Social Media Do’s and Don’ts! (Modern Manners w/ Amy Aniobi)
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Social Media Do’s and Don’ts! (Modern Manners w/ Amy Aniobi)

(bright jazzy music) – In the olden days,
there was a town crier who would shout the news of the day to people on the street. That’s basically every
app on your phone now, so you have to be extra careful with how you share the
details of your life. You are a smart girl, and your social media
presence should say so. Don’t post anything that
makes you look ignorant. As a general rule, if you
wouldn’t want your mom to see it, don’t post it. Imagine moms hiding everywhere, just waiting to like
your photos on Instagram, and ask you what on fleek means? Don’t post cryptic messages about fights you’re having
with your friends online. Jasmine has been muted. She knows what she did. No matter what she did. They used to call that
airing your dirty laundry. Dirty laundry stinks real bad. As far as how often to post, well some people like to post
a photo every 10 seconds. Heading to Starbucks. In line at Starbucks. Just got my mocha. Drinking my mocha. Back in the sunlight. No, back into Starbucks. My life is a circle! Being that person is intense, and it distracts you from enjoying what’s happening around you. Refrain from posting instead of living. Take the photo if you really want to, then #latergram it. Get in the habit of
putting your phone away, or at least turning it over
when you’re in good company. You never want to give the impression that what’s happening on Snapchat is more interesting than
the living, breathing person right in front of you. And if you ever want no
social media at an event, don’t be afraid to tell your friends so. I want to enjoy girls
night without cellphones. Please just bring your pajamas and enough cookies to share! I’ll be there. I love cookies. Re relationship status. I’d say wait at least six months before declaring yourself
in a relatish on Facebook. You know, just in cases. The people who matter
already know what’s up. PS, don’t accept every friend request. Just leave the ones you’re not
sure about pending, forever. The magic of the pending friend request is it’s not mean. Leaving it pending is just saying I’m out living life and
not constantly checking on my friend count. That’s how rad I am. Finally, if you don’t
think you’re strong enough to have good manners on social media, either make a super secret profile that only you and your cat
can see, or disconnect. You are smart and wonderful and don’t need the likes. Look up and see the world. It’s pretty oustide. Thanks for sending your questions about social media to #smartmanners. “Is it OK to post an
Instagram of my friend “without asking her first?” No, it’s not because your friend needs to be in charge of her own social media presence. So the smart girls thing to do is to just ask your friend first. Follow us on Twitter, and send us your questions
via #smartmanners. (bright music)


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