Social Media Marketing For Beginners 2018| 4 Tips Every Beginner MUST Know
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Social Media Marketing For Beginners 2018| 4 Tips Every Beginner MUST Know

Hey what’s up? Welcome back to another episode of #MOMBOSS
Monday. Thank you for joining me today. And if you’re new. subscribe. There are a bunch of awesome videos on the
way. If you want to build a business that not only
brings you money but joy as well, here is where I will share all the tips and resources
that I come across that will help you do just that. So as i’m wrapping up this major project I
have time to focus on the next thing. Which for me that is coming up with a social
media strategy. So that’s what I’ve been looking into. I don’t have a strategy yet. Ive just been researching. When I do i’ll share with you to give you
some ideas. But in today’s videos I just wan to share
with you some fundamental tips if you are just starting and yo want to use social media
to market your business and build brand awareness. So here is what this video will cover.Why
simply posting content isn’t enough. Why having a small following is a good thing. Why Why Gary Vanerchucks and other big influencers
methods wont work for you. Which social media platform you should focus
on for big returns. On the first point “content is king” is a
term that is thrown around so much. But I don’t think it’s that way anymore. It used to be. like years and years ago when cool quotes
and graphics were a novel thing but I think the market is over flooded with those things
so that’s not enough. The more I study marketing, the more I realize
that marketing is simply applying the “self-help” principles taught in a lot of classic book. Like this one for example ” How To Win Friends
and Influence People” This is a staple and a must have for anyone running a business. Because it really just about building trust,
building relationships, and being friends with people. So stop viewing your subscribers, your followers
as just numbers. They are real people with dreams, desires,
and their own share of problems. You wouldn’t walk up to a person you don’t
know on the street and be like can you buy this. Here buy this. Or put a quote card in their face and say
look at this. But you would do that to a friend. If I have a friend and they have a problem
and I have the solution, weather it’s my product or someone else’s, Of course I would share
it with them and vise versa if I have a problem and my friend has the solution that’s who
I would go to not a stranger. so to recap just treat your followers your
subscribers like real friends like real people build genuine relationships. And also you get what you give. So if you are watching something and you like
what you’re watching if you got value out of it always share comment like subscribe
support them. Not with the intent to get anything in return
but if you found value in it why not? Okay on to the second point. You don’t need thousands or millions of subscribers
to see returns from social media, Its a lot better to have 20 subscribers or followers
and you know them and they know you and there’s trust and a relationship there. Of course there are bigger returns with bigger
numbers, but it gets a little more complicated then to like keep the relationships going
and keep engagement going. so focus on the people you have now they follow
you for a reason and they are important. and i will end on this note. Never purchase subscribers, likes, or followers,
They are not going to be your target audience, they are not gonna care about what you have
to say or your products you try to offer they’re not gonna care about any of that. And besides it’s kinda obvious when people’s
follow ratio to like ratio is not congruent. So steer away from that. Steer away from purchasing subscribers like
and from the sub for sub or like for like kinda thing. you want to build a genuine audience. You want to focus on quality and not just
the numbers. Alright on to the third tip. so you may look at big influencers like Gary
Vanerchuck who have big numbers and you may think “I will do the same thing as him and
post everywhere, on all social media platforms, and post multiple times a day, and I will
have big numbers and success just like he does. That is the wrong kind of thinking on all
levels because you should always focus on you your audience, what you’re going after,
Your goals, what’s good for you, and what’s good for them. But that’s besides the point which is that
he most likely has various assistants that help him with this. I highly doubt that he is on all his social
media platforms posting everything himself. Doing everything himself multiple times a
day. He’s a busy man and he probably doesn’t have
time for that. he has assistant who help him. Which is something I don’t have and if you’re
just starting it’s something you most likely don’t have either. As a beginner it’s wishful thinking that you
can be everywhere on all social media platforms like he is. There is not enough time in a day. And remember it’s about quality so there is
no way you can be on all platforms and do it well. You’ll end up half-assing everything. So just focus on one or two platforms and
once you have the experience once you have money to pay for assistance then you can start
to add more platforms. But focus on just a couple to start go all
in learn all you can master those and then you can move on. So that leads us to the fourth and final point. Which social media platform is the best? So here is the answer to that. They all work. It’s not rocket science. The blueprints are out there. You can search google, you can purchase a
course, you can take online classes, I’ll leave some resources down below. But here’s the thing. You have to invest either money or time. You can invest your time and learn through
research and trial and error. Or you can invest your money and learn faster
and start applying faster. It’s all up to you. and whatever you can do
right now. SO if you’re just starting and you don’t have
money do the research and start applying at least somethings. But when you do have money and you want to
learn faster then I suggest you purchase a course. Besides that though focus on your strengths. Don’t try to fit a square peg into a round
hole. That will never work. Focus on what you’re good at. So if you’re good at writing try Quora. If you’re good at photographs and you like
designing pictures try Instagram. Try Snapchat or YouTube for videos. Point is it all works. just focus on your strengths and on the audience
you’re trying to reach. So that’s all I have for you today. Make sure to check out the description for
some awesome resources, if you found this video helpful let me know by hitting the thumbs
up, and leave me a comment. WHat Is your preferred social media platform
and why? Subscribe on the way out for more videos like
this one. Thank you for watching see you next Monday. I hope you have an awesome goal crushing week.


  • dayna london

    very interesting this who new word is. I have a lot of ideas don't really understanding this new world. I jumped in head first and brought a Chromebook and now really lost but want to understand this new world, By the way I have a iphone….i need hepl!I will need to reread [watch your video again great information..

  • nessa k

    you go girl! keep up the good work 🙂 thanks for the solid 2017 advise follow me on ig @defytheodds92 im jumping into my first year of marketing

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  • Angel Rivera

    Hi Sandra, awesome advice! Veri useful info, what program you will recomend to lear to create my own Social Marketing Agency, thanks in advance!

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