Sony WH-1000XM2 full review after 10 months + Google Update | Active Noise Canceling Headphones
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Sony WH-1000XM2 full review after 10 months + Google Update | Active Noise Canceling Headphones

Sony’s noise-canceling flagship
headphones have been around for a while but their recent update has Googl-ifed them! This real conversation will help you decide if you should buy the WH
1000 XM 2 or not. I will come to thelatest update in just a second but Kevin – as the beard and hair expert at the DHRME what is your opinion on the looks. The
ear cups are a bit bulky for my taste but they’re professional looking and I
like that is that because you’re a vakman that’s true I am a vakman. and the
faux leather on top of the ear cups give it a premium feel. what doesn’t feel so
premium is the creakiness of the plastic and if we assume for a second the build
quality doesn’t crack under pressure and that’s a big assumption
they’re quite durable despite their size. let’s talk about comfort a little bit
because the size is what I think also makes them a bit comfortable they cup
nicely around my ear you can relieve pressure on your crown by loosening the
headphones and they still sit nicely on your ear so that’s really nice. one thing I
will say that when they’re warm they tend to be a bit uncomfortable of a bit
sweaty just a little bit like what Kevin is doing right now and if you have
glasses they’re also not that comfortable because they tend to clamp
down on them. But you know who needs glasses anyway. Pascal needs glasses, ok? So the touch controls on the WH work well for navigation and
volume controls. Clean and simple. They also have that handy hand over ear
feature that lets in ambient sounds. yeah. without having to press any buttons or
swipe any pads. however we didn’t really find ourselves using it very often and
you really look like a douche bag if you’re talking to people wearing these
massive headphones. Having said that the WH is a very monogamous kind of device
so it really likes being paired with only one source so if you try to use two
sources like a laptop and a phone you’re gonna have problems so if you last used
the laptop it wants to connect to that. If you last
used your phone it wants to connect to that and if you’re in a crowded train
it’s not very easy getting a laptop out, is it? So the only way to use these
headphones in that case is to turn them on in pairing mode or go back to the
first device and turn do to talk damn struggle is real Thank You Sony and the
battery life has been fantastic it lasts for about two weeks without having to
charge it in between and that’s really useful for people who have to charge
multiple devices every day there are only two physical buttons and that’s
made possible because there’s an app. right. and one of them is remappable. the
app on Android and iOS they’re very similar except for the audio formats of
the support which makes sense and in the latest update Sony brings Google
assistant support to your headphones which I thought initially wasn’t a big
deal. But you’re wrong because it’s just not about pulling up Google assistant.
It’s much more than that. It can read out notifications it’s got this whole Google
experience now and you can respond to messages using your voice. How cool is
that? So we will explore this feature in detail in a separate video. The link
should be up on the screen at some point. you can tweak noise-canceling to a great
degree now including its strength, focusing only on voice and optimizing
for different altitudes and while this is cool what you can do with the sound
itself is also empowering you can adjust EQ, position of the sound and the quality
so much better than the limited options of its predecessor the MDR 1000x. Hey
Rowan you know that hashtag #neverremember? Don’t you mean #neverforget? I mean Sony’s version it forgets
everything all the settings you tweak all that ability to change your noise
canceling to change your EQ to change the sound position – gone! up in the air
like they’ve been fired by George Clooney! Hahah… so personally as a semi or
non audiophile I think that they sound really good wirelessly they sound
nice very rich, very full. Wired they still continue to shine just like the
MDR 1000x check out the comparison video we did with the MDR 1000 X just to
get a little bit more about the sound quality. but we’ll move on for now. but
here’s something you might not think of while buying expensive noise cancelling
headphones – phone calls! Phone calls? Why would I buy these headphones and make
phone calls? I buy them to avoid people. so for normal people who make phone
calls these headphones aren’t very good in our previous comparison video we did
say they were better than the MDR 1000x but better is relative. so
I’ve had hits and misses with these phone calls sometimes people saying it’s
really clear sometimes people saying my voice is coming from really far away. So if you really
want to be normal and call people these may not be the headphones for you. Yeah
not cool Sony! it’s time for first world problems! first world problem number one
LED lights they keep blinking all day long got that blink blink going on.
number two it’s got micro USB. It’s 2018 where’s that Type C at? and number three
there’s no vocal feedback about the devices connected to. ‘headphones
connected’. that. Super annoying. So there are really three reasons why we would
suggest not to buy these headphones: one is the multiple devices issue if you’re
using many sources call quality hit-and-miss.c
Not as good as the PX 550 for example. yeah. third and not the least last but
not the least is the possibility of crackage! but our headset did not crack just like
the MDR 1000 X. I have used it thoroughly day in day out on commutes.
Here are our reasons to buy the Sony WH 1000 XM2. Rohan the reason is very
simple. The reason is KUNAL. that acronym was
super improv. so improv. and keep an eye out for deals because at one point these
headphones were cheaper than the older model. does not compute. thanks for
watching this video please use the links in the description below to check out
the latest prices and buy these headphones it will help us become ric…make more free content for you guys. Help yourself help you.
you’ve been Kunal and we’ve been DHRME.



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  • Jerry Wong

    there are issues with connecting to a pc through bluetooth, there is a sound delay and there doesn't seem to be a permanent fix to that issue.

  • Josh G

    Awesome. You guys are very funny. I've been toying with the idea of getting these but after watching your review, I've decided not to. The three reasons you listed to not buy is what clinched it. I've listened to them and they sound pretty good but not really good. Also, they don't get loud enough for my taste.

    Cheers guys, you got a new sub. Keep up the good work.

  • Abu Azfaar

    you guys are damn good…please do a review on bowers and wilkins px and bose QC 35ii and audeze mobius. I am very confused which one to buy..THanks and JAI HIND

  • Mike Bowen

    I've had these headphones for 10 months. They are awesome on planes, trains and automobiles, not to mention walking in busy environments such as street pavements. I've used mine everyday and I don't have cracking sounds on mine, even after dropping them a few times. Build quality is excellent. I have also regularly connected my headphones to my mobile and car radio simultaneously, never had an issue with connections. Never had to disconnect one for the other. Thirdly I use my headphones in the office to make Skype calls and have never had call issues. They are brilliant for calls because of the noise cancellation, my colleagues are completely cancelled out, so all I can hear is the person on the other end. I did a review on these headphones here:

  • ಕನ್ನಡ ಮೊದಲು KannadaFirst

    ಒಳ್ಳೆ ಕಾಮಿಡಿ ಶೋ. ಚೆನ್ನಾಗಿದೆ ಆದ್ರೆ. I'm still worried about hard band cracking issue.

  • Woxene

    Really nice review. Helped me a lot. I normally never subscribe to channels like this but you guys deserve it. You convinced me to go for the Sony XZ2 Premium with these headphones as they are for sale right now. Special pre order offer. Very nice. Ga zo door Mannen 😉

  • Jason Jennings

    These are my babies! I have recruitment in my left ear and have to take these everywhere to cut down the noise for the next few months.

  • Bedjam Rivera

    I've had mine basically since they came out and I haven't had any of those issues. Scratch that I have had the multiple device issue. It does take a little bit longer to connect to a previous device. Normally they only take about 2-3 seconds to connect but after they've been connected to another device it tends to look for the other device first.

  • Yemil

    These headphones are for people with small ears. They sound great, but man they were uncomfortable. I had to sell them and get the QC 35 II. They are the most comfortable headphones I've ever owned. The sound is also great on these but the Sony ones have a bit better bass.

  • PrecsMO YinWai

    Get this, it is perfect to me, I will get this Sony again if I'm given a chance to decide again. I love this headphone

  • Victor

    I got them in November and the noise cancelling is amazing and the ambient sound amplifier is good so u can hear the outside while listening to music they are also very comfortable would recommend

  • Rockindaxmike

    Totally agree with all your points, the switching devices is annoying and it caused me stop using them as often as I started with. You guys are funny, subscribed

  • Erik Vasquez

    im trying to decide on wthether to get these or the QC 35 II; i wear glasses and i am a student so will be wearing these alot, with relatively small to normal ears should i get these or the QC 35II

  • Andrew LaSane

    I've found that when trying to use Google Assistant with the headphones, I have to speak louder than normal to be heard, and when the Assistant does hear me, there is a VERY long delay before it responds to normal commands (like playing a specific song on Spotify)

  • Andie Luke

    Very informative. There's a lot of practical daily usage issues you guys touched that other reviewers didn't. You got a new subscriber 🙂 Keep it up!

  • Pradeep Rajkumar

    i have replaced two and finally I returned it.. BACKGROUND noise pickup 100 percent during calls.. Waiting for better Travel headset… Thanks mates.. Raaj from South India in Melbourne,AUS

  • Lelisevis

    As an owner of these awesome headphones I have to agree with all your comments but I wouldn't swap them for any other noise cancelling headphones on the market. Great review guys.

  • Mark Richardson

    This is the second review I've seen you guys do, and I love that while you are serious about your review, you give off the vibe that these are not major life choices when buying anything.

  • J. Chang

    I tried these and the Bose, definitely overpriced. Noise cancelling is the reason why it's so expensive. I settled with audiotechnicas dsr7bt. No noise cancelling but it's clear it's entire price is invested into the sound which sounds far better than both Sony and Bose.

  • Pedro Vasquez

    In my country the wh 1000xm2 are cheaper than mdr1000x, a difference of 150 USD. Nice review I bought this headphones 2 months ago and it haven't cracked yet. Your review is very complete, I just could say something about the connectivity if you want to set the Bluetooth Codec to Apt x, or LDAC and your Android only have 3 or 2 GB of ram, the best thing you can do is uninstall Facebook, the connection turns very stable (in LDAC, in SBC is stable Anyway)

  • Louis van Loon

    I honestly don't know what to get, these headphones or the bose qc 35 II. I'm really scared of the cracking isue and I hear these headphones are not that comfortable, but I like the all features and the extended battery life

  • Jon Lee

    Great review. Really not often to see a review that has facts, condensed enough, and has so much style. Keep it up guys!

  • Rade Djokic

    These headphones are for people who wants, :
    1.Sound quality
    2. Noise isolation
    3. Everything else.
    P. S. How big your head must be to crack this?

  • Timon

    Mhm, yeah that Update is great! It kills the functionality to double klick the NC Button to change the Mode twice. The headphones refuses to connect to my phone. Only since the update which not removable! You can not reset you're Headphones.

  • Ikhwan Wan

    Recently i have bought this headphone and im not regret it at all..long last battery..easy control..noise cancelling works fantastic..sounds quality excel..there is one review where it bends the headphone like crazy but no crack or its durable guys..highy recommended

  • Mecrom

    "It last for about 2 weeks without being charged in between"
    For me they last like 4 days max. Might have something to do with me never taking them off.

  • Mecrom

    I have had problems with using the headphones with my laptop and my phone as well. I need to restart them every time I want to switch from phone to laptop, else they just won't work properly. The auto connect feature is also very annoying at times.

  • John G

    hahah thats true though, what you said about looking like a douchebag wearing them while talking to people using the hand to enable the ambient sound. That feature is pretty much useless if you don't want to look like a douche. Unless I guess at the airport to hear announcements.

  • Jeremy

    Just found this channel and I like you guys. Really practical review based on real world application and funny! Nice work guys

  • Balasugavaneswaran K

    After watching the video, I'm still unsure.of whether you are recommending to buy or not to buy. Maybe because of the satirical and poker faced presentation style !!

  • Irhad Babic

    You are my favorite reviewers on youtube, after watching only one (this) video. Please keep up. Just earned yourselves a new subscriber…

  • XDaddy511X

    I purchased these headphones last week… I'm going to say a couple of things from MY experience with them. 1st… U CAN connect it to 2 devices… And who listens to multiple devices at once anyway… Like are you really going to listen to 2 different music…. But my thing is… U can listen to music from a seperate source and still be connectected to your phone for calls… Now if you do want to go back to listening to music on your phone… Just disconnect the other source. And what's with this, OH ITS 2018 what's with the micro USB charger? Lmao… I mean it still charges it right?… N i didn't know ppl walk with the charger plugged in.. It's at home charging anyway… Point is, it's not that big of a deal… And I'm pretty sure ppl still have this cable anyway. That feature where you cover your right ear… Is very useful. U go from not hearing anything… To you actually being able to hear outside noise… These headphones are pretty good… My small issue with them is, they are not comfortable after LONG use… Ears do get hot… N mine even got sweaty… Supposedly the M3 are better in that dept… But that's after a LONG use. I've used it to talk to ppl on the phone… But only in my room with the tv and AC on..the person on the line not only heard me clearly, but didn't even hear the tv or my pretty loud air conditioner.

  • MogadishuMan

    Lol…another 'dry humour' sub…and also very informative, coz I have these too and I agree with most, if not all, you say! Btw, you guys speak better English than me……………………………and I'm from Uzbekestan (joke! – but not about your English!)

  • Ashutosh231

    Hey! I've Sony WH-H900N and use One plus 6 to play music with . I want to ask that when I'm swiping back or forward & holding there for 5-6 seconds the current track being played isn't Fast forwarding or reversing but the headphones do make beep sound as it does with rest of the commands like it has recognised the command but didn't perform. Rest all the functions like play, pause, next, previous is working as it should. What possibly could be the error? Pls help!

  • Peter T

    You guys are brilliant!! I have not seen a more informative and entertaining style. I am now subscribed regardless of whether your videos will have much relevance to me. The review on the sony wh1000xm2 and xm3 (compared to bose did)

  • Andrew Spencer

    Headbands crak after 16months and Sony refuses to replace or repair without significant cost. Disgraceful for such an expensive and "premium" product…

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