Social Media Plugin for WordPress – Simple & Regularly Updated
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Social Media Plugin for WordPress – Simple & Regularly Updated

When searching for the best social media plugin
for WordPress, you can be overwhelmed by the number of results. There are hundreds and thousands of plugins
out there, but you have no idea which one is perfect for your needs. Hey WordPress enthusiasts and content creators,
my name is Robert, and in this video, I will show you four Social Media plugins which might
be a good choice for any WordPress website. You may want something simple just for displaying
some social share icons that are well optimized for desktop as well as mobile devices. If you think about sharing your old blog posts
automatically to social media, from time to time, to platforms like Facebook, Twitter,
Linkedin, and so on, I’ve got something for you. I also tested some plugins for Facebook login
and Instagram feed. Before using any plugin on your website, I
would recommend making sure it is regularly updated and not loaded with unnecessary functionalities. I’ve already done that, so let’s get started. This plugin has more than 80K active users,
and just six social networks to choose from. I think Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest are
enough, at least for me, and I like that I can customize the floating sidebar and inline
content separately. If I authorize the app through Facebook, I
can display the Facebook share counts too, which could be perfect for social proof. The inline buttons look like this, and here
are the floating share icons which I can place to the right or left side of my screen. Orbit Fox, which is a plugin created by our
team of developers, gives me the same thing but with more Social Media platforms to choose
from, and I like that I can stick the buttons to the bottom of my screen on mobile. You may think I can be biased because Themeisle
or our collaborators are the developer team behind some of these great plugins. It’s like a car manufacturer talking about
the best cars in the world, right? Well, I am just a regular user and the video
guy on this channel, so I will point out the good things and also the bad things about
these plugins. Then you will decide if you want to use it
or not. Let’s go back to the plugin by Mediavine. Let me clarify that we are not sponsored by
them or any other plugin in this video. I have done my own research because I wanted
to have something fresh and simple for one of my new projects. To activate any of these buttons when users
visit my site using their mobile phones, I need to turn on “show on mobile” switch over
here. I have plenty of other settings to play with,
too many, I guess. I can change the shape, position, and other
things like post type display settings separately for each set of buttons, which is great. It’s simple and I like it. In the free version of this plugin, I only
have two social media platforms; Facebook and Twitter. For Linkedin, Tumblr, Pinterest, which by
the way, is an excellent social media channel for business, and Buffer, I need to get the
paid version. Now it’s much easier to connect with Facebook
and all other social media platforms. To connect Revive Old Posts with my social
media accounts, I need to sign in, or I can use my own keys as well. There are straightforward settings in the
general settings tab, and I can choose the post formating for each account. I think that the missing featured image from
posts shared to Facebook in the free version is a big downside. Once everything is set up and I click start
sharing over here, the plugin will do its job automatically, and I like the idea that
my old posts will come up more often on social media. Smash Balloon Social Photo Feed is a fairly
new plugin that will display Instagram posts from your business or personal account, on
your website. It is quite limited in its free version, but
the best thing about it is that you can use this shortcode to display your Instagram account
anywhere on your site. I don’t know if you can really gain more followers
by using it, and I can’t tell you how much it will slow down your website, but I think
almost a million users can’t be wrong. What other Social Media features you want
for your website? Maybe Social Login and Register? Let’s check out Nextend Social Login and Register. It looks like a professional and easy to use
WordPress plugin for a membership site. Once the plugin is activated and set up, my
visitors will be able to register and login by using their social profiles for providers
like Facebook, Google, Twitter, as well as Yahoo,, and all other providers
below. Including Amazon! Interesting. Besides that, they don’t need to wait for
validation emails or keep track of their username and password anymore. To configure the plugin, I need to click on
the Nextend Social Login link under settings over here. Then I need to click getting started for each
option I want to enable. If I enable the Facebook Login feature, in
the end, my login page will look like this, and I can click on Continue with Facebook
to log in if the user registration is allowed on my site. Perfect. There are other things you would like to try
on your WordPress website? Let’s talk about that in the comments section
below. I would like to chat with you and prepare
our next video based on your preferences. I can do specific reviews, a list of best
tools as well as full tutorials. Just let me know which one you need to know
more about. Keep up the good work and see you in the next
video. Cheers!


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