Social Media Influencer – Is Instafame REALLY Achievable?
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Social Media Influencer – Is Instafame REALLY Achievable?

hey everyone that’s Neil Patel and we’re here for another QA Thursday I’m here with Adam from viewership hello everyone and this week’s question is we are answering some of your questions this one is from sore root thank you so much for your comment this question is how can I become an influencer in social media the 16 year old teen and really wants some words to motivate them to get out there well first of all at 16 I applaud you for trying to do stuff that’s productive instead of watching TV and doing all the other that a lot of young kids do so I was the same way when I was 16 I was entrepreneur now first off Adam what are you known for in social media what channel your influence are on YouTube exactly me I’m not really influencer on YouTube yeah they’re okay but what do you my mainly known for SEO yeah and people know me mainly content marketing some people are known for Facebook some people are known for Instagram the Kardashians are known for pretty much everything worldwide when it comes to influencers yeah but here’s the thing now the question for all of you if you had a pick the most successful influencer in the world you’re probably gonna pick someone like maybe the Kardashians Yeah right right that’s what I was thinking and if you think about how much they make it’s obvious that they’re millionaires of course maybe some of them make into the hundreds of millions famous for being famous yes but it’s rare that very few people who are doing well in social media make over a hundred million dollars worth over a hundred million if you look at the Paul’s Logan Paul and Jake Paul they make around what a million a month is what they say they’re killing it right now but that is again like exactly but you look at large corporations right there’s so many companies that are worth four five hundred three hundred a hundred billion not million with the M I’m talking billion with the B there’s companies like ServiceNow that just helps support type of companies that no one’s ever heard of that are worth like twenty thirty billion dollars the key with being a social-media influencer if you want to do well is don’t waste your time trying to be an influencer I like I don’t know why people want to be famous I was sitting down with a mutual friend of ours other day in Vegas we were eating lunch and he’s a psych oh yeah I invited this Instagram celebrity to me with in Hawaii and we’re doing and I’m like dude it’s not gonna make you any money if you want to be famous for just being famous by all means you’re gonna have to do something controversial but I don’t see how you’re gonna be instafamous or YouTube famous just out of the blue for no apparent reason most these people who are famous either they’re a on it early enough or be they did something super controversial like if you look at the Kardashians what put them on the map was a Kim had some like reality TV but I think before there was like some nude something or I think there was some incidental sex tape there you go so not that I’ve seen it or anything but there’s usually something that’s a catalyst that causes people to get well-known either your musician or people think you’re really amazing athlete or you did a sex tape whatever it is or you just create really funny humorous content but if you think about how these people monetize it I don’t really know like if you look at the Paul’s Logan and Jake they’re one of the most successful people when it comes to being social media famous they’re at the point o 1% and even then being the cream of the crop they’re not gonna be able to make a hundred million dollars it doesn’t take you know when it comes to business to be the cream of the crop to make a hundred million dollars and I know that’s not easy to make a hundred million dollars either way but there’s a lot of shitty entrepreneurs I hate to say it that make over a million dollars a year you don’t have to have talent to make over a million bucks here I’m not saying it’s easy I’m just saying you don’t have to be talented but that’s not the case with social media influencers so instead of me teaching you how to be a social-media influencer don’t waste your time it’s not worth the money you’re better off spending the time and energy creating a business that solves a problem or solves a pain point if you do that you’re much more likely to succeed now if you really want to be a social-media influencer either come with something that’s controversial get on these social platforms early enough create stuff that’s storytelling and revolves around humor and make sure you stick to one platform before you go after all of them because it’s too hard to be famous on all of them it takes a lot of time and energy stick with either Instagram Facebook YouTube just pick one and then you can repurpose your content and leverage that one platform to promote your other platforms once it’s grown and become popular that’s and and if you’re gonna start a business as well make your business an influencer on one of these channels right you can become famous as a businessperson right like even what Neil’s done and then you’re not only just a business owner but you’re also an influencer well you have two businesses yeah one is around dating yeah for women and the other one is around YouTube marketing of course and if you look at viewership versus your dating how long have you been doing the dating eight years eight years you got over a million YouTube views you didn’t spend a month you didn’t spend over a dollar on ads it just happened naturally right time right place plus you’re really good at strategy keyword research optimization which has helped him do really well in YouTube but if you look at viewership how much newer is a company very new eight months eight months and without getting to your revenue numbers which one makes more money there at the same size same size same size I assumed leadership was actually bigger but it’s either way same size and the other one is years old and one is eight months point taken is and how many views you get on viewership on your channel you like not a lot but we haven’t put that much into it but how many views do you get roughly probably 20,000 last month exactly you don’t have a 2.5 million of maybe 1.6 on the other channel yeah you don’t have to be that popular to do well in business so don’t focus your time and energy trying to be famous folks your time and energy solving problems and creating businesses so that’s it if you like this content make sure you subscribe if you have a question that didn’t get answered leave a comment below in the answer next week or if we don’t nonetheless I’ll be there and I’ll answer the comment below


  • Abhishek samrat

    Hello neil…. i like ur passion to give knowledge…. i hope u will keep it up as such….. best wishes

  • punit bayad

    Please read this!
    I want to start seo agency but a point will come when I will not be able to handle all clients so what would you do to automate the seo stuff and track it and make systems so it can run independently?
    In simple words, how and what to automate?

  • Swaroop Jain

    Hey neil ,
    Thanks for picking up my content.
    I understand what you say but the problem is that my family is against me for starting the business too early..
    My parents say to me that after 18 you are a free bird do whatever you wanted to do either business or job.
    But,there is an idea which is revolving in my mind. But i am just 16 right now there are 2years left for turning me 18.
    So tell me what to do either to wait for 18 or Try the idea now (but i don’t have any support ).
    Swaroop Jain

  • Thirteen Hales

    Great video guys! I think your words here are super poignant, Neil👌👌. Focus on solving a problem or pain point instead of wanting to be famous just to be famous.

    I think fame is a scary thing. Most famous people don't talk about the shitty parts of fame because it's frowned upon. All people see is perceived riches (even though they may be going broke in the background or there may be many litigation issues).

    People only think of being famous on days they look and feel good. But, famous people are famous even on their worst day and during shitty periods of their lives. The spotlight doesn't turn off on bad days.

    Anyway, great info. Thanks for this video!

  • Thane's Business

    yes, people were pushing me to do stand up comedy. I cannot talk and invented text to speech software to do it. however i don't like celebrity culture, i don't like people calling me an inspiration, i don't like the media. i'd rather be a programmer and business owner

  • nitin sharma

    is there any tool which can show all backlinks of any website for free
    honestly i don't think so but i want your opinion

  • Daniel Mac Sweeney

    Very interesting… I totally agree with you Neil, put in the work & Influencership will come. Don’t care about becoming famous, focus on what your good at and success will come.

  • StyleCruze Magazine Inc.

    Hi Neil, you're daaam good at marketing. As you spoken we need to target only 1 social media platform?
    – StyleCruze Magazine Team

  • Kanan Patel

    Hey Neil,
    Is this right time to start blogging bcz now all of us want to watch video insted of read articals.

  • Ishan Shah

    Thanks but this doesn't answer the question. For me, social media influencing is something to get paid for stuff I'm already doing. I'm anyway gonna travel with the money I earn. So wouldn't it be great if I get the expenses cut down depending on the place? And of course cliché but.. it's not just about the money

  • DearMishuDad

    Instagram Influencers are entrepreneurs too (they are content creators, writers AND Content distributors)..good luck!

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