Snow Tha Product on Dealing w/ Depression, Social Media Visibility, & More! | Life Advice | TRL
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Snow Tha Product on Dealing w/ Depression, Social Media Visibility, & More! | Life Advice | TRL

– What’s up y’all, it’s Snow Tha Product and we all need life advice so I guess I’m gonna give
you guys some life advice. How do I get over my
nerves of being on stage? Right before stage I need
to be alone for a second and kinda reset my personal energy. So I step out of the room and then I go back on
stage and then I just go. Meditate, worse comes
to worse, take a shot. I wanna change my name
so more people notice me, any suggestions? How did you pick yours? I picked mine just because of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. Have your friends pick your name, but they’re probably
gonna pick something dumb. Just add ‘Tha Product’
on the end of any name you want to have. It’ll instantly give you some street cred. Snow, depression is a real
big life problem this way, how do you recommend to help it? So this person needs help with depression and here’s some tips. Stay busy. Do one little positive thing
and kinda just keep going. Do stuff that’s productive or anything that kinda just keeps you going, then it kinda spirals into more stuff. How do I increase my
visibility on social media and gain more followers? I don’t know. A lot of the things that
maybe, in real life, are like, whoa, it’s a lot to handle, they really connect with
people on social media, so I just figured out that the things that maybe annoy me, if I post them on social media, people appear and they connect to them ’cause everybody is annoyed by everybody. So my dog, she’s kind of a (bleep) so I post her a lot and
people really like her. That’s my advice for today, I
hope it helped you guys out. If you have any more advice that you need, hit me up personally
and I’ll let you know, I’ll be back here.


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