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welcome to WGME toys it’s great to see
you again we’re good I am so glad you came back we’re going to have another
awesome Star Wars Force awakens toy opening today NEW FINN DESERT LANDSPEEDER STAR WARS THE FORCE AWAKENS VEHICLE UNBOXING, REVIEW BY WD TOYS today we have fins desert land speeder
while this thing looks cool it’s got a firing missiles there right on the front
of it let’s take a look at the back looks
really cool is the different options it has and then up there is says built from
scavenged parts this Lance peter has been customized to hold often harsh
desert terrain Wow let’s open it up and take a look at it let’s see what was
inside here side before anything is taken out kinda
weird the ship comes lose most of these it tied down and then here’s looks like
to talk with the ship here and a bag and then you got in okay let’s go ahead and
put this together and have some fun here is what was in the bar box got the desert speeder you’ve got an
exclusive fan and he comes with his blaster so let’s take a look at this
Peter itself looks really cool I mean it’s got like almost like a really light
gray or tan color with dark red color scheme and then here you can see see
this side here you’ve got like a little gun here you’ve got the jet engine back
here back here you can see both of the jet engines these are some type of
cooling fins maybe and then continuing on this side you’ve got the same like
going over there then defense here in here is the front and then inside you’ve
got a cannon here which a concert to missile project files and if you push
this button here fires and then you’ve got a spare one
you could quickly load in their fire that one off so so that is really cool
and begun swivels I mean until it hits the rack so that’s really cool because a
lot of these lot of these guns like six into position and then here continuing
on you’ve got an actual steering wheel that turns me it doesn’t turn too much
but enough to make the playability a little bit more believable like dials on
their got like all did Gracie for fin to sit in and then there’s a second see
another person to get there and here’s what the inside of it looks like here’s
what the other side looks like a little they’re almost looks like a little shift
here here that’s pretty cool and then discs each year become separate you go ahead and put on
the cage and then you go ahead and mark the gun the guns really cool so you could you could pop it off pretty
easy but it does stay on fairly decently and then once you put this song and you
put the gun on the front here as I could double barrel gun this thing will turn
360 degrees so that’s something that’s really cool these sets to cause a lot of
times you only have like his small dicks position you could fire on another thing
I like is begun actually fits into fence hand fairly easily but don’t touch the
floor so when he’s firing here he’s actually like floating in the air looks
like the gun just came for ok the gun actually does come up are amazed splits
right in half there and you just snap it back together but like I said I’m at
like how if it’s ready to Finns hands and then he can fire here 360 degrees it’s nice it feels a little
taller so he could actually touch the floor let’s see maybe he could ok if you
lift his arms up higher than he could actually stand on the seat there so
that’s pretty cool and then he does actually fit into the ship really nicely
in his hands to hold the steering wheel and you could turn it I mean like I said
not too much both little bit so it’s more realistic ok let’s take a look at
3.75 inch thin figure himself looks really cool he’s wearing like all black
and it’s it’s all black but it has some little grey accents too I don’t know if
that is probably supposed to be like desert sand and then he’s got like white
shoes which is kind of areas from the side from the back and the other side
and then let’s see how his arms move his arms will swing 360 degrees he does not
bend at the elbows and his legs do not bend it the elbows so seems like most of these are the
smaller like the smaller sets with vehicles is seems like most of the 3.75
inch figures do not bend at the elbow or the knees I mean I had one it was it was
like a speeder bike where the storm trooper is lakes actually been so I was
a little surprised there for most of these do not wow what do you guys think this is a
really cool set I mean once you put him in there you fly him around you could
have the second guy up there firing gambling gun around 360 degrees it’s a
really fun said if you enjoy the show down there below the video quickly
become its let me know the new Star Wars Force awakens toys is your favorite way
to this video ends and curl up more fun videos address accrued Peppa Pig and
minions wow just see I know he’s coming here


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