Social Media – Gameplay
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Social Media – Gameplay

Ok, so let’s get started [turning on the smartphone] Child: i will go to YouTube Child: oh, i got mail for achievement Child: WHAT THE? Child: oh, nevermind Child: Here we go again… Child: WOW! SPEED BOOTS!
ok, i connecting Facebook Child: Time for Twitter Child: Time for Pictures Child: r/socialmediaiscool Child: Finally, i will make music video memes Child: Time for Chat! Child: but the Vine is already dead Child: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! THAT’S IT IM SMASHING MY SMARTPHONE! [smashing the smartphone] YouTube: where the other Social Media go? YouTube: Guys? YouTube: im scared! YouTube: i cant find friend anyone at home… [going to exit button] [shuts down and game crashed]


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