Staffer In Charge Of Finding Positive Trump News Stories Resigns From White House
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Staffer In Charge Of Finding Positive Trump News Stories Resigns From White House

A few weeks ago, we did a story about a man
named Andy Hemming, the 31 year old Donald Trump staffer whose job it was to gather mainstream
media articles about Donald Trump that were positive and then present them to the President
twice a day for Donald Trump to get his, I guess, twice daily dose of feel-good-isms. Well, on Wednesday of this week, Mr. Hemming
decided that he couldn’t do this anymore, and he officially resigned from Donald Trump’s
staff. His official title was Director of Rapid Response
for the White House Communications Team, and in addition to feeding the President positive
news stories about himself, he was also supposed to communicate with members of the mainstream
media, CNN, Washington Post, credible news sources like that, and tell them all the good
things that the President had accomplished so that maybe these news outlets that Donald
Trump was attacking relentlessly every single day would go out there and report a positive
story about the man who claims that these news outlets are just fake news. Obviously it didn’t go to well, so, though
we don’t have a huge, in depth reason that Mr. Hemming decided to resign his position
in the White House, that leaves it open for speculation. So if part of your job is gathering up positive
news stories about Donald Trump and then you suddenly resign, maybe it’s because there
are no positive news stories about Donald Trump because he hasn’t done anything positive. If the other part of your job is telling the
media the positive things he does and then you resign, we can only assume it’s because
you have nothing positive left to say to these people. It must have been tiring going to these news
outlets that Donald Trump demonizes on Twitter and during rallies every single day and saying,
“Hey, look, I know he just tweeted out a picture of you getting hit by a train, but would you
consider running this story about how great he did at the golf course today?” I can imagine that’s going to get pretty frustrating
pretty quick, and I can also imagine that the, uh, media outlets probably had some not
so friendly words for Mr. Hemming anytime he pitched them a story about this man-baby
of a President that we have, that only wants to see positive stories about himself but
doesn’t understand that in order for people to write positive stories, you have to actually
do good things. Mr. Hemming’s job was solely to play to Donald
Trump’s narcissistic personality disorder. That is what this is all about, that is what
his position was all about, and hopefully Mr. Hemming started to realize that, especially
once the press started paying attention to who he was, what he was doing, and the fact
that he was making just shy of $90,000 a year to hand Donald Trump a folder full of positive
news stories. Maybe that pressure got to him a bit. Maybe the public scrutiny was a little too
much. But I’m going to go with he probably left
his job because there was nothing positive left to say or even lie about with regards
to Donald Trump.


  • Fur Lass

    He read so many negative news stories about Trump, he finally figured out that Trump is a terrible boss and terrible president.

  • Kaycee K

    If I were an optimist, I would submit that perhaps Mr Hemming had a sliver of integrity deeply embedded that was growing increasingly painful secondary to festering *shame*.

  • Jose Sanchez

    Poor bastard,he had to resIgn I mean finding something positive coming from Trump is like finding proof of alien life.

  • Don

    It seems pretty likely that Trump attributed the bad press he is getting to this poor schmuck not being able to do his job. It's always somebody else's fault.

  • miapdx

    I want the job of gathering true stories. I want to see his face as he sees what the world thinks of him. The reaction would be priceless! 😜
    And, I would do this for free!

  • daveogarf

    LMFAO!  "To Dreeeeeeaam, the Impossible Joooooob!"
    Sorry, bruther… You can only spin something so far before it breaks!
    Nor will putting a ton of lipstick on this Orange Pig's "administration" help much.

    HEAVY UPVOTES, Farron!

  • Ruben Lomeli

    Must be nice to have a personal therapist for this orange pig! Since we the tax payers are paying for everything for this stupid idiot of Trump! I'm just waiting for the moment for this asshole to get kick out of the WH!He is no billionaire, he owns everything to his Russian buddies!

  • arthurneddysmith

    Oh how I wish he hadn't resigned and had instead began adding in clips from Colbert, critical pieces about Trump's childish incompetence, and the truth about Trump's inauguration crowd and approval ratings.

  • NJDevils IsMyTeam2112535

    Hehehehehehehehe the crying never ends in the trump family and their followers.

    It's always a great day or night when they are unhappy about not getting what they want.

  • Courage Karnga

    Hey, look who finally got balls! I can't blame the poor fellow. You got to get out while you still have your dignity, let alone your sanity.

  • imshrrj

    "Director of Rapid Response" , WTH kind of bullshit made up position is this? I know, Director of Rapid Response=How Fast can you Run and KISS My Ass.

  • eddie stanner

    I can't think of a better man making the hard decisions that effect the entire world! Its so comforting hearing a man that's so obviously in complete control of his facilities! He knows so many good words!,,
    What's the big deal! Hey so he forgot to mention the alt. right, neo Nazis and white supremacists were to blame for inciting a riot! So the best president since Abraham Lincoln inadvertently said he'd fling a few nukes at a funny looking Monkey! Slip of the tongue! No biggie! Sheesh! The fake new would like to make you think it was something real nasty like Bill Clinton talking to the AG on a runway out side an airplane! It's not like the man said something stupid like he was going to fling a few nukes at a state that didn't vote for him! The mainstream media is so hard on Donald Trump! If only the MSM could see the poor man is trying his best to make America Great Again! He gets hit on all sides day after day! If the cruel left wing would only give the egomaniacal, narcissistic, self absorbed, psychopathic, bigoted, sexist, predatory, bloviator a chance to prove himself! ,Sure the man is a cruel, rude, vile, bombastic, vulgar, disgusting reprehensible ignoramus! But hey! What former President wasn't a racist, homophobic, arrogant, megalomaniacal, obnoxious, heartless malignant dangerous baffoon? To the well organized minded citizens of the United States simply knowing a vicious, hollow, lecherous, chauvinistic, loathsome, mesogynistic, ludicrous,, infantile, hateful, manipulative, grandiose perverted pestilent demagogue has our back should be comforting! If only the fake MSM could see that having a repugnant, revolting, shallow, mendacious, boorish, pathetic, selfish, thin-skinned, authoritarian in charge of the Nuclear Codes is beneficial to us all! So to all those educated, reasonable, responsible naysayers out there, I say Relax! , Chill! Take a pill and cut the poor, spoiled, indecent, xenophobic, delusional, noxious, unhinged, reckless fool a break! "Believe Me" we will all sleep better at night!

  • Jackson Troy

    Ok so its General Kellys job to babysit the manbaby and keep him away from the launch codes, and make zure Kelly Anne and Sarah the sheboy are telling the same lies, it was this guys job to give Trunp the happy joy joy bullshit, so whose job is it to wipe the royal bottom? the black guy at the rallies?

  • tumbacan

    Only a turd will have such an employee. If you can't bring good news into your organization by being a good and knowledgeable leader. Then you are nothing but a scum. America, this is the POS you elected.

  • Roma X

    i can understand that, since breitbart become trump enemy i imagine its gonna be quite tough to find any other outlet to feed trump, his job will be too hard if not downright impossible

  • Philip Mclaughlin

    A major hurricane is about to devastate Texas and what does this idiot in chief do on a Friday night? Pardons former sheriff Joe Arpio.

  • ChefMimsy

    Knowing that crooked bunch, they probably told him to write articles and make it look like they were from reputable sources. That would have been a line I wouldn't be willing to cross. Or, maybe poverty was more attractive than working for a Nazi. So many reasons, so few staffers.

  • Michaeo Atkins

    another rat leaving the trumtanic comrade Trump train wreck comey round the bend trumpsters better watch your speed #MAGA Make America Greatful Again resist fuck u trumpsters

  • webster wu

    poor guy, perhaps the toughest job anybody has worked on the planet, must require tons of brains to find positive news of trump

  • Byakuya Kuchiki

    Reality is Trump fired Hemming for not being able to prepare one additional folder of fake news a day to placate Trump.

  • Alan Taylor

    Wow.. That takes guts man.!
    I mean nobody knows about this guy, nobody was criticising him & he was on a good wage.
    But his morals & his conscience wouldn't let him carry on, the rest of Trumps cronies need to take a leaf out of this guys book.
    He's just put them all to shame.
    The guy with the most to lose is the only one to do the right thing, I'm impressed.
    This guy should be held up as a bloody hero.!!
    Well done this man.! 👍


    See what happens when Trump doesn't have his Fragile Ego stroked – he starts Pardoning a Sheriff for going behind a Judges back.. Oh America….. I genuinely feel sorry for what you have to put up with. The Offer to come live here in New Zealand is open. We don't have a Wacko President, we have a better lifestyle and scenery than you guys too!! ( sorry but it's true LOL ) 😂😂

  • Burako Shimazaki

    Trump may have advanced delusionary schizophrenia with involuntary narcissistic rage, but he is a very gentle person.

  • Peter Lorimer

    Bloody hell! What did this bloke do during his tea break? Turn water into fucking wine? Or turn lead into gold! This must rank as The Hardest Job in the World! Lol.

  • Miranda Shuwera

    At the very moment of impact during hurricane Harvey, CNN and MSNBC weren't even covering it. They were still talking about every little thing Trump has done wrong. They couldn't even take a break from negative coverage to save some lives?!? One of their reporters even suggested that Trump purposefully usurped the hurricane coverage for himself. Credible is not a word I would use to describe CNN. They are no different than something like INFOWARS – emotionally biased, narrative driven "fake" media.

  • SolidIncMedia

    I don't know if he quit because there are no good stories about Trump to gather or report, but from what I've heard, the White House is a really hostile place to work, so maybe there WERE good stories (not many, but a small sprinkling here and there), but the place was just so unpleasant to work in, he wanted out.

    With that said, there's every possibility that nothing could ever satisfy Trump's narcissistic personality, so the shifting goal posts imposed on Andy meant he just straight up quit.

  • Media Isfakenews

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  • A HR guy who doesn't like micro transactions

    Aug 20th… He made us laugh with his stupidity

    Aug 21st… He made us laugh with his stupidity again…

    Aug 22nd… For the 10 thousandth time he's made us laugh with his stupidity yet again…

    That's how me writing about Trump related good news only would look lol.

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