anything
provocative she was shining and he doesn’t like it I know he wants to be in
control of everything – Kendrick as well all the time love that title and
thumbnail SL Thank You uncle black hey long time no see you know we got to get
some laughs sometime how you doing uncle black let me see the feathers are soul matted
Heath oh you’ve noticed that like on the side of yeah that’s crazy
Kendra he was listening to New Orleans bounce music that’s crazy
it said yup big booty I fell from I fell from the COG man I’m tryin to take that
was kind of funny y’all gotta admit Nature Boy had y’all laughing that day
when he was acting up sometimes when he drinks he can be funny and you guys know
that he had me on the floor the other day when he was tore up yeah I’m sorry
I’m not gonna lie to you he had me cracking up I’m great thanks for asking
how’s the juice it for you sis still on it I’m on it right now I’m doing a
cleanse now uncle black yeah I feel good man plenty of energy trying to detox the
body out per usual thanks for asking he might as well twerk something big
booty said he might as well twerk something penny yeah that was funny I’ll kill nobody say
that was funny I said somebody get security I think I’m
gonna need some backup big booty I thought he would yeah man you mr. Jones girl
you wouldn’t forget it have you seen it cuz that was hilarious I thought I left
at Nature Boy all the time he’s funny when yeah when he’s mad roles he be
acting like man listen I don’t know what is sad to him or some of the thirsty
females in this chat right yeah they’d be thirsty up daytime females smoking
the sage you’ve seen that Maxwell he was smoking the sage like it was a blood
he was twerking in Atlanta he should he should listen he know how to twerk he
probably could talk better than a female hold on guys hold on one second you he probably knows how to twerk better
than you and me big booty he was lighting up their sleigh sage like it
was a blunt I said somebody get security I think I’m gonna need some backup he be
zoning out now when he be talking his brain is super messed up he can’t even
hide the pain I’m trying to tell you chunka it says OMG i watched some guys
channel fix your credit his channel or something like that he has me oh he is
Mindy March fix um fix your own credit I loved his channel he be having me
cracking up when he be when he does his commentary we I’ll be waiting for him to
pause the video and say something I’d be like watch fix your credit beat man you
gonna dig him another blink-blink hole he knows how to do that stripper crawl hey Lucy know what’s going on yes
fixture he’s I love looking at his videos he be having me on the floor I
thought he put his feathers on fire he may have Kim Carmon he may have Mindy
when people do the reaction videos and get that belly laugh I almost died man
listen Kendra fix fix on fix your credit that
dude is funny he calls you boy auntie wonder Oh yup he
says he called me Mom you seen that video right auntie Wanda man sometimes
people ask for it Mindy March yeah he is dope o’neal TV he is mad fact when I get
off alive after I talked to O’Neal chop it up with him i’ma go over to his
channel so I just so I can laugh how about them apples fix your credit right this is nature
boyfriend fix your credit says his laugh is contagious oh man he’s funny yeah
he’s funny dude thank you for the ones that are watching please make sure to
leave a like on this video thank you he flagged his vit yeah he did Mindy March
yep yeah he sure did it sure it had it
listen Mindy and it had it written all over it it was written his name was
written on it he sure did Thank You uncle black I said to myself
boy bye Nature Boy it was really smoking that sage he lost his mind yeah he lost
his mind before he smoked that sage gotta go and so thank you for everything
glad you’re not really going oh I’m not really going okay you have a great day
Kendra thank you for coming into the live baby girl he was laughing at my
video about when nature boy was crying yeah I think I think that Nature Boy can
go to Hollywood I think Nature Boy could go to Hollywood really fair to say I
won’t be buying what he’s selling he could be a good actor
oh no what’s going on with Nature Boy let do be on some stuff and he some
people just don’t need to drink cuz when you sometimes with some people
drink it brings a worst out in them big-booty a few TZ TV series have
offered him to UM a contract you know what I’m saying have is a TV series and
he denied them and he denied it he turned it down he said he doesn’t um he
don’t do nothing with Noah he only does donations yeah
Carmen yeah he um he had a few people come at him yeah he’s a comedian his
right chunka so i don’t know why he keeps turning down them deals that they
give him he least he won’t be struggling if he gets what one of them networks all
they’re gonna do is fill in his life he to eat shares it freely why don’t you
get some real money for it a few yep a few companies big companies networks yup
o’neill TV he already got stuff on oh let me take that let me i know to talk
my big booty i’m gonna take that down so you two won’t think that’s that kind
it’s that kind of video yeah he got stuff everywhere big booty let me see he got stuff everywhere yeah cuz you to
be acting kind of funny whittle right he could get the whittle message out I wonder how many bottles he runs through
a day cuz lately he starts early straight from bottle no glass
none for the other members so he so uncle black you don’t think he’d be
sharing that wine with the carbonation members I thought they’d be drinking
with him he probably goes to a couple of bottles I don’t think he just drinks one
bottle and gets like that no one bottle why’s gonna get a dude that he’s like
six – there’s no way one big bottle of wine is gonna get him drunk like that he
must have drank a couple of bottles he must drink a couple of bottles when he
gets drunk like that for real for real that’s insane it says it’s because he be
doing some mess of stuff and production companies will report him to the cops
yeah that makes a lot of sense s worthy how are you today let me see nah he clutches that bottle
like a pacifier Bunko blacks at night clutches that bottle like a pacifier he
don’t know how to drink I’m sorry he reminds me of a sloppy drunk Merlot I was dying when he was drunk yeah he BEB
another person honey when he get that drink in him he had two wine bottles
that night no he had to have more than two I mean more than one our big booty
ain’t no way no one boy was gonna get him like that he probably gets his own
bottle probably so but I believe that some of them over there drink – I don’t
think he drinks by himself he I mean I don’t know I ain’t over there in
combinations yup or exactly Tracy you know that bum juice can get you drunk
quickly quick exactly that bum juice would get you drunk real quick Merlot is strong yeah the red wine it’s
a dry wine it says well he sure do like all of Babylon vices Dhoni right but he
talks about that Babylon domain I’m Mindi March
hey Messi how are you sweetie it says afternoon y’all see how he was
sticking his tongue out like that I was like that was so fun
listen O’Neil what was that with the mute button though on that live though
that you did the day he was drunk yesterday yeah don’t play it don’t play
that wine don’t play I’m messy O’Neil yes disgusting that was crazy I’m sorry I was like why
are you doing it like this you doing it like this brah I don’t think he drinks
like that every day though but when he does he makes up for it I fixed it
though it was my headphone Oh your headphones he act just like in Babylon
so I don’t know why he’s in another country do to do all the same stuff he
could do here that’s what I don’t understand neither mini-mart I don’t
understand that at all he sure loves himself too much just contradicting
himself everyday yep thank you for watching make sure to leave a like on
this video you beat me to a chunka that’s right leave a like on this video
if you haven’t already done so thank you I slept so good last night I love when
I’m detoxing my body Oh I just love it and I’m trying to go to
another tab real quick so I can check something oh so I can
check something hold on guys cuz I’m in another tab just
hold on now alright let me see some okay I’m back I was just checking
something out he feels he can get away with stuff in other countries then in
the yeah exactly because half the stuff that he’s doing over the over in that
country he can get away with that but if he comes over here with that man it to
be a wrap I need to try that SL for real yeah juice and man that’s where is that
man I feel I got so much energy my head feels clear I’m not hungry and I’m and
I’m cleansing out the body the best thing for you I’m telling you it really
is it make you feel 100% better man when you do a juice cleanse you got to remove
solid foods for real okay okay common it says how many pounds
have you lost since juicing um s worthy I’m not trying to lose weight but I did
104 day juice fast last year and I lost 64 pounds in 104 days but this time I’m
not doing it for weight loss I’m just doing it to cleanse out the body so when
I am finished with this juice fast I’m probably gonna have to gain weight
because I’m going for a long time on this juice cleanse yeah and 104 days comment on the juice
fast no solid food just juices raw a cold-pressed juice I lost 64 pounds and
104 days a little bit over 90 days and I kept it off it never came back that’s 64
pounds yup only juice no food thank you for the 33 people watching please make
sure to leave a like on this video I’m drinking juice right now every time you
hear this noise that’s my glass for all hitting up against my arm mason jar with
my juice in it well if you start tomorrow s worthy I’m on one now so we
can do it together hit me up in my i g-guess worthy that Jews be looking good on your pic on
IG cold Thank You O’Neill all right baby girl so
I’ll be looking out for you a swarthy yeah today I made I’m gonna tell you
what I made today I made a whole cantaloupe to piers half an English
cucumber one lemon with the skin on it and one without the skin on it and it
tastes just like a fruity fruity juice it tastes so good then I made a savory juice I made a
savory juice so you know I can have like that you know meal tastes like salty
savory liquids so I’ll drink that a little bit later but if you want to lose
weight you can also go over the carbonation with me you can also go over
the carbonation with me and lose some weight it is I’m drinking it now is
delicious specially when is nice and cold sometime I let it get slushy I make
the best juices I make the best juices that what I’ve been doing is I’ve been
drinking a lot of watermelon juice which is mono juice and one juice or one
vegetable it’s just easy and it tastes good
no ma’am I’ll pass on that carbonation I know that’s right it’s worthy ok I’m
going with you ok so we’re gonna go together then we’re gonna drop that way
honey may come back your whole face be sunken
talk my I was on the be sick diet not to be sick no not to be sick
diet it’s the be sick diet man listen people come go over there looking
healthy and thinking come back looking like Skeletor that’s crazy yes we beat Nature Boy but right exactly
can’t Cam’ron you gonna have that open person mad at you and you know who who
is on my O’Neil I’ll end up in a fistfight with Nature Boy because my
temper too bad I know right nature will be trying to call the Popo on us to be
bust up on the room as well doing what it says bust up on the room SL doing
what that’s al doing why what are you saying to be all ridden you ask me are
you vegan absolutely not I’m not vegan no or vegetarian bus up in the you said
bus up in the room you going with I’m going to combination you coming with me you don’t know I
dropped name-drop we will talk okay you coming with me
I don’t know when you going I don’t know I was waiting for you as worthy I don’t
know I don’t know okay that’s cool you gone then I’m going to that’s cool so
you can go to to all be the man to D says stop playing I hope you having a
lovely day too messy my throat I was I was hoping that I
could round up a couple of you guys ago let’s go to all be damned Dane he said
let’s go is saying stop playing hold on guys you okay I’m back can you guys hear me do you do it says do vaccinate I’m
already vaccinated it says YouTube Messi see you probably later can mom you really think that I’m going
over to two combination come on now you have a great day on Carmen sweetie okay hey red diamond okay Carmen it says I’m a dual colon cleanse first
with Epsom salt then stop my juice back that’s the smartest thing to do because
if you don’t sometimes when you do a juice cleanse and you don’t do a colon
cleanse let me see something it says I’ll go if
you take Funi feet open these we can come to 2d you’re going we’re not the
water Austin hey sweetie I’m going to combination Austin you go you’re going
to combination with me rhythm it says be safe messy enjoy your flight Oh Emmett
Messi’s leaving I’m going to miss you I’m about to catch a flight out if
you’re all messy have a safe trip baby girl I’d miss the comment
you be safe baby let’s put some hearts up in the chat for meze let’s put let’s
put some heart up in the chat for messy hi Michelle Messi is going out of town Thank You New
York bomb thanks everyone you’re welcome Messi Messi be over here
holding me down and so we need our decoy and toothpaste
he said deodorant and toothpaste don’t forget I won’t forget how you doing
today I’m Michelle I worry for you awesome
sometimes we’ll be fine we will be just fine
O’Neal you’re still in the chat please make sure to leave a like on the video
for the ones that are just joining the livestream okay that’s what’s up
well once I get off the live I’m gonna call you on the phone uh you know DM you
oh man so tomorrow’s the 11th alright that’s
cool I just met where’s this at well 60 days
be going by fast I know big booty they do so listen Emma get up on out of here
real quick and I will be live I’m not gonna say when but I will be back up
here to chop it up with y’all spam up the chat with some hearts thank
you for my mods for joining us thank you for I’m coming to the live and chatting
with me I love the support that y’all give me is really real make sure to
leave a like on this video if you haven’t already done so and y’all stay
blessed I’m out Wow see you guys the next time take some holy water I will
all stand love you all sin red diamond gang TV crime and bye messy bye big
booty bye you


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